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Buyer’s Guide: Swegways Ok, so today, we are going to look at one of the newest additions to the mobility/gadget market: Swegways. They are an excellent purchase, but it’s important that you understand a few things before you part with any cash. This is why we have written this buyer’s guide. It is intended to help you make the best decision for your needs and situation. Should You Buy an Airwheel or a Hoverboard? The difference between Air Wheels and Hoverboards largely rests on the way that you stand on the machine. The Air Wheel has a giant wheel in the centre and you stand on steps/platforms on each side. With a hover board (classic Swegway), you stand on a board/platform with two wheels, one on each side.

There’s not much difference in practice, except that Swegways tend to be more stable, while the Air Wheels are less so. Air Wheels are also bigger and heavier, so if you think you’ll be carrying the contraption around a lot, we’d recommend the Swegway. Be Sure to Buy a Swegway with the Correct Weight Bearing Loads for Your Height and Weight Swegways come with different sized wheels. There are three standard sizes, although you might find some bespoke or off-the-cuff sizes. The three sizes tend to correspond to weight bearing capabilities, which are as follows:  6 inch wheels can carry up to 11 ½ Stone (they’re really intended for children and women)  8 inch wheels can carry up to 15 ½ Stone  10 inch wheels can carry up to 19 Stone If you're in the top areas of those weight brackets, we would recommend that you test the board carefully to ensure that it can take your weight.

They don’t all manage to carry the weight exactly as outlined above, so it’s always worth being prudent. Furthermore, different manufactures may have entirely different ideas about weight loads, so always read the instructions too. Choose a Swegway That Offers You a Decent Speed A classic Swegway tops out at 10mph, and that should be more than enough for many of you. 10mph can feel very fast when you don’t have anything to hold onto. It’s the equivalent of a steady speed on your bike, so you will feel the wind in your hair at that speed. Make Sure the Swegway Can Cope with the Conditions If you want to go off-road with your Swegway, e.g. in forest paths and byways, then you need to ensure that it can handle the terrain. The larger the tyres, and the more air they contain for suspension, the better they will be for off-road use.

Be Sure to Buy the Swegway from a Repeatable Source There have been a few issues with lithium batteries lately (not just Swegways, but mobile phones and tablets too) and Swegways have not escaped the problem. Make sure that you buy from a reputable brand that uses the safest batteries. If you would like to buy a Swegway, then come and check the collection on offer at

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Buyer’s guide swegways  
Buyer’s guide swegways