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CAPES DUNN Jewellery and Silver Tuesday 8th December 2009 at 12 noon

CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. General. Every Lot is sold with all faults and errors of description and the auctioneers disclaim, for themselves and for the vendor, all responsibility for authenticity, age, origin, condition or quality. All statements on such matters whether printed in the Catalogue or made orally are statements of opinion and not representations of fact. Purchasers are deemed to have satisfied themselves on authenticity, condition, etc., before bidding and no-one in the Auctioneers’ employment has authority to make any representation of fact. 2. Bidding. The Auctioneer has absolute discretion to divide any Lot, to combine any two or more Lots, to withdraw any Lots, to refuse bids and to regulate the bidding. He may bid on the vendor’s behalf for all goods which are being offered subject to reserve or at the Auctioneers’ discretion. 3. Fall of Hammer. The highest bidder shall be the buyer - if any dispute arises the Auctioneer has absolute discretion to settle the dispute or to re-offer the Lot. At the fall of the hammer every Lot shall be at the risk of the buyer, and the purchaser shall give to the Auctioneer his name and address and such proportion of the purchase price as the Auctioneer may require, in default of which the Auctioneer may re-offer and re-sell the Lot or Lots in question. 4. Clearance of Purchases. No purchases shall be claimed or removed until the Sale has been concluded. All lots shall be paid for and removed at the buyer’s risk and expense at the end of the first working day following the Sale, failing which the Auctioneers shall not be responsible if the same are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, and all Lots not so removed shall remain at the risk of the buyer and subject to a warehousing charge of 25p per lot per day. If they are not removed within seven days of the Sale the Auctioneers may re-sell them by auction or privately without notice to the buyer. Any liability which there may be on the part of the Auctioneers in respect of any loss shall be restricted to a maximum of the price paid by the purchaser of the Lot. 5. Agency and General. The Auctioneers act as agents only and they disclaim responsibility for default by either buyer or seller. They accept no responsibility in connection with the commissioning of members of their staff to bid for Lots on behalf of intending purchasers. Instructions given by telephone are accepted at the sender’s risk and must be confirmed in writing forthwith. The Auctioneers do not guarantee the title of any Lot or Lots sold by them and will not be responsible for any defect in such title. 6. Defaults. If any buyer fails to comply with any of the above conditions the damages recoverable from the defaulter shall include all loss arising from any re-sale of the Lot together with the charges and expenses in respect of both sales and any money deposited in part payment shall be held by the Auctioneers against the defaulter’s liability. 7. Third Party Liability. Every person on the Auctioneer’s premises at any time shall be deemed to be there at his own risk and with notice of the condition of the premises and of the method of arranging furniture, etc. He shall have no claim against the Auctioneers in respect of any injury he may sustain or any accident which may occur. 8. Viewers handling goods on display will be held fully responsible for any damage or breakage. CHEQUES Purchasers wishing to pay by cheque must produce a Bank reference to the Auctioneers before the sale. PLEASE NOTE Cheques which are post-dated or written by a third party will not be accepted. There is a buyer’s premium of 15% + V.A.T. on the hammer price.

CAPES DUNN & CO. Jewellery, Silver, Electroplate, Watches & Gold Coins Tuesday 8th December 2009 Commencing at 12 noon The Auction Galleries 38 Charles St Manchester M1 7DB Tel 0161 273 1911 Fax 0161 273 3474


Monday 7th December10am to 5pm Morning of sale from 10am Sale No: JS346 Catalogue ÂŁ5.00 Front Cover Illustration Lot: 185 Back Cover Illustration Lot: 250 PLEASE NOTE ALL GOODS must be removed by 4pm on Thursday 10th December 2009

PLEASE NOTE The descriptions in this catalogue are for the purposes of identifying the lots and are not intended in any way as a guarantee of authenticity. Please see the General Conditions of Sale on the inside front cover of this catalogue All weights and measurements are approximate

Buyer's premium is 15% + V.A.T on the hammer price

* Denotes that goods belong to registered persons and V.A.T. will be charged

YOUR ATTENTION IS PARTICULARLY DRAWN TO THE FOLLOWING Whilst Capes Dunn & Co make every effort to ensure the accuracy of their catalogue and the description of any lot: (a) (b)



Each lot as set out in the catalogue or as divided or combined with any other lot or lots is sold by the vendor with all faults, imperfections and errors of descriptions. Capes Dunn & Co do not accept responsibility for the authenticity, genuineness, origin, authorship, date, age, period, condition or quality of any lot, unless they have been instructed in writing by the vendor so to certify, and in such case the Auctioneers do so as agents of the vendor and are not themselves responsible for such claims. All statements, whether printed in the catalogue or made orally as to any of the matters set out in (b) above are statements of opinion only and are not to be taken as being or implying any warranties or representations of fact by Capes Dunn & Co, unless they have been instructed in writing by the vendor so to certify, and in such case the Auctioneers do so as agents of the vendor and are not themselves responsible for such claims.

Droit de Suite The Artist’s Resale Right Regulations Following the introduction of the Artist’s Resale Right Regulations on 14 February 2006, Capes Dunn will implement the new levy as follows: Capes Dunn will collect the same amount as the resale royalty from the buyer for any work of art covered by the regulations. Royalty rates will only apply to works sold in the secondary market and not for those sold for the first time, and for works which are sold for €1000 or more. Royalty rates are calculated as a percentage of the sale price on a sliding scale from 4% (from €1000 to €50,000) down to 0.25% (over €500,000). Resale royalties ARE NOT subject to VAT.



SILVER DOUBLE ALBERT with graduated curb pattern links, two swivel clips, guard and the silver and gold pierced shield medallion fob, Birmingham 1913, Ingersoll ‘Triumph’ metal case POCKET WATCH AND TWO MODERN QUARTZ WRIST WATCHES (4) £25-35


VICTORIAN SILVER POCKET WATCH, with keywind movement, white dial with subsidiary seconds dial, 2” diameter, Chester 1868 and the watch key and a leather pouch £40-60


BAILEY AND DAVISON, NEWCASTLE ON TYNE, No. 31812, VICTORIAN SILVER POCKET WATCH, with keywind movement, white dial with subsidiary seconds dial, London 1875 and ‘The Farringdon ‘C’, LADY’S VICTORIAN SILVER POCKET WATCH, with keywind movement, white dial, engraved case, Birmingham 1886 (2) £30-50


M.J. RUSSELL, CHRONOMETER MAKER, LONDON LATE VICTORIAN 18ct GOLD CHRONOGRAPH POCKET WATCH No. 9967, with keyless movement, white two part dial with sweep seconds dial, 2” diameter, Chester hallmark 1898 £600-800




GEORGE IV SILVER PAIR CASE GENTLEMAN’S POCKET WATCH, the movement by Charles Whyte, London, numbered 3160, the case hallmarked London 1826 (hinge pin absent) £100-150


EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY SILVER (.800) PARCEL GILT CASED OMEGA OPEN FACE KEYLESS GENTLEMAN’S POCKET WATCH, the dial with Arabic numerals for both twelve hour and twenty four hour chapters and subsidiary seconds indicator, the curvette inscribed ‘Omega Grand Prix, Paris 1900’ £90-130


9ct GOLD WHITE GOLD CASED OMEGA LADY’S WRIST WATCH with integral bark textured bracelet, gross weight 17gms £90-130

Lot 1

Lot 7 1.



���������������������������������������� LADY’S MOVADO ‘ERMETO’ SWISS SILVER BAG WATCH with oblong silvered dial in an oblong snake skin carved case, slide opening from the centre and incorporating an automatic winding mechanism, corner ring hanger, 2 1/2” wide when extended, 935 mark £200-300 ������������������������������������ ROLLED GOLD OPEN FACED POCKET WATCH with swiss keyless movement, white dial with subsidiary seconds dial, plain case and the metal CURB PATTERN ALBERT £30-40 �������������������������������������� ‘FINE SILVER’ CASED POCKET WATCH with keywind movement, white dial with subsidiary seconds dial, inengine turned case and the SILVER HALLMARKED DOUBLE ALBERT with graduated curb pattern links, guard bar and silver coin fob, TWO LADY’S SILVER POCKET WATCHES with keywind movement and 4 WATCH KEYS £40-60

Lot 15

Lot 16 16.

J. HARGREAVES AND CO., LIVERPOOL ‘MAKERS TO THE QUEEN AND H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES’ VICTORIAN 18ct GOLD CHRONOMETER POCKET WATCH, with keywind movement, white dial with seep seconds dial, NO. 47988, in plain case with chased bands round the bessel, 2 1/8” diameter, Chester 1885 and the watch key £600-800


LADY’S BULOVA 9ct GOLD WRIST WATCH, with 17 jewel movement, small circular silvered dial, integral 9ct gold flexible bracelet, approx 18gms of gold £80-120


MARVIN 9ct GOLD SWISS SLIM HUNTING CASED DRESS POCKET WATCH, with fifteen jewelled movement, silvered dial with subsidiary seconds dial, plain case, 1 7/8” diameter, Glasgow import mark 1929 £90-130


P. BUHRE,GENTS WRIST WATCH, with mechanical movement, in stainless steel case, the silvered circular dial having sweep seconds dial, the back with presentation inscription dated 1953 (no strap) and a PAIR OF ENAMELLED THISTLE PATTERN CUFF LINKS with enamelled thistle pattern tops £20-30


LADY’S 9ct GOLD WRIST WATCH, with gold dial and the 9ct gold expanding bracelet £30-40


LADY’S VICTORIAN 18ct GOLD DEMI HUNTER POCKET WATCH, with keyless movement, white dial, the front of the plain case with pink guilloche enamelled chapter ring with blue Roman numerals, London 1884 and the VICTORIAN UNMARKED GOLD ALBERTINA of three strands with two slides, swivel clip and guard, 13” long £600-800

Lot 12 12.




LADY’S ART DECO PLATINUM AND DIAMOND WRIST WATCH, with 9ct white gold cord strap, the watch with Swiss movement, narrow oblong silvered dial and case with a baguette diamond along each end, nine small diamonds along each side, the platinum bracelet continuing each side with two oblong links and three strap links, terminiating in a 9ct gold short cord strap, approx 12gms platinum, 6gms gold £500-700 LADY’S BENTIMA STAR 9ct GOLD BRACELET WATCH, with small square silvered dial set with a broad textured 9ct gold bracelet, 17 jewel movement, approx 29gms net £150-200 LADY’S AVIA 9ct GOLD WRIST WATCH, with 15 jewel Swiss movement, oblong silvered dial in case with embossed fan shaped shoulders and the 9ct gold expanding bracelet, approx 10.5gms net £50-80 9ct GOLD DEMI HUNTER POCKET WATCH, with swiss 15 jewel movement, white dial with subsidiary seconds dial, Birmingham 1917, the 9ct gold double Albert with graduated curb patter links, two clips, a guard and a 9ct gold figure embossed oval medallion fob with long service inscription from - ‘The Birmingham Small Arms Co 1897-1923’, the albert and fob weigh approx 39.4gms £450-650

Lot 24 22.

9ct GOLD CASED OMEGA LADY’S WRIST WATCH (no bracelet) £30-50


CIRCA 1950’s 9ct GOLD CASED ‘Fediral’ LADY’S WRIST WATCH, in canted oblong case, on a replacement rolled gold bracelet, a SILVER CASED LADY’S KEYLESS FOB WATCH (minus glass etc.) an Ingersoll white metal cased OPEN FACE KEYLESS GENTLEMAN’S WATCH, silver watch chain £50-70




GENTLEMAN’S ROLEX OYSTER QUARTZ ‘DATEJUST’ SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER, OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED GENTS WRIST WATCH, having circular gold coloured dial with batons, sweep seconds hand and date aperture beneath magnifying glass, in stainless steel case with gold bessel and integral stainless steel and gold bracelet numbered 17013B £1000-1500 LADYS ROLEX EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY LADIES 9ct GOLD CASED CIRCULAR WRIST WATCH, the plain white Roman dial with gilt bead seconds, 15 jewels movement, circa 1918 and a later leather strap £80-120


LADY’S 9ct GOLD CASED ROTARY WRIST WATCH, the circular dial inscribed incabloc and having Arabic numerals and batons and the 9ct gold gate pattern mesh bracelet £60-90


OMEGA LADY’S 9ct GOLD CASED AUTOMATIC WRIST WATCH, with integral articulated bracelet, (damage to bracelet) £120-160


LATE VICTORIAN SILVER POCKET WATCH with warranted English lever keywind movement, white dial with subsidiary seconds dial, in engine turned case, 2” wide, Birmingham 1899, the silver curb pattern Albert with two swivel clips and a guard also the gold and silver Art Nouveau gold and silver football medallion inscribed ‘Runners Up Div 2 1908-9 - B.W.F.L.’ £30-50


LADY’S RADO DIASTAR MODERN QUARTZ WRIST WATCH in Titanium and gold rectangular case and matching link bracelet, scratch proof and water sealed No. 153.0383.3, in case £300-400


LADY’S GUCCI SWISS QUARTZ WRIST WATCH, model No. 1900L, in gold plated stainless steel waterproof case with sapphire crystal glass, blank gold coloured square dial and case, integral stiff bangle with flexible clasp, in case £100-150


MODERN COLLECTOR’S POCKET WATCH, in gold plated hunting case with enamelled front inscribed and decorated with the ‘Seal of the President of the United States’ and with a GOLD PLATED ALBERT, in presentation case £30-40


MODERN METAL CASED HUNTER POCKET WATCH, with see-through visible escapement, the case with Celtic pattern and embossed front and the metal ALBERT £25-35


GENT’S WALTHAM CIRCA 1915 GENTS SILVER CASED CIRCULAR WRIST WATCH, the Arabic dial with seconds subsidiary (lacks strap and a LADY’S LIMIT SWITZERLAND 9ct GOLD CASED WRIST WATCH, with Arabic circular dial and rolled gold expanding bracelet circa 1919 (2) £35-50 










LATE VICTORIAN GOLD SOVEREIGN 1894, loose mounted in a propeller shape brooch mount £120-140










22ct GOLD MEDALLION COMMEMORATING THE LIFE OF SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL 18741965, embossed with a portrait, 1 1/4” diameter, approx 34gms, issued by A. Edward Jones Ltd, Silversmiths, Birmingham as a limited edition of 1430/2000 with certificate in case £600-700




VICTORIAN GOLD SOVEREIGN 1876, Sydney Mint £100-130












SET OF FIVE ISRAELI SILVER COLOURED METAL PIDYON HABEN COINS, 1970, in case with certificate rolls £10-20




Lot 43 




RONSON ‘ADONIS’ 9ct GOLD ‘VARAFLAME’ GAS POCKET CIGARETTE LIGHTER, with heavily textured sides, approx 71gms gross, in case £350-450


VICTORIAN GUN METAL SOVEREIGN CASE, square with gold plated interior sovereign holder and ring hanger £20-30


9ct GOLD HEAVY BELCHER CHAIN ALBERT with clip, guard and a 9ct GOLD MEDALLION ‘Hickleton Main Colliery’ Presented in honour of D. Smith who paid the supreme sacrifice in the Great War 1914-1918, approx 44.5gms £220-250




EDWARDIAN 15ct GOLD BAR BROOCH, collet set with a small centre cornflower blue sapphire flanked by two small pearls and the safety chain £50-70


GENTS 18ct GOLD RING, SET WITH A SOLITAIRE DIAMOND, approx 1ct, 7.6gms £1000-1500


18ct GOLD RING, CLAW SET WITH A SOLITAIRE DIAMOND, approx .70ct, 3.8gms gross £500-700


18ct GOLD COILED SNAKE RING, the head set with four small graduated diamonds, approx 5.5gms, Birmingham 1911 £100-150


18ct GOLD RING, CLAW SET WITH FOUR DIAMONDS, graduating from the centre chased shoulders £200-300


9ct GOLD BRACELET, with hollow curb pattern links, padlock clasp with key on a chain, approx 13.6gms £100-150


9ct GOLD CHAIN NECKLACE, with alternate fancy links and bar links, approx 16.8gms £100-150


18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SET CLUSTER RING, the twenty five stones with total weight estimated to be 1.99ct £1200-1800

Lot 54 56.


VICTORIAN CARVED DARK WOOD TRINKET BOX, the hinged lid carved in high relief with an urn of flowers, the interior of the lid inlaid with initials ‘E.V.A.’ with lock and key, on ball feet, 9 1/4” wide £25-35 CARVED IVORY GROUP OF THREE MONKIES, ‘Hear no evil, See no evil, etc.’ and SIX INDIAN CARVED IVORY COCKTAIL STICKS with elephant or Buddha tops £25-35



18ct GOLD, SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, set with a centre oblong sapphire and surround of 12 diamonds £250-350 9ct GOLD FINE CHAIN NECKLACE, the front claw set with an oval sapphire and with bar pendant HAVING SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND DROP with centre oval sapphire and surround of 10 sapphires, 8.5gms gross £200-300


9ct GOLD BELCHER CHAIN NECKLACE, approx 6.3gms and the OVAL LOCKET PENDANT, with 9ct gold back and front, engraved with a monogram £40-60


9ct GOLD FINE CHAIN NECKLACE, with some pierced fancy links and the 9ct GOLD CROSS PENDANT with engraved line border, approx 4.7gms in total £30-50


9ct GOLD BELCHER CHAIN NECKLACE, 17” long, approx 2 1/2gms £18-25

Lot 66

Lot 73

Lot 80

Lot 82

Lot 81

Lot 86

Lot 83

Lot 77 73.





PLATINUM RING, CLAW SET WITH AN OLD CUT SOLITAIRE DIAMOND, approx 1.15ct (colour J, clarity VS2) £1000-1500


PROBABLY FINNISH 18k GOLD HINGE OPENING BANGLE, with buckle pattern top set with seed pearls, approx 19gms £300-400

A.B. CHRISTIE, PLATINUM RING, set with a tear shaped solitaire diamond, approx 1.2ct and three square cut diamonds to each shoulder £2000-3000


18ct WHITE GOLD CROSS PENDANT, set with twelve diamonds, 1” high and the Italian 18k white gold fine bead necklace, 16” long in a Tiffany and Co. box £400-500


PLATINUM RING, SET WITH A PRINCESS CUT SQUARE SOLITAIRE DIAMOND, approx 1/2ct, makers Mappin and Webb, approx 4gms gross, in case £400-600


PLATINUM RING, SET WITH A SOLITAIRE DIAMOND, approx 1 1/2ct, the three tier stepped shoulders each set with six tiny diamonds, approx 5gms gross £1500-2000

NINETEENTH CENTURY DUTCH GOLD AND SILVER OVAL OPENWORK PENDANT OF FLORAL AND FOLIATE PATTERN, SET WITH SEVENTY ONE ROSE CUT DIAMONDS, the hanger diamond set, in morocco case £2000-3000 VICTORIAN SILVER VERY BROAD HINGE OPENING BANGLE, the top with three raised oval reserves, the centre panel engraved and embossed with a rose, the flanking panels engraved in Japanesque style with birds on boughs, on an engraved ground, 1 3/4” wide, Birmingham 1880 £25-35

Lot 75

Lot 87 Lot 89 81.

WHITE GOLD ART DECO PERIOD OBLONG DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, set with a row of nine baguette diamonds graduating slightly from the centre, with a surround of twenty six small brilliant cut diamonds, the three tier stepped shoulders each set with six small baguette diamonds £1500-2000


GOLD, OPAL, EMERALD AND DIAMOND OVAL CLUSTER RING, set with a large centre cabochon oval opal, surround of tiny emeralds and outer surround of sixteen small diamonds, approx 2 1/4ct of diamonds in total £600-800


18ct WHITE GOLD, AMETHYST AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, set with a large centre amethyst, approx 25 x 18mm and surround of ten brilliant cut diamonds and ten alternate marquise shaped diamonds, approx 2ct diamond in all, Birmingham hallmark 1975 £500-700


GOLD AND TURQUOISE LARGE DRESS RING, with dual wire pattern shank, the top broad, dome shaped and trellis pattern and set with fourteen tiny turquoise, approx 7.7gms £50-80


WHITE GOLD, PEARL AND DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, set with a large centre circular blister pearl and surround of 20 small diamonds, five strand wire pattern shank, the pearl approx 18mm diameter, approx .80ct of diamonds in total £200-300



GOLD AND DIAMOND CRESCENT BROOCH, set with cushion shaped old cut diamonds graduating from the centre, twenty one diamonds in all £1000-1500 NINETEENTH CENTURY GOLD AND DIAMOND HINGE OPENING TRIPLE STRAND BANGLE, the crossover top claw set with a raised central tow of fifteen rose cut diamonds graduating from the centre, flanked below on either side by a foliate scroll set with numerous tiny rose diamonds and chain of seven tiny diamonds, the large centre diamond, approx 1.75ct spread, gross weight 31.6gms £1500-2000

Lot 90

Lot 91


VICTORIAN 9ct GOLD TWO STRAND BRACELET, with chased curb pattern links and the gold padlock clasp, approx 25.3gms, in morocco heart shaped case £180-250


NINETEENTH CENTURY LARGE OVAL SHELL CAMEO BROOCH, depicting a topographical scene of a Russian palace viewed through trees with deer in the foreground, in gold frame with fancy bound wire border with four reeded ball ornaments, 2 1/2” overall £200-300


18ct GOLD FRAMED LARGE TRIANGULAR MALACHITE PENDANT, with canted corners , the centre applied in free relief with a gold figure of cupid aiming his bow and arrow, the heavy gold hallmarked frame embossed with beaded floret’s, gold filigree hanger, 2 1/4” wide, 2 1/22 high, approx 53.4gms gross £400-500


IMPORTANT WHITE GOLD, SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND FLEXIBLE BRACELET, with a central band set with seven baguette diamonds graduating from the centre held at the corners by four straps each set with eight small diamonds, flanked on each side by four links, each set with a rectangular sapphire, baguette diamonds in a arrow feather pattern and two brilliant cut diamonds and terminiating at each end with two ‘V’ shaped links set with diamonds with one sapphire on the clasp £3000-4000 11

Lot 94


PAIR OF 9ct GOLD AND SHELL CAMEO EARRINGS, with screw fastenings £30-50


WHITE GOLD HINGED LINK, set with two small baguette diamonds and a circular cabochon emerald £50-80


9ct GOLD CURB PATTERN CHARM BRACELET, with padlock clasp and approx 27 gold charms in including a Victorian gold sovereign 1889, approx 125gms £700-900

98A. 9ct GOLD SIGNET RING, with foliate engraved oval top, approx 2.5gms £20-30 98B. SMALL 14K GOLD OVAL PHOTOGRAPH LOCKET PENDANT, on a belcher chain necklace and the rolled gold heart shaped pendant set with turquoise and seed pearls £50-80 98C. SILVER AND MARCASITE SCROLLED FEATHER BROOCH AND MISC TRINKETS VARIOUS £30-40 98D. 14K GOLD WHORL PATTERN BROOCH (pin missing), approx 2.6gms £40-60 99.

Lot 98 92.

PLATINUM AND DIAMOND ETERNITY RING, the engraved band set with twenty eight brilliant cut diamonds, approx 1.20ct in all, approx 4.3gms gross £400-600


GOLD AND RUBY ETERNITY RING, set with thirty six emerald cut small rubies, approx 3.6gms gross £120-150


LARGE GOLD, OPAL AND DIAMOND PENDANT AND THE LONG HEAVY 18ct GOLD CHAIN NECKLACE, the pendant set wit ha large oval opal approx 4 1/2cm x 3cm, in a gold frame consisting of random triangular spikes set with fourteen bright cut diamonds each approx 1/10ct, approx 1.4ct in total, the pendant gross weight approx 44gms, the heavy 18ct gold fancy chain necklace with rope pattern links and plain bands, 32” long, approx 58.4gms, Birmingham import mark 1973 £2000-3000



ROLLED GOLD CURB PATTERN DOUBLE ALBERT with two clips, a ring clip and guard £20-30

14k GOLD RIBBON AND WIRE PATTERN SPRAY BROOCH, set with a single diamond approx .20ct, four small rubies, five small sapphires and a small pearl, 2 1/2” wide, approx 16.2gms £300-400

100. 15ct GOLD SCROLLED BAR BROOCH, overlaid by a floral and foliate spray set with seed pearls, 1 3/4” wide, with safety chain, approx 3.7gms £50-70 101. 9ct GOLD BELCHER CHAIN NECKLACE, 17” long, approx 5.2gms £20-30 102. GOLD COLOURED BAR BROOCH, with three vacant claw settings, 1 3/4” wide, approx 5.2gms £30-50 103. 18ct GOLD AND PLATINUM RING, set with a solitaire diamond, approx 1/4ct £80-120 104. VICTORIAN LARGE OVAL SHELL CAMEO BROOCH, carved with a classical female head wearing a floral garland, in plain pinchbeck plain frame and revolving in a floral engraved outer frame, 2 1/4” high £30-50

Lot 113 105. PAIR OF 14ct GOLD CUFF LINKS AND MATCHING TIE CLIP, each with horizontally cut decoration with applied menorah emblem, approx 14.8gms (3) £150-200 106. 9ct GOLD TIE CLIP, with engine turned decoration, 2 1/2” long and a PAIR OF 9ct GOLD OVAL CUFF LINKS with bright cut decoration, approx 10.8gms £70-90 107.

PAIR OF 18ct TWO COLOUR GOLD CUFF LINKS, square with bright cut border and textured centre, approx 12.9gms £140-180

108. 22ct GOLD WEDDING RING, 4.5gms £60-80 109. MALACHITE NECKLACE FORM OF 43 GRADUATED BEADS, also an AMBER BEAD NECKLACE and an AMBER STIFF BANGLE (3) £40-60 110. SRI LANKA PROBABLY HIGH CARAT (UNMARKED AND UNTESTED) GOLD BRACELET set with six small pear shaped sapphires, each within a surround of twelve tiny diamonds, gross weight 16.6gms £500-700 111. 18ct GOLD RING, claw set in white gold/ platinum with a central opal within a surround of illusion set tiny diamonds, also a 9ct gold OPAL SET PENDANT NECKLACE on fine chain and a 9ct gold CAMEO SET PENDANT NECKLACE on fine chain (3) £90-130 112. SRI LANKA PROBABLY HIGH CARAT (UNMARKED AND UNTESTED) GOLD RING, set with ten graduated tiny circular diamonds and six baguette diamonds £180-220 113. PAIR OF 14K GOLD SOLITAIRE DIAMOND SET EAR STUDS, each approx 0.50ct £500-700 114. 9ct GOLD GATELINK BRACELET, 11.6gms £60-90

115. TWO SILVER STIFF BANGLES, A WHITE METAL DITTO, embossed with grapes and set with cabochon green stones (four deficient) stamped ALP, a white metal braided chain and a SILVER LONG CHAIN NECKLACE with additional section and pendants (5) £30-50 116. PROBABLY 9ct GOLD CHAIN NECKLACE, ALSO A 9ct GOLD CASED ROTARY LADY’S QUARTZ WRIST WATCH. on linked bracelet, gross weight, 22.6gms £70-90 117.

18ct GOLD RING, set with three garnets and two tiny diamonds, also an 18ct gold tiny SOLITAIRE DIAMOND RING AND AN 18ct GOLD RING, set with three tiny rubies and two tiny diamonds, gross weight 9gms (3) £120-160

118. GOLD (UNMARKED) RING, collet set with a rounded oblong citrine, also a SILVER RING set with five turquoise stones and a 9ct GOLD OVAL LOCKET (no chain) (3) £60-80 119. 14ct GOLD BRACELET, the links form of nine collet set cabochon sapphires and nine collet set tiny diamonds, gross weight 11gms £600-800 120. 14ct GOLD BRACELET, the links formed of nineteen collet set tear drop blue topaz £120-180 121. PAIR OF 14k GOLD BLUE TOPAZ SET EAR STUDS AND MATCHING PENDANT DROP (no chain) £100-150 122. AMBER BEAD NECKLACE, three lose AMBER BEADS removed from above and a CASE CONTAINING TWO 9ct GOLD AND FOUR OTHER DRESS STUDS £40-60 122A WHITE GOLD AND DIAMOND ART DECO PERIOD PLAQUE BROOCH, the centre collet set with a diamond, approx .20ct and numerous rose cut tiny diamonds in an openwork frame, 2 1/4” wide £250-350 122B 9ct GOLD DRESS RING, with a large oval citrine in a high pierced and textured setting, London 1973, approx 6.5gms gross £35-45 122C 9ct GOLD DRESS RING, claw set with a carved oval shell cameo, fancy openwork surround, foliate shoulders, Birmingham 1979, approx 5.6gms gross £30-40


123. GEORGE V GOLD HALF SOVEREIGN, loose framed as a pendant and the 9ct gold BELCHER CHAIN NECKLACE, approx 12.5gms, 9ct GOLD BELCHER CHAIN NECKLACE, 20” long, approx 9gms, 9ct gold small circular LOCKET PENDANT on 9k gold fine CHAIN NECKLACE, approx 4.5gms, approx 26gms in total £150-200 124. 9ct GOLD HALF ETERNITY RING, with a two row setting of 28 tiny diamonds, approx .16ct in total, 9ct GOLD RING SET WITH A SOLITAIRE DIAMOND approx .20ct, 22ct GOLD WEDDING RING and a PAIR OF GOLD CLUSTER EARRINGS each set with a tiny diamond and surround of eight tiny rubies (5) £90-130 125. 18ct GOLD RING, with a lozenge shaped setting of five tiny diamonds, Chester 1913, 18ct GOLD AND PLATINUM RING, the quatrefoil top set with three tiny diamonds, 18ct GOLD AND PLATINUM RING, set with a small solitaire diamond, 9ct GOLD RING, with a lozenge shaped setting of three rubies and two tiny diamonds and a 9ct OVAL CLUSTER RING, set with a centre sapphire and surround of 12 white stone £110-140 126. 15ct GOLD FLATTENED FANCY LINK BRACELET, approx 18gms £150-200 127.

18CT GOLD RING with scroll setting of four small diamonds (one diamond missing), Birmingham 1912 £50-80

128. 9ct GOLD BROOCH FRAMING A VICTORIAN GOLD SOVEREIGN 1893 and TWO GOLD HALF SOVEREIGNS, Edward VII 1905 and George V 1914, with safety chain, approx 20gms gross £250-350 129. ART DECO WHITE GOLD CLIP BROOCH, in the form of a double scroll set with approx 107 small brilliant cut diamonds, over six baguette cut diamonds upto .40ct each and fourteen rubies (ILLUSTRATED) £1500-2000 130. CASED DOUBLE STRAND ‘POMPADOUR PEARLS’ NECKLACE with silver paste set clasp £20-40 131. 18ct GOLD SOLITAIRE DIAMOND RING, the stone approx 0.40ct £100-150 132. PAIR OF 9ct GOLD CUFF LINKS, engraved with initials and a GLASGOW SILVER NAPKIN HOLDER £30-40 14

133. 18ct GOLD RING, set with a centre circular opal and two tiny diamonds to each shoulder, approx 1.4gms gross £50-60 134. 18ct GOLD AND PLATINUM CROSS OVER RING, claw set with three diamonds, approx 1/3ct in total £120-150 135. GENTS 9ct GOLD SIGNET RING, the large curved oblong top set with black onyx overlaid with a gold letter ‘B’, openwork fan shaped shoulders, Chester hallmark 1929, approx 5.8gms £35-45 136. VICTORIAN GOLD, RUBY AND TINY DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, set with a centre circular ruby and surround of tiny diamond, ruby set shoulder (one ruby missing and af.) and 9ct GOLD GYPSY RING (stones missing) Birmingham 1918 (2) approx 5.5gms in total £30-50 137.

9ct GOLD CROSS PENDANT, 1 3/4” high, Birmingham 1919, 12ct LARGE HEART SHAPED PHOTOGRAPH LOCKET PENDANT, the engraved front set with two seed pearls an two tiny rubies, approx 10.5gms gross and the rolled gold fine chain necklace (2) £40-60

138. NARROW GOLD WEDDING RING, Victorian oval SHELL CAMEO BROOCH, carved with a helmeted female head framed with an openwork scroll surround (af,) and 9ct GOLD ON SILVER SNAKE RING set with red and white stones and MISC TRINKETS £20-30 139. VICTORIAN STICK PIN with gold coloured top in the form of George and the Dragon, and an INDIAN CARVED IVORY NECKLACE with alternate pierced hollow beads and elephant links and with elephant carved and pierced tear shaped pendant £25-35 140. ROSE GOLD SAFETY PIN BROOCH, with centre cabochon oval tigers eye flanked by two cabochon oval turquoise in wire pattern settings £40-60 141. 18ct GOLD AND PLATINUM RING, with a circular cluster of nine small diamonds in a pave setting £80-120 142. ART DECO STYLE 18K WHITE GOLD AND DIAMOND OPENWORK PLAQUE BROOCH, with three diamonds in the centre and strapwork surround of approx 84 tiny diamonds, (one tiny diamond missing) 1 3/4” wide, approx 9.7gms gross in case £500-600

143. 9ct GOLD THREE BAR GATE PATTERN BRACELET, ring clip and safety chain, approx 14gms £80-120 144. EDWARDIAN 15ct GOLD AND SEED PEARL OPENWORK BROOCH, with centre cluster and fleur de lis pattern branches and safety chain, approx 5.2gms £80-100 145. 18ct GOLD AND PLATINUM RING, set with three small diamonds £50-80 146. STERLING SILVER AND MARCASITE CIRCLET AND BUTTERFLY BROOCH, in case £20-30 147.

18ct GOLD RING, set with five graduated diamonds, approx 4/10ct £80-120

148. 9ct THREE COLOUR GOLD FLEXIBLE BRACELET, with ‘V’ shaped top, approx 9.5gms £45-60 149. 9ct GOLD NECKLACE, with flattened curb pattern links and the 9ct gold small oval LOCKET PENDANT, approx 6.3gms £30-50 150. ITALIAN 9k GOLD CHAIN BRACELET, with flattened curb pattern double links, approx 3.9gms £20-30 151. 18ct GOLD FINE BOX LINK AND BEAD PATTERN NECKLACE, with dolphin pendant, approx 6.3gms £70-90 152. 9ct GOLD WEDDING RING, 9ct GOLD RING, with chased ‘V’ shaped top, 9ct gold IMITATION ‘SOVEREIGN’ RING, approx 3.4gms in total and a PAIR OF ROLLED GOLD HOOP EARRINGS (5) £30-50 153. PAIR OF 9ct GOLD AND CORAL BEAD EARRINGS, AND A 9ct GOLD BELCHER CHAIN BRACELET, approx 3gms gross £20-30 154. NORWEGIAN STERLING SILVER AND BLUE ENAMELLED NECKLACE, possibly designed by Nanna Ditzel, the stiff band with an alternating band of nine tear shaped and paddle shaped drops, import marks for London 1966, stamped intials N.D. £120-180 155. SILVER CHAIN NECKLACE WITH PENDANT FRONT, in the form of Egyptian style wings inset with two green oval hardstones and with two pendant leaves, inscribed ‘Sterling’ with initials ‘J.J.’ 2” wide £80-120

156. EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY SILVER BAR LINK CHAIN BRACELET, with 22 small silver coin ‘charms’ mainly nineteenth century British and European and an OLD COSTUME BROOCH (2) £20-30 157.

VICTORIAN GOLD LOZENGE SHAPED BROOCH, the centre set with pearls, border of seed pearls, glazed hair locket back, 1 1/4” wide, in morocco case labelled, J.W Benson, 25 Old Bond Street, London £80-120

158. VICTORIAN GOLD STICK PIN collet set with an cabochon oval turquoise, a PASTE SET STICK PIN, in an antique box, and a VICTORIAN STICK PIN, the horse shoe top set with four seed pearls and three red stones anda SUITE OF FOREIGN SILVER JEWELLERY VIZ A DOMED TARG BROOCH, RING AND BRACELET, with four targ shaped links and chain back and a MARCASITE RING (7) £30-40 159. TWO STRAND NECKLACE OF GRADUATED AND FACETED JET BEADS, LONG CONTINUOUS SINGLE STRAND NECKLACE OF GRADUATED JET BEADS, the front with nine various large beads, small necklace of UNIFORM CORAL BEADS, Scottish metal GROUSE CLAW BROOCH, stone set COIN BROOCH AND MISC TRINKETS in a small work box £20-30 160. LATE VICTORIAN OVAL SHELL CAMEO PIN BROOCH, carved with the head of a lady in gilt metal oval setting and a LATE VICTORIAN 9ct GOLD SILVER AND PASTE SET PROPELLER PATTERN BROOCH, the oblong centre set with an emerald green stone surround of ten white stones within a wavy outer border of tiny white stones, 2 3/4” wide overall (2) £50-75 161. TWO JET BEAD NECKLACES, formed of graduated facet cut beads, TWO FOLIATE CARVED LARGE JET PENDANTS of tear shape, similar WHEAT SHEAF CARVED OVAL LOCKET PENDANT, ORIENTAL IVORY BEAD NECKLACE formed of graduated plain beads interspersed with foliate carved beads and a pale pink CORAL CHIP NECKLACE (7) £50-75 162. LATE VICTORIAN GILT METAL OVAL LOCKET PENDANT, the front with mother o’pearl set cruciform and star pattern engraved decoration on a pale blue ground with a 9ct GOLD BELCHER PATTERN NECKLACE AND SUNDRY OTHER ITEMS INCLUDING GILT METAL AND HARDSTONE SET SWIVEL AND INTAGLIO SEAT, A ROLLED GOLD CRUCIFORM PENDANT TOGETHER WITH A VICTORIAN SILVER FLORIN COIN 1887 (approx 12 items) 15

166. 9ct GOLD CHAIN MAIL PATTERN SMALL BRACELET, 7 1/4” long , 3.5gms £30-40 167.

GOLD ARTICULATED BRACELET form of textured dumbbell pattern links alternately mounted with 15 individual sapphires, 7” long £400-500

168. GOLD FANCY CURB PATTERN NECKLACE, 24” long, 15gms £100-150 169. PAIR CIRCA 1960’s 925 MARK SILVER SQUARE CUFF LINKS with pierced ‘crazy paving ‘ type design and MATCHING TIE PIN, ANOTHER PAIR WITH MATCHING TIE CLIP and PAIR ENGINE TURNED DITTO (8) £25-35 170. 9ct GOLD CHARM BRACELET, with belcher pattern chain, padlock clasp and approx 32 gold charms, approx 44gms £200-300 171. Lot 165

9ct GOLD CLUSTER RING, set with a centre blue sapphire and surround of six white sapphires and a 9ct GOLD ETERNITY RING, set with white stones £30-40

172. 18ct GOLD AND PLATINUM RING, set with three tiny diamonds in illusion settings, approx 2.5gms £30-50 173. THREE 9ct GOLD SIGNET RINGS, approx 10.7gms (3) £50-70 174. Lot 167 163. CIRCA 1920’s CONTINENTAL SILVER AND MARCASITE BRACELET, the 6 pierced oval links alternately set with a split pearl, 925 mark,a A PAIR OF SIMILAR EARRINGS AND A PENDANT with two strand simulated pearl NECKLACE and SIX OTHER SMALL PIECES OF SILVER JEWELLERY (10) £30-40 164. 9ct GOLD RING SET WITH SEVEN UNIFORM GREEN STONES, eight various SILVER RINGS mainly 925 mark and TWO WHITE METAL RINGS, RELIGIOUS OVAL PENDANT AND TWO OTHER ITEMS (14) £40-60 165. PROBABLY ISRAELI GOLD BRACELET, formed of six foliate scroll pierced square links, each centered with a large Amethyst, a MATCHING LINK MOUNTED AS A PENDANT and the 9ct gold box link necklace £350-450 16


175. PAIR OF 9ct GOLD AND OVAL SHELL CAMEO EARRINGS, with looped surrounds £30-50 176.

9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH set with a centre oval amethyst and surround and four small diamonds and a PAIR OF 9ct GOLD DROP EARRINGS, each set with a cabochon oval amethyst (3) £70-90


9ct GOLD WING SHAPED BAR BROOCH, set with an oblong centre cluster of twelve tiny diamonds £50-80

178. PAIR OF GOLD, RUBY AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS, each set with an oval ruby and six small diamonds £120-180

179. PAIR OF SILVER AND MARCASITE CLUSTER STUD EARRINGS, large MARCASITE PHOENIX BROOCH and a MARCASITE LEAF BROOCH AND A modern Rotary FOB WATCH PENDANT from a rolled gold FOB BROOCH (6) £30-50 180. 18ct GOLD, DIAMOND AND EMERALD CLUSTER RING, set with a tiny centre diamond, surround of six emeralds and outer surround of twelve small diamonds, textured shank, approx 5gms £100-150

wide, overall, apparently unmarked (lacking one spoon and one flower loose) £180-250 185. CHINESE SILVER COLOURED METAL MODEL OF A RIVER STEM SHIP WITH TWO FUNNELS, on two levels with two masts, makers mark, YUS, stamped to rudder, on a pierced hardwood stand carved as waves, 14 1/2” (36.8cm) high, 10 1/2” (26.7cm) long overall £400-600

181. 18ct GOLD RING SET WITH A SOLITAIRE DIAMOND, in a crown setting, two part bark pattern shank, approx 1/5th ct, approx 3.6gms £80-120 182. PRE WAR GOLD RING (shank altered and now without carat mark) claw set with three sapphires and two white sapphires £50-70 182A. 9ct GOLD CAMEO SET DRESS RING £50-80 182B. EDWARDIAN 15ct GOLD OPENWORK WHORL SHAPE PENDANT set with nine small diamond s and graduated seed pearls £350-450

Lot 183

182C. 9ct GOLD FLATTENED LINK BRACELET, 41.3gms £280-300 182D. VICTORIAN GOLD (UNMARKED) AMETHYST NECKLACE, set with twenty eight graduated stones, with a MATCHING PAIR OF EAR PENDANTS £300-400 182E. EDWARDIAN GOLD (UNMARKED) SEED PEARL SET NECKLACE £150-200 182F. SINGLE STRAND SEED PEARL NECKLACE with 14k gold clasp £60-80

Lot 184

182G. 9ct GOLD FLATTENED LINK NECKLACE, 19.2gms £100-150

SILVER COLOURED METAL 183. CHINESE SILVER COLOURED METAL FIGURAL CRUET SET, modelled as a man carrying a two large woven baskets, suspended from a pole on his shoulder, raised on an oblong base, 4 1/4” (10.8cm) high, stamped seal type character marks, 3.5oz £100-150 184. ORIENTAL SILVER COLOURED METAL CRUET SET, modelled as a stork, with hinged back, standing on a lily pad, beside a bud and flower, with spoon, raised on a pierced hardwood stand, 7 1/4” (18.4cm) high, 6” (15.2cm)

Lot 185 17

Lot 195

Lot 193 186. CHINESE SILVER COLOURED METAL MODEL OF A THREE MASTED SAILING JUNK, modelled under sail, with seven long oars out, on a pierced hardwood stand carved as waves, one flat stamped ‘silver’ 7” (17.8cm) high, 6” (15.2cm) long, overall £80-120 187.

SET OF SIX EMBOSSED STERLING SILVER COFFEE SPOONS, double struck with flowers, 2.5oz (6) £30-40

188. SET OF SIX GERMAN SILVER COLOURED METAL (800 standard) TEASPOONS, with fan shaped handles, engraved with stylised decoration, stamped ‘Moller’ , 2oz (6) £30-40 189. SET OF SIX GERMAN SILVER COLOURED METAL (800 standard) TABLE SPOONS, fiddle and thread pattern, 8 1/4” (20.9cm) long, 11.5oz (6) £50-80 190. SET OF SIX FOREIGN SILVER COLOURED METAL GILT GRAPEFRUIT SPOONS, with embossed fish scale and mask scroll top handles, initialled, 6” (15.2cm) long, 3.5oz (6) £40-50 18

Lot 197 191. PAIR OF AMERICAN STERLING CIRCULAR PEDESTAL BOWLS, on waisted stems and circular bases, 5 1/2” diameter, 3 3/4” high, makers Gorham, weighted bases £100-150 192. PAIR OF CHINESE ANTIQUE SILVER DESSERT KNIVES AND PAIR OF MATCHING FORKS, the blades engraved with bamboo foliage, mother o’pearl handle, makers mark ‘L.W.’, 4oz gross £30-50 193. GERMAN PIERCED SILVER COLOURED METAL (800 standard) TWO HANDLED SUGAR BOWL, boat shaped with tall angular scroll handles, ribbon tied and foliate embossed sides and blue glass liner, raised on claw and tab feet, 5 3/4” (14.5cm) high, 8 1/2” (21.6cm) wide, overall, 7oz £100-150 194. MEXICAN EMBOSSED STERLING SILVER SOMBRERO PATTERN ASHTRAY, 2 1/4” (5.7cm) diameter, 0.5oz approx £25-35

200. CONTINENTAL 800 MARK SILVER MENORAH/ HANUKAH LAMP, the tapered column issuing upward by scrolled wire pattern lamp branches and surmounted by a rampant lion with scroll, to a domed circular foot with fruit, embossed decoration and the detachable lighting lamp, 10 1/2” high, 12oz £100-150 201. MID VICTORIAN ANGLO INDIAN STEEP SIDED CIRCULAR BOWL, embossed with narrow foliate scroll border and band of linked foliate scroll filled octagonal’s, one vacant as cartouche, flowerhead pattern underside, 4” diameter x 3” high, makers CSH, London 1884, 5oz £75-125

Lot 198 195. IMPERIAL RUSSIAN (1908-1917) SILVER AND CLOISONNE ENAMEL BELT, formed of thirty vertical rounded oblong convex panels joined by plain chain links, at each end with larger cartouche shape two part clasp when together held in place by a curved dagger suspended from a chain, the whole enamelled in shaded blue, lilac, turquoise , rose pink, green and yellow against a blackened textured ground, makers mark E.H. and female head within a roundel to each panel, the clasp also with makers mark and purity mark for 84 zolotniks, 30 1/2” long £2000-3000 196. STERLING SILVER SHOULDERED OVOID PEDESTAL VASE, with waisted neck and broad everted rim, the body foliate scroll engraved, 10” high (weighted) £75-125 197.

202. ISRAELI STERLING SILVER ‘ETHROG’ HOLDER of two part egg shape with domed circular foot, the whole applied with wire filigree and turquoise bead decoration, 8” high, 7oz and a SIMILAR CEREMONIAL CUP/STEM WINE with waisted bowl knop stem and domed circular foot, inscribed Israel Matadin, 5” high (2) £80-120 203. FOUR CONTINENTAL SILVER CEREMONIAL BEAKERS/CUPS, the largest with two beaded bands and vacant cartouche within foliate scrolls, 3” high and an ENGLISH HALLMARKED DITTO with simple swag decorations, Birmingham 1973 (5) £75-125 204. TWENTIETH CENTURY SILVER CEREMONIAL CUP OR STEM WINE, the ovoid bowl embossed with fruiting vines, simple knop stem, 4 1/2” high, ANOTHER with thistle shape bowl, Birmingham 1915 and THREE OTHER VARIOUS (5) £60-90

LARGE CONTINENTAL 800 MARK SILVER OVAL FRUIT BOWL, the centre heavily embossed with corn cobs, fruits and squashes with an applied matching border, raised on scrolled tab feet, 13” wide, 29oz £225-275

198. PAIR OF RUSSIAN SILVER SABBATH CANDLESTICKS, with fruiting vine embossed decoration, vine pattern feet, inscribed Iszekman, 14 3/4” high, 24oz £350-450 199. ISRAELI STERLING SILVER MENORAH/ HANUKAH LAMP of tapering form, the ball and spire top with pair of four lamp heavy branches and having applied simple filigree decoration on an inverted trumpet form foot, 11” high, 925 mark, 8oz £75-100

Lot 202 19

and MEXICAN PLAIN STERLING SILVER PEPPERETTE, 2 1/2” (6.3cm) high, 1.5oz (2) £15-20

Lot 208 205. CONTINENTAL 925 MARK STERLING SILVER RUSH LAMP, the adjustable holder rising on a four bar column and raised on an inverted conical form foot, 6 1/2” high, 5oz £40-60 206. CONTINENTAL 800 MARK SILVER SPICE TOWER, the body in the form of an oval stone tower surmounted with a spire and Star of David finial, 6” high £80-120 207.

MEXICAN STERLING SILVER SMALL CIRCULAR SPICE BOX, with pierced bayonet fastening cover, 2” high, PAIR OF SMALL STERLING SILVER CANDLES HOLDERS, 2” high, A WINE BOTTLE STAND, the crimped border with embossed flowers and Hebrew text , similarly decorated WINE LABEL, A PAIR OF WHITE METAL SCISSOR PATTERN BREAD/CAKE SERVING TONGS and a SMALL SPEAR SHAPED IMPLEMENT possibly a Torah pointer, 6 1/4” long (7) £50-75

208. PROBABLY DUTCH 800 MARK SILVER MODEL OF A WHEELBARROW, with rococo cast and embossed decoration, gilt interior, 5 3/4” long, 3 1/2oz £80-120 209. NINETEENTH CENTURY PROBABLY DUTCH EMBOSSED SILVER SHAPED OVAL SHALLOW DISH, depicting an Eighteenth century rural scene with gentleman hunter and lady beneath a tree within a rococo scroll border, 8 122 wide (unmarked) 4 1/2oz £100-150 210. FRENCH LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY EMBOSSED SILVER SMALL OVAL BOX, the hinged cover and sides with design of corn cobs, pumpkin and foliate scrolls, on a matted ground, the base inscribed Franz Heiss U. Sohne, 2 3/4” wide, Paris marks together with a TINY PAIR OF SUGAR BOWS with similar decoration (2) £50-75 211. MEXICAN SMALL SILVER COLOURED METAL (925) OVAL TRAY, with embossed petal shaped border, 5” x 3” (12.7cm x 7.6cm) 20

212. ORIENTAL SILVER COLOURED METAL TWO HANDLED GOBLET, typical form with leaf capped scroll handles, knopped stem and circular foot, engraved with exotic birds and foliage, 6” (15.2cm) high overall, five engraved character marks £30-50 213. CHINESE SILVER COLOURED METAL TRUMPET VASE, typical form with frilled rim, raised on a triform base with three scroll supports and melon feet, decorated with applied and engraved foliage and wave embossed border, 7” (17.8cm) high, large stamped seal type mark to base (part af.) £25-35 214. MIDDLE EASTERN ENGRAVED SILVER COLOURED METAL TRAY, oblong, profusely engraved with scrollwork, foliage and Kufic inscriptions, 11 3/4” x 6 1/2” (29.8cm x 16.5cm) stamped marks, 13oz £15-20 215. LADY’S EGYPTIAN SILVER COLOURED METAL DISC SHAPED POWDER COMPACT with niello work pictorial decoration of boats and riverside ruins, floral engraving, 2 3/4” diameter £20-30 216. PORTUGESE GILT FILIGREE MODEL OF A GALLEON, with enamelled decoration, 7 1/4” high £20-30


PRE WAR FOUR PIECE SILVER TEA AND COFFEE SERVICE of angular oblong shape, the TEA AND COFFEE POTS with blackwood handles and knops to the covers, Sheffield 1925, 53oz all in £200-300

218. PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER GRAPE SCISSORS, London 1887, 2oz £50-70 219. ATTRACTIVE EDWARDIAN SILVER OVAL SHALLOW FRUIT BOWL, finely pierced with fret cut foliate scrollwork beneath a cast border of foliate ‘C’ scrolls, Sheffield 1902, 10” long, 12 1/2oz £250-350

220. GEORGE II SILVER CIRCULAR SHALLOW CAULDRON SHAPE SALT CELLAR on three stepped pad feet, probably by Edward Wood, London 1744, also a VICTORIAN SCOTTISH SILVER FIDDLE PATTERN toddy ladle, GLASGOW 1847, a George III Irish silver CONDIMENT SPOON, Dublin 1796 and an E.P. and crocodile leather mounted glass SPIRIT FLASK (4) £90-130 221. GEORGE III SILVER MUSTARD POT with blue glass liner, of plain cylindrical form, the hinged cover with scallop shell thumb piece, over struck mark of George Gray, London 1787, 4oz £90-130 222. LATE VICTORIAN SILVER STAMPED AND PIERCED ELLIPTICAL BON BON DISH, London 1899, 3oz £50-80 223. PAIR OF LATE VICTORIAN SILVER PEDESTAL SALT CELLARS, of Monteith form, with original spoons, London 1887, 6oz all in £90-130

Lot 231

224. LATE GEORGE II SILVER SUGAR CASTOR, of plain baluster form, by Jabez Daniel, London 1756 £120-180 225. SILVER TOAST RACK, Sheffield 1932, 3 1/2oz £30-40 226. EDWARDIAN SILVER SUGAR CASTOR, of wrythen fluted baluster form, London 1903, 6oz £90-130 227.

PAIR OF EDWARDIAN SILVER OCTAGONAL SUGAR CASTORS, Birmingham 1901, also a SILVER SEMI GADROONED SALT CELLAR with blue glass liner, Birmingham 1910, 5oz all in £60-80

228. SET OF FOUR SILVER OLD ENGLISH PATTERN SOUP SPOONS, London 1923, 1924, 1930, 1932 also an ENGRAVED CIGARETTE CASE AND AN ELECTROPLATE FLOWER VASE, 11oz weighable all in £70-90 229. GEORGE III PAIR OF SILVER TABLE SPOONS, Early English Pattern, initialled, 8 3/4” (22.2cm) long, London 1790, makers mark rubbed but possibly Thomas Chawner, 4oz (20 £30-50 230. VICTORIAN CASED SET OF 12 PAIRS OF SILVER DESSERT KNIVES AND FORKS, by Henry Wilkinson and CO. Sheffield with plain silver blades and embossed filled handles, initialled , Sheffield 1855, 34oz gross, in a fitted rosewood case with crested brass shield shaped cartouche and lift out tray £200-300

Lot 232 231. VICTORIAN ENGRAVED SILVER PEDESTAL CLARET JUG, by the Barnard’s, pear shaped with square section scroll handle and domed cover with Kufic style scroll thumb piece, decorated in the Persian taste with stylised floral panels, 12” (30.5cm) high, London 1864, 22oz £900-1300 232. EDWARD VII PIERCED SILVER PEDESTAL TABLE CENTRE PIECE FRUIT BOWL, by George Jackson and David Fullerton, boat shaped with raised border above scrolling foliate pierced sides, raised on a plain oval base, 7 1/2” (19cm) high, 13 1/2” x 8” (34.3cm x 20.3cm) London 1906, 28oz, seven line presentation inscription to base £400-600


Lot 242 233. EDWARD VII PIERCED SILVER PEDESTAL FRUIT STAND, by A & J Zimmerman, the circular dish top with pierced oval border above a plain waisted column and circular foot, 7” (17.8cm) high, 9 3/4” (24.8cm) diameter, Birmingham 1909, 18oz £120-180

239. EDWARD VII PIERCED SILVER SMALL SWING HANDLED BASKET, oval with slender bell husk moulded above lozenge and dot pierced sides, 1 1/4” (3.2cm) high, 5 3/4” x 4” (14.6cm x 10.1cm) Birmingham 1909, makers/retailers mark, S * B, 2.5oz £40-60

234. GEORGE V ENGRAVED SILVER TRAY, circular with a band of ribbon tied floral swags and pendants to the centre, with a raised moulded border, raised on three domed feet, 12” (30.5cm) diameter, Birmingham 1913, makers/retailers mark D.S., 24oz £120-180

240. FIVE ITEMS OF EDWARD VII AND LATER SILVER, COMPRISING CASED PAIR OF LONG HANDLED PICKLE FORKS, by Mappin and Webb with scroll tops, 7 1/4” (18.4cm) long, Sheffield 1903, PRESENTATION TABLE CIGARETTE BOX with engine turned cover, 6 1/2” x 4 1/2” (16.5cm x 11.4cm) marks rubbed, CASED SMALL PLAIN WINE GOBLET, 4” (10.1cm) high, Birmingham 1976 and a SMALL TWO HANDLED TROPHY CUP with prestentation inscription on fixed black plinth base, 4” (10.1cm) high, Sheffield 1938, 25oz gross £80-100

235. GEORGIAN STYLE PRESENTATION SILVER WAITER, typical form with nine line presentation inscription to the plain centre raised on volute scroll feet, 8” (20.3cm) diameter, Sheffield 1965, retailers mark L.D.L.D., 11oz £60-80 236. EDWARD VII PIERCED SILVER SMALL ROSE BOWL, with Art Nouveau border by John Round, typical form moulded whiplash border above a pierce band raised on a plain moulded foot, 42 (10.1cm) high, 7” (17.8cm) diameter, Sheffield 1909, 12oz £90-130 237.

ROMAN OIL LAMP PATTERN SILVER TABLE CIGARETTE LIGHTER, 4” (10.1cm) high, 6” (15.2cm) long, marks rubbed, 3oz gross £60-80

238. EDWARDIAN VII SILVER LARGE SUGAR CASTOR, panelled baluster form with pull-off pierced cover and flambeau finial, 9 1/4” (23.5cm) high, marks rubbed but probably Birmingham 1906, 7.5oz £70-90 22

Lot 244


WILLIAM IV SILVER CADDY SPOON, by John, Henry and Charles Lias, fiddle pattern with scrolling floral wriggle engraved bowl and initialled top, 4 1/4” (10.8cm) long, London 1831, 0.5oz approx £40-60

242. SILVER TEA SERVICE OF 4 PIECES, of Regency style, squat shaped circular and bulbous with gadroon border, on plain circular pedestal foot comprising TEAPOT AND HOT WATER JUG with ivory finials and handles, TWO HANDLED SUGAR BASIN AND MILK JUG, makers Edward Barnard and Sons, Ltd, London 1930, 65oz £400-500 243. PAIR OF SILVER WINE COASTERS, in the form of a small plain circular trays, with straight gadroon, shell and foliate embossed borders, each on four tab feet, 5” diameter, makers Edward Barnard & Sons, Ltd, London 1927, 7 1/2oz £80-120 244. EDWARDIAN ART NOUVEAU SILVER EASEL MIRROR, with bevelled shaped rectangular plate, the frame repousse with large chrysanthemum flowers and foliate scrolls, mounted on an oak back panel, 13” high, 9 3/4” wide, makers mark L.E, Birmingham 1906 £150-200

Lot 247

Lot 248

245. VICTORIAN LARGE DIAMOND CUT GLASS GLOBULAR SMELLING SALTS BOTTLE, with plain silver globular hinged lid, glass stopper, 5 1/4” high, London 1895 £30-50 246. EARLY VICTORIAN IRISH SILVER SOUP LADLE, the plain Old English Pattern handle engraved with a crest, by Jas Le Bass, Dublin 1943, 8 1/2oz £100-150 247.

VICTORIAN SILVER TABLE CENTRE FRUIT EPERGNE, the shallow circular bowl having lobed centre well and standing on a nude male figure column with an eagle on his shoulder, on graduated five tier circular pedestal base, the whole surmounted by a shallow domed lid engraved with classical leaf motifs (finial missing from lid) 14” high, 11” diameter, makers mark ‘A.M.’ London 1869/1870, 67oz £700-900

248. VICTORIAN SILVER INKSTAND, oblong with cut card pierced sloping gallery borders with boldly scrolled over and under edges and end handles on four pierced tab feet fitted with a centre taper candlestick flanked by two glass hexagonal inkwells with silver hinged lids, 11 3/4” wide, makers the Barnard Family, London 1846, 19oz £400-600

Lot 250 249. SILVER SWING HANDLED CAKE BASKET, oval pierced with pierced oval trellis work panels between repousse panels of flowers, ‘C’ scroll border, 12” wide, maker mark ‘W.A.’ Birmingham 1911, 14oz £150-200 250. GEORGE II SILVER COFFEE POT, of plain tapering form with elaborate contemporary engraved coat of arms, hinged domed lid with concave sides, knop finial, scroll spout, brown wood scroll handle, on moulded foot, 8” high, maker Peter Archambo, London 1734, 23 1/2oz £1200-1500 23

253. ART DECO SILVER TEA SERVICE OF 4 PIECES, oblong with broadly canted corners, raised on octagonal foot, engraved line and fan decoration to the shoulders comprising A TEAPOT AND HOT WATER JUG with flush hinges, brown heat proof finials and handles, TWO HANDLED SUGAR BASIN AND MILK JUG, makers Edward Viners, Sheffield 1940 and 1945, 56oz (4) £400-500 254. PAIR OF SILVER LOW CANDLESTICKS, on circular bases, 2 1/2” high, Birmingham 1969 (2) £40-50 Lot 251

Lot 252

255. SET OF FIVE VICTORIAN SILVER CORINTHIAN COLUMN CANDLESTICKS AND THE PAIR OF TWO LIGHT CANDLE BRANCHES, of reflex scroll form, all with removable drip trays, on square stepped bases with gadroon borders, raised on small cone shaped feet, 11 1/4” high , 14 3/4” high with the branches, makes Hawkesworth, Eyre and Co., Ltd, Sheffield 1889 and 1890 (weighted bases) pair of branches weight 32oz, one weighted candlestick 39oz £1800-2500 256. VICTORIAN SILVER PEDESTAL SUGAR BASIN, with swing handle, the cup shaped circular bowl repousse with flowers and rococo scrolls, on waisted column, on domed circular floral repousse foot, 5” high with handle folded, makers mark ‘H.H.’ London 1861, 7oz £100-150 257.

GEORGE III SILVER PLAIN BALUSTER ‘SPARROW BEAK’ JUG, the double scroll handle with acanthus embossed top, on stepped moulded circular foot, 4” high, maker Wm Bayley, London 1782, 3 3/4oz £100-150

Lot 253 251. VICTORIAN SILVER TEA AND COFFEE SERVICE OF FOUR PIECES, pyriform and repousse with flowers and scrolls and raised on concave foot comprising TEAPOT AND COFFEE POT with brown wood finials and handles, two handled SUGAR BASIN AND MILK JUG, the coffee pot 10 1/4” high, makers James Dixon and Son, Sheffield 1894, 62oz £500-700 252. SILVER PLAIN OVAL TWO HANDLED TRAY,the concave border with embossed egg and dart edge, reeded and foliate embossed loop handles, 27” wide, overall, makers B.B.S. Ltd, Birmingham 1932, 90oz £500-700 24

Lot 255

258. VICTORIAN SILVER HEART SHAPED TRINKET BOX AND DOMED REMOVABLE LID, with crimped borders, repousse with flowers and cupid shooting his arrow through a heart shaped cartouche, the sides with winged cherubs and flowers, 5” long, London 1889, 6oz £80-120 259. GEORGE II SILVER PLAIN CIRCULAR SALT RECEIVER, with bulbous sides, raised on hoof feet, 2 3/4” diameter, London 1748, 4oz £80-120 260. LATE VICTORIAN SILVER BOMBE OBLONG TEA CADDY, with domed removable lid having floral finial, repousse with flowers and rococo scrolls, acanthus corners and rococo vacant cartouches, the chased base with acanthus and paw feet, 5 1/4” high, makers mark ‘H.S.’ London 1900, 9oz £120-150 261. VICTORIAN SILVER TEA CADDY, cylindrical with pull off cylindrical lid, the sides repousse with vertical acanthus leaves, with ribbed girdle and floral and scroll pattern fringe, 5” high, makers Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1889, 5oz £80-120 262. VICTORIAN SILVER SEVENTEENTH CENTURY STYLE LARGE ‘LIGHTHOUSE’ CASTOR’ the straight sided high domed lid, floral pierced and with knop finial, the plain cylindrical body having ribbed girdle, on domed foot with lobed border, 6 1/2” high, makers mark J.V.’, London 1890, 7oz £100-150 263. VICTORIAN SILVER SHELL FORM AND SEMI LOBED BOWL, with gilt interior, raised and fluted scrolled over ends, raised on a plain oval pedestal foot, 3 1/4” high, 4 1/4” long, makers Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1891, 4oz £60-80 264. VICTORIAN HEAVY GAUGE SILVER ROSE BOWL, half fluted with two acanthus scroll handles, on short knopped column and domed circular foot with egg and dart border, 4 1/4” diameter, makers Wakley and Wheeler, London 1896, 8 1/2oz £100-120

Lot 273 267.

VICTORIAN SILVER PLAIN OVAL MUSTARD RECEIVER, the hinged low domed lid having shell thumb piece, ribbed girdle and blue glass liner, Sheffield 1891, 3 3/4oz £50-80

268. EDWARDIAN ARTS AND CRAFTS SILVER CIRCULAR DISH, plain with flat rim, the edge embossed and pierced with trailing foliage in four sections, 4 1/2” diameter, maker C.C. Pilling, London 1906, 1 3/4oz £30-50 269. VICTORIAN SILVER PEPPERETTE, the shouldered ovular body, stem and circular foot repousse with leaf shaped lobes and engraved with flowers and foliate scrolls, 3 1/2” high, maker George Unite, Birmingham 1857, 1 1/2oz £30-50 270. VICTORIAN OVAL SWEET MEAT DISH, pierced and embossed with flowers and rococo scrolls, 4 3/4” wide, Sheffield 1894, 1 1/2oz £30-50 271.

EDWARDIAN SILVER CIRCULAR TEA STRAINER, with a multiple scroll handle, 2 3/4” diameter, Birmingham 1908, 1oz £20-30

265. SILVER QUAICHE SHAPED FLUTED BOWL, with two ring handles on stepped circular base, 4 1/4” diameter, makers Ollivant and Botsford, London 1924, 5oz £50-80

272. SILVER BON BON DISH, nine sided with raised and floral embossed border, fluted body, raised on three scroll feet, 4 1/2” wide, Birmingham 1919, 2 1/2oz £30-50

266. SILVER LARGE PLAIN MUSTARD RECEIVER, drum shaped with flat hinged lid, with shell thumb piece, gadroon border and foot rim, blue glass liner, 3” diameter, makers Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company, Sheffield hallmark 1916, 4 1/2oz £50-80

273. PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER TABLE CANDLESTICKS, the Corinthian capitals with removable drip trays, spirally fluted column on fluted square pedestal bases, 10 1/2” diameter, makers Martin Hall and Co., London 1889 (weighted) £300-400


280. PAIR OF GEORGE III SILVER TABLE SPOONS, the bowls later repousse with flowers and foliage on matt background and crimped edges, the Early English Pattern handles floral and foliate chased, 8 1/4” long, makers George Baskerville, London 1791, 3 1/2oz £60-80

Lot 281 274.

PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER CANDLESTICKS, the Corinthian capitals with removable drip trays, fluted cylindrical columns, on square pedestal bases with fluted sides and four roundels, 6 1/2” high, makers mark Hawkesworth, Eyre and Co., Ltd, Sheffield hallmark 1886 (weighted) £250-350

275. EDWARDIAN SCOTTISH SILVER TWO HANDLED OCTAGONAL ENTREE DISH AND HIGH DOMED COVER, with ring handle, gadroon borders, 7” wide, makers Hamilton and Inches, Edinburgh 1901, 21oz £200-250 276.

LATE VICTORIAN SILVER POINTED OVAL BREAD BOWL, the sloping sides pierced with wavy lines and embossed with paterae and flora festoons, egg and dart borders, 11 1/2” wide, makers James Dixon and Son, Sheffield 1897, 14oz £150-200


SILVER GOBLET COMMEMORATING THE QUEEN’S SILVER JUBILEE, 1952-1977, the bowl embossed with a head of Elizabeth II, on textured conical column and circular base, gilt interior, 5 1/4” high, Birmingham 1977, 4oz £30-50

278. MATCHED SET OF FOUR GEORGE III SILVER TABLE SPOONS LATER DECORATED AS BERRY SPOONS, the fruit embossed gilt bowls with crimped edge, the Early English pattern handles foliate scroll chased, 8 3/4” long, London 1806 (two makers) 8oz £120-160 279. MATCHED SET OF FOUR GEORGE III SILVER TABLE SPOONS LATER DECORATED AS BERRY SPOONS, the fruit embossed and fluted bowl, the Early English pattern handles floral and foliate chased, 8 1/2” long, various makers London 1792, 1801 and 1803, 7oz £120-160 26

281. MATCHED SET OF FOUR GEORGE III SILVER TABLE SPOONS LATER DECORATED AS BERRY SPOONS, the fruit embossed gilt bowls having crimped borders, chased Early English Pattern handles, 8 1/2” long, various makers London 1776, 1784 and 1802, in purple velvet lined black morocco case, 8oz (case labelled Elkington and Co.,) £150-200 282. SET OF SIX EDWARDIAN SILVER COFFEE SPOONS, rat tail pattern London 1906 (6) £25-30 283. MATCHED SET OF SIX GEORGE III SILVER FIDDLE HANDLED TEASPOONS, engraved with a lion crest, two makers, London 1816, 4oz (6) £30-40 284. PAIR OF GEORGE III IRISH SILVER SMALL DESSERT SPOONS LATER DECORATED AS BERRY SPOONS, with fruit embossed gilt bowls with crimped edges, engraved, curved flat handles, 6 1/2” long, maker probably J. Smith, Dublin 1792, 1 1/2oz (2) £30-40 285. SET OF TWELVE WILLIAM IV SILVER DESSERT KNIVES with silver blades, ribbed ferrules and terminals to the mother o’pearl handles, in case, makers Elder and Co., Edinburgh 1833 and 1834 and 12 MATCHING VICTORIAN DESSERT FORKS, makers Harrison Bros and Howson, Sheffield 1889, boxed as new, approx 33oz gross (24) £300-400 286. SET OF SIX AFTERNOON TEA KNIVES with silver handles, in case and TART SERVER with Kings Pattern silver handle, Sheffield 1961, boxed £25-35 287.

MAHOGANY CASE CONTAINING 12 PAIRS OF FISH KNIVES AND FORKS with bone handles, makers Martin Hall and Co., Ltd, Sheffield 1928 £250-350

288. SET OF SIX GEORGE III SILVER TABLE FORK, fiddle handled, makers William Elliott, London 1808, 14oz (6) £100-150

289. NINETEENTH CENTURY SILVER MATCHED FIDDLE HANDLED PART TABLE SERVICE OF CUTLERY, principally for 6 persons, 31 pieces, engraved with a Unicorn crest viz 7 TABLE SPOONS, William IV (1) and Victorian (6), 6 TABLE FORKS Wm IV, London 1837, 6 DESSERT FORKS, Victorian, London 1851, 7 DESSERT SPOONS, Victorian various dates, 4 TEASPOONS, Victorian, 1 SAUCE LADLE, Victorian Exeter 1848, 51oz (31) £400-500 290. SILVER CIRCULAR PEDESTAL BON BON DISH, with scroll chased raised border, on knopped waisted column and circular base, Birmingham 1971 £40-50 291. GEORGE III AND LATER 67 PIECE SILVER TABLE SERVICE OF CUTLERY, MAINLY KINGS PATTERN comprising, 12 TABLE FORKS by Solomon Hougham, Kings Pattern, crested, 8 1/8” (20.6cm) long, London 1811, 6 TABLE KNIVES, Kings Pattern, crested, 10 1/2” (26.7cm) long, Sheffield 1895, makers mark A & O, 6 TABLE KNIVES by Henry John Lias and Henry John Lais, Kings Pattern, crested, 10 3/4” (27.3cm) long, London 1875, 10 TABLE SPOONS, by William Eley and William Fearn, Kings Pattern, crested, 8 3/4” (22.3cm) long, London 1821, PAIR OF TABLESPOONS, Kings Pattern, crested 8 3/4” (22.3cm) long, London 1814, makers mark IP over GP, 12 TEASPOONS by George Jackson and David Fullerton, fiddle thread and husk pattern, crested, 5 3/4” (14.6cm) London, London 1898, 9 DESSERT SPOONS, Kings Pattern, crested, 6 3/4” (17.1cm) long, London 1818, five with makers mark PS, the other four indistinctly stamped, 3 DESSERT SPOONS, by William Eley and William Fearn, Kings Pattern, crested, 6 3/4” (17.1cm) long, London 1822, 6 AFTERNOON TEA KNIVES, Queens Pattern, 6 1/2” (16.5cm) Sheffield 1975, makers/ retailers mark HB , 4 DESSERT FORKS, Kings Pattern, 7” (17.8cm) long, London 1916, makers/retailers mark G & S, 165oz gross approx (67) £1200-1500 292. GEORGE III SILVER PLAIN CIRCULAR WAITER, with shaped gadroon border, raised on three claw and ball feet, 10” diameter, maker probably John Swift, London 1775, 16 1/2oz £250-350 293


294. GEORGE II SILVER TEAPOT, footed baluster form with brown scroll handle and mask spout, embossed with scrolling floral bands and beaded borders, 6” high (15.2cm) high, London probably 1752 but date and makers mark rubbed, 12oz gross, dented £200-300

Lot 294

Lot 296 295. GEORGE III SILVER CREAM JUG AND A MATCHING VICTORIAN TWO HANDLED SUGAR BASIN, footed ovoid form with caryatid capped scroll handles and embossed scrolling floral band, the JUG 3 3/4” (9.5cm) high, London 1762, THE SUGAR BOWL 3 3/4” (9.5cm) high, London, date mark rubbed but probably 1842, 10oz, the embossed decoration on this lot matches that on the previous lot £150-200 296. GEORGE III CHASED SILVER SALVER by Edward Jay, typical form with shell capped scroll border, moulded tab feet and later chased stylised floral centre, initialled, 13 3/4” (35cm) diameter, London 1789, 37oz £350-450 297.

GEORGE V SILVER THREE PIECE CONDIMENT SET by Edward Barnard and Sons Ltd, plain cylindrical footed form with blue glass liner to the lidded mustard and MATCHING SPOON, London 1935, 4oz (4) £30-50

298. LATE VICTORIAN SILVER PEDESTAL BOWL, with rococo embossed and lattice pierced border to a step moulded domed circular foot, 7” diameter, Birmingham 1899, 4 1/2oz £60-90 27

299. LATE VICTORIAN FLORAL EMBOSSED SILVER BON BON DISH, circular with crimped circular foot, 4 1/2” diameter, London 1894, 2 1/4oz £35-50 300. WILLIAM IV SILVER RUNCIBLE TYPE SERVING SPOON with five tined bowl, fiddle thread and shell pattern handle, London 1832, CONTINENTAL SILVER DESSERT FORK AND SPOON AND THREE OTHER ITEMS OF CUTLERY (6) £25-35 301. EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY SILVER SCALLOP SHELL PATTERN OPEN SALT, raised on ball feet, Birmingham assay mark rubbed, a VICTORIAN ROCOCO PATTERN CAST SILVER SALT SPOON with shell bowl, London 1888 and a small CIRCULAR ASHTRAY, 3 1/4” diameter, London 1913 (3) £25-35

308. PAIR OF GEORGE III BRIGHT CUT SILVER SUGAR BOWS, by Thomas Watson, initialled, 5” (12.7cm) long Newcastle, circa 1800, with a SMALLER LATER PAIR, Birmingham 1932, 2oz (2) £30-40 309. SILVER TEA STRAINER by Edward Viner, with floral pierced handles, 4 3/4” (12cm) wide, Sheffield hallmark rubbed, together with an EARLY ENGLISH PATTERN PRESERVE SPOON, London 1937 and a CRAFT PICKLE FORM with amethyst set top (unmarked) 2oz gross (3) £30-40 310. GEORGE V SET OF SIX SILVER AFTERNOON TEA KNIVES, with embossed filled silver handles, Birmingham 1920, together with a SIMILAR KINGS PATTERN CHEESE KNIFE, Sheffield 1970 (7) £20-30

302. PAIR OF GEORGIAN STYLE SILVER CANDLESTICKS, hexagonal and tapering columns with campana shape sconces to an hexagonal foot, 9 1/2” high, Sheffield 1930 (weighted) £80-120

311. GEORGE V PLAIN SILVER PEDESTAL PUNCH BOWL by Mappin and Webb octagonal form with moulded borders, 5” (12.7cm) high, 8” (20.3cm) wide, Sheffield 1922, 21oz on a turned ebonised plinth base £150-200

303. PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER BERRY SPOONS, by John Aldwinckle and Thomas Slater, with fluted and embossed bowl and scrolling foliage engraved handles, 9” (22.9cm) long, London 1885, 4.5oz (2) £40-50

312. GEORGE V SET OF FOUR SILVER COFFEE SPOONS, with scroll embossed handles, Sheffield 1915, together with two other SILVER COFFEE SPOONS, 2.5oz (6) £20-30

304. PAIR OF GEORGE IV SILVER SAUCE LADLES, by Jonathan Hayes, fiddle pattern, initialled, 7” (17.8cm) long, London 1828, together with a SIMILAR VICTORIAN EXAMPLE by George Maudsley Jackson, London 1892, 6oz (3) £60-90 305. SET OF VICTORIAN SILVER BLADED SMALL SEVERS with mother o’pearl handles, comprising BUTTER KNIFE, PICKLE FORK, PRESERVE SPOON AND BREAK FORK all with vine leaf engraved blades and long fancy ferrules, 6” - 7 1/4” (15.2cm - 18.4cm) long, Chester 1898 (4) £50-80 306. SET OF ELEVEN GEORGE V AND VI SILVER CAKE FORKS, with egg and dart borders and pointed tops, Birmingham 1934 (5) and 1940 (6) 6oz (11) £50-80 307.


SET OF SIX GEORGE VI SILVER CAKE FORKS, with ribbon tied reeded borders, Birmingham 1938 and 1939 together with a SIMILAR FORK of heavier gauge, Sheffield 1944, 3.5oz (7) £25-40

313. THREE PAIRS OF EDWARD VII SILVER SUGAR TONGS, comprising a PAIR with bright cut border 4” (10.1cm) long, Sheffield 1909 and TWO SIMILAR PAIRS with embossed and twisted sides, Sheffield 1902 and 1904, 3 1/4” (8.9cm) long, 1.5oz (3) £35-45 314. GEORGE V SILVER DESSERT SPOON, with shell embossed top, initialled, 6 7/8” (17.5cm) long, Sheffield 1913, together with an 800 standard SAUCE LADLE and CHILD’S FEEDING SPOON, Birmingham 1947, 3.5oz in total (3) £15-20 315. GEORGE VI FOUR PIECE PLAIN SILVER PEDESTAL TEASET OF PANELLED OVAL FORM with black angular scroll handles and raised beading, Sheffield 1940, makers/retailer’s mark AM & S Ltd, 50OZ (4) £350-450 316. GEORGE ����������������������������������� V SILVER SMALL PRESENTATION SALVER with six line inscription and numerous signatures to the centre within a scroll capped wavy border 8” (20.3cm) diameter, Sheffield 1911, maker’s/retailer’s mark HE Ltd 8oz £60-90

323. SET OF FOUR SILVER TABLE CANDLESTICKS, with campana shaped sconces on plain tapering circular column s and cavetto domed circular columns and cavetto domed circular bases with fine bead borders, 9” high, makers Edward Viners, Sheffield 1958, 1958 and 1960 (on weighted bases - one weight missing) £300-500 324. SILVER POCKET CIGARETTE CASE, oblong and engine turned with applied silver and enamelled ‘Order of the Garter’ unsigned to the lid, 5” wide, Birmingham 1946, approx 6oz £35-45

Lot 315 317.

������������������������������������� moulded wavy border on tab feet, 10” (25.4cm) diameter 18.5oz £140-180

318. �������������������������������������� GEORGIAN STYLE SILVER PEDESTAL CASTER BY BARKER ELLIS SILVER CO typical form with dot and comma pierced pull off cover (17.8cm) high 4 oz £60-90 319. ��������������������������������������� 1 1/2 PINT PLAIN SILVER JERSEY JUG AND COVER WITH WOVEN CANE HANDLE 6 1/2!” (16.5cm) high Birmingham 1969, makers mark, K.T.K 10oz gross £80-120 320. ������������������������������������� GEORGE VI SILVER SAUCE BOAT, typical form with flying scroll handle, slender celtic embossed border and stepped pad feet, 3 1/4” (8.3cm) high, 6” (15.2cm) long, Birmingham 1946, maker’s mark ribbed, 4.5oz £50-80 321. ��������������������������������������� LATE VICTORIAN /EDWARD VII SILVER PAIR OF SILVER PEPPERETTES BY MATTHEWS, square baluster form with lion mask capped scroll feet, 3 1/2” (8.0cm) high, Birmingham 1900 and 1903, 3oz, together with a pair of modern cut glass circular open salts and two condiment spoons (6) £50-70

325. LADY’S SILVER POCKET CIGARETTE CASE, oblong and engine turned with canted borders, 3 1/2” wide, Birmingham 1937, 2 3/4oz 326. PRESENTATION SILVER SMALL SALVER by Walker and hall, the plain centre with three line inscription with a scroll capped moulded border, raised on tab feet, 8 1/2” (21.6cm) diameter, marks rubbed, 11oz £70-90 327.

GEORGIAN STYLE SILVER SALVER by Edward Viner, typical form with plain centre, moulded border and volute scroll feet, 12” (30.5cm) diameter, Sheffield 1963, 28oz £200-300

328. GEORGIAN STYLE SILVER OVAL DISH, by Edward Viner, steep sided with plain centre moulded border and scroll feet, 1 1/2” (3.8cm) high, 10” x 6 1/2” (25.4cm x 16.5cm) Sheffield 1964, 10oz £80-120 329. PLAIN SILVER OBLONG BREAD BOWL, by Edward Viner, 1 3/8” (3.5cm) high, 12 3/4” x 6 1/2” (32.4cm x 16.5cm) Sheffield 1965, 13.5oz £100-140

322. ������������������������������������������� form with inscription and embossed golfing badge within a slender moulded border, 5 1/4” (13.3cm) diameter, Sheffield 1939, together with a cased silver napkin clip with shell shaped bowls, 2” (5.1cm) long, London 1956 4 oz (2) £35-45

Lot 323 29

330. GEORGE VI PLAIN OVAL TRAY, with ivory bun feet, retailed by Ollivant and Botsford, Manchester, 1” (2.5cm) high, 15 1/2” x 8” (39.4cm x 20.3cm) London 1939, 26.5oz gross £200-300 331. GEORGE VI THREE PIECE PLAIN SILVER NAD BAKELITE LINED CHRISTENING SET, comprising FOOTED BOWL, 1 3/4” (4.5cm) high, 4 1/2” (11.4cm) diameter, EGG CUP 2” (5.1cm) high and NAPKIN RING, together with a rat rail pattern SPOON, 5 3/82 (13.7cm) long, marks rubbed but probably Birmingham 1842, 6.5oz (4) £60-90 332. PIERCED SILVER TWO HANDLED TALL PEDESTAL BON BON DISH, with cut card pierced dish, wire pattern scroll handles waisted stem and spreading circular foot, weighed, 4 1/2” (11.4cm) high, 6” (15.2cm diameter, Chester hallmarks rubbed , 7.5oz gross £80-120 333. ART DECO SILVER POCKET CIGARETTE CASE, oblong with engine turned decoration, the long borders stepped, 4 1/2” wide, Birmingham 1939, approx 5oz £35-45 334. GOLD ON SILVER CURVED OBLONG POCKET CIGARETTE CASE, engine turned with striped decoration, 3 1/4” wide, Birmingham 1928, 3 1/4oz £30-40 q 335. TWO SETS OF THREE TEASPOONS (6) £10-20 336. LATE VICTORIAN SILVER POCKET CIGAR CASE, horizontally fluted and embossed with blossoms, bushes and centered with an oval cartouche (one side monogrammed) gilt interior, 5” x 3 1/2” makers J.D. & S, Sheffield 1895, 5oz £75-125 337.


338. GEORGIAN STYLE SUGAR CASTER OF OCTAGONAL FORM, the cut card pierced top with pointed finial, 8 1/4” high, Chester 1923, 6oz and a CONTINENTAL WHITE METAL BEAKER/WINE GOBLET of tapering form, 3 3/4” high (2) £50-75


Lot 339 339. WALKER AND HALL LATE VCITORIAN SUGAR CASTER, of shouldered ovoid form with half gadrooned decoration, the pierced top with flame finial, domed circular foot, 7 1/4” high, Birmingham 1897, 6oz £70-90 340. PAIR OF TWENTIETH CENTURY SILVER TABLE CANDLESTICKS, with vase shape columns on stepped circular bases, 5 1/2” high, Birmingham 1933 (2) £50-80 341. VICTORIAN SILVER FOLDING BUTTON HOOK, with mother o’pearl handle, Sheffield 1891 anda SILVER THIMBLE Chester hallmark (2) £20-30 342. SET OF SIX VICTORIAN SILVER FIDDLE HANDLE TEASPOONS, initialled ‘M’, London 1869 (6) £25-35 343. EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY SMALL SILVER EPERGNE, with four removable trumpet shaped receivers supported on a wirework frame wot stepped circular base, 7 1/4” high, Birmingham 1913 £50-75 344. MAPPIN BROTHERS LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY CIRCULAR SILVER CREAM JAR, of shallow form with gilt interior and glass dish/ liner, 3 1/2” diameter, London 1900 £50-60 345. PAIR OF ANTIQUE SILVER SUGAR BOWS, with simple foliate engraved decoration, makers Bateman Family circa 1800 £20-30

351. EDWARDIAN SILVER SMALL VESTA BOX, foliate scroll engraved, Birmingham 1904 and a SMALL VICTORIAN SILVER WHISTLE foliate scroll chased with ring hanger, 1” long, Birmingham 1894 (2) £30-40

Lot 344

Lot 346 346. EDWARD VII CASED SET OF FOUR CARD SUITE PATTERN SILVER ASHTRAYS BY ALEXANDER CLARK, each 3 1/2” (8.9cm) wide approx Sheffield 1907, 4oz £80-120 347.

��������������������������������������� GEORGE V CASED SET OF SIX SILVER BEAN TOP COFFEE SPOONS, BIRMINGHAM 1924, 1.5OZ GROSS £20-30

348. ��������������������������������� GEORGE V CASED SET OF SIX SILVER TEASPOONS AND SUGAR TONGS with embossed bell husk borders, Birmingham 1935 3oz £30-40

352. GEORGE V ENGRAVED SILVER POCKET CIGARETTE CASE, curved oblong form, decorated with foliate scroll, 3 1/2” x 3” (8.9cm x 7.6cm) Birmingham 1928, together with an ENAMEL TOP SPOON, bearing the intials, E.C. G.S., Birmingham hallmarked rubbed and a CASED ‘MR KIPLING CAKES’ SLICE with embossed silver handle, Sheffield 1972, 3oz weighable silver (3) £30-50 353. GEORGE V CASED PAIR OF SILVER OPEN SALTS, rounded oblong form with gadrooned borders and ball feet, 11/2” (3.8cm) high, 2 3/4” x 2” (7 x 5.1cm) Birmingham 1918, makers mark JS & S, and a PAIR OF SILVER CONDIMENT SPOONS, 3oz, lacking glass liners and case af. £45-60 354. GEORGE V SILVER AND MOTHER O PEARL DRESSING TABLE TRINKET BOX, oblong with blue plush lined interior and bracket, type feet, 2 5/8” (6.7cm) 4 3/4” x 3 1/4” (12.1cm x 8.3cm) Birmingham 1922, makers/retailers mark P.J.F. £50-80 355. GEORGE V PLAIN SILVER BOWL, circular bellied form with moulded wavy rim and stepped pad feet, 2 3/4” (7cm) high, 5” (12.7cm) diameter, Sheffield 1922, makers/retailers mark H.A. 7oz £30-40

349. ���������������������������������� GEORGE VI CASED SILVER SPOON WITH MOULDED BORDER 6 1/8” (15.5CM) LONG, Sheffield 1937, maker’s mark H.A in a matched Walker and Hall case together with a pair of silver hors d’oevres forks by Edward Viner with mother of pearl tops, 3 3/4” (9.5cm) long, Sheffield 1935, 2oz gross £20-30 350. �������������������������������������� LATE VICTORIAN/EDWARD VII THREE PIECE SILVER CONDIMENT SET comprising pedestal pepperette and pair of two handled open salts with blue glass liners, Birmingham 1900 and 1907, makers/retailers mark HE, together with a pair of silver condiment spoons, 4oz (5) £75-90 Lot 354 31

356. GEORGE V CASED PLAIN SILVER PORRINGER AND MATCHED SPOONS, the porringer of typical form with high scroll handles and moulded borders, inscribed 3” (7.6cm) high overall, 4 1/2” (11.4cm) diameter, London 1921, makers mark rubbed, the spoon, Early English pattern initialled, 6” (15.2cm) long, Sheffield 1918, 7oz £25-35 357.

GEORGE V PLAIN SILVER PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, with oak easel support, 10” x 7 1/2” (25.4cm x 19cm) Birmingham 1919 £40-60

358. GEORGE V PLAIN SILVER PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, with oak easel support, 9 1/4” x 7 1/4” (23.5cm x 18.4cm) Birmingham 1922 £30-50 359. GEORGE V ENGINE TURNED SILVER PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, by Walker and Hall, converted from a pocket watch holder, the oblong arch top frame with circular aperture, initialled roundel to the arch and oak and silvered metal easel support (af.) 4” square (10.1cm) square, Birmingham 1922 £30-50 360. GEORGE V ENGINE TURNED SILVER POCKET CIGARETTE CASE, curved oblong form, initialled, three line inscription to interior, 4 1/4” x 3 1/2” (10.8cm x 8.9cm) 5oz gross £10-20 361. EDWARD VII CUT GLASS DRESSING TABLE JAR with embossed silver cover, lozenge shaped, the cover decorated with foliate scrolls within a crimped border, 2 1/4” (5.7cm) high, 5 1/2” x 4” (14cm x 10.1cm) Birmingham 1903, 1.5oz of silver approx (holes to the cover) £20-30

365. FOUR ITEMS OF EDWARD VII AND LATER CUT AND MOULDED GLASS CONTAINERS WITH SILVER TOPS OR COLLARS, comprising PEDESTAL SALT with cover and spoon, 2 3/4” (7cm) high, Birmingham 1933, CIRCULAR JAR 1 1/4” (3.2cm) high, Birmingham 1907, PERFUME BOTTLE AND STOPPER, 4 1/4” (10.8cm) high and SMELLING SALTS JAR AND STOPPER 3” (7.6cm) high, both with rubbed marks, together with a CIRCULAR ENGINE TURNED SILVER TRINKET BOX with pale blue guilloche enamel border, 3/4” (1.9cm) high, 2” (5.1cm) diameter, Birmingham 1913, 1.5oz weighable silver approx (5) £40-60 366. GEORGE V SILVER AND TORTOISESHELL DRESSING TABLE BRUSH AND MATCHING HAND MIRROR, inlaid with ribbon tied floral garland, Birmingham 1917 and 1925, together with a cut glass HAIR TIDY with silver pull off cover, 3” (7.6cm) high, Birmingham 1922 (3) £50-80 367.

GEORGE V CASED SIX PIECE SILVER AND MOTHER O’PEARL DRESSING TABLE HAND MIRROR AND BRUSH SET, comprising circular bevel edged HAND MIRROR, TWO PAIRS OF BRUSHES AND A COMB (AF.) Birmingham 1922, makers/retailers mark P.J.F. in a blue plush lined and fitted inlaid mahogany case £40-60

368. EDWARD VII PLAIN SILVER DOUBLE SAUCE BOAT AND STAND, oval with leaf capped scroll handles beaded border and oval foot on a matching lozenge shaped stand, 3 1/2” (8.9cm) high, 7 1/8” (18.1cm) long, Chester 1906, makers mark H.E.B. over F.E.B., 7oz (2) £60-90


369. GEORGE V PLAIN SILVER DRESSING TABLE TRINKET BOX, circular with bobbin and reel border and green plush lined interior, raised on pierced scroll feet, 2 1/4” (5.7cm) high, 4” (10.2cm) diameter, London 1918, makers mark C.E., 4oz gross £40-60

363. PROBABLY GEORGE V PLAIN SILVER ASHTRAY, circular, the raised centre inset with 1797, George III copper penny, 5 1/4” (10.8cm) diameter, marks rubbed but probably Birmingham 1922, 3oz gross £10-15

370. GEORGE V CASED LADY’S SILVER HAND MIRROR and HAIR BRUSH, engine turned, Chester 1923 and 1924 and an ASSOCIATED TORTOISESHELL COMB, Birmingham 1923 (af.) £30-50

364. SIX ITEMS IF GEORGE V SILVER FLATWARE, comprising CHILD’S FORKS AND SPOON 4 3/4” (12cm) long, Birmingham 1923, PAIR OF BUTTER KNIVES, Sheffield 1927, CHILD’S PUSHER, Birmingham 1924 and a PAIR OF SUGAR TONGS, Sheffield 1922, 4oz (6) £15-25



FOUR ITEMS OF EDWARD VII AND LATER CUT GLASS with silver tops, comprising HAIR TIDY, 3” (7.6cm) high, Birmingham 1922, OBLONG PIN BOX, 3 1/2” x 1 1/4” (8.9cm x 3.2cm) Birmingham 1924, MATCH HOLDER, 2 3/4” (7cm) high, Birmingham 1910 and A SCENT BOTTLE, 2 3/4” (7cm) high, Birmingham 1922, together with a SILVER PERFUME FUNNEL, 2” (5.1cm) high and an ELECTROPLATE MOUNTED NAIL BUFFER, 1.5oz silver, approx £50-70

372. PLAIN SILVER TABLE CIGARETTE BOX, typical form with hardwood lined two division interior, 1 7/8” (4.7cm) high, 5 1/2” x 3 1/2” (14cm x 8.9cm) London hallmarks rubbed £40-60 373. GEORGE V CASED THREE PIECE SILVER SERVING SET, comprising FORK, SPOON AND SLICE, all with engraved floral blades and moulded borders, Sheffield 1912, makers/ retailers mark W.W. over H.G. 10.5oz £60-90 374.

EDWARD VII PIERCED SILVER PEDESTAL BON BON DISH, circular with waisted stem and spreading foot, weighted, 2 3/4” (7cm) high, 5 1/2” (14cm) diameter, Birmingham 1908, 4.5oz £30-40

375. GEORGE V AND GEORGE VI PAIR OF PLAIN SILVER SAUCE BOATS by Edward Viner, typical form with cyma border, high scroll handle and pad feet, 2 3/4” (7cm) high, 6” (15.2cm) long, Sheffield 1934 and 1939, 7oz (2) £80-120 376.

GEORGE VI SILVER PEDESTAL CASTER by Edward Viner, octagonal baluster form with dot and cross pierced pull off cover, 6 1/2” (16.5cm) high, Sheffield 1938, 4.5oz £50-80


EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY SILVER PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, oval with easel support, Chester assay marks rubbed, 9” high an TWO OTHERS, 6 1/2” and 3” high respectively (3) £50-75

378. EDWARDIAN SILVER AND TORTOISESHELL CARRIAGE/BEDSIDE CLOCK, having french movement with balance wheel escapement circular white enamel Roman dial, the oblong front with piquet work inlay of ribbons, swags and pendant musical trophies hinged loop handle, 4 3/4” high, handle raised, London 1905 (some faults ) £50-80

379. EDWARDIAN DRESSING TALE SET OF 3 PIECES with planished silver backs, viz BRUSH, HAND MIRROR AND CLOTHES BRUSH, Birmingham 1903 and a SILVER AND PINK ENAMEL HAND MIRROR AND MATCHING CLOTHES BRUSH, Birmingham 1904 £30-40 380. SEVEN CUT GLASS AND SILVER MOUNTED ITEMS VARIOUS includes POWDER BOWL AND COVER, 5 1/2” diameter, orbicular pump action SCENT SPRAY, SUGAR CASTER ETC AND TWO SILVER LIDS (9) £50-75 381. LIMITED EDITION SILVER ‘MAYFLOWER’ CREAM JUG, 457/2000, London 1970, 5 3/4” (14.6cm) high, 7.5oz, complete with blue plush lined casket and (related paperwork including hand written receipt) £50-80 382. SET OF 52 SILVER MEDALLIONS DEPICTING BRITISH REGIMENTS, approx 75oz, with accompanying replica regimental badges, in mahogany case with lift out tray £500-800 383. LADY’S SILVER DRESSING TABLE BRUSH, SET OF 3 PIECES with engine turned decoration engraved with floral sprays, viz hand mirror, hair brush and clothes brush, Birmingham 1956 (as new) (3) £50-80 384. PAIR ��������������������������������������� OF SILVER TABLE CANDLESTICKS with campana shaped sconces, square baluster columns, on square high pedestal bases, 7” high, weighted, Birmingham 1923 £80-120 385. THREE ������������������������������������� SILVER CONDIMENT RECEIVERS viz bulbous rectangular mustard receiver with hinged lid, raised on feet and the matching pepperette, Birmingham 1962 and SIMILAR SALT RECEIVER with gadroon border, Birmingham 1962 with blue glass and two condiment SPOONS (5) £60-90 386. SET ���������������������������������������� OF 6 SILVER BEAN TOP COPPER SPOONS, in case, Birmingham 1931, SET OF 6 AFTERNOON TEA KNIVES with silver handles and an Edwardian silver SARDINE SERVING FORK with ornate pierced and engraved handle Sheffield 1909 (13) £35-45 387.

������������������������������������ PAIR OF SILVER PEPPERETTES, 3” high Birmingham 1918 £40-60


388. BLACK MOROCCO CASE CONTAINING A SILVER MANICURE SET OF FIVE PIECES, comprising GLASS JAR with removable silver lid, nail buffer and the silver handled implements, Birmingham 1919 £40-50 389. CUT GLASS POWDER JAR, with plain removable silver lid, 2 1/4” diameter, Chester 1923 and the POWDER PUFF and PAIR OF PLAIN SILVER SUGAR TONGS, makers Edward Viners, Sheffield 1921 (2) £25-35 390. SET OF ELEVEN SILVER ‘GOLF’ TEASPOONS, makers Walker and Hall, Chester 1933 and other dates, with a case for six (11) £40-60 391. ELIZABETH II SILVER JUBILEE COMMEMORATIVE SILVER GOBLET, with cup shaped bowl, on baluster column and circular foot, 5 1/2” high, 6 1/2oz £35-45 392. SILVER TABLE CIGARETTE BOX, with engine turned slightly cushion shaped hinged lid, 6 1/2” wide, London circa 1930 £40-60 393. VICTORIAN SILVER DESSERT SPOON, of Kings Pattern, double struck, maker W. Bellchambers, London 1839 and a SIMILAR PRESERVES SPOON, with spade shaped deep bowl, Hyam Hyams, London 1842, 4oz (2) £30-40

ELECTROPLATE 394. NINETEENTH CENTURY SHEFFIELD PLATE CHAMBER STICK, of rounded oblong form and gadroon border, GEORGIAN STYLE ELECTROPLATE BOTTLE COASTER, 5 1/4” diameter, ANTIQUE PEWTER SIDE PLATE with London patch marks, 8” diameter and TWO NINETEENTH CENTURY PEWTER PINT TANKARDS one of waisted form the other with glass insert base £40-60 395. HOTEL PLATE TEA WARES OF FOUR PIECES and an ELONGATED OCTAGONAL TRAY, with applied gadroon border, 17 1/2” long and a CIRCULAR BOTTLE STAND (6) £25-35 396. ELECTROPLATED WINE COASTER, with gadroon and rococo embossed applied border, 6 1/2” diameter, BOXED AND SUNDRY CUTLERY including boxed set of SIX BEAN TOP COFFEE SPOONS AFTERNOON TEA KNIVES, in case £25-35


Lot 400 397.

PAIR OF NINETEENTH CENTURY SHEFFIELD PLATE TELESCOPIC CANDLESTICKS, circular with gadroon borders, moulded circular foot, 8” high and a JAMES DIXON AND SONS EPBM SUGAR CASTER of cylindrical form with foliate and stiff leaf decoration, 7” high (3) £30-40

398. EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY HORS D’OEUVRE’S DISH, scallop shell pattern with loop handle and shell pattern feet, 10” wide and an ASHTRAY AND COMBINED MATCHBOX HOLDER, circular with beaded edge and inscribed Adolph Hotel, Singapore £15-20 399. OAK CANTEEN OF EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY WALKER AND HALL ELECTROPLATED CUTLERY FOR SIX PLACE SETTINGS £80-120 400. EDWARDIAN ELECTROPLATED TABLE EPERGNE with four removable trumpet shape flower vases, 16” high, also two PLATED GOBLETS £120-180 401. OVAL ELECTROPLATED ENTREE DISH, a PLATED WAITER, a plated oblong BREAD PLATTER (minus wooden insert) a CASED PAIR OF PLATED FISH SERVERS, CASED FISH KNIVES AND FORKS, SUNDRY OTHER PLATED CUTLERY, HOT WATER JUG ETC. £60-80 402. ELECTROPLATED OBLONG TWO HANDLED TRAY, a plated jam HOLDER AND TWO OTHER PLATED ITEMS (40 £20-30

Lot 414 Lot 407 403. TWO EP OBLONG ENTREE DISHES AND COVERS with removable handles, gadroon borders and A SMALLER OBLONG ENTREE DISH AND COVER with curved sides, gadroon borders. £45-60 404. ����������������������������������������� PAIR OF EP FISH SERVERS with pierced and engraved blades, ivory handles in case, PAIR OF VICTORIAN FISH SERVERS with engraved blades, silver ferrules bone handles, in case Sheffield 1898 and TWELVE PAIRS OF EP FISH EATERS with bone handle, £40-60 405. �������������������������������������� PLAIN ELECTROPLATE PYRIFORM WATER JUG 7” HIGH MAKER C.D. PEACOCK £30-40 406. ������������������������������������ SIX PAIRS OF STEAK KNIVES AND FORKS with stainless blades, buck horn handles in case, makers Abbey Horn of Kendal, Cumbria, England £30-40 407.

�������������������������������������� CUT GLASS OGEE SHAPED CLARET JUG with electroplated floral and rococo scroll mounted neck with hinged lid, ‘C’ scroll handle and domed circular foot, 11 3/4” high £50-80

408. ����������������������������������� ELECTROPLATE PLAIN CYLINDRICAL TEA CADDY AND REMOVABLE CYLINDRICAL LID, beaded edge, 4 1/4” high, Elkington and Co six division TOAST RACK on ball feet, VINERS EP EMBOSSED OVAL BON BON DISH and an EP CARTOUCHE MOUNT (4) £30-40

409. PAIR ����������������������������������� OF 19TH CENTURY SILVER PLATED SCISSOR PATTERN CANDLE SNUFFERS, shell and foliate scroll embossed, pair of EP vine embossed GRAPE SCISSORS, and a pair of plain GRAPE SCISSORS with reed and ribbon borders (3) £30-40 410. COMMUNITY ��������������������������������� PLATE MEAT CARVING SET OF THREE PIECES with scroll embossed handles, boxed; TWO NUTCRACKERS with spirally fluted handles, in black morocco case labelled Cousins & Sons, Bath, set of 6 EP COFFEE SPOONS with fine bead borders, pair of TEASPOONS and a pair of engraved FISH SERVERS, makers Walker and Hall £30-40 411. TWELVE PAIRS OF ELECTROPLATE FISH EATERS, with foliate scroll engraved blades and lily of the valley embossed handles, with kite mark in plush lined and fitted oak case £25-35 412. ELECTROPLATED AND ENAMELLED PORCELAIN SMALL CIRCULAR ‘PIPKIN POT’ TRINKET BOX, by Strachan, Australia, the cover decorated with a Zebra Finch, on black hexagonal stand, together with an electroplated THREE PIECE CONDIMENT SET and a PAIR OF PORTUGESE WINE GOBLETS (6) £20-30 413. ERIC CLEMENTY/MAPPIN AND WEBB 1950’s/60’s FOUR PIECE ELECTROPLATED TEA SERVICE with MATCHING OVAL TRAY footed baluster form with black open scroll handles (5) £60-80 35

414. ELECTROPLATED SEVEN BOTTLE CRUET STAND by George Goodfellow and Sons, London, oval with top carrying handle and mirror polished base with floral engraved border, housing seven matching cut glass bottles £80-120 415. ELECTROPLATED PAIL PATTERN TWO HANDLED ICE BUCKET, SET OF FOUR ‘VALERO’ SPANISH GOBLETS with embossed spiral stems and a pair of scissor pattern asparagus servers (6) £30-50 416. PAIR OF PIERCED ELECTROPLATED PEDESTAL BON BON DISHES, by Mappin and Webb, PAIR OF TALL SLENDER PANELLED CONDIMENTS AND A CASED SET OF FOUR BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL DRINKS IMPLEMENTS £40-50 416A SILVER TWO HANDLED TROPHY CUP, on knopped column and circular foot, 5” high, Birmingham 1930, 3oz and a BROKEN SILVER SUGAR TONG (2) £20-30 416B SILVER ON COPPER SHAPED OVAL ENTREE DISH AND COVER, iwth ornate removable handle, rococo embossed border £20-30 417.

ROCOCO EMBOSSED ELECTROPLATE EGG WARMER, with internal four division frame/ stand, revolving domed cover cover on three scroll supports and the CANDLE STAND/ BURNER and FOUR PERSON EGG CRUET, oval with raised loop handle and a TABLE CIGARETTE BOX, in the form of a cheese warmer with turned wood handle £30-40

418. LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY ELECTROPLATE SIX BOTTLE CRUET FRAME, of shaped oblong form with cast foliate pattern gallery border and raised on cast tab feet, 8” wide, a SHEFFIELD PLATE OBLONG STAND, adapted to a cheese dish with EPBM wedge shaped cover and a VICTORIAN EPBM SPIRIT HOLDER STAND (3) £30-50 419. ONDINES SOLINGEN, GERMANY TABLE SERVICE OF ART DECO DESIGN STAINLESS CUTLERY FOR 12 PERSONS, to include, cake forks, tart and salad servers, sauce ladle etc. approx 95 pieces £60-80 420. PAIR OF LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY ELECTROPLATE EPERGNES, with central trumpet shape glass receiver flanked by two small cornucopia shaped ditto on oval base, 11” high (one trumpet receiver and one cornucopia damaged) £30-40 36

421. LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY EPBM TWO HANDLE OVAL SOUP TUREEN AND COVER, the beaded decoration and raised on cast tab feet, 13” wide over the handles together with an OLD ENGLISH PATTERN ELECTROPLATE LADLE AND MATCHING BASTING SPOON (3) £40-60 422. GEORGIAN STYLE ELECTROPLATE ON COPPER CIRCULAR GALLERY TRAY, with applied gadroon border, ball and claw feet, 16” diameter £25-35 423. PART CANTEEN OF ELECTROPLATED CUTLERY, mainly Early English Pattern in fitted oak tray £10-15 424. FORTY FOUR PIECE CANTEEN OF ELECTROPLATED CUTLERY FOR SIX PERSONS, by Roberts and Dore Ltd, Sheffield, Kings Pattern in fitted dark wood case £50-80 425. CASED SET OF SIX PAIRS OF ELECTROPLATED EATERS AND SERVERS, with bone handles in fitted case, SIMILAR CASED PAIR OF FISH SERVERS, cased set of SIX PAIRS OF DESSERT KNIVES AND FORKS, with bone handles, CASE FIVE PIECE CARVING SET, together with QUANTITY OF CUTLERY, CRUMB SCOOP, SAUCE BOTTLE HOLDER, PAIR OF OVAL DISHES £30-40 426. TWENTY THREE PIECE ELECTROPLATED CANTEEN OF CUTLERY FOR EIGHT PERSONS BY ARTHUR PRICE with embossed handles in fitted mahogany case (one coffee spoon missing) together with an electroplated sauce boat and stand, goblets and further pair of goblets £30-50 427.

����������������������������������������� CASED SET OF 12 TEASPOONS, TEA STRAINER AND SUGAR TONGS BY CHARLES JAMES ALLEN AND SIDNEY DARWIN with pierced handles, together with a set of four nut picks with mother of pearl handles, similar bread forks and two preserve spoons £25/35

428. ���������������������������������������� CASED SET OF SIX PAIRS OF ELECTROPLATED DESSERT KNIVES AND FORKS with engraved floral blades and mother of pearl handles in fitted walnut case £50-80 429. �������������������������������������� CASED SET OF 12 PAIRS OF ELCTROPLATED FISH EATERS AND SERVERS BY GEORGE SHADFORD LEE AND HENRY WIGFULL, SHEFFIELD with engraved floral blades and bone handles in a fitted walnut case £30-50

430. �������������������������������������� ELECTROPLATED SALVER BY W.W. HARRISON AND CO, SHEFFIELD, typical form with engraved stylized central and beaded wavy borders on claw and ball feet £25-35 431. PAIR OF GEORGIAN STYLE SILVER PLATED ON COPPER CANDLESTICKS, with cylindrical columns, scroll embossed borders and shaped, circular bases, weighted (2) £20-30 432. EMBOSSED SILVER PLATED CIRCULAR SWING HANDLED CAKE BASKET, by William Hutton and Sons, together with a plain, two handled SARDINE DISH and cover, retailed by Collis and Co., (hinge af.) TWO HANDLED DISH STAND, lacking black liner, SILVER PLATED ON COPPER WAITER ETC. £25-35 433. TWO EMBOSSED SILVER CLOTHES BRUSHES, (both af.) PAIR OF ELECTROPLATED CANDLE HOLDERS and a THREE PIECE DRESSING TABLE HAND MIRROR AND BRUSH SET, embossed with flower (7) £15-25 434. LATE VICTORIAN E.P.B.M TEA AND COFFEE SERVICE OF FOUR PIECES of oblong and tapered form with cutaway corners, the tea and coffee pots with mother of pearl finials, teapot with later applied engraved presentation dated 1910, all with foliate scroll engraved decoration and a LATE 19TH CENTURY FIDDLE THREAD AND SHELL PATTERN SOUP LADLE (5) £40-60 435. PAIR OF EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY GERMAN (W.M.F.) ELECTROPLATED CANDLESTICKS, with baluster stems and circular bases (one broken) £40-60 436. EARLY 1900’s FRENCH (CHRISTOFLE) ELECTROPLATED SOLITAIRE CHOCOLATE POT with blackwood side handle, the cover engraved H.B. a. L. £20-40 437.

PAIR OF ELECTROPLATED SERVING SPOONS, the oval bowls gilt engraved and pierced with foliate scrolls, spiral handle with pierced foliate scroll tops, in case £25-35


440. EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY MAHOGANY AND ELECTROPLATED TWO HANDLE TRAY, with pierced gallery border, 21” wide over the handles and a TEA SET OF THREE PIECES oval with bead and bar borders and scroll feet (4) £35-50 441. GEORGIAN STYLE ELECTROPLATED TEA POT ON SPIRIT BURNER STAND, of rounded oblong form on scroll feet, the stand with spirit burner and a SIMILAR PYRIFORM COFFEE POT with blackwood handle (2) £30-40 442. HUNT AND ROSKELL, BOND STREET, LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY TEA POT, with rococo embossed decoration, heat proof handle, PAIR OF EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY CUT GLASS JARS AND COVERS ON A PLATED TWO DIVISION STAND and a WALKER AND HALL HOT WATER JUG (3) £30-40 443. VINERS ‘ALPHA’ ELECTROPLATED TEA SET OF FOUR PIECES, circular with domed foot and with applied border of trailing flowers, the TEAPOT and HOT WATER JUG with black wood handles and a SQUARE TRAY raised on scroll feet (5) £30-40 444. PAIR OF ELECTROPLATED METAL CANDLESTICKS, the sconces with petal pattern rim on a tapered and knopped column, to square base and ball and claw feet, 8 1/2” high and a PYRIFORM CREAM JUG raised on scroll feet, 4 1/4” high, SET OF SIX TABLE SPOON AND A FORK with rococo pattern handle (10) £30-40 445. FIDDLE THREAD AND SHELL PATTERN TABLE SERVICE OF ELECTROPLATED CUTLERY for six persons, including FISH EATERS, 36 PIECES and a CAKE SERVER with silver Kings Pattern handle (37) £20-30 446. FIDDLE THREAD AND SHELL PATTERN PART TABLE SERVICE OF CUTLERY FOR 12 PERSONS, includes FISH KNIVES and forks, approx 134 pieces, in a fitted free standing Georgian style mahogany cabinets with green tooled leather inlet top, 2’6” wide £80-120

439. PAIR OF EP SALTS with two spoons, SMALL SUGAR BOWL AND AN EP TWO DIVISION DISH STAND, with one EP liner £10-20 37

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Capes Dunn Catalogue 8th December 2009  

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