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Antiques & Collectables Saturday 05 November 2011 11:00

A. E. Dowse & Son Cornwall Galleries Scotland Street Sheffield S3 7DE

A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 1

Lot: 7

A CAITHNESS PAPERWEIGHT, Flower in the Rain, 8cm., a Caithness Silver Rain paperweight and two M'dina paperweights. (4)

A VENETIAN STYLE SKY BLUE TINTED AND OPAQUE GLASS COVERED BOWL, trailed decoration, domed lid with a foliate finial, 32cm.

Lot: 2

Lot: 8

A VENETIAN STYLE DAPPLED GLASS VASE and two similar vases in blue and red with aventurine flecks. (3)


Lot: 3

Lot: 9

A M'DINA AMETHYST TINTED VASE, straight sided squat form, 7cm., a mottled glass bowl, a small coloured glass vase and small green tinted bowl. (4)

A MURANO COLOURED GLASS MODEL OF A DUCK, 25cm. and a ruby tinted glass model of a dove. (2)

Lot: 4

Lot: 10

A CRANBERRY GLASS OVOID VASE with a crimped rim, 18cm., a Murano ruby glass shallow bowl and a similar vase. (3)

A M'DINA BLUE TINTED MOULDED GLASS CYLINDRICAL VASE, 20cm., another blue tinted cylindrical vase and a Victorian moulded glass oval dish. (3)

Lot: 5

Lot: 11

A BLUE GLASS NOVELTY PAPERWEIGHT modelled as an elephant, a cat paperweight, a rabbit paperweight and a swan. (4)

A SET OF SIX CRYSTAL BRANDY GLASSES, with rounded bowls, knopped stems, and a cut glass jug. (7)

Lot: 6

Lot: 12

A PAIR OF RUBY CASED GLASS MODELS OF FLAMINGOS, 20cm., a coloured glass vase and a heart shaped lead crystal dish. (4)

A PAIR OF VICTORIAN PINK GLASS VASES, floral decoration in coloured enamels, 24cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 13

Lot: 19

TWO BLUE GLASS EYE GLASSES and various glass condiments. (8)

A VICTORIAN GREEN OVERLAID PEDESTAL VASE, painted decoration of a girl and flowers, 23cm.

Lot: 14

Lot: 20

A LEAD CRYSTAL CONICAL SHAPED DECANTER, with a tall stopper, 32cm. and a set of six glasses. (7)

A GREEN TINTED DUMPY GLASS PAPERWEIGHT, flower inclusion, 9cm. and a green glass inkwell. (2)

Lot: 15

Lot: 21

A CUT GLASS CRYSTAL BOWL, engraved in Latin and marked Bodlein Library, diameter 23cm. and a tall cut glass vase. (2)

A SWAROVSKI FACETED GLASS MODEL OF A TEAPOT, 4cm., boxed, Swarovski and other glass miniatures, together with a miniature tea stand display stand.

Lot: 16

Lot: 22

A LEAD CRYSTAL SPIRIT DECANTER, white metal collar, spherical stopper, 27cm., another lead crystal spirit decanter, a glass conical shaped decanter, a pear shaped pedestal decanter and a small whisky decanter. (5)

A VENETIAN BLUE TINTED LIQUEUR SET, with a scene of the Bridge of Sighs, gilt and enamel decoration, comprising decanter, 26cm. and six tots. (7)

Lot: 17

Lot: 23

A SET OF SIX MURANO GLASS COCKTAIL STICKS, 7cm. and a cut glass atomizer. (7)


Lot: 18

Lot: 24

A PAIR OF VICTORIAN FAWN COLOURED OVOID GLASS VASES, with painted decoration, 32cm. and a Staffordshire stoneware jug. (3)

A SUITE OF WATERFORD CRYSTAL TABLE GLASSWARE, Kylemore pattern, comprising six champagnes, 20cm., six clarets, six 9ozs. tumblers, six 5ozs. tumblers, six liqueurs, six sherries, six white wines and six goblets, together with a goblet individually boxed, each set of six with original box.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from (49)

Lot: 31

Lot: 25

A SMALL GLASS OBELISK SHAPED THERMOMETER, 7cm., two cut glass ink bottles, a wine glass and a liqueur glass. (5)

A WATERFORD CRYSTAL MALLET SHAPED DECANTER, Kylemore pattern, with stopper, 33cm., boxed, a lead crystal whisky decanter, boxed and a lead crystal jug, boxed. (3)

Lot: 32 Lot: 26 AN IRIDESCENT GLASS VASE, moulded and lobed decoration, with a metal rose, 7cm., a glass gourd shaped scent bottle and a Continental porcelain figurine, Shoe Shine Boy. (3)

A SWEDISH ART GLASS MODEL, intaglio carved with two walrus, indistinctly signed, 26cm. and a Swedish glass model of an elephant. (2)

Lot: 33 Lot: 27 A CONTEMPORARY CAITHNESS GLASS VASE of baluster form, 16cm. and a similar conical shaped vase, the latter boxed. (2)

A CRANBERRY GLASS ORNAMENTAL TABLE BELL, Mary Gregory style enamel decoration, 15cm. and two cranberry glass vases with enamel decoration. (3)

Lot: 34 Lot: 28 A TALL CRYSTAL PEDESTAL VASE, moulded tulip head bowl, 38cm., a cut glass pear shaped decanter and a lead crystal scent bottle. (3)

A TINTED GLASS LIQUEUR SET, comprising two mallet shaped decanters, 23cm. and eleven cup shaped beakers, together with a moulded glass bowl. (14)

Lot: 35 Lot: 29 A MURANO STYLE COLOURED GLASS MODEL OF A CAT, 17cm., an amber tinted glass model of a camel, a cased glass fish and a green tinted ship's decanter. (4)


Lot: 36 A RUBY TINTED PEDESTAL VASE with enamel decoration, 20cm. and an art glass blue tinted shallow bowl. (2)

Lot: 30 A M'DINA STYLE COLOURED GLASS PAPERWEIGHT, 7cm., two other glass paperweights, a small flecked glass vase and a coloured glass scent bottle. (5)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 37

Lot: 43

THREE COLOURED GLASS MODELS OF PANDAS, a small collection of marbles and a glass swizzle stick.


Lot: 38

Lot: 44

A MURANO STYLE MILLEFIORI VASE, baluster form, 31cm.

A LEAD CRYSTAL THREE LIGHT DWARF CANDELABRA, faceted sconces and base, 19cm.

Lot: 39

Lot: 45

A PAIR OF AMBER OVERLAID GLASS CANDLE HOLDER, cylindrical stems, circular bases, 28cm.


Lot: 40

Lot: 46


A SET OF SIX AMBER OVERLAID HOCK GLASSES, cut bowls, clear stems, 22cm.

Lot: 41

Lot: 47

AN ART DECO STYLE LEAD CRYSTAL SCENT BOTTLE, of cuboid form, square stopper, 16cm.

A SET OF SIX AMBER OVERLAID WINE GLASSES, cut glass bowls, clear baluster stems and bases, 15cm.

Lot: 42

Lot: 48



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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 49

Lot: 57

A CRANBERRY GLASS BALUSTER SHAPED JUG, clear handle, 19cm. and another cranberry jug. (2)

A BLACK PAINTED TIN TRUNK, inscribed SGT.KNIGHT.R.A., width 75cm.

Lot: 52

Lot: 58


A WALNUT FRAMED TRAY, with an embroidered panel, plated handles, 62cm.

Lot: 53

Lot: 59

A MOUNTAINEER'S ICE PICK, steel blade, ash handle.

GENERAL MONTGOMERY THE 8TH ARMY: Signed letter, together with a hat and Royal Artillery badge.

Lot: 54

Lot: 60

A SLATE FRAGMENT painted with a horse, indistinctly signed, 25x16cm.


Lot: 55

Lot: 61

A STAINED WOOD CIRCULAR CASED ANEROID WALL BAROMETER, with a silvered dial, diameter 21cm.

AN ANTIQUE STYLE CAST BRASS MASKHEAD OIL LAMP, steel corkscrew and other items.

Lot: 56

Lot: 62

A FRENCH GILT METAL AND ALABASTER MANTEL CLOCK, surmounted by a model of a cherub playing cymbals, white enamelled dial, cylinder movement striking on a bell, 20cm., under a glass dome.


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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 63

Lot: 69

A PAIR OF PLASTER BOOKENDS modelled with a Dutch boy and girl, 18cm.


Lot: 64

Lot: 70



Lot: 65

Lot: 71

A BRASS MATCH STAND, two leather cased travelling sets.

A PENTAX LENS and other accessories in a camera case.

Lot: 66

Lot: 72

A PRAKTICA L.T.L. CAMERA BODY, in a soft case with a Agfalux light meter.


Lot: 67

Lot: 73


QUEEN: A small collection of albums and singles.

Lot: 68

Lot: 74

AN UMBRELLA with a bamboo handle and a walking stick with a white metal ferrule. (2)

THE ACME THUNDERER WHISTLE, another Acme whistle, a collection of pens, pencils, penknives, etc.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 75

Lot: 81

A VICTORIAN MOTHER OF PEARL VISITING CARD CASE, lozenge design, 10cm. and a miniature tortoiseshell and mother of pearl guitar. (2)

AN INLAID MAHOGANY CLOCK CASE, adapted with an Ingersoll alarm movement, width 33cm.

Lot: 76

Lot: 82

AN EDWARDIAN OVAL PORTRAIT PLAQUE, with photographic portrait, 8cm., cased, and a pair of white metal and mother of pearl opera glasses, cased. (2)

TWO MOTHER OF PEARL BUTTER KNIVES with white metal ferrules and a similar salt spoon. (3)

Lot: 77

Lot: 83

A GILT METAL CEREMONIAL KEY, 14cm., Swarovski style miniature items and a silver National Trust medal, boxed. (4)

A SIMULATED TORTOISESHELL FRAMED EASEL CLOCK, a watch on a mother of pearl clip and other items.

Lot: 78

Lot: 84

A PART GEOMETRY SET, in a mahogany case stamped Department of Science and Art, width 19cm. and three other geometry sets (incomplete). (4)

A FUR MUFF, a collection of furs, vintage hats, etc. (a collection)

Lot: 79

Lot: 85

A BLACK PAINTED TIN FLASK, two vintage tape measures, a set of playing cards, etc.

FOOTBALL: A signed Champion's League football, Liverpool, two other signed footballs, a replica shirt signed by Steven Jerrard, a Real Madrid shirt signed by David Beckham, etc. (a collection)

Lot: 80

Lot: 86

TABLECLOTHS and other household linen.

AN AMPHIBIAN DIVER'S KNIFE by William Rodgers, Sheffield, 15cm. blade, cork handle, in a tan leather sheath, and another knife, flat faced blade, by Thomas Turner & Co., Sheffield, in a metal sheath. (2)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 87

Lot: 93

A TRAPPER'S KNIFE, 10cm. curved steel blade, rosewood faced handle, in a leather sheath, a Pro Thro German knife, by Lindner Messer, in a leather sheath and a folding knife. (3)

A GERMAN KNIFE, 18cm. blade engraved with a serpent, marked Solingen, 1919, in a leather sheath, a miniature umbrella, two fans, a Victorian papier-mache tazza, etc.

Lot: 88

Lot: 94

POP MUSIC: A collection of LPs.

A DASHBOARD CLOCK, mounted in a wooden casing, 17cm. and a soda siphon. (2)

Lot: 89

Lot: 95

AN EASTERN KUKRI KNIFE, 29cm. blade, in a leather sheath.

A VICTORIAN PAPIER-MACHE THREE FOLD FIRESCREEN, painted and inlaid with mother of pearl with the nocturnal scene of a church, 61cm.

Lot: 90

Lot: 96

A MARCHING COMPASS, 9cm., in a leather case.

A CASKET SHAPED BISCUIT TIN, Macfarlane Lang & Co., designed with figurative panels, 20cm. and an oil can, Champion Oil. (2)

Lot: 91

Lot: 97

A MODERN VIOLIN, light coloured 37cm. two piece back, labelled Andreas Zeller, Romania, with a bow, cased.

A PAIR OF FRENCH STEEL CRIMPERS by Marcel, Paris, boxed, a pair of steel folding scissors, stainless steel champagne tap, steel folding corkscrew and other items.

Lot: 92

Lot: 98

A MODERN CHINESE HALF SIZE VIOLIN, 32cm. light coloured two piece back, labelled, with a bow, cased.

A SMALL MUSICAL BOX, labelled Maggie Marphy's House, chromo-lithographic label, 10cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 99

Lot: 105

A PLASTER TOBACCO JAR, modelled as the head of a baker, 14cm.

AN AMBER MOUNTED STAINLESS STEEL MANICURE SET, cased, and another manicure set. (2)

Lot: 100

Lot: 106

A VICTORIAN BRASS FIELD MICROSCOPE, in a mahogany case, width 17cm.

A YEW WOOD JEWELLERY CASKET, dome top with a white metal plaque and escutcheon, fitted interior, width 19cm.

Lot: 101

Lot: 107

A REPRODUCTION STAINED WOOD CHESS SET in a folding board case, width 57cm.

A SHELL MOUNTED WHITE METAL SNUFF BOX, 6cm. and a folding penknife. (2)

Lot: 102

Lot: 108

AN ACCOSON BLOOD PRESSURE GAUGE, in a mahogany case, depth 37cm.


Lot: 103

Lot: 109

A BRONZED FIGURE, labelled Sardegna Nuragica, 25cm. and a pair of reproduction Benin style busts. (3)

A MARBLE EFFECT FIGURE OF MICHELANGELO'S DAVID, 40cm. and two similar figures of female nudes. (3)

Lot: 104

Lot: 110



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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 111

Lot: 117

A SMALL RECTANGULAR MIRROR, with The British Railways logo, a brass mounted corkscrew, a magnifying glass and a folding knife. (4)

POP MUSIC: A collection of LPs.

Lot: 112

Lot: 118

AN OPTICIAN'S LENS BOX containing approx. 185 lenses, width 52cm.


Lot: 113

Lot: 119

A VICTORIAN FIGURED WALNUT STEREOSCOPIC VIEWER, platform supported on a ratchet and with a fretted easel section, complete with a small collection of cards.

POPULAR MUSIC: A collection of 78s.

Lot: 114

Lot: 120

THE CAMDEN WHIST MARKER by Goodall & Son Ltd., London, rosewood faced, 13cm., another similar, an electroplated oval dish and a plated goblet. (4)

AN ADJUSTABLE PLUNGER SYRINGE, metal sleeve and wooden handle, labelled Stokes Patent, 59cm.

Lot: 115

Lot: 121

POPULAR MUSIC: A small collection of 78s.

AN EARLY VICTORIAN ROSEWOOD WRITING BOX, of oblong form, with brass angles and banding, slope front interior with a tooled leather writing surface, concealed drawer under, width 55cm.

Lot: 116

Lot: 122

A VOIGTLANDER COMPUR REFLEX CAMERA, leather case, and two other cameras. (3)

A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY TABLE CABINET, with two doors enclosing four drawers, plinth base, width 41cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 123

Lot: 129

A BRASS AND STEEL BALANCE SCALE, with weights, in an oak box, width 16cm.

A PYE WALNUT CASED MAINS RADIO, boxwood stringing, width 41cm.

Lot: 124

Lot: 130

A CARVED WOOD MODEL, Helvetiorum Fidei ac Virtuti, 18cm.

AN EDWARDIAN WALNUT THREE GLASS MANTEL CLOCK, brass dial with ivorine chapter ring, movement striking on a gong, 30cm.

Lot: 125

Lot: 131


AN AMERICAN OAK CASED MANTEL CLOCK, circa 1900, moulded top, square brass dial with silvered chapter ring, Ansonia movement striking on a gong, labelled Ilion, New York, 24cm.

Lot: 126

Lot: 132

A MICROSCOPE, Model Service II by Watson, London, no. 123373, 41cm.

A MAHOGANY AND PARQUETRY-WORK SMOKER'S CABINET, shaped back, panelled door enclosing a single drawer, height 33cm.

Lot: 127

Lot: 133


A GLOBE-TROTTER TRAVEL IRON (sold as a collector's item) and a Rolls razor. (2)

Lot: 128

Lot: 134

AN EDWARDIAN OAK CASED MANTEL CLOCK, with a shaped top, brass dial with silvered chapter ring, cast spandrels, the movement striking on a gong, 32cm.

MILITARY BUTTONS, badges, etc.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 135

Lot: 141

AN EASTERN CARVED WOOD CASKET, Chinese cloisonne panel decorated with dragons chasing flaming pearls, and an antimony dish. (2)

A SPHERICAL WOODEN STRING BOX, 10cm., a collection of keys in an oak box, a manicure set in a leather case, a folding ruler and a plastic egg cruet.

Lot: 136

Lot: 142

A NAVAL OFFICER'S SWORD, 74cm. blade, indistinctly marked, brass guard, wire bound fishskin grip.

AN OAK CUTLERY BOX with two hinged sections, 40cm.

Lot: 137

Lot: 143

A FRENCH CAVALRY SABRE, 21cm. blade, indistinct engraving to the blade back, brass open guard, wire bound grip.

TAXIDERMY: A barn owl, 24cm. overall, and a kestrel. (2)

Lot: 138

Lot: 144

A LATE VICTORIAN FIELD SERVICE SWORD, by Wilkinson, metal guard chequer pattern grip, another very similar and a similar short sword. (3)


Lot: 139

Lot: 145

FOUNTAIN PENS, a small collection.

A VINTAGE IMPERIAL 66 TYPEWRITER, overall width 44cm.

Lot: 140

Lot: 146

A STAINED WOOD SWAGGER STICK, white metal pommel, the crest of the Notts. and Derby Regiment, and a walking stick with a dog's head handle and brass ferrule. (2)


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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 147

Lot: 153

TAXIDERMY: A seagull, in a glazed case, 41cm., a wading bird in a glazed case, width 46cm. and an arrangement of two starlings in a glazed case, width 47cm. (3)

TAXIDERMY: A sparrow hawk, in a glazed case, a woodpecker and a jay. (3)

Lot: 148

Lot: 154

A DARWIN SAFETY RAZOR, metal case, boxed, and a Rolls safety razor in a leather case. (2)

A RECTANGULAR PLASTER PLAQUE, The Extraordinary Fox Chase by The Duke of Beauforts Hounds, mounted and framed, 30x41cm. and a Victorian rosewood writing box with white metal stringing, width 45cm. (2)

Lot: 149

Lot: 155

FISHING: A collection of split cane carbon fibre fishing rods.

A HICKORY SHAFTED MASHIE NIBLICK GOLF CLUB, another hickory shafted golf club, a Nicolls cricket bat, hockey stick, shooting sticks, etc.

Lot: 150

Lot: 156


A CHINESE SIMULATED IVORY CHESS SET, with a board, in a cloth covered box.

Lot: 151

Lot: 157

A COLLECTION OF MASONIC REGALIA, including medals and sashes, in a leatherette case.

A MARBLE MORTAR, 7cm., with an elm mounted Wedgwood stoneware pestle. (2)

Lot: 152

Lot: 158

A BRASS TELESCOPE, 49cm. tube.

AN EDWARDIAN OAK CASED MANTEL CLOCK, metal appliques, musical spring driven movement, 22cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 159

Lot: 165

A BRASS GRAVITY CLOCK, rack and pinion mechanism, visible escapement, 27cm.

A HARDSTONE CHESS SET, with a metal mounted marble board.

Lot: 160

Lot: 166

A SECURITY OFFICER'S STATION TIME CLOCK in a leather case, a pewter tray, a commemorative cup and saucer, other items.

ARMY BADGES, buttons and other items.

Lot: 161

Lot: 167

A BAKELITE CASED MANTEL CLOCK, silvered chapter ring signed Smiths, Enfield, movement striking on a gong, 18cm.

A CARVED PAINTED WOOD FIGURE, Pied Piper of Hamlin, 22cm. and a similar model. (2)

Lot: 162

Lot: 168


A PAIR OF CAST BRASS MODELS OF RECUMBENT GREYHOUNDS, slate bases, 12cm. and a gilt metal model of a cherub on a swan. (3)

Lot: 163

Lot: 169

A CHROME CAR MASCOT for Jaguar, 13cm.

A PAINTED SHIELD SHAPED ARMORIAL, stamped E R Royston, 14cm., a carved oak lion's head plaque and a painted box. (3)

Lot: 164

Lot: 170

A REPRODUCTION BRONZE EFFECT ANIMALIA, a greyhound after Mene, 20cm. and a reproduction group of two greyhounds. (2)

AN ITALIAN STYLE GILT PAINTED CANDLESTICK, adapted as a lamp base, 46cm. and an embroidered silk letter rack. (2)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 171

Lot: 177

AN EBONISED PEDESTAL TABLE CLOCK, cylindrical casing, fluted column, 23cm.

A PAIR OF CHINESE CLOISONNE BOTTLE VASES, decorated with birds and chrysanthemums on a red ground, with wooden stands, 23cm. overall.

Lot: 172

Lot: 178

AN EASTERN EBONISED TABLE CABINET, fitted with three drawers, chinoiserie decoration, width 23cm.


Lot: 173

Lot: 179

FISHING: An Intrepid SeaStreak reel and a collection of reels.

A SAWYER'S VIEW-MASTER DELUXE PROJECTOR, another Viewmaster viewer and a collection of cards.

Lot: 174

Lot: 180

A CHINESE STUDENT VIOLIN, 36cm. two piece back, labelled Stentor Student, with a bow, cased, and a very similar violin, cased. (2)

AN EDWARDIAN BLACK MARBLE PRESENTATION MANTLE CLOCK, architectural form, with a relief panel, fluted columns, gilt chapter ring, 8 day French movement striking on a gong, with a presentation plaque dated 1905, width 42cm.

Lot: 175

Lot: 181

AN ITALIAN PORTABLE KEYBOARD, labelled Busilacchio, integral case.


Lot: 176

Lot: 182

A FOX FUR COLLAR, another fur collar, two vintage hats and a hat box.


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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 183

Lot: 189

POP MUSIC: A collection of LPs.


Lot: 184

Lot: 190


A WHITE METAL NOVELTY LIGHTER, lighter concealed within a parrot sitting on a branch, 16cm.

Lot: 185

Lot: 191


A CAST METAL CIRCULAR PLAQUE, Old London, diameter 31cm., a metal shallow dish and a painted Parian money box modelled as Santa. (3)

Lot: 186

Lot: 192

FISHING: A collection of spinning and other fishing reels.

A PAIR OF VICTORIAN BRASS CANDLESTICKS, ringed columns, square bases, 27cm.

Lot: 187

Lot: 193

POP MUSIC: A collection of LPs.

A CAST BRASS GOTHIC STYLE CASKET, decorated with figures within niches, with a hinged lid, 13cm. and a pewter beaker shaped vase. (2)

Lot: 188

Lot: 194

A VINTAGE MOTOR RACING HELMET and another, similar. (2)

A LARGE REPRODUCTION BRASS CHAMBERSTICK, a Chinese cast brass paper knife and a brass inkwell. (3)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 195

Lot: 203

A VICTORIAN COPPER COAL SCUTTLE, of helmet form with a swing handle, width 38cm.

HANK WIEAND BOWMAN Famous Guns From Famous Collections, New York 1957.

Lot: 196

Lot: 204

A VICTORIAN OVAL COPPER KETTLE, with an ebonised handle, 22cm., on a brass pedestal trivet. (2)

HAROLD ARMITAGE - Chantry Land, 1910, cl.

Lot: 197

Lot: 205


CIGARETTE CARDS - Kensitas silk flower cards, together with descriptive leaflet.

Lot: 200

Lot: 206

CRICKET INTEREST: Tour brochures, South African's Tour 1951 and 1955, Australians 1953 and 1956, Benefit brochures, an album of photographs, etc.

FILM REVIEW - Eleven Year Books, 1940s, 1950s, Preview, 1949, 1950 and 1951 and Picturegoer magazines 1950s, etc.

Lot: 201

Lot: 207

POSTCARDS - a collection of postcards, card sets, many of French interest.

THE WAR - A collection of magazines, 1940, 1941.

Lot: 202

Lot: 208


CIGARETTE CARDS - an album including Players Cricketers, together with three other albums. (4)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 209

Lot: 214


GRAHAM CHILD - World Mirrors, 1650-1900, 1990 and The Mirror Book by Herbert F Schiffer. (2)

Lot: 210

Lot: 215

ROYAL INTEREST: A collection of books, together with jigsaw puzzles, plate, spoon, cloths and other ephemera.

VICTOR CHINNERY - Oak Furniture, Th British Tradition, 2000, and Price Guide to British Antique Furniture by John Andrews. (2)

Lot: 211

Lot: 216

WILLIAM GRAVESON - British Wild Flowers, no date, and various bookes of Yorkshire interest.

DENNIS CHILD - Painters of the Northern Counties of England and Wales, 2002, The Yorkshire Union of Artists, 1888-1922, 2001 and York Dictionary of Yorkshire Artists by Harry Turnbull. (3)

Lot: 212

Lot: 217

BRUCE REYNOLDS - The Autobiography of a Thief, 1995, together with a reproduction poster related to the Great Train Robbery, signed by Bruce Reynolds, and a framed photograph and bank note related to the Great Train Robbery signed by Bruce Reynolds. (3)

CHARLES ALLIX - Carriage Clocks, Their History and Development, 1974, and Nicholas Goodison, English Barometers, 1977. (2)

Lot: 218 Lot: 213 THE PICTORIAL DICTIONARY OF BRITISH 19TH CENTURY FURNITURE DESIGN and other books on antique furniture.

JUDICA: The Torah (?), Moscow 1882, text in Hebrew, binding defective.

Lot: 219 JEREMY COOPER - Victorian and Edwardian Furniture and Interiors, paperback, 1998, Elizabeth Aslin, The Aesthetic Movement, 1981, Bryan Catley, Art Deco and Other Figures, 1978 and Maurice Eidelberg, Design, 1935-65, 1991. (4)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 220

Lot: 226

ALGERNON GRAVES - The Royal Academy of Arts, A Complete Dictionary, 1769-1904, in 4 vols., Kingsmead reprint, 1970.

AN AUTOGRAPH ALBUM, mixed contents including Bernard Venables, Annette Mills, Tommy Steel, Fred Furniss and others.

Lot: 221

Lot: 227

WILLIAM BOWYER HONEY The Ceramic Art of China, 1945 and other books on antiques and collecting, including a reprint of MacQuoid's History of English Furniture, in 4 vols. (a collection)

LUCY DAWSON - Dogs As I See Them, 1936, and K F Barker, Just Dogs, printed 1936. (2)

Lot: 222

Lot: 228

NICHOLAS DE PIRO - The International Dictionary of Artists Who Painted Malta, 1988, and Joseph Galea-Naudi and Denise Micallef, Antique Maltese Furniture, 1989. (2)

CHARLOTTE BRONTE - The Life and Works of Charlotte Bronte and Her Sisters, in 7 vols. 1880,, defective, Tobias Smollett, The Adventures of Gil Blas, in 4 vols., 1809, cf., and other books.

Lot: 223

Lot: 229

SOTHEBY'S ART AT AUCTION 1981/82, subsequent edition, 1982/83, together with numerous editions of The Art Sales Index and Lyle's Price Guides. (a collection)

CIGARETTE CARDS - Players Costume Through The Ages, mounted and framed as two.

Lot: 224

Lot: 230

ALGERNON GRAVES - A Dictionary of Artists, 1760-1893, reprinted 1973, and other books on art. (a collection)

CIGARETTE CARDS - a fully catalogued collection of over 6,500 cards, many full sets, many almost full sets and many interesting odds.

Lot: 225

Lot: 231

POSTCARDS - A small collection of postcards including silks, together with a photograph album, being a record of war service, mostly in north Africa.

STAMPS - two stock albums containing specialist collections of African States, Kenya, Tanzia, Egypt, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Rhodesia, Gold Coast, etc.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 232

Lot: 238

STAMPS - stock album containing specialist collection of American, Philippine stamps.

STAMPS - three stock albums containing specialist collections of Canadian, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, French and French Colonies stamps.

Lot: 233

Lot: 239

STAMPS - stock album containing specialist collection of Australian and New Zealand stamps.

STAMPS - three stock albums containing specialist collections, Hungary, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Barbados, Grenada, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc. stamps.

Lot: 234

Lot: 240

STAMPS - stock album and two illustrated albums containing specialist collections of Austria and German stamps.

STAMPS - four stock albums containing specialist collections of Poland, Romania, Russia and Mongolian stamps.

Lot: 235

Lot: 241

STAMPS - three stock albums containing specialist collections of Austrian and German stamps.

STAMPS - six stock albums and two folders containing stamps of Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Aden, Iraq, Jordan, Persia, South Africa, Cuba, South American stamps.

Lot: 236

Lot: 242

STAMPS - four stock albums containing specialist collections of Belgian, Bulgarian, Yugoslavian, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia stamps.

STAMPS - stock album containing Channel Island, Commonwealth and Great Britain mint unmounted with current legal value stamps having a high face value.

Lot: 237

Lot: 243

STAMPS - three stock albums containing Cambodian, Thailand, Korean, Kampuchean, China, Japanese, Vietnam, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Israel stamps.

STAMPS - stock album containing large collection of Royal Mail stamp booklets, sets of Royal Mail mint stamps having in total a high face value.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 244

Lot: 250

STAMPS - stock album of used Great Britain stamps, together with seven high face value Royal Mail Books of Stamps.

STAMPS - Commonwealth stamps in an album and loose and Prinz loose sheets.

Lot: 245

Lot: 251

STAMPS - Stanley Gibbons Illustrated Album Queen Elizabeth I containing mint unmounted stamps having a high face value.

STAMPS - two albums of Commonwealth stamps and four loose pages.

Lot: 246

Lot: 252

STAMPS - Stanley Gibbons Illustrated Album Queen Elizabeth II containing mint unmounted stamps, Royal Mail Stamp Books, miniature sheets and collector packs having in total a high face value.

STAMPS - The Strand Stamp Album containing a schoolboy collection of world stamps, other schoolboy annuals, a stock book, loose stamps, etc.

Lot: 247

Lot: 253

STAMPS - twelve Royal Mail six pound books of stamps.

STAMPS - a small collection of first day covers and other covers, together with loose stamps, mostly on paper.

Lot: 248

Lot: 256

STAMPS - twenty five sets of Royal Mail Millennium stamps contained in official Royal Mail presentation box.

COINS - Austrian Maria Theresia Thaler modern reproduction coin.

Lot: 249

Lot: 257

STAMPS - an album containing Commonwealth stamps, together with a quantity of loose stamps and Prinz loose sheets.

MEDALS - group of four World War II 1939-1945 Star, Burma Star, Defence Medal 1939-1945 War Medal, with original boxes and award leaflets as awarded to W. Knight, together with his Royal Artillery embroidered blazer badge, Royal Artillery Association enamelled badge, chromium plated and enamelled

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from tie pin and Third Reich souvenir enamelled badge.

Lot: 258 COINS - 1804 George III dollar overstruck on captured Spanish American eight reale coin (piece of eight), part detail of original coin visible.

Lot: 263 COINS - 1951 crowns in case of issue (3), 1953 loose set halfpenny-crown, copper coins Victoria-Elizabeth II, farthings, modern crown.

Lot: 264 COINS - foreign including selection with silver content.

Lot: 259 COINS - crown 1892, halfcrowns 1888, 1890, 1893, 1897, 1914, florins 1872, 1873, 1910, shilling 1874.

Lot: 265 Lot: 260 COINS - 1811 George III 3 shilling bank token, 1811 George III one shilling and sixpence bank token, 1890 double florin, shillings 1747, 1787.

MEDALLIONS - 1887 Victorian Golden Jubilee, 1880 Barnsley Sunday School Centenary, 1877 Barnsley Locke Park Memorial, 1905 Opening of Sheffield University, 1911 George V Coronation, 1934 Daily Record, 1935 George V Silver Jubilee, Pope Pivs IX, World War I Victory Medal, Thos. Firth Sheffield pay cheque and works pass.

Lot: 266 COINS - 1970 proof set, together with collection of British and foreign coins.

Lot: 261 COINS - shillings 1864, 1875, 1878, 1886, 1887, 1889, 1890, 1894, 1897, 1908, 1939, 1947.

Lot: 267 COINS - quantity of pre 1920 and 1947 silver coins.

Lot: 262 COINS - sixpence 1758, 1787, 1816, 1898, 1910, groat 1836, threepence 1762, 1887, three halfpence 1843, farthing 1822, small Egyptian gold coin.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 268

Lot: 274

COINS - 1953 plastic set, large quantity of pre decimal currency, some contained within Whitman folders, decimal half pence, silver threepences, ten shilling and £1 banknotes, foreign coins and a small collection of assorted cigarette cards.

COINS - 1953 plastic set, 1953 Coronation medallion, 1971 proof set, 1955 farthing knife, 1562 Elizabeth I reproduction threepence, 1953 crowns, five modern crowns, 1812 Sheffield Hobson penny token.

Lot: 269

Lot: 275

COINS - collection of pre decimal cupro nickel coins, together with a small quantity of pre 1947 silver coins, a 1951 crown and a Belgian 1931 20 franc coin.

COINS - pre decimal currency including pre 1947 silver coins.

Lot: 270

Lot: 276

MEDALS - Belgian Palmes of the Order of the Crown, Order of Leopold II, Cross for the Deported 1914-1918, Equestrian Concoues Hippique 1926.

COINS - foreign coins including 1898 Russian rouble, 1875 German State Baden five mark, other silver content coins.

Lot: 271

Lot: 277

COINS - crown, William III 1696.

BANKNOTES - ten shilling note Fforde, one pound note page (2), Somerset (6), five pound note Somerset, Royal Bank of Scotland pound note, Guernsey one pound note, Italy 10,000 Lira, German inflationary notes, petrol coupons.

Lot: 272

Lot: 278

COINS - pennies, 1826, 1806, 1858, twopence 1797, crowns 1822, 1844, 1890, 1935.

COINS - two Victorian crowns, 1889, 1890, other coins, together with a World War I Victory Medal in a purse.

Lot: 273

Lot: 279

COINS - halfpenny 1806, sixpences 1887, shilling 1787, 1829, 1887, halfcrown 1896.

COINS - 1797 Cartwheel twopence, halfcrowns, five pound coin, modern crowns, foreign coins, Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee medallion, Sheffield University medallions, 1905.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 280

Lot: 286

COINS - one ounce silver Britannia (3), one ounce silver medallion, Maria Theresia Thalers. (2)

MEDALS - A family group, World War II, 1939-1945 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, War Medal 1939-1945, Royal Fleet Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and two silver football medallions, awarded to P.O. B19476 G. BARNARD, together with 1939-1945 Star, Atlantic Star, Pacific Star, Italy Star, War Medal 1939-1945, awarded to R. BARNARD, all with award leaflets and original boxes of issue.

Lot: 281 COINS & MEDALLIONS halfcrowns 1888, 1906, 1936, silver medallions, 1897, 1902, 1911, 1935 and 1937.

Lot: 289 A CARLTONWARE ROUGE ROYALE LEAF MOULDED DISH, 26cm., a glass model of two love birds and two Robertson's golly tins. (4)

Lot: 282 COINS - 18th century copper tokens Anglesey, Birmingham, Leeds, etc.

Lot: 290 A ROYAL DOULTON FIGURE, Janet (Style 1), HN1537, 16cm.

Lot: 283 COINS - crowns 1887, 1890, 1893, double florin 1890, halfcrown 1837, 1915, shilling 1825, five silver threepences, small quantity of decimal and pre decimal currency.

Lot: 284 A HALF SOVEREIGN, dated 1907.

Lot: 291 A ST. IVES STUDIO POTTERY BEAKER SHAPE BOWL, buff coloured glaze, 8cm., a Hale Studio Pottery mug, mottled glaze, with a saucer and a Studio stoneware jug, baluster shape, creamy coloured glaze, 18cm. (4)

Lot: 292 A GERMAN PORCELAIN COFFEE SET in the Noritake style, decorated with Arab scenes, comprising a coffee pot, 18cm., milk jug, sugar bowl, six cans and saucers. (15)

Lot: 285 BANKNOTES - one pound notes, O'Brien, Beale and Peppiatt, ten shilling notes and a 50 rupees note. (a lot)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 293

Lot: 299

A SITZENDORF STYLE PORCELAIN ORNAMENTAL DESSERT BASKET, shallow bowl with encrusted roses, the base modelled with three musical angels, height 20cm.

FIVE WARWICK WARE SPORTING PLATES, with caricatures after Victor Venner, the titles are Mixed Doubles, Deuce!, One Up and One To Play, Holing Out and Misere, diameter 26cm.

Lot: 294

Lot: 300

A TALL SATSUMA BOTTLE VASE, floral decoration on a blue ground, 47cm.

A GERMAN PORCELAIN FIGURE of a girl with a basket of flowers, painted in coloured enamels, 36cm.

Lot: 295

Lot: 301

A TALL FRENCH PORCELAIN VASE, late 19th century, with flowers and coloured enamels, gilt outlines, 44cm. and a pair of German porcelain figurines. (3)

A PAIR OF STAFFORDSHIRE AMPHORA SHAPED VASES, printed decoration of classical scenes, blue ground, 32cm.

Lot: 296

Lot: 302

A NORITAKE STYLE PEDESTAL COMPORT, with a shallow circular bowl, painted in colours and with gilt festoons, diameter 26cm., on a separate tripod stand.

A NORITAKE OVOID VASE decorated with a Japanese landscape scene, 17cm., a Danish creamware reticulated bowl with a domed lid and a novelty stoneware paperweight, Nauticalia. (3)

Lot: 297

Lot: 303

A CARLTONWARE SHALLOW DISH, decorated with flowers and leaves on a powder blue ground, gilt outlines, width 32cm.

A ROYAL CROWN DERBY IMARI PATTERN DESSERT PLATE, pattern no. 2451, diameter 21cm., a small Spode printware milk jug and sugar bowl and a pair of Dutch Delft style figures. (5)

Lot: 298

Lot: 304

A BAVARIAN GOLD GROUND TOY TEA SET, on an oval tray, 11cm.

A Chinese polychrome plate, Qianlong, painted with a river landscape and pavilions, lobed outline, diameter 23cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 305

Lot: 311

A Prattware pot lid, The Residents of Anne Hathaway, diameter 10cm., a Yorkshire Creamware dessert basket, two tea bowls and saucers and a Derby style jug. (7)

A VICTORIAN STONEWARE DRY DRUG JAR, moulded with the Royal Arms, lacking lid, 18cm.

Lot: 306

Lot: 312

An Ashworth art pottery vase, of squat baluster form, olive glaze, 13cm.

A LEEDS CREAMWARE RETICULATED TEAPOT, probably 19th century, with a double twist handle, domed lid, 12cm.

Lot: 307

Lot: 313

A ROYAL DOULTON GRECIAN STYLE SHOULDERED VASE, red ground, 21cm. and a pair of Shelley vases. (3)

A JAPANESE GLAZED STONEWARE SHALLOW DISH, modelled with a figure of a Geisha, two other items of Japanese stoneware and a Continental porcelain vase. (4)

Lot: 308

Lot: 314

A STAFFORDSHIRE PRINTWARE SOUP PLATE, second quarter of the 19th century, printed with Beaver Castle, diameter 25cm. and a Cauldon Singapore pattern printware soup plate. (2)

A MINIATURE ROYAL WORCESTER TWO HANDLED LOVING CUP, floral decoration on a peach ground, 4cm.

Lot: 309

Lot: 315

A WEDGWOOD BLUE JASPERWARE TEAPOT, of squat form, applied moulded decoration, 12cm., a similar jug, a similar hot water jug and a blue Jasperware campana shaped vase. (4)

A PRATTWARE POT, the lid decorated with Strathfieldsaye, the seat of the Duke of the Duke of Wellington, diameter 12cm. and a pair of Staffordshire Willow pattern vases, decorated in colours on a blue ground. (3)

Lot: 310

Lot: 316

AN ISLE OF WIGHT STUDIO POTTERY JUG, buff ground, decorated in colours, 20cm.

A STAFFORDSHIRE CIRCULAR PLAQUE, The Rev. John Wesley, Best Of All God Is With Us, diameter 19cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 317

Lot: 323

A CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN TEA BOWL AND SAUCER, painted in underglazed blue and coloured enamels, flowers and a scroll motif.

A PAIR OF SATSUMA BOTTLE VASES, with twin handles, painted decoration on a yellow ground, 27cm. and a pair of Grimwade's Wintonware vases. (4)

Lot: 318

Lot: 324

A PAINTED PARIAN ARBOUR FIGURE, young man and lady, 31cm.

A GERMAN NOVELTY SIX CUP EGG STAND, designed as a group of monks, inscribed Weiss, 16cm.

Lot: 319

Lot: 325

A GERMAN PORCELAIN FIGURE, a lady artist by an easel, painted in coloured enamels, 23cm. and a German porcelain figure of a maiden. (2)

A BESWICK MODEL of a Yorkshire Terrier, no. 2377, 27cm.

Lot: 320

Lot: 326


A ROYAL DOULTON DICKENSWARE PLATE, Old Peggoty, diameter 26cm., a Royal Doulton Seriesware shallow dish decorated with sheep and a Fielding's Crown Devon mug, John Peel. (3)

Lot: 321

Lot: 327

A MINTON & CO. PRINTWARE TEA PLATE, mid 19th century, Afercan Marine pattern, diameter 16cm.

A WEDGWOOD CORNUCOPIA PATTERN PART DRESSING TABLE SET, comprising a pair of dwarf candlesticks, 11cm. and a pin tray, together with three other Cornucopia pattern items. (6)

Lot: 322

Lot: 328

A CHINESE BLUE AND WHITE OVOID VASE, four character mark, decorated with flowering blossom, 26cm.

A ROYAL CROWN DERBY PAPERWEIGHT, modelled as a Puffin, decorated in Imari colours, and another modelled as a King Penguin, 16cm. (2)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 329

Lot: 335

AN ENGLISH PORCELAIN DESSERT DISH, Derby style, painted floral spray, gilt decoration on a green ground, gadrooned leaf and shell moulded outline, width 33cm.

A SITZENDORF FIGURE OF A GIRL in 18th century costume, holding a rose, painted in colours, 25cm.

Lot: 330

Lot: 336

A ROYAL CROWN DERBY SHALLOW OVAL DISH from the 250 Collection, floral decoration, width 22cm. and a porcelain inkwell. (2)

A PAIR OF NORITAKE VASES, squat form, painted with European river landscapes, 9cm. and another Noritake vase. (3)

Lot: 331

Lot: 337

A LIMOGES PORCELAIN TRIO, floral decoration and a Crown Staffordshire cabinet cup and saucer. (5)

A PAIR OF CAPO-DI-MONTE FIGURES, classical maidens with cherubs, painted in colours, 23cm.

Lot: 332

Lot: 338

A PARAGON COMMEMORATIVE LOVING CUP, The Golden Jubilee of H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II, limited edition, 14cm., a Paragon Royal Albert commemorative cup to commemorate The Centenary of The Queen Mother and a Wade commemorative flask. (3)

A CHINESE WHITE METAL BOX, with a porcelain inset lid, 17cm., a late Chinese polychrome ginger jar and a similar barrel shaped box. (3)

Lot: 339

Lot: 333 A PAIR OF CAPO-DI-MONTE FIGURES of a young shepherd and shepherdess, she with a basket of flowers, painted in colours, 19cm.

A HUMMEL FIGURE, Home From Market, 12cm. and a Royal Doulton character jug, The Lawyer, D6504. (2)

Lot: 340

Lot: 334 A ROYAL DOULTON FIGURE, Rhapsody, HN2267, 17cm.

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A VICTORIAN POTTERY THREE PIECE TEA SET, polygonal form with gilt decoration, including a teapot, 21cm., milk jug and sucrier.

A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 341

Lot: 347

A ROYAL DOULTON COMMEMORATIVE MUG, Winston Churchill - For a Thousand Years Men Will Still Say This Was Their Finest Hour, 15cm.


Lot: 342

Lot: 348

A PAIR OF SMALL VIENNESE STYLE AMPHORA VASES, with figurative panels on a royal blue ground, 13cm. and a Noritake vase. (3)


Lot: 343

Lot: 349

A TROIKA STONEWARE VASE, circular form, abstract decoration, 12cm.

A BESWICK MODEL of a Kingfisher, lustrous glaze, 13cm.

Lot: 344

Lot: 350

A STAFFORDSHIRE MOUSTACHE CUP AND SAUCER, inscribed "Presented to James Mitchell, 1891", a similar cup presented to Susannah Mitchell, 1891, a cup and saucer, "When you drink out of this think of me", another cup and a saucer. (7)

A ROYAL DOULTON PRETTY LADIES FIGURE, Best Wishes, HN5142, 22cm. and another, Natalie, HN5012. (2)

Lot: 351

Lot: 345

A LLADRO FIGURE of a girl with a goat, 28cm.

A TROIKA CUBOID VASE, abstract design, initialled SW, 10cm.

Lot: 352

Lot: 346

A BESWICK MODEL of a cockatiel, no. 930, 16cm.


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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 353

Lot: 359

A BESWICK MODEL of a Wensleydale sheep, 13cm.

A GREEK STYLE PEDESTAL VASE, gilt decoration, Departure for Troy, 63cm.

Lot: 354

Lot: 360

A CROWN STAFFORDSHIRE PAINTED PARIAN MODEL of a cockatoo, designed J T Jones, 36cm.

A COALPORT FIGURE, Flora from the Ladies of Fashion Series, 22cm.

Lot: 355

Lot: 361

A LLADRO FIGURE of a girl with geese, length 23cm.

A BOOTH'S POTTERY TUREEN, printed floral decoration, with a domed lid, 28cm. and three matching meat plates. (4)

Lot: 356

Lot: 362


A ROYAL DOULTON FIGURE, Huckleberry Finn, HN2927, 18cm.

Lot: 357

Lot: 363

A FRANKLIN PORCELAIN FIGURE, Elegance de Paris, 20cm., on a wooden stand.

A UKRAINIAN SOVIET FIGURE OF A GIRL, painted in colours, 24cm.

Lot: 358

Lot: 364

A BELGIAN ART POTTERY VASE, olive green lead glaze, 21cm.

AN ENGLISH PORCELAIN SOUP PLATE, Chelsea Derby style, painted with floral sprays, diameter 24cm. and a small Faience vase. (2)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 365

Lot: 371

A FRENCH ART POTTERY GLOBULAR VASE, floral decoration, marked Montigny S. Leing, 18cm.

A ROYAL DOULTON FIGURE, Treasures of Childhood, Rag Doll, a Coalport miniature trio, Indian Tree pattern and two Royal Doulton flower ornaments. (6)

Lot: 366

Lot: 372

A ROYAL DOULTON FIGURE, Chloe, HN1470, 17cm.

A COALPORT FIGURE, elderly lady with a flower basket, 17cm. and another Coalport figure, Anne, 20cm. (2)

Lot: 367

Lot: 373

A CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN ROSE BOWL, Qianlong, decorated with scenes of mandarin figures, supplementary landscape reserves, painted monochrome, diameter 29cm.

A SMALL ROYAL DOULTON CHARACTER JUG, Dick Turpin, D6535, 7cm. and another, The Lumberjack, D6613. (2)

Lot: 368

Lot: 374

A MINTON CHAMBER POT, overprinted with the RAF crest, 13cm.


Lot: 369

Lot: 375

A STAFFORDSHIRE SPILL VASE, 19th century, modelled with a Spaniel kennel, puppies and a child, 21cm. and a Staffordshire figure of a boy with a Spaniel. (2)

A VINTAGE SOUND FILM labelled National Audio-Visual Aids Library, Concept 7-9, third reel only.

Lot: 370

Lot: 376

A ROYAL DOULTON FIGURE, Biddy Penny Farthing, HN1843, 24cm.

WHITE STAR LINE: A pair of small dishes, dated respectively 4/1905, 3/1912, 8cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 377

Lot: 383

A BESWICK BENEAGLES SCOTCH WHISKY FLASK, Loch Ness Monster, 10cm.,a Beswick model of a chestnut foal, together with three other Beswick models, Jersey Calf, Young Deer and Hound. (5)

A SARREGUENINES VASE, compressed baluster form, stylised peacock feather decoration, 11cm.

Lot: 378

Lot: 384

FOUR ROYAL DOULTON SERIESWARE PLATES, The Falconer, The Jester, The Doctor and The Mayor, diameter 26cm. (4)

A NAO POTTERY GROUP OF TWO DOGS, 13cm., two Spanish porcelain models of clowns and a Spanish model of a golfer. (4)

Lot: 379

Lot: 385

A COLLECTION OF FOUR SYLVAC MODELS of dogs and puppies, fawn glazed, 15cm., a similar model of a rabbit and a yellow glazed model of a rabbit. (6)

A ROYAL DOULTON BUNNYKINS TEACHING CLOCK, quartz movement, diameter 20cm. and a Wedgwood Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle money box. (2)

Lot: 380

Lot: 386

A STUDIO STONEWARE TEAPOT, 14cm., another Studio Pottery teapot, two Portuguese pottery mugs and a German vase. (5)

A WALTON TYPE POTTERY BOCAGE FIGURE of a young man holding a bird, painted in coloured enamels.

Lot: 381

Lot: 387

A ROYAL DOULTON FIGURE, Falstaff, HN2054, 20cm. and a Doulton character jug, Falstaff, D6385. (2)

A VICTORIAN POTTERY MUG, puce ground, 7cm., a Victorian printware beaker and two copper lustre mugs. (4)

Lot: 382

Lot: 388

A ROYAL COPENHAGEN MODEL OF A YOUNG DEER, 9cm. and five Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates, 1971-75. (6)

A LARGE STAFFORDSHIRE FIGURE OF A SPORTSMAN, with attending Retriever, painted in colours, 42cm. and a Staffordshire spill vase modelled with a King Charles Spaniel. (2)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 389

Lot: 395

A STAFFORDSHIRE STONEWARE JUG, impressed M Thomas Gooddard, 1856, moulded decoration of a sporting scene, 21cm. and a Prattware type jug with a sporting scene. (2)

A WOOD & SONS COMMEMORATIVE PLATE, Primitive Methodist Centenary, 1907, diameter 24cm. and a limited edition commemorative plate, John Wesley, 1738/1988. (2)

Lot: 390

Lot: 396

A SPANISH MAJOLICA CIRCULAR BOWL, decorated with an armorial lion in blue, diameter 22cm. and an Italian pottery beaker vase. (2)


Lot: 391

Lot: 397

A WEDGWOOD QUEENSWARE JUG, early 19th century, floral decoration on a blue ground, 19cm., a Wedgwood green Jasperware tobacco box on stand and a Dudson stoneware bowl. (3)

A STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY CHEESE DISH AND COVER, Devon pattern, 24cm. and a Shelley vase printed with a scene of York Minster. (2)

Lot: 392

Lot: 398

A CANTONESE POLYCHROME VASE, figurative reserves, floral ground, reduced in size, 26cm.

A STAFFORDSHIRE PORCELAIN BOTTLE VASE, decorated with lilies, 32cm. and a pair of similar ovoid vases. (3)

Lot: 393

Lot: 399

A ROYAL CROWN DERBY PAPERWEIGHT modelled as a snail, decorated in Imari colours, 13cm. and two Royal Doulton figures, Darling, HN1985 and Bedtime, HN1979. (3)

A W. H. GOSS MODEL OF AN OAK PITCHER, with cover, 16cm., a small collection of Goss armorial china and The Goss Record, 9th Edition.

Lot: 394

Lot: 400

A STUDIO STONEWARE LEAF SHAPED DISH, naturalistic green glaze, painted initials JJ, 18cm., a similar bowl and a Flaxman art pottery vase. (3)

A CROWN DUCAL COMMEMORATIVE TEAPOT, War Against Hitlerism, 17cm., a commemorative teapot stand, Lieut-Col. R.S.S. Baden-Powell, a Rington's Silver Jubilee teapot, 1935 and two commemorative teapots. (5)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 401

Lot: 409

A SMALL SOUVENIR MUG, Crystal Palace, with a silver rim, and a collection of commemorative souvenir and crested china.

AN EDWARDIAN SILVER BACKED HAND MIRROR, Birmingham 1909, embossed with seraphim, 27cm. and a similar hairbrush. (2)

Lot: 402

Lot: 410

A STAFFORDSHIRE SPILL VASE GROUP, with two children and a lamb, painted in colours, 21cm. and another, very similar. (2)

A CANTEEN OF ELECTROPLATED OLD ENGLISH PATTERN CUTLERY, twelve piece setting, in two oak cases, width 40cm.

Lot: 405

Lot: 411

A VICTORIAN BRITANNIA METAL THREE PIECE OVAL TEA SET, fluted form, engraved decoration, another Britannia metal teapot and a Britannia metal coffee pot. (5)

A SET OF SIX GILT METAL TEASPOONS, cast decoration, cased.

Lot: 406

Lot: 412

A TWO PIECE SILVER BACKED DRESSING TABLE SET, Birmingham 1939, engine turned decoration and initialled 'K', another silver backed brush and two clothes-brushes. (5)

A VICTORIAN THREE PIECE CARVING SET, steel blades, horn handles with silver ferrules, cased.

Lot: 407

Lot: 413

A SILVER CIGARETTE CASE, Birmingham 1912, engraved monogram, 8cm. and another silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1917, engine turned decoration. (2)

A SET OF SIX EDWARDIAN DESSERT KNIVES, silver handles, Sheffield 1910, stainless steel blades.

Lot: 408

Lot: 414

AN EDWARDIAN SILVER NAPKIN RING, Sheffield 1907, embossed decoration, four other silver napkin rings, other silver and silver mounted items. (a small collection)

AN ELECTROPLATED CIRCULAR GALLERY TRAY, cast scroll decoration, diameter 37cm. and another circular gallery tray, diameter 24cm. (2)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 415

Lot: 421

A SLENDER PEDESTAL SILVER VASE, Chester 1911, with two scrolled handles, 17cm.

FOUR GEORGE IV FIDDLE AND THREAD PATTERN SILVER TABLESPOONS, London 1823, a pair of modern electroplated King's pattern table knives and a pair of matching dessert knives. (8)

Lot: 416

Lot: 422

AN EDWARDIAN SILVER CHRISTENING MUG, London 1905, embossed decoration of stiff leaves, later engraving, and a Victorian Britannia metal christening mug. (2)

A PAIR OF SMALL VICTORIAN SILVER SALTS, Birmingham 1896, of scallop form, 5cm.

Lot: 417

Lot: 423


A PAIR OF GEORGE IV SILVER FIDDLE PATTERN SUGAR TONGS, London 1825, a silver napkin ring, butter knife and teaspoon. (4)

Lot: 418

Lot: 424

A SET OF SIX OLD ENGLISH PATTERN SILVER TEASPOONS, Sheffield, modern, in a presentation case, and a set of tea knives with silver handles. (2 boxes)

AN EDWARDIAN SILVER BACKED HAND MIRROR, Birmingham 1904, Art Nouveau decoration, 27cm., a pair of Victorian Fiddle pattern sugar tongs and a lacquered box. (3)

Lot: 419

Lot: 425


AN ELECTROPLATED FIVE BOTTLE CRUET, leaf shaped frame raised on ball feet, 26cm.

Lot: 420

Lot: 426

A SILVER BACKED HAIRBRUSH, Chester 1913, a silver backed clothes-brush and three compacts. (5)

A VICTORIAN SILVER SOVEREIGN CASE, Birmingham 1899, a small silver sweetmeat dish, a silver square shaped dish, a silver tea strainer, etc.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 427

Lot: 433

AN EDWARDIAN ELECTROPLATED SINGLE FLUTED EPERGNE, with a cut glass trumpet, pierced shaped circular base, 27cm., a part fitted cruet and a tinted glass caster with a plated lid. (3)

A PAIR OF OVAL SILVER NAPKIN RINGS, Birmingham 1932, engine turned decoration.

Lot: 428

Lot: 434

AN ELECTROPLATED OVAL PEDESTAL DESSERT BASKET, cast outline with piercing, swing handle, width 27cm., a Victorian Britannia metal coffee pot and a Victorian Britannia metal teapot. (3)


Lot: 429

Lot: 435

A PAIR OF SILVER TRIFORM PIN DISHES, Sheffield 1929, cast foliate decoration, width 11cm.


Lot: 430

Lot: 436

AN ELECTROPLATED OVAL ENTREE DISH, 30cm., a miniature entree dish, a plated cocktail shaker, a Britannia metal teapot, matching sugar bowl and other platedware. (8)

SILVER FOBS - album containing large quantity of sterling silver fobs, some with gold applique and enamel facing.

Lot: 431

Lot: 437

A THREE PIECE SILVER AND ENAMEL BACKED DRESSING TABLE SET, Birmingham 1956, including a hand mirror, 8cm., another silver hand mirror with matching clothes-brush and a silver compact. (6)

SILVER ALBERT with fob and two further fobs with a silver chain.

Lot: 432

Lot: 438

A MINIATURE ELECTROPLATED ENTREE DISH, 10cm., an American sterling silver fork, cased, and other items of cutlery.

A SMALL EDWARDIAN SILVER TOAST RACK, London 1905, four open divisions, width 9cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 439

Lot: 445

A VICTORIAN BRITANNIA METAL POSY VASE, cast scrolled outlines, raised on three feet, 12cm., an electroplated waiter, cast scrolled foliate outline, an electroplated dessert basket and a sauce boat. (4)

A GEORGE V OVAL INK STAND, on four hoof feet, cut glass inkwell with silver collar and cover, Birmingham 1911.

Lot: 440

Lot: 446

A STERLING SILVER SHALLOW BOWL, probably American, with cast foliate outlines, raised on three splayed legs, diameter 15cm.

A MONOGRAMMED SILVER CIGARETTE CASE, another cigarette case and a napkin ring. (3)

Lot: 441

Lot: 447

AN OLD ENGLISH PATTERN ELECTROPLATED LADLE, a set of Victorian fish knives and forks with carved ivory handles and other plated cutlery.

SILVER TEASPOONS, a mixed collection.

Lot: 442

Lot: 448

A PAIR OF SMALL SILVER TOAST RACKS, Sheffield 1929, four open divisions, width 8cm.

A VICTORIAN SILVER SUGAR SCUTTLE, with mother of pearl handle, and a thimble. (2)

Lot: 443

Lot: 449

A SILVER NAPKIN RING, Birmingham 1914, embossed wreath design, and three other silver napkin rings. (4)

A SILVER CIGARETTE CASE, engine turned panels, Sheffield 1946.

Lot: 444

Lot: 450

AN EDWARDIAN PLAIN OVAL THREE PIECE SILVER TEA SET, Birmingham 1902, comprising a teapot with ebonised finial and composition handle, 15cm., milk jug and sugar bowl.

A SET OF SIX SILVER COFFEE SPOONS, London 1938, plain handles, cased.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 451

Lot: 457

AN ELECTROPLATED FOUR FLUTE EPERGNE, scrolled branches, shaped platform base, 35cm. and an electroplated three light candelabra. (2)

A CONTINENTAL WHITE METAL FRAMED OVAL MIRROR, embossed foliate decoration, width 17cm.

Lot: 452

Lot: 458

A SMALL SILVER SCALLOP SHELL BUTTER DISH, London 1911, 7cm., and a Victorian electroplated circular salver. (2)

A SET OF SIX SILVER COFFEE SPOONS, dog nose terminals, Sheffield 1940, cased, a set of tea knives, plated blades, silver ferrules and mother of pearl handles, cased, and a pair of nutcrackers. (3)

Lot: 453

Lot: 459

A SMALL SILVER LOZENGE SHAPED SALT, marks rubbed, with a blue glass liner, 6cm., a pair of electroplated castors and an electroplated helmet shaped sugar scuttle. (4)

A CANTEEN OF ELECTROPLATED CUTLERY, six place setting in a fitted oak case, width 46cm.

Lot: 454

Lot: 460

A SMALL PLAIN SILVER ASHTRAY, London 1931, and a cake slice with a King's pattern silver handle. (2)

AN ELECTROPLATED BARREL SHAPED ICE BUCKET, with loose ring handles, an Edwardian electroplated dessert bowl, pierced and embossed decoration, a plated dessert basket, a Britannia metal teapot and cased sets of cutlery.

Lot: 455

Lot: 461

A CANTEEN OF ELECTROPLATED KING'S PATTERN CUTLERY, six place setting, in a wooden case, width 47cm.

A GLASS DRESSING TABLE STAND, silver and enamelled lids, Birmingham 1923, width 11cm.

Lot: 456

Lot: 462

AN ELECTROPLATED ORNAMENTAL COMPORT, with a cast foliate apron piece, a modern electroplated oval gallery tray, an electroplated basket and other plated wares, together with a three piece carving set.

A CUT GLASS INKWELL, square form with a silver collar and hinged cover.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 465

Lot: 471


EARRINGS, bangle, necklaces and other jewellery.

Lot: 466

Lot: 472


NECKLACES, bangles and other costume jewellery.

Lot: 467

Lot: 473

A 15CT. GOLD SWALLOW BAR BROOCH, set with seed pearls.

NECKLACES, bangles and other costume jewellery.

Lot: 468

Lot: 474

A VICTORIAN YELLOW METAL OVAL BROOCH and an oval cameo brooch. (2)

NECKLACES, bangles and other costume jewellery.

Lot: 469

Lot: 475

TWO LADIES' 9CT. GOLD CASED WRISTWATCHES and six other wristwatches. (8)

A VICTORIAN SILVER POCKET WATCH, the case with engine turned decoration, white enamelled dial, keywind movement, other pocket watches, etc.

Lot: 470

Lot: 476

A WALTHAM HUNTER POCKET WATCH, in rolled gold case, with white enamelled dial and Roman numerals, together with four cigarette lighters and a daguerreotype photograph.

WRISTWATCHES, cufflinks and necklaces.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 477

Lot: 483

A THREE STONE DIAMOND DRESS RING with 9ct. gold shank.

A 9CT. GOLD "DOLPHIN" BANGLE, two matching 9ct. gold brooches, together with a white metal brooch and a pendant. (5)

Lot: 478

Lot: 484



Lot: 479

Lot: 485



Lot: 480

Lot: 486

A 9CT. GOLD INGOT PENDANT with chain, marked 9c.

NECKLACES, wristwatch, brooches and other jewellery.

Lot: 481

Lot: 487

A HALF SOVERIGN dated 1982, in loose pendant mount.

A GENTLEMAN'S POCKET WATCH, in rolled gold case, with white enamelled dial and Roman numerals.

Lot: 482

Lot: 488

A 9CT. GOLD HEART SHAPED PENDANT, a 9ct. gold cluster pendant and a pair of earrings. (4)

A PEARL NECKLACE, mother of pearl brooches, amethyst and cameo rings, cameo pendant and marcasite jewellery. (a lot)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 489

Lot: 495

A MOTHER OF PEARL PENKNIFE, another penknife and a small collection of coins.

NECKLACES, dress rings and other costume jewellery, in a jewellery box.

Lot: 490

Lot: 496

A SOVEREIGN, dated 1900, in lose pendant mount.

NECKLACES, bangles and other jewellery.

Lot: 491

Lot: 497

A 9CT. GOLD THREE STONE RING (one stone missing), an 18ct. gold crossover ring (one stone missing) and a cameo brooch. (3)

NECKLACES and other costume jewellery. (a lot)

Lot: 492

Lot: 498

A FIVE STONE DIAMOND RING, yellow metal shank.

WRISTWATCHES, a collective lot.

Lot: 493

Lot: 499

COSTUME JEWELLERY, including necklaces, bangles, earrings, butterfly, pendants and other items, in a plastic display case and a small jewellery box.

BROOCHES, necklaces and other costume jewellery, in two boxes.

Lot: 494

Lot: 500

COSTUME JEWELLERY, including rings, brooches, pendants and other items, in a stained wood display case.

A WHITE METAL BANGLE, stamped 925, together with a collection of rings, earrings, a buckle and a chain.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 501

Lot: 508

A GENTLEMAN'S RONE GOLD CASED WRISTWATCH, together with studs, bangle, purse and other items, in a jewellery bag.

MOURNING BRACELET, cultured pearls, brooches, pendant and other items, in a damaged jewellery box.

Lot: 502

Lot: 509

A WALTHAM HUNTER POCKET WATCH, 9ct. gold case, with gold dust plate, enamelled dial and Roman numerals.

A PERIDOT AND SEED PEARL PENDANT and another seed pearl pendant, together with a yellow metal chain. (3)

Lot: 503

Lot: 510

A STICK PIN, a silver vesta case, a 9ct. gold wedding ring and two chains. (a lot)

A CIRCULAR YELLOW METAL BROOCH set with seed pearls, marked 14ct.

Lot: 504

Lot: 511

NECKLACES, a collective lot including crystal and moss agate.

AN EDWARDIAN SILVER VESTA CASE, Birmingham 1905, another flat chased vesta case and a Canadian Cavalry pin. (3)

Lot: 505

Lot: 512

NECKLACES, a collective lot including coloured glass, jade and others.

SILVER THIMBLES and other silver jewellery.

Lot: 506

Lot: 513

A CHURCHILL MEDALLION, brooches, necklaces and other costume jewellery. (a lot)

A PEWTER PLANTAGENET BANGLE and other silver jewellery. (a lot)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 514

Lot: 520

A YELLOW METAL NECKLACE, with heart shaped links, marked 9c. and a matching bracelet. (2)


Lot: 515

Lot: 521


A CIRCULAR BROOCH, set with twelve diamonds and four sapphires.

Lot: 516

Lot: 524

A 9CT. GOLD GATE BRACELET, with heart shaped clasp.

A BERLIN WOOLWORK PICTURE, Christ healing the blind man, labelled verso, Catherine Banner worked this picture at Trowel Moor School, 1851, aged 11 years, mounted and framed, 72x61cm. overall.

Lot: 517

Lot: 525

A 9CT. GOLD ST. CHRISTOPHER PENDANT, another pendant and a chain. (3)

E K WELLER - river scene, signed, watercolour, 27x37cm. and another watercolour by A Mattock, fishing boats. (2)

Lot: 518

Lot: 526

A DAMAGED YELLOW METAL NECKLACE and two other damaged necklaces. (3)

CONTINENTAL SCHOOL - an Old Salt, indistinctly signed, dated '80, oil on canvas, 35x27cm.

Lot: 519

Lot: 527

CAMEO BROOCH, costume jewellery and necklaces. (a lot)

HYMAN SEGAL - a girl, half length, signed, charcoal sketch, 35x25cm. and another, head of a boy, 21x16cm. (2)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 528

Lot: 534

KENNETH BEELEY - a village duck pond, signed and dated '90, acrylic, 36x53cm. and a companion work, river scene.

AFTER * WARDEN - study of cottages, colour print, 62x30cm.

Lot: 529

Lot: 535

KENNETH BEELEY - Pink Flamingos, signed and dated '88, watercolour with body colour, 34x45cm. and two others, Gothic tower and a study of Clematis. (3)

LUCY BURGON - Prayer Time, initialled and inscribed verso, oil on canvas, 30x40cm.

Lot: 530

Lot: 536

KENNETH R BURCHETT - a pair of marine scenes with fishing boats, both signed in the margin, watercolours, 7x12cm.

KIMURA - landscape with trees, signed, oil on board, 15x22cm.

Lot: 531

Lot: 537

AFTER FRANK GRESLEY Springtime on the Trent, colour print, 15x28cm.

AFTER JOE SCARBOROUGH On The Glossop Road, signed, limited edition colour print, 118/250, 37x43cm.

Lot: 532

Lot: 538

ROBERT MORDEN - Durham, hand coloured county map, 17x22cm.

AFTER KEITH MELLING - Above Kettlewell, Wharfedale, signed, colour print, 37x55cm.

Lot: 533

Lot: 539

CONTINENTAL SCHOOL - a woodland scene, oil on board, 60x90cm.

AFTER LESLIE MATHEW WARD - ("Spy") Pointers, caricature and two other caricatures. (3)

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 540

Lot: 546

AFTER OSWALD BRIERLY The Decisive Action with The Armada, reproduction hand coloured print, 48x74cm.

AFTER P REINAGALE - The Maphitic Weasel and Great Anteater, a pair of hand coloured engravings and two other engravings. (4)

Lot: 541

Lot: 547

AFTER GEORGE CUNNINGHAM - Attercliffe, signed proof limited edition colour print, 114/500, 30x59cm., another, Saturday Night, 464/500, and a print after Terry Gorman. (3)

H LEE - river scene, signed, oil on board, 28x47cm.

Lot: 542

Lot: 548

AFTER GUSTAV KLIMT houses and poplars, colour print, 39x40cm.

A DESIGN FOR A CONSERVATORY, 1877, reproduction coloured print, 68x49cm. and another, similar. (2)

Lot: 543

Lot: 549

AFTER SAMUEL HOWITT Partridge Shooting and Hare Shooting, a pair of reproduction colour prints, 33x45cm.

B C GOODISON - still life of flowers in a vase, signed, watercolour, 38x56cm.

Lot: 544

Lot: 550

AFTER GASTIN COX - St. Michael's Mount and Midwinter Sundown, a pair of colour prints, 36x62cm.

BING JONES - study of a girl, after Boucher, signed and dated '94, pastel drawing, 30x24cm. and another by the same hand. (2)

Lot: 545

Lot: 553

ALEXANDER HOGG (PUBLISHER) - The Old English Halbert Exercise and Double Armed Men, a sheet of eighteen small engravings, 22x33cm. visible.

A REPRODUCTION OAK COURT CUPBOARD, with blind fretwork decoration to the upper section, with a Romayne panel over drawers and cupboards, linen fold panels, length 122cm., height 142cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 554

Lot: 559

A LATE GEORGIAN MAHOGANY CORNER WASHSTAND with basin recess, the under section with a drawer matched by dummy drawers, width 58cm.

A VICTORIAN STAINED WALNUT NURSING CHAIR, shaped and carved hoop back, upholstered in hand cut moquette, height 91cm.

Lot: 555

Lot: 560

A VICTORIAN SATIN WALNUT DAVENPORT, with a casket shaped hinged stationery compartment, the flap front with a leatherette inset, bird's eye maple interior with drawers and pigeon holes, the plinth base fitted with four drawers on bun feet, width 62cm., depth 61cm., height 94cm.

A WALNUT FOOT STOOL, petit point upholstery (distressed), cabriole legs, 45cm.

Lot: 561 Lot: 556 AN OAK LONGCASE CLOCK, basically 18th century, the hood with a plain frieze, long door with moulded outlines, bracket feet, square brass dial with a single hand, signed Peter Hawthorne ..., with a date aperture, cherub and coronet spandrels, 30 hour movement striking on a bell, 198cm.

Lot: 557 A SET OF FOUR REPRODUCTION MAHOGANY DINING CHAIRS, pierced vase splats, drop in seats upholstered in green velvet, square moulded legs, height 98cm.


Lot: 562 A GEORGE III OAK CYLINDER FRONT HANGING CORNER CUPBOARD, with a dentil cornice, the doors with mahogany banding, the interior with a fretwork panel over three shelves, width 73cm, height 103cm.

Lot: 563 A HEPPLEWHITE STYLE MAHOGANY ELBOW CHAIR, 19th century, shaped cresting, pierced vase splat, open scrolled arms, drop in seat upholstered in floral pattern velour, square moulded legs, width 75cm.

Lot: 558 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN WALNUT SALON CHAIRS, pierced and carved crestings, upholstered in quilted satin, ringed and fluted legs, height 85cm.

Lot: 564 A VICTORIAN BURR WALNUT SERPENTINE CARD TABLE, fold over top enclosing an interior with an inset leather, carved and ringed column on carved splayed legs, width 92cm., depth 46cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 565

Lot: 571

A FRENCH WALNUT ARMOIRE, shaped and moulded scrolled pediment, mirror panelled door, single drawer under, turned feet, width 102cm., height 222cm.


Lot: 566

Lot: 572

A SET OF FOUR VICTORIAN MAHOGANY BALLOON BACK DINING CHAIRS, upholstered in striped cotton brocade, turned legs, height 86cm.

A GILT COMPOSITION WALL MIRROR, with a convex plate, urn surmount, 62cm.

Lot: 567

Lot: 573

A MAHOGANY BREAKFAST TABLE, basically 19th century, rectangular tilt top (adapted), ringed column on splayed legs, 114x86cm.

A SET OF EIGHT REPRODUCTION MAHOGANY HEPPLEWHITE STYLE DINING CHAIRS, shield shaped backs, upholstered in blue dralon, square moulded legs, height 95cm.

Lot: 568

Lot: 574

A CLOTH COVERED TRUNK, metal bands and struts, width 89cm.

A REPRODUCTION MAHOGANY SERPENTINE FRONT FREESTANDING CORNER CUPBOARD, with astragal glazed panel doors to the upper section, closed panelled doors below, on ogee bracket feet, width 91cm., height 193cm.

Lot: 569

Lot: 575

AN OAK CASED ANEROID WALL BAROMETER, carved case, opaque dial, with thermometer, 66cm.

A REPRODUCTION MAHOGANY BOW FRONT HANGING CORNER CUPBOARD, astragal glazed panel door, width 71cm., height 107cm.

Lot: 570 A WALNUT CASED VIENNA WALL CLOCK, ivorine dial, split spindle uprights, keywind movement, height 97cm.

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Lot: 576 A BROWN LEATHER SWIVEL CHAIR, possibly after a design by Charles Eames, aluminium base section, dated 12/69, width 84cm.

A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 577

Lot: 583

A SMALL VICTORIAN MAHOGANY TOILET MIRROR, rectangular plate, turned and ringed uprights, stretcher base, width 35cm.

A CARVED OAK CABINET, in part 19th century, with a panelled door over drawers, bobbin moulded uprights, length 80cm., height 109cm.

Lot: 578

Lot: 584

A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY TOILET MIRROR, rectangular plate, scrolled uprights, serpentine platform base, width 32cm.

A GEORGE III OAK CORNER CUPBOARD, adapted to be freestanding, with a panelled door under a dentil frieze, width 79cm., height 115cm.

Lot: 579

Lot: 585

A PAIR OF EDWARDIAN INLAID MAHOGANY AND ROSEWOOD SALON CHAIRS, plain horizontal rails, vertical splats, upholstered in machine made floral tapestry, turned legs, height 90cm.

A VICTORIAN WALNUT PURDONIUM, with a panelled slope front, brass rail handle, width 40cm.

Lot: 580

Lot: 586

A SET OF FOUR HEPPLEWHITE STYLE MAHOGANY DINING CHAIRS, early 20th century, shield shaped back with pierced vase splats, upholstered in machine-made tapestry style floral upholstery, square moulded legs, comprising an elbow chair, width 59cm. and three side chairs. (4)

A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY BOW FRONT CHEST OF DRAWERS, fitted with two short and three long drawers, splayed bracket feet, width 91cm.

Lot: 587 Lot: 581 AN OAK STICK STAND, turned uprights, 47cm., with four walking sticks.

A MAHOGANY CANDLE STAND, in part 19th century, octagonal top with an inlaid star motif, ringed column, tripod legs, width 31cm.

Lot: 588 Lot: 582 A CARVED OAK CHEST, in part 18th century, fitted with two drawers, 96cm.

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AN EARLY VICTORIAN MAHOGANY BOW FRONT CHEST OF DRAWERS, fitted with two short and three long drawers, width 115cm.

A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 589

Lot: 595

AN OAK CABINET, two glazed panelled doors, width 111cm., height 81cm.

A STAINED WOOD OFFICE CHAIR with a hoop back, seat upholstered in green dralon, cabriole legs, width 61cm.

Lot: 590

Lot: 596

A MAHOGANY CARD TABLE, D shaped fold over top enclosing a baize lined interior, the frieze with stringing, ringed and fluted legs, width 92cm.

A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY TWIN PEDESTAL DESK, with a tooled leather inset, fitted with five drawers surrounding the kneehole, width 126cm., depth 71cm.

Lot: 591

Lot: 597

AN OAK PEDESTAL CUPBOARD, with a single drawer over a panelled door, plinth base, width 46cm.

A GILT FRAMED RECTANGULAR WALL MIRROR, bevelled plate with painted decoration of wading birds, 80x49cm.

Lot: 592

Lot: 598

A CARVED OAK SETTLE, in part 18th century, cresting initialled EI and bears date 1696, with rosette and lozenge carving, the arms with lion's head terminals, width 97cm.

A PAIR OF VICTORIAN ELM DINING CHAIRS, with reeded horizontal splats, rush seats, square legs, height 94cm.

Lot: 593

Lot: 599



Lot: 594

Lot: 600

AN OAK FRAMED GONG, scrolled outlines, width 65cm.

A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY LOO TABLE, oval tilt top, turned column on tripod scrolled legs, 147x120cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 601

Lot: 607

AN OAK DRESSER BASE, in part 18th century, with a boarded top, fielded panels to the front fascia with two adapted cupboards, width 136cm.

AN EDWARDIAN SATIN WALNUT TWO PIECE BEDROOM SUITE, comprising a dressing chest with a bevelled mirror back, two raised trinket drawers, two short and two long drawers under, 107cm., and a combination wardrobe with a mirror panel door, glazed door, three short and a single long drawer, width 116cm., height 206cm.

Lot: 602 A SET OF SIX EDWARDIAN STAINED WOOD SALON CHAIRS, with pierced vase splats, close studded rexin seats, turned legs, comprising a pair of elbow chairs, width 53cm. and four side chairs.

Lot: 608 A LARGE VICTORIAN MAHOGANY CHEST OF DRAWERS, with a single frieze drawr over two short and three long drawers, turned legs, width 135cm., height 153cm.

Lot: 603 AN OAK TUB CHAIR, with a carved cresting, cane panelled back, upholstered in uncut moquette, width 58cm.

Lot: 609 A WILLIAM IV MAHOGANY CHEST OF DRAWERS, adapted, fitted with configuration of four small drawers over three long drawers, width 127cm.

Lot: 604 AN EDWARDIAN INLAID MAHOGANY OCCASIONAL TABLE with square top, square tapering legs with an under tier, width 46cm.

Lot: 610 AN OAK BUREAU, fall front with a recessed geometric moulding, part fitted interior, two drawers under, on barley twist legs, width 76cm.

Lot: 605 A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY CHEST OF DRAWERS, fitted with two short and three long drawers, width 101cm.

Lot: 611 A REPRODUCTION STAINED BEECHWOOD LIBRARY GLOBE, bears inscription L'Asie .., Paris, overall height 102cm.

Lot: 606 A DRAUGHTSMAN'S TABLE, early 20th century, cast iron supports, marked Hall Harding Ltd., Westminster, width 120cm.

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A. E. Dowse & Son (Antiques & Collectables) Catalogue - Downloaded from

Lot: 612

Lot: 618

A PAIR OF SPANISH STYLE XFRAMED SIDE CHAIRS, with armorial bearings, scrolled arms, upholstered seats, width 59cm.

A STAINED MAHOGANY LONG STOOL, upholstered in pink dralon, barley twist rails, 91cm.

Lot: 613

Lot: 619

A MAHOGANY FRAMED BERGERE THREE PIECE SUITE, shell and leafy scroll cresting, upholstered in patterned green velour, comprising three seater settee, length 160cm. and two easy chairs, together with two matching occasional chairs. (5)

AN ELM AND STAINED BEECHWOOD CHILD'S ROCKING CHAIR, solid seat, turned legs, width 32cm.

Lot: 620

Lot: 614 A STRIPPED PINE TWIN PEDESTAL DESK, fitted with three frieze drawers, further drawers and a cupboard to the pedestals, length 121cm., depth 66cm.

A GEORGE III MAHOGANY BUREAU, fall front enclosing a fitted interior with pilaster drawers, cupboard, drawers and pigeon holes, fitted with two short and three long drawers, bracket feet, width 76cm.

Lot: 621

Lot: 615

AN OAK TWO PIECE BEDROOM SUITE, comprising dressing chest with a shield shaped bevelled mirror back, two raised trinket drawers over two short and two long drawers, width 99cm. and a wardrobe with a mirror panel door over a single drawer, width 114cm., height 199cm.

A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY CHIFFONIER, shaped frieze drawer, two panelled doors, plinth base, length 106cm.

Lot: 616 A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY DUCHESS WASHSTAND, marble top and back, fitted with single frieze drawer, on carved monopod supports, straight platform base, length 122cm.

Lot: 617 A VICTORIAN STAINED BEECHWOOD WASHSTAND, with a raised tile back, marble top, fitted with two frieze drawers, turned legs with an under tier, 106cm.

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Lot: 622 AN OAK SIDEBOARD, with an arched bevelled mirror back under a canopy, with two drawers and two panelled doors under, length 122cm., height 178cm.

Lot: 623 A CARVED OAK OCCASIONAL TABLE, serpentine outlines, shaped legs with an under tier, 68cm.

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Lot: 624 A VICTORIAN OAK EASY CHAIR, with a carved cresting, upholstered in burnt orange velvet, balustrade rails, 72cm., with a matched foot stool. (2)

Lot: 625 A MAHOGANY FIRESCREEN, with an embroidered panel, slender turned uprights and conforming cross rail, width 70cm.

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A E Dowse 5th November 2011  
A E Dowse 5th November 2011  

ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES Saturday, 5th November 2011