Realising Just Cities UK: an overview of activity, 2016-2019

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Contracted o ac e formal partnerships with more than 60 people and organisations.

Completed more than 30 field trips, exchanges and site visits including 13 GM residents’ journey to Kenya, to learn from local activists.

Hosted dozens of discussion panels and focus groups, including the Double-Devolution Debate, planning roundtables in Sheffield and Cape Town, Co-producing climate urbanisms and 6 expert panels on community-led housing.

Adopted different patterns of working, both formal and informal, from Developing Co-Productive Capacities, to embedded PhD students working in different organisational settings . 39

Organised hundreds of meetings, workshops, and research interviews, sitting down with Mayors, mums and trade union leaders.

Trained a new generation of researcher-practitioners with 20 targeted activities, including a postgraduate module, open taster sessions on participatory methods, ethics lectures, and workshops on Edgy PhDs and Emotional Labour.

Produced 25 videos, 61 blog posts, 13 reports and policy briefings, plus 2 touring exhibitions—featuring community knowledge and pigeons.

Carried out, shared, or presented research in more than 17 countries across 5 continents including comparative work on the Sustainable Development Goals .

Fostered at least a dozen networks, coalitions and alliances including the Municipalist Action, Research and Advocacy Network (MARAN), and catalysed ShefFood.

Published 18 journal articles, 15 opinion pieces, 10 book chapters, and 5 books.

The statistics above were calculated in September 2019; numbers continue to grow.