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Photo: Matt Barton | UK College of Agriculture

On the Road to Cleaner Water By Alex Wade

Stephen Higgins, Ph.D., a long-time employee of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment (CAFE), is driven by a passion to improve the environment and help farmers at the same time. In his roles as Assistant Adjunct Professor, Bioenvironmental Engineering, and Director of Animal and Environmental Compliance for the Agricultural Experiment Station, Higgins focuses on waste management, water quality, and livestock systems that coincide with current research projects and service projects in the department and college, and he serves as the liaison for nutrient management issues between the university/college and public/government sectors. Higgins has authored the Agriculture Water Quality and five-year Nutrient Management Plans for the Experiment Station. An experienced trainer, Higgins has conducted two-day trainings for the NRCS, Conservation Districts, Extension Agents, and producers on how to prepare Kentucky Nutrient Management Plans and on Nutrient Management Best Management Practices (BMPs). Trainings have been held at eight different locations throughout the state; approximately 190 people have attended. Higgins has held eight half-day trainings for Kentucky dairy producers on environmental compliance (KNDOPs, AWQPs, NMPs), ag BMPs (specifically nutrient management), and ag water quality, with 80 producers in attendance to date. Trainings are being held in counties that have the highest concentrations of dairy producers. Higgins has given multiple presentations at Extension offices (Oldham, Estill, Scott, and Clay County, recently) and at producers’ farms throughout the state. His presentations focus on BMPs, specifically, managing mud, manure, and runoff.

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He has established billboards throughout south central Kentucky, a large beef producing area in the state, to promote BMPs and AWQPs, and he is currently working on a series of sustainable production manuals tailored for different producers (beef, dairy, horse, small ruminant) that covers environmental compliance, BMPs, ag water quality, and sustainable resource management.


BAE Connections | Spring 2014  

The University of Kentucky Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department's spring newsletter focuses on Cooperative Extension.

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