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Ujima Radio Volunteers: What you need to know

Foreward Ujima Radio CIC is an ambitious, wide-reaching social enterprise and broadcaster. It creates new ways to share information, improve employment and training opportunities and provides a platform for cultural and creative expression. Its broadcasting philosophy is to use radio, arts, culture, social action projects via media to bring together the diverse BAME communities and wider communities in Bristol and the region to celebrate cultural diversity and challenge inequality. Since launching in 2008, the station has attracted over 350 volunteers, whilst it currently caters for over 100 volunteers in various capacities. Our listenership is growing and has now reached 30,000 listeners and has been recognised by a host of awards including Radio Station of the Year 2016 and National Diversity Champions. Roger Griffith Director

Our Mission is to....

Broadcast across Bristol and promote and enhance the African and Caribbean arts, culture, economy and community voices by providing media opportunities for communication, development, exposure and growth. Aims and Objectives: • To establish a quality community radio station that gives a voice to African, Caribbean and other minorities who are under-represented in the media and that raises the profile of campaigns, issues and topical stories relevant to the community across Bristol. • To provide training, access and opportunity, predominantly for the African & Caribbean community to learn new skills in media and broadcast to enable participation in this Community Radio Station. • To encourage debate, express culture and promote socio-economic development of the local African, Caribbean and other minority communities who are under-represented in the media. • To establish a flagship radio station and training facility providing learning and access to ICTs with a focus on sound recording, music and radio production. • To increase access to mainstream media by underrepresented groups • To increase dialogue and improve communications and cohesion between the African, Caribbean and other BAME communities in the surrounding area • To highlight the positive contributions of African and Caribbean groups and individuals in Bristol. • To promote music of Black origin such as that on our Myriad system.

What you’ll get from Ujima Radio... Training in presenting, prodution, desk driving and researching radio shows Access to and opportunities with other arts and cultural orgaisations in the city Qualifications

Experience in the media A chance to have your own radio show Volunteer meetings – give your feedback! A chance to meet new people

Social events such as New skills to help you the Christmas party get a job, if you need one

What Ujima Radio expects from you... If you are a presenter and are going to miss a show let a member of staff know You cannot volunteer for more than 15 hours a week

No consumption of alcohol or drugs on premises No swearing, offensive jokes or remarks on air or off

No promoting violence All volunteers must sign such as gang culture in and sign out No libel/defamation – ask staff if unsure You are a valued volunteer but you If you don’t follow must not misrepresent the rules you may be yourself as a Ujima barred from Ujima Radio volunteers to Radio. Remember, the media, community volunteering at organisations or other Ujima Radio is not just volunteers. about you and your show. It’s about working Leave the studio and as a team and serving and office clean – tidy your community... up cups, rubbish etc All volunteers are No smoking in the treated with equal building respect

Your Training... Stage 1...The Basics Initial training will start as back of office support (BOS). This is the starting point to work towards any other opportunities at Ujima. If you are interested in any aspect of radio formal training will start 4 - 6 months into your BOS role supporting current presenters and office staff with their daily duties. Your training will begin with a short course to help you to get on air at Ujima Radio. You will learn how to: • • • • • •

Identify programme ideas research and prepare shows work as part of a team conduct interviews Speak confidently Use a radio desk and other studio equipment

Stage 2... Once you’ve got the basics, the second course we’ve got to offer at Ujima Radio is for pre-recorded work. You will learn how to:

Volunteer opportunities

• • • •

Once you have received the relevant training, you may be able to volunteer at Ujima Radio as a: • Radio presenter • Specialist music presenter • Producer • Desk driver • As part of a show’s production team Off air roles include helping with: • Answering the telephone for phone ins, debates and requests • Publicity • Administration • Reception • Choosing the playlist

create vox pops using voices from local people Do digital audio editing Produce jingles and trailers Create pre-recorded content

On air code of conduct Do’s • Represent Ujima radio • Entertain • Enjoy what you do • Have a professional attitude • Think before you speak • Be yourself, be real • Speak one at a time • Be intelligent and accessible • Criticise constructively

Dont’s • Bore the listener • Draw attention to mistakes • Use bad language • Take things to heart • Criticise others • Offend reasonable people • Make ‘wind up’ calls • Forget who you are representing • Patronise • Be afraid of pauses • Bring your home life to the studio • Be a cheesy radio DJ!

Volunteer contract and disciplinary procedure All Ujima radio volunteers need to sign a ‘Volunteer Contract’. This Contract outlines what you can expect from Ujima radio and what Ujima radio expects from you, and includes a Code of Behaviour which explains the station rules. If you break these rules, the following Disciplinary Procedure will be used to try and sort things out:

1. Informal chat with Volunteer Support Worker about the problem. 2. Volunteer attends formal meeting to discuss the matter, and then receives letter explaining what action is needed.

6. Appeal meeting is held, which Radio Director may attend. Final decision is made.

3. Volunteer receives written warning that if he problem continues they may no longer be allowed to volunteer. Volunteer may also be temporarily suspended from Ujima Radio.

5. Volunteer may write a letter to appeal against the decision. Note that for very serious matters, no appeal can be made.

4. Volunteer is sent a written statement about the problem and has to attend a disciplinary hearing. Volunteer can be suspended until the hearing takes place. Volunteer may then be dismissed.

Serious misconduct e.g. smoking or drinking alcohol at Ujima Radio, being disrespectful to others, swearing on air. A colleague, friend or relative can accompany you at any stage in the Disciplinary Procedure.

Gross misconduct e.g. violent/threatening behaviour, being drunk or on drugs at Ujima Radio, theft, sexual harassment, dishonesty.

Health and Safety

Complaints Procedure

Fire All volunteers and guest must sign in an out in the signing-in book which is in the stairwell.

If you have a complaint about volunteering at Ujima Radio you should follow this process:

In case of Fire • Tell a staff member immediately. • If you hear the fire alarm, leave immediately. • Use the nearest Fire Exit. • Don’t stop to get bags or CDs or to turn off equipment. • Don’t run or panic. • Leave the building and assemble outside of H&M • The fire extinguisher is situated by the door in the studio production area. Prevent Fire at Ujima Radio • No smoking • No flammable substances or candles • Do not attempt to fix microphones, the desk or other electrical equipment at Ujima Radio since our insurance doesn’t cover this. The work must be carried out by the Technician. • Report all equipment faults to staff First Aid • In an emergency, Ujima Radio qualified First Aider will take charge. Their name is posted on the production office noticeboard • There is a first aid box in the Ujima Radio office. • Report all incidents to a staff member immediately • All accidents or near misses must be recorded in the Accident Book (in the Ujima Radio office)

1. Talk to or write a letter to the Volunteer Support Officer. 2. If things are not sorted out or you feel unfairly treated, you can appeal to the Station Manager – either by speaking to them or in writing. 3. If the complaint is still not resolved or you still feel unfairly treated, you may then appeal by writing a letter to Ujima Radio’s Director (see address on page 9). You may be asked to attend a meeting with the Director, Head of operations and Station Manager. If appropriate your grievance will be taken to the Board of Trustees. 4. At any stage in this process, you may be accompanied by a colleague, friend or relative.

Child protection Under 18s cannot visit Ujima Radio unless they are properly supervised. If you are under 18, you must either visit Ujima Radio at the time that you have arranged with a Volunteer Support Worker (or other staff member), or you will need to be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, teacher or youth worker. This applies both to volunteers and guests who are under 18.

Ujima Radio contacts


Roger Griffith

Station Manager - Broadcasting Andrew Hartley

Station Manager - Sales and revenue Julian Davis

Head of operations

La Toyah Mcallister

Back Office support Jasmine Ketibuah-Foley Keziah Wenham-Kenyon

Address Ujima Radio CIC The Station, Silver street, Broadmead, Bristol BS1 2AG Office Tel 0117 922 1600

For Broadcast

To request a song, contact a presenter or give a ‘shout out’ listeners can text or or call on 079 60 240 198. Station schedule available at www. schedule

Ujima what you need to know  

A light digestible overview of operations at Ujima Radio for new volunteers

Ujima what you need to know  

A light digestible overview of operations at Ujima Radio for new volunteers