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Our sister charity in Israel, UJIA Israel has offices in: Herzliya


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United Jewish Israel Appeal is a registered charity in England and Wales No.1060078 and in Scotland No. Sc 039181. A company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No. 3295115. Registered office: 1 Torriano Mews, London NW5 2RZ. *Terms and conditions apply. **For full UJIA definitions please visit

Energising A new Generation. Thank you for a year of success.

A message from the

Chairman & Chief Executive It is our privilege at UJIA to be able to support two extraordinary groups of people. Firstly, the educators, youth leaders and social activists who are working tirelessly to improve the lives of all residents of the Galil. They are living examples of Zionism in action. On a recent visit to Israel, we saw first-hand how UJIA is having impact way beyond the scale of our investment. We met parents whose children are being helped on a oneto-one basis to succeed in school and not get drawn into truancy, petty crime and failure. We heard from outstanding students from poor backgrounds who we are helping get the very best hi-tech training that Israel can offer. We met the foster-parents of the most fragile local children who are being nurtured towards normalcy and stability in loving homes. And we also heard from local Municipal Leaders and top academics who described how our work is having a transformative effect across the region. We are genuinely driving excellence. And secondly, we support the amazing educators in our own UK Jewish Community who are passionate about informal Jewish-Zionist education. Youth Movements, UJS, Maccabi GB, Synagogue bar/bat mitzvah groups and school twinning projects, are building a lifelong commitment to the people of Israel that will sustain our community in the decades to come.

During such challenging times as these, to nurture the link between our Jewish Community and the people of Israel is fundamental to UJIA’s reason for being and as we go forward, we will do an even better job of connecting the inspirational work we support in Israel, to the vital education we support here. The connection between us must be inseparable. Let us thank you for your support, as a donor, committee member, youth leader or student activist. And also let us welcome our new Vice-Chairman Louise Jacobs and our newest trustees: Samantha Leek QC, Lauren Fried, Marc Lester and Melvin Berwald, and also thank our outgoing trustees, Vice-Chairman Geoffrey Ognall, Jeremy Isaacs and Alex Dwek for all their years of service.

Bill Benjamin Chairman

Michael Wegier Chief Executive

Bill Benjamin Chairman

Michael Wegier Chief Executive



We are proud to be supporting an array of new projects this year, all of which benefit the people of the Galil. In one of the most disadvantaged parts of Israel, we’re providing funding to organisations working on the ground for positive change.



Carmiel Children’s Village

Centre for Population Health


Together with other partners, we are funding the upgrading of this children’s village for 4–18 year-olds who are unable to live with their families. The work will include major improvements to the dormitories and other infrastructure, plus help with their programming, benefiting over 230 children.

Since leading the creation of the Bar Ilan Faculty of Medicine in Tsfat, UJIA will now be providing seed funding for research and grass roots public health projects in deprived communities.

We will be working with partners to twin NGOs, including UJIA projects in the north, to collaborate on new initiatives to benefit the local and wider community. This will increase the impact of the work we are already doing and strengthen the values of citizenship, diversity and fairness.

Integration of Arab Teachers in Jewish Schools

Following the dedication of the UJIA-funded Beit Midrash at this growing community in June 2015, UJIA will next be helping to fund new student dormitories for at-risk youth on development programmes at this growing community.

With partners, we are helping address the shortage of teachers in Jewish-Israeli schools by matching them with qualified Arab teachers. This is helping to tackle high unemployment within the Arab community, as well as encouraging meaningful encounters between Jews and Arabs.

Kibbutz Eshbal


UJIA already supports this educational community which gives hope to hundreds of young Israelis at risk. This year we are going to be providing additional support to help enable the creation of an educational campsite for youth groups and school trips in the Galilee. The goal is to help Eshbal gain more financial independence.

This programme will offer study and vocational training scholarships, as well as one-to-one help finding employment for Charedi residents of Tsfat, Hatzor and Tiberias. With over 70 per cent of this sector of Israeli society living in poverty, we aim to help promote learning as a way towards self-sufficiency.

Zefat Academic College – New School of Nursing

Atidim – Cadets for Municipal Service

We have already helped create Israel’s 5th medical school in Tsfat and now we will be making a major donation towards the building of a new school of nursing. This will strengthen Tsfat’s position as a leading provider of medical education and contribute to the improvement of healthcare in this region.

UJIA supports this programme, in which local graduates complete a two year programme at Haifa University, training them to improve social services and the quality of life for vulnerable people in the Galil. Young people are the Galil’s most precious asset and we believe that by giving them the tools to lead, we can achieve long term positive change.

Yeshivat Netiv Tefachot – Student dormitories

Western Galilee College After providing a state of the art faculty building, completed in November 2014, we continue our support for this pioneering College. UJIA is helping to fund supervised, practical work experience for students with local employers, boosting skills and opportunity in this region. The new High Schools’ Business Programme allows students in high schools across the Galil to learn about and compete in the fields of management, economics and entrepreneurship, in partnership with Western Galilee College.




in their own words

We are proud to be supporting new projects this year, which strengthen the UK Jewish community and help our young people to be inspired by Israel and Judaism. Centre for Israel Engagement This new initiative will address the growing challenges of engaging young Jews with the people of Israel. It will work with young people, leaders, practitioners and organisations to confront these challenges and plan for the future. Reshet Together with the JLC, UJIA is supporting this newly launched network for informal Jewish youth provision. This initiative is working across the community to strengthen professional and lay leadership in this field.

UJIA Birthright

STEM Programme

UJIA Ethiopian Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programme

“I will always be grateful to UJIA and Taglit-Birthright Israel for giving me the opportunity to connect with my Jewish roots. Without the trip, I’m not sure if I’d have had the impetus and determination to make my mark on the Jewish story – and I hope that one day I can inspire a new generation in the way that Birthright inspired me.”

“This programme basically allowed me to understand and learn new things in biology, something that I want to work on in the future. I want to be a scientist, to develop and find new medicines for illnesses such as cancer and mainly in medicine.”

Although I was born in Israel, I didn’t really know Israel so the programme explains and gives depth to the subject and now I also connect more with the Ethiopian community.” Zehava, 11, from Tsfat

Aviad Avidi, 18, from Tel-Hai

Sophie Shad, UJIA Birthright participant

Shlichut We are strengthening our partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel, via extra funding to support 24 full-time Israelis in the UK working in the field of Israel education. This includes Shinshinim – Israeli 18 year-olds doing a Gap Year in the UK and having a major positive impact on our community.

Gap Year


Israel Tour

“We have such great kids in our community that if we can develop them and give them experiences and opportunities to understand their Judaism and develop their connection to Israel, they can become the future leaders of our community.”

“Usama was made captain of his football team not just for his commitment on the pitch, but for working hard during his twice weekly after school tutoring sessions which are part and parcel of the programme.”

Leo Brosh, FZY Gap Year graduate

Manal, talking about Usama, 12, from Majd Al Krum

“I consider myself a Zionist and I feel that Israel should exist, and I look out the window and I feel proud – we have a right to be here. While it’s a shame there’s a conflict going on, right now I look out the window and almost everyone I see is Jewish and that does not exist anywhere else. It’s nice to know that, because Jews are a minority and for once, we aren’t.” Hannah Robinson, LJY-Netzer Tour participant



From business breakfasts and glamorous variety nights to Young Professional parties and special guest speaker events, UJIA has been very busy over the past year!



Ended 30 September 2015

15% Community Programmes 40% Galil Initiatives

34% UK Programmes

Programme Expenditure 2015 11% Other Programmes in Israel

2015 £’000

2014 £’000

Income Voluntary Income Legacy Income Investment Income

9,311 1,088 57

10,396 433 127




1,525 1,085 643 24

4,456 1,232 656 45



617 253 47 917

711 307 106 1,124

Total Israel Programmes



UK Programmes Education Programmes Israel Experience Research & Evaluation Living Bridge Programmes Leadership Development

2,079 512 81 114 22

2,105 594 91 107 16



860 323 1,183

901 267 1,168

Total UK Programmes



Total Programme Expenditure



Operational Costs Governance

1,775 73 1,848

1,696 68 1,764





Expenditure Israel Programmes Galil Initiatives: Educational Infrastructure (Capital Projects) Educational Programmes Social Welfare & Medical Programmes Employment & Small Business Programmes Other Programmes In Israel Education Programmes Social Welfare & Medical Programmes Absorption & Victim Support

Community Programmes Community Information & Education Welfare

1% Governance

18% Operational Costs

Analysis of Total Expenditure 2015

81% Total Programme Expenditure*

TOTAL EXPENDITURE *Analysis out of total expenditure

Excess of income over expenditure (expenditure over income) for the year


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Bar Ilan University Faculty of Medicine, Tsfat Together with our partners, UJIA pioneered the creation of the north’s only medical school. The new campus for teaching and research is helping to meet the shortage of doctors in Israel – a problem that is most acute in peripheral areas like the Galil. UJIA will continue to provide scholarships and financial assistance to students in need, as well as support pioneering public health projects. In addition, the UJIA Living Bridge department facilitates an annual one month medical elective opportunity in London hospitals for students studying at the Tsfat Medical Faculty. Darca Danciger High School This is the main high school in the northernmost Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona and is in great need of upgrading. UJIA is leading the way in the building and renovation work to create a modern, fit for purpose school for its 1,300 pupils. The Equalizer Programme UJIA is now funding this co-existence programme in the Galil, to enable Jewish and Arab children aged 10–12 to come together through football. Working with disadvantaged communities, the programme combines sport and tutoring, which focuses on the values of peace and mutual respect. Hatzor Scholarships We fund scholarships in the deprived Hatzor area of the Galil, for graduates of the local AMIT-Mishcon School, and other residents needing financial assistance for higher education.

Individualised Learning Programme at Western Galil High School UJIA funds this programme in Ma’ale Yosef, which provides comprehensive support for students who need academic help. Israel Youth Award

UJIA UK PROGRAMME UJIA Arsenal In The Community For the last four years, UJIA has partnered Arsenal Football Club to coach boys and girls, both Jewish and non-Jewish, in the mixed Arab-Jewish city of Akko. The S.t.e.m. Initiative

UJIA Birthright

This programme is active in schools across the Eastern Galil and is boosting student participation and attainment in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. UJIA is supporting this initiative.

UJIA helps implement the Taglit-Birthright Israel Programme in the UK. Each year, over 200 young Jewish adults go on a free ten-day educational visit to Israel with the aim of inspiring young adults to connect with their Jewish identity and Israel.

This is Israel’s version of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and provides meaningful volunteering opportunities for young people. UJIA supports the programme in Ma’ale Yosef, Horfesh, Akko and elsewhere in the Galil.

Teach First

The Ma’ase Programme (AFAK)

Tel-Hai College

UJIA is funding this initiative, which supports socioeconomic mobility for young Israeli-Arabs and strengthens the cohesiveness of the region. Participants aged 18–21 engage in a year of volunteer service in their Galil community, which aims to narrow the gaps between the Jewish and Arab sectors.

UJIA has made a major contribution to this groundbreaking college near Kiryat Shmona, supporting the Centre for Learning Disabled, two new faculty buildings and a dormitory, as well as scholarships for computer science and other disciplines.

Merom Hagalil Educational Programme

Tsofen works to integrate Israeli Arabs into Israel’s high tech industry, which brings crucial new business to the Galil and helps bridge socio-economic gaps between Arabs and Jews in the region. UJIA provides this pioneering organisation with a grant.

UJIA funds this comprehensive programme working across the region to improve educational achievement. It benefits some 2,100 children, across five primary schools, a kindergarten, and the Early Childhood Centre at the purpose built Educational Campus, which provides early interventions for underprivileged families. Sha’ab Environmental Informal Education This programme raises environmental awareness and promotes informal education among young people in the Arab town of Sha’ab. Shlomi Educational Programmes Following the completion of the new Esfandi-Isaacs ORT Shlomi High School, UJIA provides a range of academic, vocational and social programmes, to broaden educational horizons and ensure that every child is able to realise his or her full potential.

UJIA is helping to fund Israel’s top graduates to teach at schools in the north, a crucial step to raising the standard of teaching and pupil attainment.


Youth Futures Youth Futures is a mentoring programme for at-risk children in elementary and junior high schools in the peripheral areas of Israel. UJIA supports Youth Futures in Akko, Ma’ale Yosef and the Druze village of Horfesh, helping build self esteem, improve school performance and break patterns of failure.

UJIA Ethiopian Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programme (EBBM) This programme aids the integration of Ethiopian olim (immigrants) into Israeli society and encourages Jewish living, while simultaneously creating a living bridge between the UK participants and their Ethiopian counterparts. Gap Year/Extended Programmes In Israel Each year UJIA supports young adults taking part in a wide variety of learning and volunteering programmes throughout Israel, which range from five months to one year. These experiences are crucial for sustaining a passionate future Jewish leadership, and we provide means-tested bursaries to assist those who are unable to meet the full cost. Choose between a Youth Movement Gap Year or other options from 5 months+ (all with support from MASA Israel Journey). Israel Engagement Centre – UK This new initiative will address the growing challenges of engaging young Jews with the people of Israel. It will work with young people, leaders, practitioners and organisations to confront these challenges and plan for the future. Israel Tour Israel Tour gives on average 50% of non-Charedi Jewish 16 year-olds the opportunity of a lifetime each year. Exploring Israel on an educational tour is crucial in shaping a young person’s Jewish identity and bond with the country. Participants discover first-hand the remarkable story of the Jews, the values and texts of Jewish tradition, and the challenges and dilemmas facing Jews and Israelis today.

UJIA Israel Experience trains madrichim (leaders), provides welfare and logistical support and means-tested bursaries for families unable to meet the full cost of the programme. UJIA Israel Experience is organised by the Jewish Agency for Israel and supported by UJIA.

Youth Movements receive core and project funding, educational consultancy, legal, health and safety advice, mentoring and personal and professional development for movement workers.

UJIA JAMS (Jewish Activities in Mainstream Schools) and Educational Resources

UJIA is proud to have initiated and developed the following partnership projects:

UJIA JAMS provides Jewish students in 32 non-Jewish UK schools with a professionally delivered range of Jewish interest programmes. This is crucial in maintaining and developing the Jewish identities of these young people. UJIA has also developed an online range of educational resources for 11–18 year-olds to be used in schools and beyond.

Jewish Curriculum Partnership (JCP) to develop a national curriculum for Jewish schools including Jewish Studies, Chumash (Bible), Ivrit (Hebrew) and Tefillah (prayer) and provide training seminars for Jewish Studies and Ivrit teachers. The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) campus.

UJIA Magic Moments UJIA Magic Moments brings 60 young people aged 15–17 from the Galil on an annual week-long visit to UK communities. The week culminates with the young Israelis leading a Yom Hazikaron ceremony and participating in Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations. Their British counterparts visit Israel the following autumn. UJIA School-to-School Programme The UJIA School-to-School Programme twins schools in the UK with those in the Galil, bringing together hundreds of children, parents and teachers. The programme strengthens the participants’ Jewish identity and enhances the curricula of both schools. Union of Jewish Students (UJS) UJIA is one of the three main funders of UJS, which provides effective delivery of support and services to approximately 5,000 Jewish students every year. UJIA also works with UJS to offer university preparation programmes for sixth formers. Youth Movements, Training and Welfare UJIA works in partnership with 12 Jewish Youth Movements across the religious spectrum, providing significant financial support and helping them to offer successful and meaningful programmes for their members.

Partnership Projects

Jewish Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) provides a community-wide resource to help transform the Jewish community’s leadership. Additional Grants and Organisational Support UJIA supports Maccabi GB to deliver a broad range of sporting, educational and social events for the whole of the Jewish community. UJIA also supports the educational activities of a number of other organisations in the Jewish community. Regions UJIA supports the regional Jewish communities of Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow through schools, youth clubs, shlichut (Israeli emissaries) and communal educational activities.

Sponsorship & Corporate Partnership UJIA has been offering a versatile matrix of benefits allowing corporate partners to tailor their own package according to their needs and budgets. Sponsorship activities usually aim at interacting with segmented audiences such as business, legal, finance, tech, property and nationality based (American, South African etc.) and include benefits such as: Advertising and Branding – Exposing the sponsor’s brand, logo, services and projects to a large or targeted audience is an effective way to communicate Corporate Values and generate credibility and interest. Actively demonstrating the business’ commitment to charity is also beneficial. Advertising is a useful way to create an immediate impact and when repeated, to create a cost-effective, long lasting impact.

Be a UJIA Sponsor or Corporate Partner

it’s a win-win...

Sponsorships (one off gift) and Corporate Partnership (annual package) are an important source of ‘out of the box’ revenues and are key to the success of many UJIA events. In return sponsorship helps organisations to gain business, branding and community benefits which the charity is able to deliver through its supporter base and various events.

Creating Business to Business Opportunities – UJIA’s events present a valuable platform for business people to meet potential corporate clients and partners, and the Yom Ha’atzmaut Business Breakfast is particularly recognised for this. Donors, lay individuals and companies often find their work with UJIA to be of value on a business level where the dynamic nature of UJIA as a communal hub constantly generates opportunities to meet, share ideas and eventually continue the conversation beyond our walls. Raffle Prizes and Corporate hospitality – Sponsors can advertise their products and services by offering them as complimentary raffle prizes at events. Sponsors can also host events and open their offices to potential clients. Being in a place is an effective way to enhance the brand recognition and allow the professional staff to network with potential clients. Donors’ benefits – Sponsors can offer benefits to a range of companies’ stakeholders – from Friends and Partners to Patrons and Benefactors, to familiarize them with the company’s offering. A successful corporate partnership campaign launched a few years ago resulted in many top donors joining the exclusive club of a known airliner.

To conclude, being a sponsor or Corporate Partner is an easy win: – To the giver, who receives a wide plethora of business benefits and an excellent association of its brand with the charity’s core values. – To the charity which can hold more events, raise more funds and change more lives. – To the members of the community that benefits from more opportunities to meet and interact and in turn strengthen the community itself. Join the reputable club of UJIA’s Sponsors and Corporate Partners: – Allen & Overy – BDO – Berwin Leighton Paisner – Cogress Ltd – EL AL – Fitzwilliam Capital Partners – Goldman Sachs – Investec – KPMG – Mint Bridging – Redlaw – Reuben Foundation – Stenham – Union Developments – Westfield London – W Residences To discuss sponsorship opportunities for your company please contact Jacalyn Sank Da Costa: T 020 7424 6434 E or visit


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Richard Sciama Ben Shapiro

Manchester Canvassing Chair: Susan Abrams Eric Abrams Angela Carne Lydia Engler Daniel Feingold Simon Feingold Margaret Fink Murray Fink Sharon Hart Roy Kaitcer Dr Hilary Krell Michael Lewis Dr Michael Mattison Susan Rabstaff Dr Melvyn Rosenthal Daniella Sultan Nici Wertheim

Manchester Dinner Committee Chair: Joel Rosenblatt Sam Bernstein Jo Brown Michelle Kingsley Nici Wertheim

Manchester Sports Dinner Chair: Mark Clyne Adam Levene Marc Levy Ben Peppi Barrie Taube Bernard Verby

Manchester UK PROGRAMMES Chair: Ben Shapiro Mimi Lyons Natialie Goldsmith

Manchester YOM HA’ATZMAUT BUSINESS BREAKFAST COMMITTEE Chair: Jamie Moryoussef Joy Barnett

Simon Kaye Rob Myer Ben Sallon

Newcastle Committee Werner Maier

New London Committee Co-Chair: David Immanuel Co-Chair: Cyril Korn Mildred Graff Samuel Graff Ofra Immanuel Yvonne Korn Judge Leonard Krikler Lily Krikler Anthony Norton Bess Teeger

Planned Giving Committee Chair: Melvin Berwald Howard Abrahams Rabbi Jeffrey Cohen Elliot Conway Gloria Goldstein Deborah Myers Jack Silverstone Paul Stein

Programme and Planning Committee Chair: Ruth Green Perry Cash Lauren Fried Andrew Gilbert Louise Jacobs Brian May

Programme Leadership Team Co-Chair: Ruth Green Co-Chair: Larry Shulman Rafi Addlestone Matthew Herman Roxanne Kaye Daniella Lewis Greg Manson

Oliver Marcus Mark Passer

Schools Informal Education Committee Chair: Dr Simon Berman Noeleen Cohen Andrew Gilbert Daniel Greene Joanne Greene Rabbi Michael Pollak Daniel Quint Sophie Silver

Schools Partnership Committee Chair: Susy Stone Perry Cash Sue Hesse Irene Kay Justin Kett Jan Roseman

Scottish Campaign Committee Co-Chair: Richard Pinder Co-Chair: Ashley Gold Elaine Benjamin Cheryl Gold Geoffrey Nathan Jack Silverstone Darren Wilson Gary Winston

Scottish Programmes Committee Chair: Derek Livingston Gillian Barmack Elaine Benjamin Adam Berkley Adele Conn Paul Morron Gillian Quigley Hazel Tenby

South London Committee

Women’s Committee

Chair: Mervyn Smith Ronald Ison Michael Kelion Raymond Wicksman

Co-Chair: Karen Goodkind Co-Chair: Louise Jacobs Edwina Benjamin Tracy Grabiner Nina Sandler Dalia Sehayek Samantha Stone Mandy Smith

Sports Committee Chair: Clive Nathan Tracy Benjamin Paul Corper Jonathan Jacobs Josh Landy Jonathan Lauffer Joel Macadar Jonathan Peters Philip Peters Russell Rich

UJIA Connect Chair: Oz Shtrosberg Gary Freeman Hannah Goldstone Daniel Rubinstein

UK Programme Chair: Andrew Gilbert Rafi Addlestone Dr Simon Berman Jonny Bunt Ben Cahn Daniel Cohen Noeleen Cohen Alex Dwek Rael Goodman Linda Huglin Simon Jackson Eliot Kaye Derek Livingston Richard Manning Barnaby Nemko David Pliener Daniel Quint Ben Shapiro Wayne Snyder

YOM HA’ATZMAUT BUSINESS BREAKFAST Committee Chair: Ben Hamburger James Burchell Stuart Cash Neil Hasson Guy Ivesha Nathalie Kedem Claire Menton Jonathan Morris Ingrid Silver

Young Holocaust Survivor Events Jessi Tucker

Young Patrons Committee Ilan Scorah

Young Property Group Chair: Ilan Kon-Weiner Emily Angel Ben Deal Avi Orenstein Martin Roth Nic Shaer Candice Shaffer Richard Taube

Youth Movement Allocations Committee Chair: Andrew Gilbert David Alter Simi Ben Hur

Oliver Bradley Barry Frankfurt Matti Fruhman Rael Goodman Jack Prevezer Sam Roberts Jamie Slavin Alexis Steadman Jenny Walton

Youth Movement STRATEGY Committee Chair: David Pliener Rafi Addlestone Gadi Fisher Charlotte Gillis Michael Livingstone Rachel Yona

Y-UJIA Committee Co-Chair: Daniel Diamond Co-Chair: Mark Kingsley Richard Abrahams Mark Abrams Holly Behrman Lara Bloch Elliott Gold Thomas Goolnik Rebecca Gould Elliot Hirst Roxanne Kaye David Marks Laura Sefton Judith Sherman Andrew Simon Ryan Tucker Clare Wayne

UJIA Annual Report 2016  
UJIA Annual Report 2016