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Ann Copeland with daughter Jodi Klebanoff.

Deb Segaloff, Betsy Karotkin, Bootsie Goldmeier, Connie Jacobson, and Alicia London Friedman.

of kids who want to create movements in Israel. With the help of JDC, Orbach was instrumental in developing a music club in Modi’in which still brings talented young musicians together today. Avital SandlerLoeff is the director of Israel Unlimited, JDC-Israel’s division for Disabilities and Rehabilitation. Shelly Simon with Leora Drory. Stacie Moss and Renee Strelitz. Sandler-Loeff talked about the JDC’s Centers for Independent Living throughout dollars are so Israel, including one that Tidewater funds important. in Tel Aviv. These are Centers run by people The 2013 with disabilities for people with disabilities, W o m e n ’ s and they create warm and welcoming com- Campaign will munities for people often felt like outsiders, wind down without communities of their own. Stating over the next with absolute conviction that “people with few weeks. For disabilities first and foremost have abilities.” those who have Sandler-Loeff described plans for new servic- not yet made a es and programs that would further improve gift, but would and enrich the lives of those with disabilities. like to be a part She thanked the women in the room for of the Women’s their role in giving and asking others to give, Campaign, call so that these kind of programs can have the Amy Zelenka, Avital Sandler-Loeff with Laura Miller. life-changing impact that they are having W o m e n ’ s for adults with disabilities in Israel. And she C a m p a i g n encouraged them to keep up the work that director, at 965-6139 or email azelenka@ujft. they are doing and to learn as much as they org. Gifts of support can also be made on-line can about the programs of the JDC, so that using the Federation’s secure server at www. they will understand why their supportive

Bonnie Brand with Shakked Auerbach.

Miriam Seeherman and Robin Mancoll.

Ina Levy and Ellie Lipkin. | May 20, 2013 | Jewish News | 11

Jewish News May 20 2013  

Jewish News May 20 2013