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Padre Jose Burgos Elementary School was erected in the school year 1919-1920 in honor of the Champion of the Filipino Clergy - Rev. Father Jose Burgos.


has an area of 8,241 sq.meters and located at the corner Buenos Aires and Altura Streets in Sta. Mesa Manila. The school complex is composed of four separate buildings namely: Main Building, Arts and Sciences Building, Silahis Building and H. E. Building. The first two buildings which are the oldest were used as a Japanese garrison in the year 19431944 and occupied by evacuees from the southern part of Manila by the end of World War II. The school complex is composed of 77 classrooms which are well ventilated, well lighted and with adequate water supply.


The classrooms are well ventilated having a maximum of four electric fans per room and with a minimum of two. There are four fluorescent lights per classroom which is enough to provide light for the whole classroom. There is no loitering inside the classrooms. The rooms are painted with colorful designs that are pleasant to the eyes. There are bookshelves inside the classrooms where the teachers keep the books and other learning materials for the education of the students. There are two blackboards which are cleaned after use. The classrooms have enough numbers of chairs with desks made up of woods for the students. The flooring is shiny which is maintained by applying floor wax. The students are using shoe rugs inside to maintain the cleanliness of the room.

P. Burgos Elementary School is composed of four buildings; The Main Bldg, Arts and Science Bldg, Science Bldg and Aragonza Bldg where 77 classrooms are located.

Students and teachers report for one half day only. Filipino is the medium of instruction in all subjects except in Mathematics and Science. English is taught as a subject in all grade levels. Aside from the elementary levels, PBES also has curriculums for pre-school and SPED Class. They also have accelerated sections in grades 5 & 6. The school has enough space to accommodate all the pupils. It is also equipped with all the facilities a school must have; Clinic, Canteen, Guidance Office, the Faculties, Security, Maintenance, Office of the Principal and the PTCA Associates. The school grounds are cemented but planted at the edges with fruit trees, shade trees and ornamental plants. Vegetable plots lie at the front and back part of the main building. One can go from one building to another through the covered walk. Dr. Jesusa Caraig, PBES Principal is always at the school office to take things at hand. But of course with the help of the parents and teachers, they make PBES more likely a home of learning and to achieve a higher education. PBES has readily available transportation and school materials. The school is near in a mini market just across the main gate and tricycles are in line for passengers. The school is surrounded by stores and sari-sari. Easy access is at hand in the area. It is also near in the residences of the community that explains why they have a population of 4,936 students living nearby.

There are 4,568 pupils enrolled this year. They are recognized into 72 primary classes and 32 intermediate classes with teacher-pupil ratio of 1:40 both primary and intermediate.

THE SCHOOL CANTEEN Overall the canteen of P. Burgos elementary school is clean and serves healthy foods to the students. They have a sanitary permit which is very important in a school canteen.

The school canteen is located in the main building on the ground floor. They provide foods and snacks for the students and teachers. PBES has a systematic way on how they feed the students. The supervisor of the canteen is Aida Ronadilla and she has 6 personnels. They are very organized on how they will distribute the foods to the pupils. They use a basket for each section of each grade level. The surroundings of the canteen is very neat and the chef in the canteen wears a hair net while cooking. This is a good sign because they are following the sanitary protocol of the DOH. The foods that are available in the canteen are sopas, arrozcaldo, spaghetti, baked macaroni, banana and rice with variety of viand like hotdog, longganisa, fried chicken and eggplant. They also have a feeding program where they provide students with milk and breadpan.


P. Burgos Elementary School’s Principal Dr. Jesusa Caraeg’s Office

THE SCHOOL LIBRARY P. Burgos’ library is open every weekdays. It opens at 7 in the morning and closes at 4 in the afternoon. It has a good environment for learning. It is centralized with air condition. It has creative surrounding; there are mural paintings of different fairy tales. Through this, children are more encouraged to go to the library and read books. There are different books that are available in the library. There are textbooks for children and professional books for teachers who are taking their Master’s degree. There are available chairs and tables to make reading conducive.

Mrs. Elvira Genova (Librarian)

The librarian selects materials for the library, organizing them so that they'll be easy to find and use, and helps people get materials or information they need. She also attends seminars that may be helpful for her in organizing the library. She examines every new book, record, film, or other item to determine what it's about. She makes sure that the environment is quiet for learning to be effective.

A library is more than a place, more than books and films and records. A library is a gathering of ideas, of information—put in order and shared.

MAINTENANCE The school is cleaned daily. They change the water in the comfort rooms and make sure all the rooms are clean every day.

The hallways are cleaned and swept. bage segregation is implemented in



The students are taught to segregate the trash. Everyone makes sure that the school is clean not only the maintenance personnel.

The dental clinic is located inside the school clinic. It is headed by Dr. Gina Almira単ez. She is a full time dentist of the school. There are equipments that are necessary for the dental clinic. There also visual presentation regarding dental issues. There are also visual presentation of guidelines on how to have healthy teeth and how to do the brushing. She also practices the principles of sterility in the equipment.

The guidance council of

The Dental clinic and guidance center

P. Burgos elementary school

is very much active in guiding their students towards good attitude and proper discipline. According to the daily activities of the guidance counselors namely Ms. Betty T Genoring and Ms. Amelia G. Carino, they emphasize on observing the pupils and counseling them towards attaining the right attitude, good manners and right conduct. In addition to that, they also promote a good relationship with the parents of the pupils because they conduct conference with the parents to discuss what the current status of their child is when it comes to values and attitude. Most important of all, they are also coordinating with the outside agencies to improve the quality of education in the school.


The school clinic is headed by Mrs. Rosita Parizal as the head nurse. The physician Dr. Clarita Cruz visits the clinic once a week. The clinic has a treatment room for students who need to rest and be observed further. The clinic also has a Comfort Room. It is located at the right corner inside the clinic. There are also supplies of medicine for minor cases of illnesses and accidents. There are different useful visual outputs that are posted to give health education to the pupils. The cleanliness in the clinic is maintained and items are well organized. Materials needed for emergency cases are available. According to the school head nurse, everyday her responsibility is to make rounds on the school to check the pupils’ health and to check if the comfort rooms are clean. She also does the tasting of the foods in the canteen. This is to check if the foods prepared are safe to eat. According to Mrs. Parizal there resources are coming from the 5% income of the canteen. They focus on the primary health prevention. They are preventing the pupil to have other complication. As Mrs. Parizal stated, “Prevention is better than Cure”.

School Assessment: P. Burgos Elementary School  

The school as a place: P Burgos Elementary School as assessed by groups 117 & 119 of Far Eastern University Institute of Nursing.