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Welcome to University Mission and Ministry at the University of the Incarnate Word! Dear Student, On behalf of University Mission and Ministry, I offer a warm welcome to all of the students, especially first year students and those new to main campus. I hope and pray that this will be a fruitful and fun year for all of us. As you begin your journey here at the University of the Incarnate Word, we invite you to join us in making “visible and tangible the Incarnate Word of God in the university.” Throughout the year, Mission and Ministry offers many opportunities for students to get involved. We have a vibrant worshipping community and there are many ways to be involved through our liturgies as Eucharistic Ministers, Hospitality Ministers, Mass Coordinators, Lectors, and in our liturgical choirs. There are also many social, educational, and service groups you might like to explore: Breathe, Cardinals for Kids, Cardinals for Life, Catholic Daughters of the Americas, vocation groups, St. Vincent de Paul, Meet the Mission and Alternative Spring Break service opportunities, and retreats of various kinds as well as Media Ministry and Music Ministry. For more information on these opportunities please call the office or go online to our web page. Even better, come see us in our offices on the first floor of the Administration Building. We have a life-giving community here at the University of the Incarnate Word and we’d like to see it continue to flourish with our students sharing their gifts for the glory of God. If the Office of University Mission and Ministry can be of any help to you whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to call, email, or stop by. The door is always open! Or just please simply stop by and say “Hello!” I pray that the Lord opens your hearts fully to a positive and faith-filled experience at the University of the Incarnate Word. Praised be the Incarnate Word! Sincerely, Sr. Walter Maher, CCVI VP for Mission and Ministry

UMM Mission THE PURPOSE OF UNIVERSITY MISSION AND MINISTRY IS TO… …make “the love of God, as shown in the Incarnation, a real and tangible presence in the world.” (CCVI Constitution, C-2) WE DO THIS BY… …engaging University life through prayer, liturgy, outreach, faith development, and pastoral care. While expressing a Catholic identity and Incarnational spirituality of the founding Sisters, we are enriched by the religious tradition of each individual. Mission & Ministry seeks to empower this community to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ by facilitating initiatives of service, peace, and justice.

University Mission & Ministry Team Sr. Walter Maher, CCVI VP for Mission & Ministry (210) 829-3939

Brenda Dimas Administrative Assistant (210) 829-3128

Fr. James Mark Adame, O.SS.T.

Associate Chaplain (210) 841-7239

Fr. Thomas Dymowski, O.SS.T. Chaplain (210) 829-3131

Rev. Dr. Trevor Alexander Dir. of Ecumenical Initiatives (210) 829-3130

Lena Gokelman Director of Music Ministries (210) 832-3207

Joshua Welker Coordinator of Mission & Ministry at the School of Physical Therapy (210) 283-6929 Elisabeth “Beth” Villarreal Director of Campus Ministry (210) 829-2736 Carmen Aguilera Liturgy & Music Assistant (210) 832-3207

Prayer & Worship The University of the Incarnate Word UMM offers a variety of worship opportunities, formal and informal, Catholic and Ecumenical, to provide a means for students to participate in prayer on campus. Opportunities are available daily, weekly, monthly, and in our special university-wide celebrations throughout the year.

Mass Schedule:

There are two Sunday Masses held on campus in Our Lady’s Chapel (located on the first floor of the Administration Building): Morning Mass - 10:30 am (all year) Evening Mass - 8:00 pm (during the academic year) Daily Mass - 12:00 pm (M-F, except during holidays or breaks)


Reconciliation is held every Friday at 11:30 a.m. or by appointment with our Chaplain or Associate Chaplain. Fr. Thomas Dymowski, O.SS.T. Fr. James Mark Adame, O.SS.T. University Chaplain Associate Chaplain - (210) 829-3131 - (210) 841-7239

Liturgical Ministries:

Participate as a Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, lector, or altar server during any of UIW’s liturgies. There are also opportunities for those who play musical instruments or enjoy singing to join the music ministry. For More Information Contact: Carmen Aguilera

Chapel of the Incarnate Word

The Chapel of the Incarnate Word is in the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. They welcome visitors to celebrate the Eucharist on the second Sunday of each month at 10:30 a.m. The university celebrates special occasions and liturgies throughout the year such as Welcome Mass in August, Heritage Day in October, and professional school ceremonies.

Our Lady’s Chapel

Liturgy of the Eucharist is celebrated in Our Lady’s Chapel Monday-Friday at 12 noon and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. year round and 8:00 p.m. during the academic year.

Spirituality Faith and Fellowship Deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ the Incarnate Word by checking out these ministry events. (210) 283-6473 -

Breathe Ministry The Breathe Community is a young adult group Catholic ministry at the University of the Incarnate Word that welcomes all. The main focus of Breathe is to build a better community in which an individual can grow in their relationship with Christ. Wednesday Night Breathe: Wednesday Night Breathe is a Catholic weekly mini-retreat open to all faith backgrounds and led by student Peer Ministry Interns. All are invited for fellowship, music, and reflection. Breathe is a time for all of us to step outside of our busy schedules and breathe. Wednesday Night Breathe meets weekly at 8:00 p.m. in Our Lady’s Chapel.

Bible Study: Breathe Bible Study group meets weekly during the semester to explore scripture and its relationship to a particular topic. Contact the ministry office for the schedule at the beginning of each semester. Let us know if you would like to lead a Bible Study and we will help you get started.

Men’s and Women’s Group: Our Breathe Faith Sharing Groups consist of the UIW Men for Christ men’s group and the Proverbs 31 women’s group. Led by student Peer Ministry Interns, they meet regularly for faith sharing and fellowship based around scripture and prayer. Contact us for the schedule at the beginning of each semester.

Eucharistic Adoration: One Wednesday out of the month, the Breathe Ministry team invites all to come togther and celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist and Adoration at 8 p.m. in Our Lady’s Chapel.

Community Life: Community Life allows students who share the same values to participate in the life of the campus. You are invited to continue living your faith life by participating in the various social activities on campus. As a part of the Breathe Community, a student Peer Ministry Intern helps coordinate events with our Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Athletics department. Events such as bowling, movies, dances, our annual Golden Harvest canned food drive, and attending sports events together are just some ways students can live out their faith and be involved in the life of the campus.

Ministry Office (210) 283-6473

Vocations Group: If you seek to grow more deeply in your relationship with God, desire community support in living the Gospel values in today’s world, and want to bring the gift of healing and God’s love to the multitude, then University Mission & Ministry can help you explore your calling to Religious Life, Missionary Work, or Lay Ministry. Our Associate Chaplain and a Breathe Peer Ministry Intern lead group discussions throughout the academic year to help students on their journey of discernment.

Fr. James Mark Adame, O.SS.T. (210) 841-7239

Retreats University Mission and Ministry offers two yearly retreats that aim to help you strengthen and foster your relationship with God throughout your year of studies. Beth Villarreal - - (210) 829-2736

SALVE Retreat: Each fall semester, University Mission & Ministry offers a SALVE retreat for UIW students. The weekend is designed to give you an opportunity for inner reflection and welcome you to the UMM community. Located at a beautiful site in the Texas Hill Country, SALVE provides the ideal get-away to help you pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and, together with others, spread His joy to the world. SALVE is a Catholic-based retreat but is open to all Christian denominations.

Crossroads Crossroads Retreat: College presents many challenges, opportunities, and transitions. Often at the center of this transition is a person’s faith. Crossroads is designed for all new UIW students, catholic and non-catholic, to share this journey of faith with their peers and benefit from the experience and wisdom of upperclassmen who’ve made this transition. Crossroads offers students a chance to build community and address some important issues while making new friends.


University Mission & Ministry reaches out to those in need through promotion of peace and justice initiatives to educate our community on issues of hunger, poverty, exploitation, and injustices throughout the world. Meet the Mission & Alternative Spring Break: Each year, University Mission and Ministry collaborates with faculty in immersing ourselves in the San Antonio community. Faculty, staff, and students spend a whole day with local non-profit agencies. This outeach occurs every year on a Friday in September as Meet the Mission and again during Spring Break as Alternative Spring Break. It is an enriching time to learn more about ourselves and about the community we live in! Sr. Walter Maher, CCVI (210) 829-3939 - UIW Catholic Relief Services Ambassadors The CRS Student Ambassador program engages college students in tangible acts of solidarity to build a more just and peaceful world. Colleges and universities form on-campus chapters of student leaders who are trained by CRS to mobilize their peers and bring to life the mission of global solidarity on campus. Chapters are connected to one another and to CRS in order to build a national movement for impactful change. Fr. James Mark Adame, O.SS.T. (210) 841-7239 - Cardinals For Life A student-led group sponsored by University Mission and Ministry and grounded in Catholic social teachings, Cardinals for Life aims to inform and educate the UIW community on issues surrounding the dignity of human life. We seek to address with compassion and understanding injustices such as abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, and human rights violations, among others by providing opportunities for education, dialogue, and action in a loving and nonjudgmental environment. Beth Villarreal - (210) 829-2736 -

Ecumenical & Interfaith The University of the Incarnate Word is a Catholic institution that welcomes to its community persons of diverse backgrounds, in the belief that their respectful interaction advances the discovery of truth, mutual understanding, self-realization, and the common good. ~ University Mission Statement Rev. Dr. Trevor Alexander - - (210) 829-3130 Ecumenical Council: The Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs has a mandate from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to provide guidance in ecumenical and interreligious affairs between religions to determine concrete ways of forming relationships with our brothers and sisters of various denominations and faiths. Interfaith Council: The Interfaith Council is designed to inspire and influence our communities to embrace interfaith diversity and engage in collaborative action as a remedy for injustice, inequality, and intolerance.

Religious Student Organizations University Student Events and Programming offers opportunities to participate in your faith life through independent student-led organizations. Contact Campus Life at (210) 829-6034 or visit Catholic Daughters of the Americas Fellowship of Christian Athletes The Fire The Sisterhood of U.I.W. St. Vincent de Paul Society U.I.W. Interfaith Student Organization

Music Ministry All students and faculty are welcome to praise God through their instrumental and vocal talents. (210) 832-3207 -

Laudate Choir: The Laudate Choir sings for the 10:30 a.m. Mass in Our Lady’s Chapel. Rehearsals take place Tuesdays at 6:00 pm.

Jubilate Choir: The Jubilate Choir sings for the 8:00 pm. Mass in Our Lady’s Chapel. Rehearsals take place on Thursdays at 6:00 pm.

Vocalists and instrumentalists are welcome in both choirs. Cantor Ministry: Cantors are special ministers of sung prayer that serve at both Sunday Masses and are usually members of the choir. As available, they may also serve at special Masses. Extra rehearsal time is required. To schedule an interview contact the Music Ministry Office. Instrumentalists: Instrumentalists are welcome at both Masses, as well as for special liturgies throughout the school year. Experience with your instrument is required. To schedule an interview contact the Music Ministry Office. Sometimes Singers and Players: Faculty, staff, administration, and students who cannot be involved in the music ministry on a weekly basis can participate for special services or events throughout the year. To participate, members make a commitment to the event invitation by email or phone RSVP. To be included as part of the member list and notified of events, please contact the Music Ministry Office.

Media Ministry

Are you a Digital Creative? Come and be the digital hands and feet of the Incarnate Word. (210) 832-3207 - Who We Are: The purpose of Media Ministry is to make present the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, by building real relationships through digital invitation. Our goal is to creatively inspire students, faculty, staff, and the community at large to reflect and grow through their human experiences by searching for deeper relationship with God and others. What We Do: Photography and videography focus on documenting authentic relationships fueled by the love of God made known. We make quality creative videos and photos that inspire, attract, and encourage our community. Capturing stories is essential to seeing the community God created. When students, staff and guests share their experience with us, it gives readers the opportunity to see the heart of UIW. We go about this through interviews, editing and layout. Digital Community is dedicated to Social Media, Blogs, and Websites. We build community together and help others get involved via likes, tweets, snaps, pins, and shares.

Focus: Everything we do is to bring awareness of the Incarnate Word and of those in need in our community. Its truly rewarding work. Let us know if you have questisons or would like to meet with a Media minister today.

University of the Incarnate Word University Mission & Ministry 4301 Broadway CPO #29 San Antonio, TX 78209 Administration Building 147 (210) 829-3128 Fax: (210) 805-3066 E-mail: Follow us on  Twitter @UIW_UMM Facebook @ uiwumm

UIW Mission & Ministry Brochure  

Welcome to Mission & Ministry! Find your right fit for community and growth.

UIW Mission & Ministry Brochure  

Welcome to Mission & Ministry! Find your right fit for community and growth.