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Creating a new neighbourhood | Urban design involvement INVITED COMPETITION, WINNER PRODUCTION CULTURAL STRATEGY | URBAN Design PLANNING Client Carlsberg | Realdania The Danish Foundation for Culture & Sports Facilities | City of Copenhagen Collaboration Keinicke & Overgaard Arkitekter Primus Arkitekter & Streetmovement

Enabling a lively neighbourhood

Play like you’re at home

UiWE won an invited competition to design

At UiWE our focus was creating new ways for

temporary urban spaces in the new neighbourhood

people to use the area, dividing different types of

of Carlsberg with architectural office Keinicke &

traffic and users using simple graphic elements

Overgaard. Our project turns selected squares

and urban furniture. An ambition was to enable

in this unique, former industrial area into places

people to feel at home in this industrial area. We

where visitors can both hang out and be physically

aspired to enable people to redesign the area over

active. UiWE were responsible for the overall

time (as in your own home), making the urban

planning of the area and designed two squares:

furniture movable and flexible.

“Under the Pentroof” creates a unique, playful urban space with some 3200 ropes. Plads E hosts

Carlsberg urban design was presented at the

a café, new urban signage, places to sit and play.

Venice Biennale 2010.

UiWE Portfolio June 2012  
UiWE Portfolio June 2012  

A selection of works 2008 - 2012