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Markets, Responsibility, Culture, Values, Standards, Innovation, etc. Finally just Humans!

Guangzhou, November 14th 2013 Florian Beranek, UNIDO Principal Consultant CSR Hanoi, Vietnam


Living in a world of values and rules is leading to a world of


Individuals and organizations have EXPECTATIONS which are solely determining their behavior – fullstop! 3

What are your expectations? • What makes your working day a happy working day? • What do you expect from the veggies you buy for tomorrow’s dinner? • What do you expect from the teacher in your kids’ school? 4

Amazing that you did not mention a lot of so-called “mandatory” things such as laws, isn’t it?


The Evolution of Expectations Each cultural generation is defining it’s

quality of life criteria. And those criteria are determining our expectations. 6

The Evolution of Expectations So each change in the scope of our Quality of Life leads to new expectations. And business success is about meeting or even exceeding those expectations. 7

What is determining a resilient company’s behaviour?

P+Q P=$ : Q=∑E

The DNA of Compliance Technical


Blackbox EXPECTATIONS Social




rules and laws


▼ not meeting

non conformity ▼ fines / punishment

▼ no consequences




rules and laws


▼ not meeting

Factual Compliance

non conformity ▼

fines / punishment

▼ no consequences


How to bring this all together?


culturally 12

Pay attention to even small signals in the Multi-Stakeholder process 13

to manage all expectations and impacts with 14

The Seven Principles • Accountability • Transparency • Ethical behavior • Respect for stakeholder interests • Respect for the rule of law • Respect for international norms of behavior • Respect for human rights 15

Community involvementand development

The environment

n i z a ti on




a rg

Human rights


Consumer issues

Labour practices

The 7 Core Subjects of ISO26000

Fair operating practices


The reap26 Roadmap for responsible, sustainable and successful business

Getting inspired, committed and started!

Doing the RIGHT Things!

Doing the Things RIGHT!

The Recipe The more common values, common language, common culture and finally common sense an organization is agreeing on with its stakeholders, the higher will be the individuals’ input and subsequently the organizational output. Moving from closed organizations to open organization by using the ability of all stakeholders to review, question, rethink and share 18

Contact and Information Florian Beranek UNIDO Principal Consultant CSR, ASEAN

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