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How to Find a Talent 1

It’s time to rethink talent. Talents may be artistic or technical, mental or physical, personal or social. You can be a talented introvert or a talented extrovert. Your talents don’t have to make you rich, don’t have to be useful, or ‘normal’, but they will always be your own, a part of what makes you into you.





You can’t know if you’ve got a talent for guitar if you never try to play the guitar. The same is true for all other things, like singing, knitting, riding a unicycle ... Find a talent that seems cool and learn everything you can about it. Find out what it takes and see what you’ve got. If you never try, you’ll never know. You’re not going to find a talent without trying. You can only find your natural abilities, skills, and talents when you test them out and look for new experiences. Make it your goal to try something new every week. You might not discover something that you’re super-talented at, but maybe you pick up a guitar one day and find out it feels comfortable in your hands and decide to learn more. Maybe you discover an ability to connect with animals at the shelter, something you’d never experienced before. Maybe you learn you’re great at playing computer games. That’s the start of talent. Get outside and scrape your knees. Go on adventures, try out different sports, outdoor hobbies like fishing, hiking, and climbing to see if you’ve got a natural ability or an instinct for it. 2  Try things that are easy. 



What comes naturally to you? What do you do without thinking? What do you love? If you love to spend all day doodling, reading, or dancing, there’s no point in wasting time wishing you had a talent for baking. Focus on the talents you do have by focusing on what comes easiest to you. If you’re in school, what homework comes most easily to you? Those subjects might be some of your natural talents. Pay attention to what other people might have noticed about you. Often other people can spot your talents better than you do yourself. Ask your family, your friends, and your teachers to help you figure out what you make look easy.

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1  Stop waiting for talents to appear.



3  Try things that are hard.



Does the stage frighten you, or maybe public speaking? Writing a story and finishing it? Grab the mic and put pen to paper. Do what scares you. What would you love to be naturally good at? Give it a try and see if it really is as hard as it seems. James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, suffered from terrible stuttering as a child. He was terrified of speaking in class and only learned to speak properly by facing his fear. Now, he’s famous as one of the most talented voice actors in the world. 4  Follow your obsessions.

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What are other people tired of hearing you talk about? What can you do all day long? Use the things you’re obsessed with to discover abilities and talents that you might be hiding. Even if you’re obsessed with something that’s hard to connect to a talent, like watching television or movies, give yourself some credit. Maybe you have a talent for telling stories, or analysing them. Channel that obsession into learning about film history and learning how movies are made. You might become a famous film director one day.



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