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Clear lines and sober colours. Architecture that simultaneously exudes power and Zen. That is the essence of Think New Modern.

Let Europe’s finest style experts spice up your home. In VOLUME they share their tips and tales to make sure you can have your own unique, colourful home as the reflection of your life story. We asked Patrick Kooiman, curator of VOLUME and author and photographer of, about his own 3 ultimate pieces of advice to turn up the volume in your interior! 1 Tell your story. The best interiors tell a coherent story – they have a concept. The moment your guests set foot in your home, they should see exactly what you are trying to say. 2 Mix it up. It’s all about context and contrast. Old and new, rough and smooth, don’t be afraid to clash different styles. 3 Turn up the volume. Ignore trends, stop visiting Pinterest. Your home should be about YOU as a loud and proud individual. Your home can be colourful, sophisticated and tell a kick-ass story.

Volume – Let Europe’s Finest Style Experts Spice up Your Home Patrick Kooiman ISBN 9789401442701 English. €39.99 Available

Think New Modern Interiors by Swimberghe & Verlinde Piet Swimberghe & Jan Verlinde ISBN 9789401454735 English, Dutch, French. €39.99 Available

A white facade, 5 floors and an open door Graanmarkt 13 in collaboration with Cereal ISBN 9789401456951 English. €49.99 Available

All things tell stories. Take them with you. — Graanmarkt 13


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Marked magazine 2019