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In the greener part of the city of Baltimore, near the Hampden district along the banks of the Jones Falls River, an old cotton factory from 1870 was transformed into a luxury apartment complex. Today, it is more commonly known as Cotton Mill N°1. Hilton Carter, filmmaker, producer, and an interior decorator and plant specialist in his own right, found his dream loft there. “You feel almost as if you are in the countryside, when you are actually living right in the heart of the city. That makes this place a unique location.”, Hilton says. Though it may look like a jungle, he did not place any of these plants at random. “I see a plant in the house as a design element,” Hilton continues, “and especially with bigger specimens, you can set the tone and make a room even more warm and inviting.

Wonderplants 2 Your urban jungle interior Irene Schampaert ISBN 9789401449274 (EN) ISBN 9789401450751 (NL) English & Dutch. €34.99 Available


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