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#WishIWasHere Carefully selecting and curating a range of beautiful books for beautiful people and bringing them together under the name MARKED may not be an easy task, but it is the one we’ve taken on. The challenge we face is evaluating and deciding what is beautiful and what is not when there is no such thing as a universal taste. De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est. That there’s no arguing about colours is refuted loud and clear by Patrick Kooiman in ‘Volume’. Followed by Iris De Feijter and Irene Schampaert who are definitely ‘not afraid of pink, orange & green’. Colour is also the bohemian-chic leitmotif in ‘Life is Ibiza’ and in the bright world of top designer Dries Van Noten. A stark contrast to the deconstruction reigning in the world of Martin Margiela. ‘Stoned’ takes us on a different ‘trip’, one that shows us marble and natural stone incorporated into interiors and architecture by some of the biggest names in the design world. Artists on the rocks, shaken, not stirred. Turkish photographer Aydin Büyüktas takes us on a pictorial roller coaster in ‘Flatland’: images that will bend your mind. We see ourselves gradually withdrawing from the hustle and bustle. Whether it’s exploring the ‘Vanlife’, simply ‘Roaming America’ or let yourself be ‘Guided by Food’ on any trip you take, we’re all looking to escape our daily routine from time to time. Abandoned is what you could call the desolate universe of the Mothmeister artist duo. Their faces covered with masks, they spin ‘Weird and Wonderful Post-Mortem Fairy Tales’ that take you on an alienating, mystical trip. This bridges the distance to the frozen-in-time, natural beauty of taxidermy. As artful as ambitious, the Darwin, Sinke en Van Tongeren duo, picked up by Damien Hirst, published their ‘First Book’. Are we as human beings indebted to nature? We certainly owe it something, if not everything. The insignificance you experience when you brave the forces of the ocean, bobbing on the swell, waiting for that one wave or ‘High Tide’, is overwhelming. ‘Surf & Stay’ is the motto of 2019. Be different. Be more ‘Unicorn’.

Niels Famaey Style & Art Publisher

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Marked magazine 2019  

Marked magazine 2019