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When you say Ibiza, you say sun, sea and the Mediterranean way of life. But, you also say gorgeous design, funky interiors, scrumptious food and breathtaking nature. The hype never ends, and rightly so. ‘Life is Ibiza’ will bring the summer vibe into your home with the most beautiful interiors, imposing architecture and pictures that will have you imagine you are standing amidst the azure bays yourself.

Carmen Straatsma, Interior Designer, has been living on Ibiza since 2008, in San Mateo.

What’s your story? How did you end up in Ibiza? After a close friend of mine bought a small house in the countryside, I went to visit him for a week. I’d known Ibiza mostly for its nightlife, but during that week I fell in love twice. First with the friend, and then with the island. What is it about the island that attracts you most? The freedom, and a sense of peacefulness, not always apparent in summer. It’s also important for me to be in touch with nature and experience the changes of rhythm that are so typical here. Personally I find it easier to really be myself here than anywhere else. There is a unbeatable quality of acceptance to the island, and I have the feeling it encourages and sometimes even pushes you to find your own way. That in combination with a lot of likeminded, non-judgemental people living here makes it the perfect place.

Life is Ibiza People. Houses. Life. Anne Poelmans ISBN 9789401449106 English. €39.99 Available

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