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Perm region newspaper

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007


International Festival “The Diaghilev Seasons: Perm-Petersburg-Paris” May 15–23, 2007 International Festival «The Diaghilev Seasons» in Perm has been held once in two years since 2003, with attraction of the broad audience of domestic and foreign stage professionals and creative collectives. The festival founders are Russian Federation Ministry of Culture, Perm region Administration, Union of theatrical figures of Russia, Perm state academic opera and ballet theatre named after P.I.Tchaikovsky, «the Pearl of Urals» — the Perm local public fund of support and development of the opera and ballet Perm academic theatre, Perm art gallery.

From May,15th till May, 23rd, 2007 Festival winners of Competition in producer projects field will be determined within the limits of the third «Diaghilev Seasons»; numerous guests and participants from France and Great Britain, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and many other countries will celebrate 20th anniversary of «Diaghilev readings» and D.Shostakovich’s 100th anniversary; on the stages of this multicultural forum unique performances and concerts, seminars and symposiums, art exhibitions and film-shows from reserves of the Parisian cinemateque are going to be held.

Diaghilev monument Today at the first day of «The Diaghilev Seasons» Solemn Inauguration of the monument to Sergei Diaghilev will take place. The monument is placed inside the Sergei Diaghilev Museum House. It was necessary to disassemble the roof to set up a monument on its designated place. After that the four-meter monument weighted more than 2 tons was installed in the Museum House building with help of elevating crane. The author of a monument is the famous Sculptor Ernest Neizvestnyj. The monument has been delivered from New York by the special liner to the port of St.-Petersburg, further by train it was sent to Perm. It is practically the only monument to Sergey Dyagilev. We say «Practically» because there is a small monument in Paris. But it is almost destroyed, overgrown with weed long time ago, and also «the stone impresario» lost his nose. The fourmeter monument will stand at the Dyagilev Museum House until the Perm opera administrative-rehearsal building is constructed, where it will be installed once and for all.

Editor Why did you start publishing English language newspaper? Are there a lot of foreigners? These questions we’ve been being asked for three weeks already, in the other words from the first day of “The Perm Days” existence. Certainly, Perm is not Moscow (and doesn’t pretend to its status), where it seems that there are more foreigners than natives. But we have guests from out of the country as well. And the main goal of the newspaper is to demonstrate you, the foreign guests of Perm, that same people like in your native town live here, and nobody is going to take your jeans off and steal you chewing gum. Yes, Perm as well as Russia in whole has terrible policemen, who like to take bribes a lot. Yes, there is a lot of litter on the streets, a lot of bums and drunks… But it is worth it to walk by our streets, and you shouldn’t hire a couple of bodyguards with pitbulls or take a bulletproof vest on; visit our restaurants with no risk of being poisoned. We are open for you. We are the same as you, but only Russians. Larissa Azanova Editor-in-chief

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Perm region newspaper

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007


Culture events International Festival “The Diaghilev Seasons: Perm-Petersburg-Paris” May 15–23, 2007

Sergei DIAGHILEV (1872-1929) The man who revolutionized ballet in the early 20th century was not a dancer. It was Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev, who combined great music, painting, and drama with new types of choreography in Ballets Russes, dance company, he founded and directed. Diaghilev was born in Novgorod province of Russia on March 31, 1872. He was trained in music and law. He began organizing art exhibitions and publications while in his 20s. His career took off when he moved to Paris, where in 1909 he started the Ballets Russes in which he combined many art forms into one. Diaghilev used the best

artists available. He employed the talents of such dancers as Anna Pavlova and Vazlav Nizhinsky; such choreographers as Michel Fokine, Lionide Massine, and George Balanchine; such painters as Lion Bakst and Pablo Picasso; such composers as Igor Stravinsky and Maurice Ravel; and such poet as Jean Cocteau, among others. The performance of Ballets Russes was unusual to audiences. The choreography was more expressive and the music more powerful than ever before, with sometimes unsettling consequences. Stravinsky’s masterpieces “The Firebird”, performed in 1910, and “Petrushka” (1911) were appreciated, but the music of “The Rite of Spring” (1913) caused such booing from the audience that the dancers could not even hear the orchestra. Diaghilev toured his company extensively, permanently rekindling enthusiasm for the dance. Of course it was very difficult for D. to work in atmosphere of immigration. He was separated from his Motherland & from his talented friends in Russia. His work depended greatly on the Paris fashion & “the music-hall” type of music. The quality of his ballets suffered greatly. But nevertheless he managed to keep the international glory of the Russian ballet. He dreamt about coming back to Russia & especially to Perm, where he spent his childhood. Diaghilev was afraid of water for all his life, because once a fortune-teller told him that he would find his death near the water. He died in Venice when he was having rest there in 1929. And he is buried in Venice.

The Diaghilev Mansion This is the house, where S.P.Diaghilev spent his childhood & youth. It was built in 1850 by the famous architect Karvovski in the late classic style. It was situated at Sibirskaya street. It used to be a wonderful 30-room mansion with the winter garden, stables and the cellar. The history of this house is closely connected with the history of our country. During the Civil War there were soldiers barracks here. The signs on the walls tell us about the life of soldiers. Then it was Kolchack’s headquarters here. In the years of the W.W.II there was a hospital in our school. After the War it was the Soviet school named after Gorki. Since 1992 we call our school Diaghilev Grammar School. This mansion belonged to Sergei`s grandfather who lived in our city & had 2 wine plants & several houses in Perm region. But for us his name is important because of its connection with the building of the Perm Opera House.

Pavel Dmitriyevich donated a large sum of money for its construction. Diaghilev`s life is closely connected with many cities of the world but it was Perm, which influenced greatly on his formation as the man of arts.

Festival programme May 15, Tuesday — The Sergei Diaghilev House Museum. Inauguration of the monument to Sergei Diaghilev by Ernst Neizvestny (USA). 11:00. — The Sergei Diaghilev House Museum. VIIth Diaghilev Readings. 12:00-14:00. — The International Symposium. Research workers and critics from Russia, France, Great Britain, USA, Germany, the Netherlands. (The twentieth anniversary of the Diaghilev Readings). — The Perm Arts Gallery. Opening of Ernst Neizvestny’s personal exhibition. 17:00. — The Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Opening gala. 19:00. I. Opening ceremony. II. Du cote de chez Swan. Choreography by Aleksei Miroshnichenko. Leonid Desyatnikov (composer) and the ballet soloists of the Mariinsky theatre (St-Petersburg). III. Two ballets to F. Chopin’s music. Les Sylphides, The Concert. With Pavel Nersesian (piano), international awards winner.

May 16, Wednesday — The Sergei Diaghilev House Museum. VIIth Diaghilev Readings. 10:00-14:00. — The Conference Hall. The International seminar on musical theatre with participation of European music researchers. 11:00 - 14:00. — The Perm Art Gallery. Russian avant-garde painters exhibition (Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova). 15:00. — The Organ Hall. Inauguration of the multimedia exhibition “Beat of the wings, beat of the heart”. 16:00. (Anna Pavlova, Yvette Chauvire, Maya Plisetskaya). In association with Agence SIPA Press (France), French Cultural Center in Moscow, Alliance Francaise of Perm. — The Organ Hall. Composer Leonid Desyatnikov’s concert (St-Petersburg). 16:30. — The Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. A. Dvorak. …named Little Mermaid. 19:00.

May 17, Thursday — The Sergei Diaghilev House Museum. VIIth Diaghilev Readings. 10:00-13:00. The Conference Hall. International seminar on musical theatre. 10:00 - 13:00. The Perm Cinematheque. Lectures-demonstrations of the films from the collection of the French Cinematheque. 15:00. With assistance of the French Cultural Center in Moscow. — The Exhibition Hall. Opening of the exhibition The Balanchine Century. Photographs from the collections of the St-Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music Art, of the Mariinsky Theatre Museum and the collection of photographs by Paul Kolnik (USA). 17:00. — The Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Russian Premiere. Joint Russian and American project of the Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre and The Robbins Rights Trust. Jerome Robbins’s choreography on the Perm stage: The Four Seasons to the music by G. Verdi The Concert by F. Chopin. 19:00.

May 18, Friday — The Sergei Diaghilev House Museum. VIIth Diaghilev Readings. 10:00-13:00. — The Conference Hall. International seminar on musical theatre. 10:00-13:00. — The Perm Cinematheque. Lectures-demonstrations of the films from the collection of the French Cinematheque. 15:00. — The Organ Hall. Organ Music Concert. Anastasia Sidelnikova (organ, Moscow). Elke Voelker (organ, Germany). With the assistance of the Goethe-Institut in Moscow. 17:00. — The Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Russian premiere. J. Massenet Cinderella. (with guest conductor and Mariinsky theatre soloists) 19:00.

— The Perm Arts Gallery, The Perm Region Museum. Museum Night. 20:00–24:00.

May 19, Saturday — The “Triumph” cinema house. Lectures-demonstrations of the films from the collection of the French cinema collection. 11:00. — The Young Spectator’s Theatre. Modern choreography. The Nations Theatre presents: The Coloured Dreams of a White Donkey. 12:00. — The Organ Hall. Opera arias in flamenco style (USA), Jazz meets opera (Netherlands). With the assistance of the Cultural Council of the Netherlands Royal Embassy in Russia. 17:00. — The Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. To the centenary of D. Shostakovich. Balda (D. Shostakovich – V. Vasiliev – V. Volski, R. Volski) 20:00.

May 20, Sunday — The Perm Ballet School. Concert of the Perm Ballet School students. 12:00. — The “Premiere” cinema house. Jean Cocteau’s films retrospective show. 14:00. — The Organ Hall. Contemporary Music Ensemble (Moscow). 17:00. Shostakovich, his students and successors. — Excursions. Svedomsky Estate – the Tchaikovsky house museum.

May 21, Monday — The “Premiere” cinema house. Jean Cocteau’s films retrospective show. 15:00. — The Organ Hall. Contemporary Music Ensemble (Moscow). Russia – France – Finland: youth’s creation. Young composers’ works. Tapio Tuomela, composer (Finland). With the assistance of the Finnish Embassy in Russia. 16:30. — The Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. World premiere. Russian showcase. Presentation of opera works by Russian composers: Chertogon – N. Sidelnikov, Poor Lisa – L. Desyatnikov, The Pit and the Pendulum – A. Raskatov, The Enchanted Wanderer – R. Shchedrin. 19:00.

May 22, Tuesday — The “Premiere” cinema house. Jean Cocteau’s films retrospective show. 14:00. — Тhe Drama Theatre. Contemporary dance programme. Songs of Komitas (St-Petersburg, Vadim Kasparov Company), The Other Side of the River. Russian premiere (Olga Pona Company, Chelyabinsk), the joint Russian and Dutch project: Itzik Galili’s choreography performed by the Evgeniy Panfilov Ballet Company. Things I Told Nobody, Mono Lisa. With the assistance of the Cultural Council of the Netherlands Royal Embassy in Russia. 19:00.

May 23, Wednesday — Round-table discussions: contemporary choreography. 12:00. — The Perm State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Closing of the festival. 19:00. Contest for the best producer projects (wrap up, rewarding). Gala performance. The soloists of the Paris National Opera, the Mariinsky Theatre, the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Evgeniy Panfilov Ballet Company. The programme is subject to changes

Perm region newspaper

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007


STRATEGIC NEWS Three mysterious letters The share investment funds (the PIF), allowing average citizens to invest in the real estate, appeared In Perm. Share funds, companies, the work of which brings incomes to usual citizens, become more and more popular in Russia. The overwhelming number of share funds is located in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, but gradually an opportunity to invest in the PIF is coming to regions also. PIF, allowing small investors to invest into the real estate, appeared in Perm. The federal service on the financial markets registered “Prikamye Apartments” — closed share fund of the real estate under “Ermak” company control. Means of fund will be directed into the industry of habitation construction

in Perm. Thus, buying this fund shares, Perm citizens can get benefits due to the rise of prices of the real estate. Formation of fund began on May, 10th, the fund amount is 200 million roubles. Now “Ermak” is selecting building companies to cooperate with, definite projects will be chosen some time later. “Prikamye Apartments” Fund is one of the most expected novelties at the local market of private investments in 2007. The minimum sum for fund entering is 20 thousands roubles that can open road to the real estate market for a lot of private investors. Earlier similar funds were registered by the other Perm operating company, named “Vitus”, but the fund entering threshold there starts from one million roubles.

Purchase of the month Company Combocom Holdings Limited has taken up 83% Lysva “Drive” plant shares on May, 2nd, 2007.

Round table with the European Union Inter-parliamentary round table will take place in the “Demidkovo” sanatorium on May, 28-29th Deputies from the majority of the European Union countries, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, representatives of President Administration and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, ambassadors of the European Union will participate in it. Visitors will discuss the conclusion of the agreement on partnership and cooperation between Russia and the European

countries. It is expected, that Sergey Yastrzhembsky — the assistant to the Russian Federation President and Oleg Morozov the first vice-president of the State Duma will also take part in discussion. The level of the invited persons demonstrates the meeting importance. It becomes some kind of a pilot run of signing the agreement on partnership with the European Union. Perhaps, the dialogue at the Perm territory will determine priorities of the future cooperation between Russia and Europe.

Swedish IKEA will construct shopping and entertainment center Swedish concern IKEA chose the ground area in Perm for shopping and entertaining center of a «Mega» format construction. The building site is in Kondratovo district across the street to the METRO shopping center. Object construction will last for about 15-18 months. Presumably the shopping center area will be approximately 150-180 thousand sq.m.

Authorities developed a strategic plan of the out-of-date habitation destruction.

“University for the third age”. This is the program of education and socializing, organized for pensioners social adaptation. They study in 4 groups: “Health”, “Psychology”, “Law” and “Garden”. Training system is organized like the university system: generated students groups

According to the plan of Perm administration, “ill conditioned” habitation, including «hrushchevki», should disappear in the nearest decade. It is planned

to sell by auction eight blocks of shabby habitation already this year. Builders will be ready to settle apartments’ owners, if their requirements are not «overestimated». But Perm city Duma deputies believe that it is not necessary to hurry up with destroying “hrushchevki”.

New air terminal Perm region government approved The project of the new air terminal new building New terminal will be intended for taking the international flights. The project of new air terminal was presented to the Perm region government

by Yugoslavian Guvas Company. Under the project the new terminal is a three-storyed building of 7,2 thousand sq.m. It is supposed, that it will be equipped with telescopic gangways. The new terminal is planned to be commissioned by the end of 2008.

IKEA, Auchan, OBI and Castorama will be presented here. Investments into the Perm region economy with shopping center construction can achieve $225-360 million. The company develops IKEA Mega project only in Russia. There are eight «Mega» shopping centers currently in Russia: three in Moscow, two in St.-Petersburg and one in Nizhni Novgorod, Kazan and Ekaterinburg.

University for the third age Perm region department of the LDPR political party plans to present the «University for pensioners» project at a federal level.

Old habitation to destroy?

Earlier, in February, 2007, a Crosslink Limited increased its share in Lysva plant capital from 0,02% up to 17,23%.

attend lessons, examinations marks are put down to markbooks. Today 120–150 persons study at the university, organized by LDPR in Perm region. Training term is planned for 3 months with 1 or 2 lessons per week. Teachers of the city high schools work with pensioners. According to Andrey Alikin, the Head of LDPR fraction in Legislative assembly, university for pensioners is the party original idea, which is planned for proposing to the federal level.

Perm region newspaper

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007


FRAMES Holiday of the Great victory May, 9th Military parade devoted to the Day of the Victory has been held on May, 9th in Perm. Then Oleg Chirkunov, the governor, addressed to veterans and inhabitants: “We, Perm region citizens, are saying thanks to generation which fought at the war, worked on the rear, and restored the country. Thank you that you were at the war front, thank you for taking your fathers’ place in the rear and forged the Victory working at factory machines,

Public Opinion The city residents have been questioned by the Perm sociologists: what does a holiday of the Great victory May, 9th mean for you? Persons from 18 till 87 years old participated in the survey. This fact allowed to form a representation about the role of the May, 9th holiday for Perm citizens as a whole. The survey showed that 51% of the interrogated people considered that May, 9th was a holiday of a victory in the Great Domestic War of Russian people over fascist invaders. About 22% of the citydwellers answered, that it was a holiday of unity and power of Russian people. Approximately 11% noted that it was unique state holiday of greatness and advantage of Russia as a mighty state. Another 7% of the townspeople considered this date as a holiday of all veterans, all people who could stand up for the country and «not surrendered a native land». For 5% of the responded people it is the one of the greatest Russian holidays. And 4% designated this holiday as the most grandiose holiday by scale because it includes parades, processions, demonstrations and all TV channels show only this subjects. Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that May, 9th remains especially significant holiday for Russian people and the country as a whole, the holiday of the Great victory and Russian unity!

thank you that you won. The Motherland will always remember your feat.” The day before the Authorities of Perm and Perm region placed wreaths and flowers to the graves of Great Domestic War participants, military burial places and the Great Domestic War memorials. Today approximately 3 thousands of the participants of the 1941-1945 military actions and 126 thousand person workers of the rear live in Perm region.

The Perm youth about May, 9th On the May 7th as a part of the Day of the Victory celebration a traditional meeting of students and veterans was held at the Mourning Mother memorial at the military graveyard. The weather was a factor, which could ruin the whole ceremony. Cold wind was blowing, and the students who took part in the performance, as well as those, who participated as guests had a serious possibility to catch a cold. Nevertheless attendance wasn’t voluntary, and all the students

were obliged to stay there until the event was over. May be that is why some parts of the ceremony had a great, and to some extent weird, success with a public. Proposal to start the ceremony was followed by a storm of applause and shouts “Bravo” which could hardly be considered as appropriate in such a case. During the whole ceremony some students laughed loudly and swayed with carnations. After all, when so many years have past, and so many new interpretations of the events which took place in 1939-1945 have appeared, do we still need this “tearful holiday” as a famous soviet song says? Isn’t this ceremony held on the 7th of May a sign to show us that people don’t want it any more? Such conclusions are fast

to come, but at the same time they are crucially wrong. Those, who saw grateful tears of veterans, amazed with student performances in their honor, would share our viewpoint. Those who saw the faces of students, feeling the pain and pride of veterans as their own, would definitely agree with us. For sure we are free to ignore Day of a Victory as a kind of historical speculation or use it as an extra free day for a picnic. But first of all the day of the May 9th is a victory of nation in the struggle for their life and independence. That is why, on May 9th, we congratulate the veterans with an open mind and heart. We go to the rainy streets; we express our gratitude for the liberation of our Motherland.

Perm region newspaper

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007


culture heritage Varvara Kalpidi and her “wrong” movies The majority of films task is to make a spectator grieve or laugh for some time. In fact, films are made in order to distract people from problems and please them. To see and to forget. Therefore Varvara Kalpidi’s movies can be called “wrong” movies. This is “specific” cinema which is urged to amaze and touch those parts of soul, which we forget about sometimes. No, Varvara Kalpidi does not annoy with morals, her films do not answer questions, but put them. Her works, always interesting and surprising, make people think, what is unusual for the modern cinema. Provincial budget and not provincial movie The thing that distinguishes us from Hollywood is money. Obviously, Perm budget opportunities are much less. We practically don’t have money for shootings at all. “I work for the idea, only because of enthusiasm, a film created actually with minimal means turns out a high level”. Perm City secrets. Perm is really mysterious city, with a lot of blank spots in its history. There is a great number of Perm riddles, myths and legends. Some of the Perm legends are discussed, there are even publications about them. Varvara Kalpidi set herself a problem to visualize them, becoming the scriptwriter and the producer of a documentary-art films cycle “Perm City secrets”. “The idea of the “Perm City secrets” project belongs to my daughter Liza Kalpidi”. All project movies are parts of a huge motley mosaic, which is named Perm. By today there are five movies made, which received a lot of cinematographic and television premiums, including allRussian ones. “Bishop garden” touches questions of impartial, concealed side of Perm history. Bishop garden was the name a cemetery behind Perm Cathedral. Eminent citizens were buried here. Nowadays there is a zoo located on its territory. Film tells about the legendary doctor Gral, buried in Bishop garden.

Varvara Kalpidi — a producer and a scriptwriter, International Journalists Union member, owner of many awards, including the “Bridging the Gap Russia Project” ВВС World Service TRUST” (2001-2003) competition winner diploma. Author of «History Clishes» and «Forward to the past!» creative soirees. Dissertations and degree works are written based on her films. “Story with the vision” — Film discovers a mystery of the vision which visits the main artist of the Perm theatre of Young Spectator Jury Zharkov. Probably, it is a phantom of Elizabeth Lyubimova, who was the owner of the house where the theatre is situated nowadays. “Perm of Masons” — According to one of city legends, masons have played an outstanding role in Perm history, to the extent that Perm was founded by the city members of Masonic lodge. For the first time the ceremony of initiation to the masons was screened . “Candle-ends” — Movie about Perm youth “free love leagues”, existed in the beginning of 20 century. “In Zaratustra searches” — long time ago there was an Aryan civilization in Urals Mountains. According to followers of Zaratustra, exactly on the territory of Perm approximately in 3000 B.C Zaratustra was born. Though all films of the project are created on the basis of historically authentic data of the city, this is not just a documentary cycle. More precisely, this is a documentary-art series: the documentary facts are organically combined with fiction here. None of the

episodes is casual. That is another demonstration of a Varvara Kalpidi’s high level work. There are some more episodes at different stages of development. “But, honestly, I have already lost interest to the “Perm City secrets” project. But first of all, it happened because many people had already shot

films on this topic by now. For me the main thing here is that new certain format of material representation has been developed by me. My other series named “Perm city Streets” is shot in absolutely different film shooting format. In this series the ancient streets history is told by historical pictures. Both

of these formats “Perm City Streets Street” and “Perm City secrets” can be used in other cities and countries, since “secrets” or “streets history” are everywhere. “Louisville — Perm. The Love Story” It is the last Varvara Kalpidi’s work. The movie is about the history of Perm-Louisville Sister-Cities’ relationship. History of the friendship of two cities or the “Love story” began in 1994. The most part of the film is an interview with those who initiated establishing of the link and with those who are engaged in current joint projects. Jerry Abramson, the Mayor of Louisville, Sharon Receveur, President of “Sister-Cities of Louisville”, and active participants of SCL programs, teachers and students of Perm and Louisville Universities, shared their memories about events and actions held together and told about their friends in Perm An interesting moment – American woman took part in film shootings. She is constantly visited by Russian guests. By now she had more than hundreds of visitors from Russia, and one of them had even brought a cat named “Moorzik”.

Soundtrack of the movie is compiled of jazz and Russian classics. Louisville City secrets? “Perm and Louisville are incredibly similar to each other. Certainly, they are two absolutely different cities: Russian Perm and American Louisville. But there is a lot in common. Starting with a landscape: the great rivers, caves (Kungur Cave in Perm and Mammoth Cave in Louisville), ending with unique coincidence: there is an ancient cemetery in center of a Louisville zoo, practically as well as in Perm . Louisville is really very interesting city. The “impressionistic” journalist and the writer H.S.Thompson, sciencefiction writer Rudy Rucker, well-known director and scriptwriter Gus Van Sant, boxer Mohammed Ali were born here. And, as a remarkable fact – there is no man or woman who would not know “Happy Birthday To You” song. This is the most performed song all over the earth. But almost nobody knows, that it has been written in 1890 by Mildred Hill from Louisville! And original riddles and secrets of city are just encountered. Definitely, the city deserves rapt attention”.

Belaya Gora Monastery excursion Belaya Gora Monastery is located approximately in 50 kilometers to the west of Kungur. It is possible to get there only by personal transport, by a taxi or by foot (10 kilometers uphill from Kalinino village). But Belaya Gora Monastery is worth it. The lonely White Mountain with height of 446 meters towers in the middle of the Ural forests and hills. A grandiose cathedral, the 7-th temple by size in Russia, visible for many kilometers, and seemed to soar in the sky above the forest is situated on the top of the mountain. Belaya Gora

Monastery has been founded in the end of XIX century, and the construction of the cathedral has been completed in 1917, in period between two revolutions. In the next few years the cathedral has been critically damaged and stayed abandoned to the end of 90’s of the 20th century. Now the cathedral is under the reconstruction. Near to the cathedral there are the Imperial cross with approximate height of 10 meters and set of the inhabited constructions, taking all the flat top of the mountain. The monastery amazes the imagination. In clear day the magnificent panorama is seen from

here: Kungur, and also a dark cloud of smog, which is actually Perm, are perfectly visible. But this place is not less impressive when in a fog: you can’t see the mountain’s foot from the top, and it is easily to imagine, that you are already off the guilty Earth.

Perm region newspaper

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007


MENU PELMENI. The Choice of the Urals! 1972









wine-vodka drinks labels. A. P. Piragis’s collection

Good morning after Russian vodka The pelmeni word has its original translation as «ear of dough». This strange name is bounded to their form. It is considered that pelmeni as a meal has come to Urals from Eastern Siberia in 14th century. They are so popular here, that are often associated with Urals as their homeland. Pelmeni have ritual significance what is natural for national cuisine, three kinds of meat (beef, pork and mutton) were mixed in it incarnating the sacrifice of all sorts of domestic livestock. Now pelmeni are prepared with various stuffings: pure beef, pork or chicken. They are slathered with butter, soured-cream or spicy sauce. Even mushrooms and cabbage are used as the stuffing, but men don’t take it seriously — real pelmeni should have real meat in it! Moreover, they are not only simple, satisfying dish, but they are so good with vodka. This simple dish has some secrets of preparation concerning of dough, ingredients of stuffing and their proportions. That’s why the competition among manufacturers is high, and hand prepared pelmeni are always more valuable and preferable. Taste this traditional dish in our city’s restaurants.

Survival Guide Joking apart! Vodka is a drink with magical powers. For centuries vodka was used as therapeutic and curative substance. Vodka strengthens weak and tired ones. A shot of vodka can return life power faster than food. Vodka is antiseptic, diuretic, antitoxin and sedative substance. It helped many soldiers of many wars as sedative in surgeries. Alcohol based medicinal tinctures for many different diseases are sold in apothecaries, and also diluted alcohol is widely used as disinfectant. Vodka can be used externally to reduce high fever by rubbing onto patient’s body, chest, legs or upper back. A habit to drink 30-50 grams of vodka every day helps to prevent atherosclerosis and improve blood circulation. But craftiness and danger of vodka lie in the fact that Intoxication comes suddenly. And many people just do not know when to stop.

Cafe «Matter of a Taste» is located in the calm center of Perm. The successful combination of the brisk center and silent street, the cosy design, soft gentle music and friendly atmosphere altogether make this cafe especially attractive. Cafe «Matter of a Taste» is an ideal place to carry out business negotiations with partners and colleagues. You can set up a romantic dinner or just have a tasty snack as well.

Vodka can make you feel warm and joyful, and for a while you may be acting fine, and your speech may be OK, and you want to continue drinking. But! But the next morning you may experience headache, bad memories, or no memories at all. Some statistics claim that Russians get drunk 10 times slower than Europeans, even though genetically they can’t digest alcohol at all! Certainly, it is not true. Russians just know what to do before and after having a drink. If you know what to eat then you can enjoy this fabulous drink without any bad effect on your body. Before the party: It is good to eat some meat soup or broth with 50 grams of vodka. Doing this two hours prior to the party prepares the organism and causes later drinking to have a less negative effect on the body. It is also helpful to be active before the evening; this prolongs the

time to intoxication. During the party: Eat something after each shot, but do not eat too much. Do not mix vodka with Coke because this leads to fast alcohol intoxication. Do not mix vodka with other alcoholic drinks, especially with beer! Do not listen to Russians when they tell you «Vodka without beer is money down to the drain», this is just simple extreme joke. Try to stick to vodka only. And please do not drink more than you can handle. Eat something with vitamin C before going to sleep (a lemon, a grapefruit …). For some people a glass of milk before the sleep helps to avoid a hangover next morning. Before getting to bed well air your room, provide good inflow of pure air. After the party: On the next day, you can feel dizziness, nausea, giddiness and instability. Congratulations! This is

the hangover. Concentrated broth, chicken or any meat, or pickles’ brine can help (that’s what Russians do). Take a bath or a shower. Drink some coffee. Caffeine tones up and also widens blood vessels. Tea with a lemon, Russian kefir, Coke or mineral water also could help. Beer is a bad idea... it makes you feel worse! Instead of it drink the same, what you drank yesterday, that is vodka. But just a little. And it will brighten up your head and make the headache disappear. FACT It is very important not to drink Vodka if you have medical conditions or use medications. It is impossible to predict the effect of joint action of medications and Vodka. There is a chance of ending up at best only with some skin problems.


• Two halls • Non-smoking hall • Real hand made Italian pizza • lunch 12.00-16.00 • Free Wi-Fi Internet Perm, Gazety Zvezda st., 33. Tel.: 233-44-85, 237-77-32. Open: Mo-Th 11.00-01.00 Fr–Su 12.00- 01.00

Perm region newspaper

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007


WE ABROAD Turkish men and Russian women Going for the first time to Turkey, after invitation of a model agency, I was trying to picture to myself the real Turkish man. The imagination thoroughly made me think of suntanned handsome man with hot southern temperament! Today, after several visits to Turkey, I can tell you for sure, that yes, they are handsome, and yes, they are hot. But they are unacceptable. Every Turkish man, excluding only the olds and the babies, takes part in national kind of sports “How many women did you seduced in your life?” Some of the most enthusiastic ones make bets and keep special photo albums with only girls’ pictures and

brag about it. I know what I am talking about; I’ve seen it myself many times. Russian girls are called “Natasha” over there, not depending on their age, and the natives are sure that they need only one thing – you, certainly, know what it is. Turkish men believe in this to the extent that they want to visit Russia. It’s like everyday they would have a new erotic adventure as a gift. We, Russians, are more popular than German girls, who are disliked by Turkish for their rationality, unfaithfulness (indeed, nobody wants to find the same picture in your friends’ photo albums) and total lack of sentimentality. Affairs with Russian

girls are exactly the same: there is always a superman and macho, which would be never forgotten by a girl. He will forget her the next moment she’s gone. And that is the best case. Usually the affairs are over much earlier. Anyway the result is always the same – broken heart of a girl, trusted to Turkish. He looks at you like you are the only woman in the whole world, burns you up with his stare and makes unbelievable compliments that are able to make any woman feel herself a goddess. Probably for the greater success Turkish men always carefully look after themselves, their appearance. They spend more time in front of the mirror

rather than at work. I can even tell that Turkish, not using hair-gel is not a Turkish. One more disturbing peculiarity, they bother and strive you, grab you by different body parts and even threaten you! Especially it is natural for places far from pleasure resorts. Hardly anyone likes it. After a couple of very unpleasant situations I didn’t take a risk to walk in Istanbul alone anymore. Certainly, it’s wrong to generalize everything. There are other men, who respect women, and see not only an object for sex in them. But the majority of the Turkish men are exactly like as I told you. Written by Larissa Azanova

Model of Perm agency “Great model”. “Miss Perm 2002”, the theater of show arts “Eva Pavlova”. Finalist of the beauty contest “Miss Russia 2002”. Finalist of the beauty contest “Queen of rock, Russia”. The Live Tour of the German rock group “Scorpions”, Minsk Photo shooting for the Russian edition of “PLAYBOY” magazine, Since 2005 to the present actively cooperates with turkish model agencies. Photo shooting for the Turkish magazines, including men’s magazine Esquire, Istanbul. Video shootings for Turkish TV serials and for the video of Turkish singer Orhan Hakalmaz.

Aliona Lukonina

Do you wish to participate in a wedding party, not being the groom? Do you wish the bride to feed you with magnificent dishes cooked by the chief-cook — welcome to us!

Brides Restaurant The waitresses in wedding dresses. You wouldn’t see such beauty anywhere else! Ideal place for a wedding proposal. The European, Russian and Japanese cuisines

Wedding interior Works daily since 6 in the evening till 6 in the morning. Entertainment performances on Fridays and Saturdays

The most romantic and cheerful city restaurant waits for YOU! And not a single mother-in-law!

Italian, German and traditional European cuisine Chief cook from Armenia will acquaint you with culinary traditions of his native country English Menu – for comfort of our foreign guests.

Restaurant «Refuelling» PERM «GAZETY “ZVEZDA“, 12 TEL: 210-32-92 OPEN:

Mon-Th, Sun. 11.00 –24.00, Fr-Sat 11.00–6.00

Perm, Kuybisheva st., 66 . Tel.: 8 (342) 241-29-63

Musicians — every evening. Dancing — every night. Show performance — every Friday and Saturday. Big hall for 250 persons

• Two-storeyed hall • European, Russian, Georgian and Uzbek cuisines • English Menu • Hookah • The real alive beer. You can pour it to your mug from «refueling» columns at your table. Every Wedn. from 21.00 — performance of a female singer with unique voice, singing acapella without microphone. Every Fr. and Sat. — shows and dances May, 19th — Flower day May, 26th — Snow Party. Unique chance to see Russian winter in May!

Perm region newspaper

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007


Perm Youth VIKTOR MELIKHOV, a 11 years invalid, needs your help! circus, to the theatres, to the Open heart zoo, and to the river bank. Viktor is 11. His diagnosis is infantile cerebral paralysis (also known as Little disease). He can’t walk, nor keep his back straight; all he can do is slightly move his right arm. He needs permanent treatment, but his family can’t afford it. His mother Olga could not have a day-time work because she had to nurse Viktor. Till now she has been working half-time as a night guard in a kindergarten. The same year Victor was born, his father abandoned the family. Viktor’s social pension is 3,500 rubles monthly (that is about 135 dollars). The whole family income is less than the living wage in Russia (4,414 rubles or 171 dollars monthly). Olga is about to lose the last hope of her son’s recovery: the doctors say Viktor needs repeated courses of treatment, but how can she get the money for it?

The situation is really lamentable, but Olga thanks God for his gift, she is happy because Viktor can speak and think. Viktor is very curious, he always likes to learn things, and he has good memory. His mom tries to enrich his life and enhance his capabilities. She takes the boy to the

Bank Details

SWIFT code Full denomination of the bank Denomination of the branch Account Details Receiver Account number Birth Certificate (corresponds to the ‘Passport number’ column) Address of the Receiver

She reads him books and helps him to play computer games. The main thing is that presently Viktor does not feel himself a miserable person. Of course he realizes he is not like the others, and sometimes this bitter knowledge bursts up, and he cries: ‘Why am I like this? Why do you take all these pains with me?’ At the present, Viktor lives in love and care of his family. But what will happen to him later? What kind of life will he have? Now he is incapable of doing any kind of work. If he shows some motion improvement, he will be able to do simple manual work and get paid, he would enter the society, and he could drive a wheelchair. So now, Viktor’s future is in your hands. We are looking for kind people that are ready to help Viktor’s family to pay for the treatment and to buy an electric wheelchair.

SABRRUMMPC1 SBERBANK PERM RUSSIA LENINSKOYE BRANCH 22/0251 Melikhov Viktor Vsevolodovich 42301810749096454275/01 BIRTH CERTIFICATE series I ВГ №298481 ( the series code contains the Roman numeral 1 and two Russian letters В and Г ) Russia, 614033, Perm, ul. Anvara Gataullina, 10a-41

Regional festival of street dances


Facts Almost 80% of Perm youth believe that they will live better than their parents. More than 40% of young men and women pursuit the goal of becoming famous in some fields. Perm teenagers desire everything by maximum: heavier work, but with greater income; professional success that will lead to the national and even the world glory; entertainments to be now, instead of after retirement. And the main thing is that they trust that all these purposes can be reached, relying entirely only on their own abilities.

Regional festival of street dances «DANCE-FORUM» took place in the Perm national creativity House on May, 13th. Two dance styles, popular in youth subculture, have been presented there: breakdance and R’n’В, which is the one of the most fashionable styles not only in the West, but also in Russia. According to festival organizers, their general purpose was the healthy way of life propaganda and attraction of youth to do sports and dances.

8 sentenses about darkers

Underground By Amylie, youth gothic styles of culture representative

1. An average man can’t understand gothic world and gives a hostile reception to it. 2. Perm is a conservative city and some phenomena which exceed the bounds of habitual things provoke some seizure in the society. 3. Unfortunately melancholic young girls and young men in dark clothes arouse plenty of negative emotions among the citizens.

4. But besides the negative attitude of the citizens the dark culture representatives face greater problems. 5. For instance, there are no places in our city where it would be possible to find some rare music, clothes, special books and trappings. 6. Besides the darkstyle music concerts (so important for us) and festivals are also seldom in Perm. 7. The darkers certainly find the way out and mind their leisure: they organize parties, plays, go out to theatres, cinema or some picnics.

8. But it would be nice of youth leisure organizers of Perm to mind its «dark» representatives as well.

Welcome to PERM


INTRODUCTION First of all we’d like to tell you some words about us and our activities. The “PERM TRANSLATORS AND INTERPRETERS” is association of professional translators and interpreters. Our motivated team is ready to solve any problem, related to any translation activity. OUR POLICY — high quality — short terms/dates — acceptable prices — convenient service OUR TEAM The most part of our translators and interpreters are students, freelancers and experienced teachers. OUR CLIENTS Our clients are either private persons or large companies; we always consider the specific character of every client’s activity.

WE DO WRITTEN TRANSLATION. SIMULTANEOUS/ SEQUENTIAL TRANSLATION. OUR GUARANTEES We guarantee to you an accurate translation with the observance of all the niceties of lexical locutions and terminology. In case of written translation — the observance of the formation of the original document with the text according to the classical system of translation. We remind that classical system of translation includes – translation, — specialist’s consultation on given theme, — corrector, and native speaker’s checking (only on your inquiry). ONLY BY US THE NEW SERVICE IN PERM — MODELS-INTERPRETERS We are ready to arrange our models-interpreters for you, for meeting of your guests, partners at the airport. All of those speak foreign languages: German, English, French, Turkish and even Kirghiz. We are glad to offer you rare opportunities to meet our marvelous city in any time you want. Our models-interpreters will show you the nightclubs and favorite restaurants of Perm. Monthly casting secures high esthetic and speaking level of models. Let’s write short letter to us or just call 8 912 98 362 79 and we answer all your questions about our services and possibilities in sphere of Perm visiting and translating/ interpreting. CONTACTS: If you need some help, advice or interpreter/translator please do not hesitate and call/write us Mobile phone 8 912 98 362 79 ( e-mail addresses: halena2000@mail )

Announcment ¢


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The international festival «Diaghilev’s Seasons: PermSt.Petersburg-Paris». Results. The picture-report: Central Bazaar



The international art exhibition «Crossroads» starts at Perm Exhibition Hall on June, 8th Vladislav Polushkin, an artist in mar-

quetry — unique art nowadays and Victoria Nesterova, a portraitist ¢ Menu: shashlyk (a sort of shish kebab). ¢ The real estate in Perm



How many rubles do the Russian girls cost? Restaurant, Nightclubs and Café Guide

Perm region newspaper

mardi, Le 15 mai 2007

mardi, Le 15 mai 2007


en français

Le festival international

«Saisons Diaghilev» Perm — Petersbourg — Paris Sergueï DIAGHILEV (1872-1929)

Le monument à Diaghilev Aujourd’hui, le premier jour des Saisons Diaghilev, le monument à Sergueï Diaghilev sera solennellement ouvert dans la Maison-Musée Diaghilev dans le gymnase 11 de Perm. Pour installer la sculpture de 4 m et de plus de 2 tonnes à l’aide d’une grue, on a démoli le toit du Musée qu’on a reconstruit après. Cette statue créée par Ernst Neizvestny, paintre et sculpteur célèbre, a été transporté de New-York à St-Petersbourg par voie maritime, puis à Perm par le chemin de fer. C’est prèsque le seul monument à Diaghilev dans le monde. Il y a aussi un petit monument à Paris, mais il est prèsque détruit (l’ ”impresario en pierre” a perdu son nez). La statue restera dans la Maison-Musée en attendant la fin de la construction du nouveau bâtiment du Théâtre d’Opéra et de Ballet. Ce bâtiment d’admisitation et de répétition hébergera définitivement le monument.

Le festival “Saisons Diaghilev” a lieu tous les deux ans à partir de 2003. Il réunit des dizaines de maîtres de l’art théâtral de Russie et de l’étranger. Le festival est organisé par le Ministère de la Culture de la Russie, l’Administration de la région de Perm, l’Union des Hommes de Théâtres de la Russie, le Théâtre d’Opéra et de Ballet d’Etat Tchaikovski de

Perm, la Fondation du Dévéloppement du Théâtre d’Opéra et de Ballet de Perm «Perle d’Oural» et la Gallerie des Arts d’Etat de Perm. Du 15 à 23 mai 2007, le 3-ème festival “Saisons Diaghilev” donnera lieu au séminaires et aux simposiums, aux expositions artistiques, à la présentation des spectacles et des concerts uniques ainsi que des films de la Cinémathèque

de Paris. Dans le cadre du Festival, le Jury du Concours des Projets de Production Artistique décernera les prix. De nombreux participants venants de France, de Grande-Bretagne, d’USA, des Pays-Bas, de Japon, d’Allemagne et d’autres pays participeront à la célébration du 20-ème anniversaire de la Conférence Diaghilev et du 100-ème anniversaire de Dmitri Chostakovitch.

La personne qui a fait la révolution du ballet au début du XX siècle n’était pas danseur ni danseuse. C’était Sergueï Pavlovich DIAGHILEV, impresario illustre russe. Il a marié la musique, la peinture, la drame et la nouvelle choréographie et formé et dirigé ‘‘Les Ballets Russes’’, célèbre groupe dansant. Diaghilev est né dans la région de Novgorod, en Russie, le 31 mars 1872. Il a étudié la musique et le droit. A l’âge de 20 ans, il a commencé à organiser des expositions d’art. Puis il s’est installé à Paris où, en 1909, il a montré au public ses Ballets Russes pour la première fois en présentant des spectacles captivants basé sur la combinaison des arts. Pour enrichir ses spectacles, Diaghilev collaborait avec des danseurs illustres tels que Anna Pavlova et Vazlav Nijinsky, des choréographes tels que Michel Fokine, Lionide Massine et Georges Balanchine, des paintres comme Pablo Picasso et Lev Bakst, des compositeurs comme Igor Stravinsky et Maurice Ravel, des poètes dont Jean Cocteau. Les ballets de Diaghilev présentaient une nouvelle tendance d’art, et le public n’était pas habitué à ce genre de musique et de danse. La choréographie expressive et la musique vivante et insolite de l’Oiseau de Feu (1910) et de Petrouchka (1911) de Stravinsky a séduit l’audience, mais le Sacre de Printemps (1913), trop inhabituel, a été violemment hué. Sergueï Diaghilev a apporté la gloire mondiale au ballet russe. Pourtant, il a toujours souffert de vivre loin de sa patrie, de Perm. Il est mort en 1929 à Venise (quand il était jeune, une cartomancienne lui a prédit la mort près de l’eau) où il est enterré.

Perm region newspaper

mardi, Le 15 mai 2007


Perm et ses habitants La table ronde avec l’Union Européenne Le 28-29 mai dans un sanatorium Demidkovo la table ronde interparlamentaire va passer. La table ronde reunira les députés de la plupart des pays de l’Union Européenne, les députés de la Douma d’Etat, les délégués de l’Administration du Président et de Ministère des Affaire étrangères et les ambassadeures de l’Union Européenne. Les invités discuteront une conclusion d’accord de coopération entre la Russie et

les pays européens. On s’attend à la partisipation de Sergey Yastrjembsky, l’adjoint du Président de la Fédération de Russie et de Oleg Morozov, premier vice-président de la Douma d’Etat. La rencontre est prévue comme une répétition générale de la signature de l’accord de coopération avec l’Union Européenne. Peut-être ce sera la rencontre au pays de Kama qui aidera a definir les voies majeures du développement de la cooperation russo-européenne.

Voyagez par avions Le gouvernement de Perm a approuvé le projet de nouveau bâtiment de l’aérogare. Le nouveau bâtiment est destiné à la réception des courses internationales. Le projet a été accordé par une firme yougo-

slave Guvas. Selon le projet le nouveau édifice sera un bâtiment à trois étages,dont la superficie sera 7,2 mille mètres carrés. On suppose qu’il sera muni des éscaliers télescopiques. On planifie le mettre en exploitation vers la fin du 2008.

Le 9 mai, le jour de la Victoire Une revue militaire consacrée au Jour de la Victoire a passé le 9 mai à Perm. Oleg Tchirkounov, le gouverneur de la ville s’est adressé au vétérans et au citoyens avec les paroles de remerciement: « Nous remércions la génération qui combattait, qui travaillait en arrière, forgait la Victoire près des métiers, relevait notre Patrie. Merci

pour votre Victoire, la Patrie n’oubliera jamais votre haut fait!». À la veille de la fête les autorités de Perm et de région ont deposé des couronnes sur les tombes militaires et aux monuments commemoratifs. Aujourd’hui on compte en région 13 mille des participants des hostilités des annés 1941-1945,et 126 mille des travailleures de l’arrière.

VIKTOR MELIKHOV, invalide de 11 ans, a besoin de votre aide! Viktor a 11 ans. Son diagnostic est diplégie cérébrale infantile (syndrome de Little). Il ne peut pas marcher, ni tenir le dos droit.Tout ce qu’il peut c’est remuer légèrement son bras droit. Il a besoin des cures régulières, mais sa famille n’a pas de moyens pour payer son traitement. Ça fait 12 ans, Olga Permiakova rentra chez elle et dit à sa Larissa, mère: “Maman, je suis enceinte!” – “Oh, que vas-tu faire donc?” – demanda Larissa, toute décontenancée. “Mais bien sûr je vais accoucher! – répondit la fille. – C’est un don de Dieu!”... Le don de Dieu s’est tourné en une rude épreuve. A l’âge de 1 an, Viktor a été diagnostiqué de diplégie cérébrale infantile. Sa famille a compris que le traitement allait demander d’énormes sommes, mais d’où pouvait-on les prendre? Olga ne pouvait pas travailler le jour car elle devait prendre soin de Viktor. Jusqu’à présent, elle travaille

à mi-temps comme veilleuse de nuit dans une maternelle. Le père de Viktor a quitté sa famille quand il a su le

Relevé d’identité bancaire - SWIFT code - Dénomination de la banque: - Dénomination de la filiale: Références du compte - Destinataire - Compte numéro - Certificat de naissance (correspond à la colonne “Passeport numéro”) - Adresse postal du Destinataire Gataullina, 10a-41

SABRRUMMPC1 SBERBANK PERM RUSSIA LENINSKOYE BRANCH 22/0251 Melikhov Viktor Vsevolodovich 42301810749096454275/01 BIRTH CERTIFICATE series I ВГ № 298481 ( la série est composée du chiffre romain 1 et de deux lettres russes В et Г ) Russia, 614033, Perm, ul. Anvara

diagnostic de Viktor, il n’a pas travaillé pendant quelques années et n’a pas payé le secours alimentaire. La pension sociale de Viktor est 3500 roubles par mois (ça fait 100 euros). Le revenu total de la famille est inférieur au minimum vital (4414 roubles ou 126 euros par mois). La mère de Viktor a prèsque perdu l’espoir en guérison de son fils: les docteurs insistent sur des répétitions régulières du traitement, mais d’où prendre l’argent?! L’Etat a abandonné la politique sociale de l’ancien URSS et ne fait pas attention aux enfants malheureux. L’essentiel est que pour le moment, le garçon ne se sent pas malheureux. Bien sûr, il se rend compte qu’il n’est pas comme les autres, et parfois cette connaissance amère éclate et il s’écrie: “Pourquoi je suis comme ça? A quoi bon cette peine à vous?“ Aujourd’hui, Viktor est entouré d’amour et de soins. Mais après? Qu’estce qui l’attend? Si son système moteur améliorait, il pourrait exercer un simple travail manuel, il serait rémunéré, socialisé, il pourrait se déplacer dans un fauteuil roulant. Mais sa famille, aussi aimante et dévouée soit-elle, n’a aucun moyen de payer son traitement, ni de lui acheter un fauteuil roulant électrique. Alors maintenant, le destin du petit Viktor dépend de vos bons cœurs. Nous cherchons des personnes qui soient prêtes à aider la famille de Viktor à payer son traitement et à acheter un fauteuil roulant électrique. Perm InterMedia Group, éditeur de “The Perm days”, vous appelle à transférer l’argent sur le compte bancaire de Viktor. Voici toutes les références nécessaires.

Pelménis – le choix d ‘Oural Le mot Pelménis à son origine avait la signification “une oreille de la pâte” Leur forme originale a défini le nom. On croit qu’ils sont venus de l’est de Sibérie, et ils sont si populaires à l’Oural qu’on le considère souvent comme la terre natale des pelménis. Les plats de la cuisine nationale ont souvent la signification rituel,on devait faire pelménis avec trois espèce de la viande, cela symbolisait qu’on sacrifie tous

les bestiaux domestiques. Aujourd’hui on prèpare les pelménis avec des farces diverces, on les mange avec de la crème fraîche, du beurre. On peut les préparer avec des champignons ou avec des choux, mais les hommes russes préfèrent les pelmeni avec de la viande, car ce n’est pas seulement un plat simple et copieux, mais un plat qui vient très bien avec la vodka! Vous devez absolument goûter les pelmeni dans les restaurants de la ville!

Bienvenue à Perm! A votre service: Interprètes et Traductrices de Perm et notre nouvelle option interpètes-mannequins!

Pour vous rencontrer à l’aéroport; Pour assurer la communication internationale aux négociations; Pour traduire en Français, en Anglais, en Allemand, en Turc et même en Kirghiz! Pour vous accompagner aux meilleurs restaurants et boîtes de ma ville; Mobiles, élégantes, hautement professionnelles, nos interpètes passent la sélection chaque mois pour vous assurer le meilleur niveau des services. Contactez-nous, renseignez-vous sur nos services, passez-nous vos commandes de traduction etc. Téléphone: 8-912-98-362-79 Courriel:


TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007 Editor Perm region newspaper Larissa Azanova Editor-in-chief


TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2007 Editor Perm region newspaper Larissa Azanova Editor-in-chief