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August 2008 №7(15)

«The Perm Days» is the newspaper for foreign guests of Perm region and english-speaking Perm and Perm region citizens

IV Economic Forum in Perm

New Column!

Competition for People

Sergey Bugalevich. Expert Opinions about Perm Real Estate Market INFRASTRUCTURE What is The Perm region? MASTER-PLAN FOR FOREIGN MASTERS European Level of Quality of the Perm Hotel THE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE SEVERAL CITY NEIGHBORHOODS HAS BEEN DEVELOPED The Perm company Emperor is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary New Business Center costs 27 million Euro City Administration and IKEA cannot agree for six years

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BUSINESS Holding Company Deutsche Vermogensberatung goes to Perm “SYLVINIT” EXPENSIVE BARGAIN “URALKALI” GOES TO BANGLADESH AND THE USA Experts opinion: Sergey Bugalevich Residential real estate, rapid growth, lack of “vitamins”

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investment “Reductor-PM” is preparing an investment programe “Permoblneft” is looking for investors “Uraltransneft” found an investor 94 Million Euro invested in Building Materials… …And more than 14 Million Euro in Veneer and Ski resort

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Wealth&Health LUXURY UNDER THE PRETEXT OF AUDI 7 Coliseum Fitness Awards II 7 The new fashion studio works 24 hours 7


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CULTURE KAMWA: NEW PARAMETERS The Stroganoffs’ Patrimony Renewal The Holy-Trinity Church in Sludka Yuryatin reading-room WRITERS OF PERM LAND. ’On the line of rupture’ – successful capture Great Maneuvers–2 Gallery is open in September, by Ceretelli’s ehibition Perm Krai is the Territory of Culture–2008



n 12 September, 2008 the sanatorium, Demidkovo, is to greet the participants of the IV Economic Forum completely devoted to the development of Perm and the Perm region. The declared subject of this year’s meeting is Competition for People: Megalopolis Development. Last year’s forum touched upon the

Our partners:

subject of Economic Breakthrough Strategy Units: Macroeconomic and Taxing Factors of Success which may give us a general idea of the event’s format and the high status of its participants. Last autumn forum guests were busy looking for so-called strategy units or mechanisms for the most successful problem-solution. The forum program

covered a wide range of subjects such as competitiveness in the state administration, the realization of infrastructural breakthroughs in various economic spheres, or the promotion of taxation effectiveness. Both the Perm Krai government and the representatives of the business elite unanimously decided that last year’s forum was

quite a success. We are hoping that this time participants will not only be able to express themselves verbally, but to demonstrate in deed the importance and effectiveness of the event. This is especially so since it has such a crucial strategic significance for Perm as one of the possible centers for the realization of new economic projects.

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Пермские дни Региональная газета Пермского края

«ПЕРМСКИЕ ДНИ» на русском языке НЕДВИЖИМОСТЬ ЗА РУБЕЖОМ. лучше один раз увидеть КОНСУЛЬТАЦИИ. Мифы начинающих инвесторов в зарубежную недвижимость ПРОДАЖА инвестиции бизнес-карта НЕДВИЖИМОСТЬ ЗА РУБЕЖОМ. Capital-ный ответ на Болгарский вопрос

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Perm region newspaper

August 2008


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LUKOIL’s Neftekhim plans $3.4bn plastics complex

LUKOIL-Neftekhim has announced plans to invest $3.4bn in the construction of polyethylene and polypropylene factory in Budennovsk , a town in the Stavropol region. The factory’s projected capacity will be 600,000 tons of polyethylene and 180,000 tons of polypropylene, the company’s general director Alexey Smirnov said. The project is currently at the preliminary stage and is planned to be implemented between 2009-2015.

$1.3bn price tag on SIBUR’s PVC Tyumen plant

Lufthansa airlines decreases its average fuel consumption

Moscow’s Glavstroy, subsidiary of Oleg Deripaska’s Basic Element, is determined to build a $205.5 million timber factory in the town of Kotelnich in Kirov Region, the firm said earlier today. The facility is to be constructed on the premises of Glavstroy’s LVL plant MPSM-Vyatka with the capacity of 100,000 cubic meters of MDF boards, LVL, cottage construction materials and joineries a year. Construction is to begin in 2009. Construction completion has not been specified.

Since 1991 Lufthansa has been constantly increasing its traffic, while still cutting-down CO 2 emissions. The traffic has increased by 232 percent for the last 17 years, but fuel consumption has only increased by a maximum 121 percent. Thus, almost a half of the company traffic gain was provided without any additional harm to the ecology. Nowadays the average fuel consumption of the Lufthansa air company is 30 percent less than back in 1991 – not a single other transportation mode shows the same efficiency. Over this period the relative fuel consumption has dropped by 2 liters per 100 passenger-kilometers. Actual average fuel consumption in 2007 added up to 4.32 liters per 100 passenger-kilometers. These are the main issues detailed in the current publication of the Balance Sustainability Report, which covers a wide range of the Lufthansa group’s activities and successes in relation to environmental, business, and social fields.

GAZ in search of overseas partner for new Volga

Fleet modernization

Saint-Petersburg petrochemical company SIBUR Holding is to invest $1.3 bn in construction of a polypropylene manufacturing plant in Tobolsk, Tyumen regional officials report. The projected annual capacity of the new plant is 500,000 tons of propylene and polypropylene. Construction will start in August but an end date hasn’t been disclosed. The project could create up to 3,500 new jobs, officials say. Earlier this year the company announced a JV with Belgium’s Solvay to build a PVC plant in the Nizhniy Novgorod region which it claims will be the largest in E. Europe.

Basic Element in $205.5m timber move in Kirov

Nizhny Novgorod - based auto giant GAZ Group is looking for a foreign partner to set up a JV or buy a license to start new $1bn automobile manufacture, the firm said. Leonid Dolgov, CEO of the firm’s passenger car division, said the plant was to churn out Volga-branded cars with the capacity of 300,000 cars a year. Construction is to last 2.5 years and estimated payback is about six years, Dolgov said.

Sverdlovsk Region assigns $26.8 million to relocate citizenry

Sverdlovsk Region is to allocate $26.8m in 2009-2011 for construction and rebuilding of residential areas to resettle people now suffering in crummy houses, the regional administration reported today. The regional program envisages construction of at least 14 houses with 685 apartments and renovation of one 1,000-square-meter building.

Breeding complex to be built off Ekaterinburg

Agricultural company Artyomovsky (not far from Yekaterinburg) intends to build on 55-hectare site an animal breeding complex with the capacity of 800 cattle head, regional officials report. Investment in the project has not been disclosed. Construction is scheduled to begin in September and last one year.

Avtodetal buys into Serbian bus maker

Ulyanovsk-based car parts producer Avtodetal-Servis has announced plans to purchase 39.2% of shares of Serbian bus manufacturer Ikarbus for $11.3 million. The company will purchase 149,624 ordinary shares from Serbian National Agency of Privatization, the firm said.

Chelyabinsk Zinc’s 1Q profit melts to $4.7m

Chelyabinsk zinc plant’s 1Q net profit was $4.7m, five times less than the same period last year, the company has reported. The firm’s revenues for the first three months of 2008 hit $123.6m to compare to $153.4 million in 2007, and EBITDA went down from $43 million to $17 million. The company blames its meltdown on fluctuations of zinc prices on the London International Stock Exchange. Experts forecast the price to go lower due to overproduction of the metal.

A significant contribution to the lowering of the fuel consumption level was made by the fleet modernization being carried out. For example, such Lufthansa airplanes as the Airbus A340-300 needs just about 3.5 liters of fuel per 100 passenger-kilometers. For modernization purposes, Lufthansa has placed orders for planes to the sum of 14 millions euro at current list prices; this should result in even greater fuel consumption efficiency. The new strategic environmental program of the Lufthansa group raises the bar high: fifteen ambitious objectives in the environment and sustainability fields are described in the recent edition of Balance. ”Although success is the main issue of any business, in Lufthansa we always remember our specific responsibility for the environment,” -said Ronald Schulz, the regional Lufthansa airlines director in Russia and the CIS countries. “Environmental protection is one of the general corporate objectives of Lufthansa airlines” .

Single European Sky (SES)

Thus, almost a half of company’s traffic gain was provided without any additional harm to environmental conditions. In comparison with air traffic control, used in the USA, the fragmented control of the European air traffic has a 75% higher expenditure index, though its efficiency is 45% less. More advanced and efficacious use of air space could well result in vast benefits. Experts consider that only this step could make a 12% cut in fuel consumption. Another effect of the fragmented control of European air traffic is the supplementary costs, estimated to be billions of euro, and about 10 million tons of CO 2, dispersed into the atmosphere each year.

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Perm region newspaper

August 2008


INFRASTRUCTURE What is The Perm region? A region of the Russian Federation. It’s situated at the joint of eastern outskirts of East European Plain and western flanks of Ural mountains. Formed after integration of the Perm oblast and KomiPermyak Okrug on December, 1st 2005. Administrative town — Perm Area — 160 600 sq. m. Population — 2 730 892 people Federal district — Volga region Economic district — Urals Time zone MSK+2 (UTC+5; UTC+6 in summer)

Rivers Rivers of the Perm region are related to Kama river basin, the major left tributary of Volga river. There are more than 29 thousand rivers in the region, and their total length is more than 90 thousand kilometers. Kama river (1805 km) and its left tributary Chusovaya river (592 km) are the only two rivers, accounted as big rivers (e.g. longer than 500 km).

hematite, peat, limestone, precious, semi-precious and cap stones, building materials are mined in the region.

Minerals The Perm region is rich with various minerals. Oil, gas, coal, mineral salts, gold, diamonds, chromites and brown

Fauna There are 62 species of mammals (more than 30 of them are marketable ones), more than 270 birds species, 39 fish

Flora The dominant vegetation in the Perm region is coniferous forest. They cover 71% of the region territory. The prevalent breeds of trees are spruce and silver fir. Quantity of deciduous trees increases to the south.

species, 6 vermigrade species and 9 amphibian species. Predator animals are represented with common marten and wolves, widely spread all over the region territory. Also there are ermine and weasel; there are badger and otter in the southern regions and wolverine – in the northern regions. There are bears and lynxes in small number. The most diffuse cloven-hoofed mammal in the region is moose deer. Currently the region is conducting works at acclimatization and breeding fur-bearing animals such as beaver, raccoon dog, musk beaver, arctic fox, burrow.

European Level of Quality of the Perm Hotel

MASTER-PLAN FOR FOREIGN MASTERS A ccording to information received by Perm Days, the Master-Plan of Perm (the city development strategy for the next decade) is to be conducted by a world-renowned architectural company, KCAP Architects & Planners from Amsterdam (Holland). The company’s head, Kiis Christiaans, has presented the Perm region governor, Oleg Chirkunov, with the general description of this masterplan. An important issue for analysis is the water system. The city is situated at the junction of quite a big river and a few ravines. The whole city territory will be divided into red zones (applicable for

construction), white zones (applicable for construction with specific conditions) and green zones (applicable only for parks) The history and character of Perm will be respected in the new architectural look. Due to the future changes, the Holland architect has already offered to think of the city emblemon behalf of the local authorities, and to order a model of it, This way it’ll be easier to make architectural decisions Huge work is to be done by the architects, along with the Perm city and regional authorities. The governor noted: “There are vast amounts of information being provided by the professionals, and we need to com-

Kiis Christiaans, the Holland architect: — The major advantage of the city is in its parallel and perpendicular street layout, a typical city development plan of XIX century, which was used for the construction of New York, Los Angeles and many other great cities. Due to the straight streets layout everyone understands where he lives, that’s why it should be preserved. However, I suggest that Perm is a low-lying city. In my opinion the sure winner is to increase accommodation density, since it’s easier that way for people to communicate, reach significant places, and the demand for public transportation is higher. Still, in developing the master-plan we’ll pay high attention to the environmental issue.

prehend this information and provide them with some specific knowledge in return, because Russian people are rather different from Europeans. Currently we have problems: in obtaining products – the master-plan of Perm, and to gain knowledge”. Also, it’s known that the KCAP bureau will work out their recommendations for a housing development project in Bakharevka.

The main task of the company is to correlate all the projects and resolve problems of communication and accessibility in between the neighborhoods. No later than August all the suggestions of the KCAP are to be considered, and the new neighborhood housing development project should be introduced to Perm head of administration at the town-planning council.


he Housing Authority of the Per administration is in the last stages of preparing works for the launch of the Existing City Neighborhoods Development Project. The project considers that there are a few neighborhoods in each Perm district, that will be the object of reconstruction. During three next years until 2011 the plan is to develop 63 neighborhoods at the expense of investors. This year at the first stage of the

project, investors will be offered 14 territories to develop. The main purpose of the project is to resettle inhabitants who are in dilapitaded shelters and improve their housing conditions. Also this project stipulates the construction of a social infrastructure. The first tenders, where investors will be offered the first four territories, will take place in August. Another ten territories are to be put up for tender in the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2008.



The Perm hotel, Eurotel, was honored with several prestigious awards and titles that reflect not only its exceptional service quality but the effective management policy of the enterprise. We feel flattered when Perm krai appears on the shortlist of prizewinners, but we feel doubly flattered when the contest is exceptionally prestigious. We are referring here to The National Economy Elite 2008 Prize awarded on May 20 this year. Among the prize’s promoters and initiators is the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship, the Fund for Entrepreneurship and Development Assistance supported by the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of the Regional Development, the Ministry of Industry and Energy, the Moscow State Duma and the Public Chamber of the RF. The award is set up to foster the development of economic potential in the social sphere including the field of services and hospitality. We are happy to congratulate the hotel on the cup and medal granted together with the prize. Certainly it confirms the high status of a hotel that welcomes Russian and foreign guests in the best tradition of hospitality. However, the hotel proprietors and management weren’t satisfied with what has already been achieved. They decided to prove that true winners never rest on their laurels but continue to set new targets and challenge new barriers. Their new target was the Golden IBLC Medal. Its award ceremony took place at the end of June 2008 in Switzerland within the framework of Joint Business Assembly of the Fund for Entrepreneurship Development Assistance and the International Business Leaders Club. When visiting a city we strive to grasp all the trends of its growth and development. Nevertheless, we feel exceptionally delighted having put our trust in European quality standards, and relying on the highest level of security, service and other indicators of incomparable hospitality. We are happy to congratulate the “Eurotel” staff one more time and to wish them new awards and achievements in the future.

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Perm region newspaper

August 2008



The Perm company Emperor is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary Ten years ago the real estate market in Perm was just becoming civilised. The market did not have many professionals and the situation was complicated by a lot of black brokers. The Emperor company was started during the time of professional reforms in the real estate sphere. Perm window to civilization “Team-work with our colleagues from other regions made it possible for us to see further than others,” says the Director of the Emperor company, Alexey Balashov. It Alexey Balashov, turned out that we can be usedirector of the Emperor ful for big investment, consultcompany ing, developing and realtor companies in Krasnodar, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Tumen, Surgut, Rostov and Samara. Here in the Perm region they became our partners. As for today, one of the priorities of our company is the combined development of Permsky Krai territories. During 3 years of cooperation with the Permsky Krai administration and the Zvezdny interesting building projects were created: products of residential and industrial construction and an amusement park. The territory of Zvezdny is very attractive for living, working and relaxing. The Ilynsky Region is the second territory where Emperor is working. There it is planned to build a multifunctional recreation-resort center on the banks of the Obvinskaya Guba. In the territory between Krasnokamsk and Perm, Emperor found great opportunities for building country houses for families and cottage communities. The Emperor company is combining all interregional projects under one brand: the IMP group. The management group of the Emperor company is congratulating all its employees on its 10th anniversary. In our company each employee is precious, needed and can consider him or herself as a part of the Emperor team and in the job can become an Emperor himself. The company wants to share this happy moment with partners, clients and friends. In the future we have new aims, new victories and new projects! Materials by Larisa Victorovna “Delovoye Prikamye”


New Business Center costs 27 million Euro

n the middle of June the Directors of the finance group Ermak presented a reconstruction project for an office center on Gazeta Zvezda 5. The Vikar company worked out the concept of an office complex. The project plans to pull down an old building and a new business center called Ermak City will be built. The cost of reconstruction will be 27 million euro. The total area of the business center is 38,000 square meters, 22,000 square meters of that will be

rented out: the remaining 16 000 square meters are allocated for parking, the hall and facilities for general usage. They plan to start a multistory building 55 meters high at the end of 2008. However, the organizers don’t give an exact date for beginning the construction work. According to the director of the finance group, Ermak, the project is ready. They are carrying out negotiations with Turkish construction companies as well as planning work that is needed to get a construction permit.

The Director of the finance group Ermak, Konstantin Podvalny, stated: — We intend to create a special environment for tenants with convenient access for business and life. Large areas will be given for stores, cafes, tourist offices and insurance companies. The building we are planning is to create three-storey parking, that will provide more than 250 places for cars as well as 24 hour security and service. Because of the Registration Office and because a lot of realtor companies are situated on Sibirskaya Street the first opportunity to rent offices will be given to companies connected with realtor business and the real-estate market.

City Administration and IKEA cannot agree for six years A

lthough the city is interested in having an IKEA store in the shopping center, some sources say that the City Administration may change its preferences if the management of the company is not able to determine the requirements for the building site. The City Administration has a list of 30 big companies that are interested in realizating their investment project in Perm. One such project is the building of a shopping center by the Swedish company IKEA. A question about co-operation came up in 2002 but still the

parties cannot reach an agreement. On July 17 2008 IKEA rejected another site for building a shopping center that was offered to them by the City Administration. In his turn the Mayor of the City, Igor Shubin, sent a letter to the Management of the Company. He explained that Perm is interested in having IKEA but that it was hard to understand the position of the Management who had rejected all the offered variants without explaining what they wanted instead. According to information given to the Perm Days offered building site on

Eastern bypass didn’t fully agree with the requirements of the company. IKEA wants to get a place close to the City center. The company’s plan stipulates a need for more than 20 hectares but, as the Administration stated, it is impossible to achieve this because of serious problems with transport concentration. In conversation with the Perm Days source in information-analytical management of city Administration stated that compromise had not been reached because of changes in IKEA’s Management. Recently they were offered a building site at the

intersection of the Eastern bypass currently under construction at the Stahanova – Chkalova – Gagarina avenue –Iva –Eastern bypass. An important component of the offered territory is transport accessibility as well as all technical facilities to build a big shopping center. Besides this area is prospective territory for city development where in the near future there will appear modern driveways, sport complexes and entertainment places. If this territory doesn’t suit IKEA, then, according to our source it will not be difficult to find other investors.

PERM INTERMEDIA GROUP, LTD. PRESENTS International Interpreting& Translating Service (IITS) for people who do not speak Russian and live/work/visit Perm and Perm region

IITS has more than several years of experience in the interpreting industry, and has access to over more than one hundred contracted interpreters across Perm region, speaking more than 5 languages. IITS is available 24 hours a day for any person or organization in Perm and Perm region requiring interpreting&translating services. OUR SERVICE:

˜ Simultaneous interpreting, ˜ Escort interpreting, ˜ Studying of Russian language.

˜ Consecutive interpreting, ˜ Telephone interpreting service,

Let’s write short letter to us or just call +7 922-64-64-644 E-mail:, skype: aljona.mouse ISQ: 403-174-057

Perm region newspaper

August 2008


BUSINESS Holding Company Deutsche Vermogensberatung goes to Perm T he Deutsche Vermogensberatung Company Group consisting of several German and Austrian Companies that build hotels and entertainment complexes got interested in the investment platforms of Permsky Krai. At the end of July representatives of the

German-Austrian Holding Company, Ervin & Fisher, and the President of the Builders Association in Russia, Nikolai Koshmann, had a meeting with the Regional Administration. At the meeting they discussed questions of future cooperation in the context of an agreement between the Government of Perm-

sky Krai and the Association of Builders in Russia that was signed in May 2008. Representatives of Deutsche Vermogensberatung and the Association of Builders in Russia inspected several investment platforms for building office-stock complexes and transport-logistics centers. Investors are

interested in platforms for the building trade and entertainment centers. According to the General Director of Deutsche Vermogensberatung, Ervin Fisher, after inspecting platforms in Permsky Krai the company will make a decision and possibly in September will start working on investment contracts.


wo days prior to its termination on the 29th of July the public corporation, Sylvinit, paid for a license on the Polovodovskyi plot of the Upper Kama river potash deposit. The Sylvinit associated structure – Kama Mining Company (KMC) – transferred 948 million euro to the Rosnedr account for the license on the Polovodovskyi plot which is a part of the Upper Kama river deposit of potash and magnesium salt in Perm Krai. On the 12 of March at auction KMC won the license on the Polovodovskyi plot as well as on a part of the Novo-Solikamskyi plot and part of the remaining area with a common reserve of 3,074 billion tons. During the auction, the price of the plots increased from a starting price of 38 million euro to 25 times as much. The battle for the plots was between the Kama Mining Company and the Uralkali associated


Rostyam Sabirov, the Sylvinit general director indicated: — Thanks to winning of the auction on the Polovodovskyi deposit development, Sylvinit has increased its source of raw materials more than twice as much. Besides as this plot borders with the acting third mine we will be able to start new resource development in the shortest possible time using the infrastructure which we have now. At the same time we are planning to build a new ore mining and processing complex on the Polovodovskyi plot with a capacity of 2.5 million tons of potash fertilizers a year. The Saint-Petersburg VNII Galurgiya scientists have already developed project documentation for our new ore mining and processing complex. During the next 8-10 years we are planning to invest not less than 964 thousand euro in this project.

company – the limited company Kama-Kali” Taking into account the high license price, Sylvinit was unable to pay all money at once. At first the company planned that the money would be appropriated by the second KMC shareholder – Oboronimpeks (the Rosoboroneksport associated structure) as well. Rosoboroneksport was interested in this project as a source of carnallite – one of raw materials for VSMPO-Avisma. However, after the auction Rosoboroneksport took a decision to come out from KMC capital. According to unofficial information the only owner of the company now is Sylvinit.

Initially company shareholders approved the following financing scheme. With a basic part of sum – 459 million euro – KMC planned to attract from VTB. Sylvinit was to become guarantor on the security of equipment. Another 378 million euro was planned to attract from Sberbank, and Sylvinit was going to finance the remaining 108 million euro from its internal funds. However, at the company shareholders extraordinary meeting it was decided to borrow the entire sum from one bank. Resources could be granted by Sberbank, VEB and the Unicredit

Bank, but VTB offered optimal conditions. Money is given for three years at 10.5% interest LIBOR+. The source specifies that the pledge is in KMC shares and in less than 1% of Sylvinit shares. Experts believe the LIBOR+10.5%rate is rather high, but notice that Sylvinit definitely hopes to refinance the debt. Moreover, as analysts believe, the Polovodovskyi deposit cost has become commensurate with its market value when you take into account the serious rise in potash prices (practically twice as much from the moment of the license auction holding).


t the end of the previous week the Uralkali exclusive supplier, Belorussia Potash Company (BPC), won the tender to supply potash fertilizers to Bangladesh. The price ran up to 642 euro; supply volume will reach 30 thousand tons. At the same cost, at

the beginning of this week, BPC managers signed the contract tp supply 30 thousand tons of potash fertilizers to the USA. Shipment on both contracts is beginning in August. BPC also won the tender to supply potash fertilizers to Sri Lanka which gave an opportunity to reach a new price for Belarusian and Russian potash

companies’ production in this region. The cost of one ton of potash fertilizers for Sri Lanka importers increased up to 674 Euro per one ton. Supply volume in accordance with the contract will comprise 40 thousand tons. Shipment is beginning in the fourth quarter of 2008. As predicted the up-

ward trend in demand means that potash fertilizer price rises are going to be long-term and will keep so during the next few years. According to the Financial Times, in July Uralkali increased its position in the rating of the 100 first-rate Eastern Europe companies by 28 points and took 17th place.

Experts opinion: Sergey Bugalevich. Residential real estate, rapid growth, lack of “vitamins” New building projects or a portrait of construction companies Today there is a very specific situation with regard to new prices for houses, the difference between which can vary by a factor of two. In Perm this difference is mostly determined by house location, whereas the quality and equipping of the buildings are more or less of the same standard. Let’s look at the price forming mechanism. The rapid growth of prices for housing over the last 2-3 months started a mechanism of investment flow into residential real estate, which resulted in the appearance of new construction companies as well as an increase in the scale of construction. In this situation the price is formed as follows: In the process of building an object, taking into consideration in all this construction new standards, finishing materials, first class elevators, parking places companies target a well-off part of population, which evidently leads to high prices. Then the price becomes a magnet for the other houses in this region which are no different from simple economy class houses. So the price is leveling which forms one level of prices for houses in each region although their conditions of them are very different. To be fair we have to admit that in Perm there are no really luxurious houses. Where can this process lead? General results of this rare are quite predictable – the American crisis has already made its contribution to making loans more expensive and toughening conditions for debtors. Inadequate prices for land and adverse technical conditions already increased the prime cost of construction;such a rapid price growth has lead to situation where a lot of apartments are too expensive. At the same time the yield from investment to real estate is almost at zero level. Serious investors have stopped buying apartments with the aim of reselling. A lot of construction companies found themselves in a difficult situation – it is almost impossible to sell apartments at what is to them a desirable price for them. In this situation we can divide construction companies into three groups: 1. Local construction companies with a good reputation, stable conditions and with a generally diversified business. 2. Local construction companies, whether very wellknown or not, orientated mainly towards profit from the construction business. 3. Large construction companies on the Russian market. Let’s now analyze all these groups. The first group is the most stable and reliable. As a rule the products of such companies are of the best quality and in good demand. Diversification and the mobile management of cash flow allow them to keep prices stable and permit a wait-and-see attitude. As a result prices for their products grow. The second group is at maximum risk in conditions of a stagnating and digressive market. Interest in their products can be very high because at a convenient moment it is possible to buy the whole product or part of it for a very good price. The third group, construction companies with huge projects, for now display only one tendency – they get large land areas for huge projects. In my opinion the average realtor cannot evaluate the situation correctly and offer the most profitable variant. To choose an optimum alternative you need to consult a specialist who is not only a commercial agent but also has expertise in the investment evaluation of real estate purchases. And now for dessert some evaluation of the real estate secondary market situation. The secondary market for real estate is waiting, waiting and waiting… The situation on this market can be characterized as waiting. Prices have frozen, sellers are ready to bargain but not for more than 1-5%. The diversification of prices here is bigger than on the primary market. After the official lowering of prices for new building projects the market situation here will also change towards reduction of prices. There is an interesting comparison: three or four years ago in Perm there were no more than six to eight thousand objects for sale (including ground areas) and today there are around 200,000 objects. And every week there are between 100 and 400 products added to them. Will wait and see…! In the next publication we will call your attention to an analysis of shopping and amusement centers and complexes. How many of these is Perm able to digest?

Perm region newspaper

August 2008


investment “Reductor-PM” is preparing an investment programe Board of Directors of “Reductor-PM” on 23 of May at the meeting approved the company investment program. The investment program of 10 million Euro for 2008 will successfully realize the program of producing tail transmission for the MI-38 helicopters. Another perspective direction is the renewing of production of a full set of transmission for the MI-34. The program isn’t solving all the problems of the company which is why the Board of Directors offered the Management of “Reductor-PM” to prepare an investment program for 2009 by the 1 of September.


“Permoblneft” is looking for investors

ermoblneft” is intent on attracting investors for developing its oilfields – Krasnoselsky and Samoilovsky fields Last month the joint owner of “Permoblneft” Vladimir

Nelubin stated that he is ready to sell shares of an oil producing company to a “serious investor with strategic goals”. With the aim of attracting investors the joint owner consolidated 51% of the company shares on Cyprus

The General Director of “Permoblneft” Alexey Tschervonih stated: — The Cyprus company potentially can be a depositor when receiving investments for oil production development. Share holding is this because investor is always willing to get opportunity to control.

The managing director of “Reductor-PM” Nikolai Semikopenko stated: — The investment program was accepted in the shortest possible time within two weeks of electing new members. This shows that new shareholders are interested in the development of the company and it gives us optimism. We have a lot of orders and need to be prepared for a helicopter boom.

now no agreement has been achieved. “Permoblneft” is occupied with construction and production on oil and gas fields. The company has licenses to develop Krasnoselsky and Samoilovsky oilfields (in the Uinsky and Tschernushinsky Region). Mineable resources of oil on two oilfields total 779 000 ton. The balance of resources is 3.9 million. The company invested 24 million Rubles in developing. Within nine months of 2007 extraction of raw hydrocarbon was 740 tons. 38.63 % of shares belong to the General Director, Alexey Tschervonih, 51.07 % of shares to “Permoblneft” consolidated by Cyprus Company Finecrecker Trading Limited.

“Uraltransneft” found an investor A

s the General Director of “Uraltransneft” Igor Kuznetsov stated Canadian “Loud Resources Inc.” may become a co-investor in exchange for control over the oil producing industry.

The head of the company also said that now foreign investors are actively showing interest in oil-producing companies of the “second line” in Russia. According to experts the oilfield of “Ural-


The Perm city / September, 10th – 13th

Credit Investment Insurance The 5th interregional exhibition: bank services, services of lease and insurance companies, non-governmental pension funds, investment funds and other financial institutions.

General Partner

Official Supporting

614077, 65, Gagarina blvd., Perm, Russia Phone +7 (342) 262-58-58,

transneft” doesn’t have a lot of resources but a Canadian investor likes the opportunity to start working in the Region. Experts explain that companies can invest in a small oil resource not to enter the market from nothing.

“Uraltransneft” has six licensees for oil production, three oilfields are situated in Permsky Krai, two- in Orenburg and Tumen Regions. In Prikamye “Uraltransneft” has a license for the developing and extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials on North-Kurashimsky field in Kungursky Region.

94 Million Euro invested in Building Materials…

n Gremyachinsk (Permsky Krai) will be built an industrial complex producing building materials, a saw-mill and a ski resort. This became known as a result of a field meeting of the Permsky Krai Government that was held on 23 and 24 of July.


offshore Finecracker Trading Limited. Shareholders explained that it is hard for small companies to find investors for oil field development because of high expenses and low payback. Nevertheless growth of prices for raw hydrocarbon is heating up the interest of foreign companies. For example today it is known that three Moscow companies contacted “Permoblneft” and were interested to know the details of this project. Up till

The “Uralskaya non-metallic building

company” Ltd together with the “Perm Selikate panel plant” will build a new plant in Gremyachinsk that consists of three plants producing building materials. The planned volume of investment is 94,5 million Euro. They plan to do construction works within the period 20092011.One of the plants will be producing

120 000 tons of lime a year, another up to 300 000 m3 of foam concrete a year, a third will work on producing 60 million pieces of limesand bricks, the fourth – around 1 million ton of cement a year. Realization of this project will give 700 additional workplaces for residents of Gremyachinsk.

…And more than 14 Million Euro in Veneer and Ski resort


n investment project “Organization of large-format veneer and bent-glued goods production” is ready to realize “Rosplit” in Gremyachinsk. A new timber company will be started on the industrial area of a former Machine Building plant. In addition, on the bank of the “Usva” river “Tulim” is thinking of building a ski resort for 4.5 thousand people a day or 1 mil-

lion people a year. The project is worth more than 14 million euro. It will be realized in the context of a Tourism development conception in Permsky Krai for 2005-2010 and orientat-

ed to Alpine skiing and boating. The complex will take up 125 Hectare and will consist of three lines. The first is planned to start at the end of 2009. According to the Director of “Tulim” Alexey Tytikov, the project will be created not only for residents of Permsky Krai but also for entry tourism. “Everything will be at the highest European level with snow from November to May,” — promises Tytikov.

Perm region newspaper

August 2008

PAGE 4 Nijnie Mully

Bolshoe Savino



V Protasy




Housing project 18, Okulova street, Perm


“ALMAZ” mall. 37, Kuybisheva Street, Perm (a doorway at in Bolshevistskaya Street). Tel. +7 (342) 220-67-07, 236-43-62, www., e-mail:




˜Free planning ˜Double panoramic glass cover ˜2-level underground parking ˜Territory protection and video-supervision ˜Services: satellite TV, Internet ˜Comfortable driveways from Sverdlovskaya Street and Okulova Street ˜Ground and first floors have a hall, a cafe, a restaurant, chill-outs for family and business meetings.




Perm region newspaper

August 2008



he official opening of the «AUDI Centre - Perm» took place on the 1st of August. The crystal diploma confirmed the opened Automobile Service Center fully satisfied the very hard requirements of the Audi AG concern. Now you either have a chance to visit the largest salon on selling Audi cars in Russia to the address: Perm, shosse Kosmonavtov, 399 b. Also you can take any personal test-drive route you choose. Our phone is 213-99-69.

Coliseum Fitness Awards II T

he fitness-center «Coliseum» celebrates two years on the 18th of july at the night club «Seven». At present the fitness center «Coliseum» is a confident leader of the Perm fitness industry. It offers to its clients a high service, a modern equipment and professionalism all along the line. For the second birthday the center invited its clients, staff and partners, all those who cannot see their life without systematic trainings. The staff of the managing company «Fitness holding company» and well known in Perm business coach

Michael Bang came to send their greetings. The security agency «Saturn-security» acted as the general sponsor of the ceremony. The evening remained on memory of many invited due to the

special way of presenting the «Coliseum Fitness Awards II». Well-deserved rewards got either clients and members of stuff. The members of the club were rewarded on 22 nominations.

According to the CEO of the fitness center «Coliseum» Elvira Anvarova, today the center gives at most possible amount of services in fitness industry, including services for foreigners.

exhibition – festival

The World of Beauty & Fitness Presentation of production companies’ brands, Demonstration of new world wide fitness tendencies, Services of fitness centers, swimming pools, spa-salons, solariums, beauty shops, Equipment for the industry, Popularization of fitness and health life style.

The Perm city / October, 3rd – 5th

The new fashion studio works 24 hours

An unique offer for tourist and businessmen of the city! For foreign guests only! The new fashion studio «De Janeiro». The address: In the very centre not far away from Komsomolsky pros. and Sovetskaya 48 str. junction nearby the central office of the MTS, the 2nd floor, to the right. Working time: 24 hrs starting from September Before September – booking a specialist at night-time to the phone 276-26-56 We offer: hairdressers, manicure personnel, masseurs (from India), Support: Don’t speak Russian? – Book a translator +7-922-64-64-644 or by e-mail: There are permanent discounts for our regular customers.

de Janeiro BE AU T Y ST U DI O

24 hours advertisment

Perm, Sovetskaja str., 48 Please call 276 26 56 e-mail

614077, 65, Gagarina blvd., Perm, Russia Phone +7 (342) 262-58-58,

Interpreter service +7922 64 64 644

Beauty…it is simple

Perm region newspaper

August 2008


SPORT PERM SPORTSMEN ARE EXPECTED TO WIN MEDALS AT OLYMPIC GAMES Three Perm Krai sportsmen are to participate in Olympic Games in Beijing, which will be held from 8 till 26 of August. Two sportsmen from Perm Krai will appear in the so-called “Queen of Sports” – athletics. Maksim Dyldin is running the 400 meters on the 18th of August. He is also expected to take part in the men’s 4x400 relayrace on the 22nd of August. One more Perm Krai resident Tatyana Veshkurova is running for the Russian team in the 4x400 relay-race. Lyubov Kochetova will demonstrate her superb skill at show jumping in Beijing. It should be noticed that the Perm Krai badminton player Ekaterina Ananina was included in the Olympic reserve. As was informed by the regional agency on sport and physical training, Veshkurova really has every chance to win a medal. Taking into account the fact that the Olympic Games always has surprises in store it is worth waiting to see what the efforts of the rest of the Perm Krai sportsmen can bring. It should be mentioned that most Russian sportsmen are training now in the Far East. That will help them to acclimatize before the games in Beijing begin.

Balloons have gone, the air remained I

n the middle of last month there was the XIV Russian aerostatics championship in Kungur. More than 30 of the strongest thermal aerostat pilots competed not only for the championship title but also for the right to represent Russian aerostatics at the Europe-2009 championship.

The Festival “Ural’s sky fair” has been held since 2002. At the first festival there were only five aerostats. Nowadays it is an international festival which is a special pride of the region. This year there were more than 30 balloons at the festival.

From 6 till 16 of July several events were held at the festival, such as XIV Russian aerostatics championship on thermal aerostats, the V Open Perm Krai aerostatics Cup and the V team competition on thermal aerostats “Air battle,” the world exclusive aeronauts team competition. By the terms of “Battles” all participants are divided into several teams (the number of teams depends on how many aeronauts are competing). This time two teams each with seven pilots were formed: the “Blue Army” and the “White Army” team. Every day from 13

till 16 of July in the morning and in the evening Commanders-in-chief were given military objectives where they had to conquer urban stadia, squares, bridges, telegraph offices and even the only tank T-34 standing on the square in the middle of the city. The weapons of the crews were markers (sacks with sand and ribbons of the army’s color) with attached ribbons of army color. One participant from the panel of judges

stated: “In spite of the hot weather which greatly complicated the pre-assigned tasks the pilots coped with everything successfully – the aeronauts’ technique has greatly improved.” According to the XIV Russian aerostatics championship results three prize places were given to Muscovites. These same sportsmen will represent Russia at the Europe-2009 championship which will take place in France (Brissac, Anjou).

PATRON’S SPORT: POWER AND BUSINESS AT THE TENNIS-COURT A Perm politician and a Perm businessman prefer big tennis. In the last weekend of July the Perm annual tennis tournament, the “Big Tandem 2008”, came to an end.

At this crucial moment when Russia is finally making its presence felt on the world arena, the significance of such an event is hard to overestimate. The national hockey and soccer teams’ triumph of the last season provides support for the bold suggestion that Russia is winning its superpower title back. Alexander Charushin, the “Charoit” dentist clinic owner, prizewinner of the “Big Tandem2008” stated: — Children’s tennis is opening out in Russia. New courts and sports centers are being built. However Perm Krai seriously lacks tennis courts. To promote children’s tennis we need to build more sports facilities to be constructed. In this regard Perm falls behind its neighbor cities such as Yekaterinburg, Kazan, and Samara. We should do everything possible to change this situation.

The prizewinners:

First place and the tournament cup go to Alexander Charushin and Constantine Pishikov. Second place is awarded to Andrey Shishkin and Eduard Shvetsov. Third place was honorably shared by Andrey and Aleksey Semerikov. Its superpower lies in its capability of bringing up a new generation of physically and spiritually strong people: future politicians, businessmen and entrepreneurs. The fundamental idea of the tournament doesn’t reduce to the effective promotion of an active businessman image. Uppermost it signifies coming back to the

origins of the Russian arts patronage tradition. For many young tennis-players from Perm the tournament gives all but the their only chance to make the dream of a professional athlete’s career come true. For 12 years, in front of our eyes, the mechanism for encouraging professional tennis backing

has already been developed. Besides, we aren’t talking only of financial sponsorship. In the first instance every tournament is another challenge, another possibility to compete, to compare, to make a try, to decide what barriers are still remaining on the way to the Kremlin Cup or to the courts of Wimbledon. Besides, this year gives cause to commemorate one more important date – the centenary of the Russian Tennis Federation. This is the date that has most clearly emphasized the event’s

Yuri Borisovets, “United Russia” representative in the state Duma informed us:

— At the moment I am not satisfied with the condition of children’s tennis in the Perm krai. We have plenty of goals to achieve in order to catch up with other regions.’

Valeriy Sukhikh, Chairman of the Perm Krai Government said:

— We are delighted with the amount of funds raised. It will be enough to subsidize young athletes in their training gatherings and competitions in Russia and abroad. I am glad that children from Perm are getting a chance to win tournaments of the highest level especially in tennis. The credit is due to those people who are paying close attention to the development of sport in Russia and taking every chance to make it turn into a national idea. Such bold ambitions do credit to Perm politicians and businessmen making them stand out among other Russian patrons. In this respect they can be seen as the equals of long-sighted foreign investors that bank on the safe bet – our children.

social appeal: all the funds donated by VIP players will be spent as in the previous

years on the development of Children’s Tennis in the Perm Krai.

Perm region newspaper

August 2008


CULTURE KAMWA: NEW PARAMETERS he third ethnofuturistic festival, KAMWA agitating Perm at the beginning of August, opened and made many things clear . First of all KAMWA excites feelings, not thoughts. It’s like emotions flow which join everybody around it together. Resistance is impossible. You are held captive by KAMWA’s in a sweet and lasting way. The word “festival” means holiday. Of all Perm festivals KAMWA corresponds to this definition best of all. Its principal event, the great gala concert, has never been indoors. Avoiding restricted spaces KAMWA was held in the open air to that everybody could breathe in festival air. This year the festival was visited by delegations and creative groups from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, the Komi Republic, Udmurtia, Mordovia, Karelia, Estonia, Finland, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, Chuvashia, Tatarstan, and Buryatia. The festival is supported by the FinnoUgric cultural center of the RF which presents the festival’s interest in international circles.


Today KAMWA has taken care of all five senses. First of all hearing of course: music was central at the festival. All the rest of the senses were not left out either. Taste for instance: there was a chance to try Komi-Permyak cooking. Vision: several events were responsible for this sense. On the first day of the festival the traditional show Art of Light was opened in the central exhibition hall. Art of Light is a project which united the creativity of artists

from different regions working in the field of ethno-futurism. They made wide use of actual forms, such as installation and performance,; as a result their shows are bright and various. A year ago Ecoprombank became sponsor of the ethno-futurist artists’ exhibition,; this cooperation has become so productive that this year the bank has responded by giving general sponsorship. Thanks to this same bank the festival has become so prominent. This time ethno-futurist artists appeared as body-art masters at an ethno-fashion evening… Ethno-Fashion is a three-hour show where authentic and traditional costumes are presented, alongside modern design developments with ethnic coloring and ironic performances. The podium show of ethnic clothes reflected a world outlook and the memory of a whole generation. The exhibited clothes are made attractive by the positive color combinations, natural materials and sign symbolism and create a strong desire to try them on. And this was possible. There was a show-room where everybody could buy ethnic clothes and accessories. The brightest and most colorful action was the Evening Fire-show on the right bank of the Kama river. The audience was captivated by fires on the great Kama river banks – the fireshow, the fire drums of Mario Kaldararu, figures burning for more than 3 hours constantly changing into new sculptures, theatrical mysteries, dances, music... At least the Ethno Theatre also didn’t leave anybody indifferent. The audience was fascinated by the emotional play, the costumes and by the

– in short, everything that is the foundation of a musician’s charisma. All groups amazed by the skill with which they played un familiar instruments and led listeners into their own world... The Ethno Party proved that people wishing to dance can do so even in Triumph Hall. It’s especially impossible to resist when Simba Vibration is performing on stage., They are a group from Saint-Petersburg with the passionate blackskinned Seraphin Makagnila at their head fronting them This year festival’s headliner was Inna Zhelannaya – a unique combination of a wonderful voice with the talent of an original composer and poet. The icing on the cake for the evening was Sergey Starostin, accompanied by Mario Kaldararu and many musical instruments which peeped, piped, whistled and strummed.


action itself taking place on a stage. This development was marked by two revelations: a theatre of pantomime and the performance “spoken” buryat language.


The musical events of KAMWA were much

more various than last year. Sage, a well-known group from Ekaterinburg, has demonstrated not only a thorough mastery of the difficult Australian instrument, the didjeridu, but also showed drive, and an infectious inner energy

During the festival a unique publishing project, liiterary miscellany KAMWA, was presented. The miscellany is the most interesting selection of materials about Perm Krai ethno futurism. The edition consists of three sections, the first where scientific and philosophic thoughts are presented; the authors are Perm scientists reflecting on Krai’s fate. The second section is related to literature and the third to modern art with stories about artists and ethno futurism as a whole.


The festival ended by visiting the Aniushkar ancient settlement where a conference

entitled Problems of archeological memorials conservation in the historical landscape of Prikamye was held. Scientists, artists and public representatives from different cities participated in various discussions during the conference.


The apotheosis of KAMWA was the Holiday of New Bread: this was a trade fair, with plays, ceremonies, refreshments and a great gala concert in the ethnographic museum, Khokhlovka. The 2nd of August, Elias Day, has become a concentration of pure joy, the supreme holiday expression. More than six thousand people, the greatest number in the whole of Khokhlovka’s history, gathered at the architectural-ethnographic museum! Everybody was satisfied with everything: landscapes of beauty, satisfaction from visiting the museum rooms and churches, a generous sun, fresh wind, enough room on the festival glade, where spectators enjoyed the music quietly lying on the grass. The Third Perm International Ethnofuturistic Festival showed that KAMWA exceeded absolutely all expectations, having become true symbol of the Perm summer for which we will be waiting impatiently next year. Perm citizens along with the festival guests have seen a great number of unique performances. Your responses and comments as well as any questions you can leave at


the photographs are given by KAMWA festival

Perm region newspaper

August 2008



The Stroganoffs’ Patrimony Renewal


he reconstruction of the historical patrimony of the Counts Stroganoff is getting underway in the village of Kouva in the district of Kudymkar.


The Holy-Trinity Church in Sludka Within the period from 1831 up to 1851 the Perm cathedral was held by the Archbishop of Perm and Verkhoturye, Arkadiy, who earned fame for teeming activity aimed at building churches. During this time the number of churches in the Perm eparchy increased from 440 to 600 and several churches were built in the town of Perm. Along with this, in 1845-1849 a new spacious temple in the name of the Holy-Trinity was in the process of construction in the village of Sludka. Archive documents have it that in August of 1842 the Perm town community, at the suggestion of Egor Ivanovich Shavkunov, a merchant of the second guild, decided to put up a new temple with three altars and two aisles in Sludka village. E.I. Shavkunov undertook the main expenses involved in the construction. He willed his money to the temple construction and, after his death, the building was completed by his son Petr Egorovich Shavkunov. In 1849 they consecrated one of the temple’s aisles in the name of the great martyr, Georgi. On the 9th June 1850 the Southern aisle was sanctified in the name of the Saint Life-giving Trinity. After the church’s consecration the south-western part of the town constituted the special ward of Sludka. Up to 1917 the church had a priest, a deacon and an acolyte and its own parochial school. During the civil war, repressions against the believers and sacristans began. They took all the money away from the Holy-Trinity church, and church valuables and the buildings belonging to it. In the 30s priests and a deacon who held on to the old church school were repressed and the temple was closed. During the Great Patriotic War citizens of Molotov town moved a motion about the opening of the Holy-Trinity church in Sludka. The Russian Orthodox Church Council came to a favorable decision on this question on the 28th February 1944. During the war time parishioners and sacristans took part in fund raising for the Red Army, in war loan subscriptions and in giving assistance to orphaned children. Nowadays the Holy-Trinity Church in Sludka is a functional cathedral of the Perm eparchy.

The 450th anniversary of the Stroganoffs regimen in Komi land will be marked by the restoring of the ecological-ethnographical park in Kouva. Experts in the Kudymkar district devised plans within the framework of the district order

and near the school. The most important stage in the reconstruction of the historical site is the revival of Kouva pond which dried up thirty years ago after a drought.

The regional administration set aside 1,5 million euro for the pond renewal. All works are aimed at turning Kouva into an inviting site for tourists.


Yuryatin reading-room

he central city library named after Pushkin, or the house of Smyshlyaev, is very well known to Perm dwellers not only as a library but also as the centre of the city’s cultural life. Literary tradition has it that the library became a prototype of the Yuryatin reading-room, where Yury Zhivago met Lara for the first time after their parting at the Western front. There are no doubts that Pasternak knew the place and visited it. At that time the Town Duma met in some of its rooms. It was also the centre for

town society: Perm public library was situated there. On the high attic, crowning the corner ledge of the building, the coloured and raised coat of arms of the town was set: a white bear upon a dark-red background with the

golden New Testament and a cross on its back. And so, the Moscow poet remembered the white bear as the symbol of Perm. Wasn’t it this white bear that suggested the one in the story “The childhood of Lyuverse”?

Some marks of the Yuryatin town reading-room really call to mind the house of Smyshlyaev. The orientation by cardinal directions is the same as well. “Meanwhile the sun was moving ahead. Shifting steadily, it went round the Eastern corner of the library. Now it was shining through the windows of the southern wall, blinding people and disturbing them from reading”: that’s exactly how the Perm library is situated, with the eastern corner and southern windows. Another coincidence is the lively crossroads where Yuryatin library stood.


’On the line of rupture’ – successful capture

he Perm writer, Nina Gorlanova, published another collection of stories “On the Line of Rupture”.

photography / publiching project

In 1472 the local Komi-Permyaks were allotted to the Russian nation, having formed primarily the class of state peasants. However at the beginning of the 18th century, they became Stroganoff’s bonds. As part of their feudal duties they escorted vessels loaded with iron or salt on the Kama River or provided wood for salterns and plants. In 1856 the Stroganoffs built the Kouva ironworks by the Kouva River, the tributary of the Inva (it was closed in 1909). The village of Kudymkar was the centre of social life: the district council, schools for both boys and girls, hospitals, an orphan asylum, an alms-house and a library were situated there. Also three times a year fairs were arranged and every week was marked by a trade fair.



photo by igor kataev / publishing house “Felix“

named Green Light to Prikamie’s Nature.” The work on ennobling the larch park is already going ahead and a recreation place with benches and a table has been arranged. Summer arbors will soon be built there and the renovation of the historical estate constructions – Vologodin’s house and Stroganoff’s counting house — will be brought to life. In addition about four hundred trees are already growing along the road

At first, Eksmo, the most reputable Russian publishing house, cautiously issued the prose by Nina Gorlanova in a limited number of copies but then brought out about 30 thousand more and the book came out with the line “The best feminine prose”. In a publishing blurb her lyrical nar-

ratives are compared with the writings of Francoise Sagan, Jane Austen and George Elliot. Every story in the collection “On the Line of Rupture” can be called a tale in a novel. In form each story is a typical short novella of 20-30 pages but in matter the whole of life is implicated in it. The stories are certainly focused on woman’s fate. Her prose is not simply written by a woman, in a feminine

From the line “The Saints”. The picture by Nina Victorovna Gorlanova.

manner; it is dedicated to women. Men, for the writer, are characters depending on time, place or line of action, whereas the central figure is of course a woman, strong, patient and spiritual. Nina Gorlanova comprehends life as a piece of art full of metaphors, epithets and spirits. Perhaps that’s exactly what makes the book interesting and popular among contemporary readers.

Perm region newspaper

August 2008



Siberian army. Further the stories of mobilization in the country and of the parting with recruits were presented. Folk bands Tishina and Rodnichki showed the ceremony of farewell telling while parting before the army. It was performed so strongly that, when soldiers in the recreation came to take away those playing conscripts, some women even blinked away a tear.

Finally the welcome moment came: White Guards appeared in the field quickly coming into positions, and behind them Red cavalry came into sight. As the horsemen were not stuntmen or members of military-historical clubs, they didn’t venture to entertain spectators by skilfully falling and rushing around the field showing amazing invincibility. The fight ended up with the victory of the Reds and after it the audience divided into affinity groups. Some talked enthusiastically to fighters of both armies, some rushed to join the queue in front of a boiler with porridge, others preferred to digest dairy products combined ith “Permmoloko” and yet another group enjoyed a performance of the racing club Cavalry. Not all ideas turned out to be realized but both spectators and participants at the festival enjoyed the feast. Now the organizers of the festival start working on the script for next year. If the third festival achieves what we are hoping for, it will be even more highlycharged and entertaining.

Address: 614000 Perm, 15 Sibirskaya str., Tel: 8(342)212-56-57, 212-54-46 The museum web-site:


fight. At the entrance, visitors were welcomed by a traveling exhibit of the Permsky krai museum, that told of fights over Perm from December 1918 up to June 1919 between the third Red army and the Siberian army, commanded by general R. Gaida. Together with the various photos, the exhibition also presented the orders for mobilization that had been given to the

Gallery is open in September, by Ceretelli’s exhibition

Visitors will be welcome to the Perm State Art Gallery again in September. The interruption was caused by the work on replacement firefighting equipment and the amplification of the waterline pipe. The first exhibition will be devoted to creations by the famous sculptor Zurab Ceretelli. His paintings, graphic arts, sculptures and enamelings will be presented in this full exhibition.


It is no wonder that the festival was devoted to the Civil war. It is 90 years since the fights between the Reds and the Whites burst out on the vast territory of Perm province and the Eastern front line appeared. The military historical reconstruction clubs of Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Novouralsk, and Saint-Petersburg accepted the invitation to take part in the combat. Even a representative of the American Interveners from Petrozavodsk was present. This year the festival attracted about two thousand spectators which is three times as many as last year. They didn’t have time to get bored while waiting for the beginning of the


n the 6th of July the hills of Khokhlovka heard once again discharges, explosions and shouts of “Hurrah!” The Permsky krai museum had kept its word and held the regular, annual, military history festival.



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August 2008


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Organ Music Soiree. European organ traditions. Date: August, 19 (Saturday), 19.00 Organ concert hall (Lenin str., 51b) Tel. +7 (342) 231-51-00, 235-14-92 Concert programme “In the Chayir park…” Popular romances Date: August, 21 (Mn), 19.00 Organ concert hall (Lenin str., 51b) Tel. +7 (342) 231-51-00, 235-14-92


“Dracula”. B. Stocker. Awful-bad-scandalous story. Date: August, 21, 22 (Mn, Tu), 19.00 “Near the bridge” Theatre (Kuybysheva str., 11) Tel. +7 (342) 237-52-55. “Twelfth Night”. W. Shakespeare. Comedy. Date: August, 23, 24 (Wn, Th), 19.00 “Near the bridge” Theatre (Kuybysheva str., 11) Tel. +7 (342) 237-52-55. “The Master and Margarita”. Independent staging. Date: August, 26, 27 (Fr, St), 19.00 “Near the bridge” Theatre (Kuybysheva str., 11) Tel. +7 (342) 237-52-55. First night “The Gamblers” (Igroki), N. Gogol Fraud. Date: August 28, 29 (Sn, Mn), 19.00 “Near the bridge” Theatre (Kuybysheva str., 11) Tel. +7 (342) 237-52-55. “Pannochka”. N. Sadur. Extravaganza based on “Viy” by N. Gogol Date: August 30, 31 (Tu, Wn), 19.00 “Near the bridge” Theatre (Kuybysheva str., 11) Tel. +7 (342) 237-52-55.


Magic of form Exposition of ornamental casting of the 19th-20th centuries. Date: up to the 30th of August Central Exhibit Hall Komsomolsky avenue, 10 tel. +7 (342) 210-83-30 Art of light Art-project by ethno-futurist painters. Date: up to the 31th of August Central Exhibit Hall Komsomolsky avenue, 10 tel. +7 (342) 210-83-30 Dico Paintings, graphic arts, installation and video works, revealing the approach of contemporary artists to work material. Date: up to the 25th of August The Green Art Gallery Ordzhonikidze Str., 14 tel. +7 902-47-34-788


Cubalibra Duet DJ Yura + percussion (Moscow). As well as residents: Dj Sasha Alex, Dj Small and Dj White. Date: August, 16, 23.00 “Bionika” club Perm, Gazeta Zvezda Str., 5 tel. +7 (342) 212-17-07 Russian Standard. Moscow resident – Dj Shmelb (4 djs). And residents: Dj Sasha Alex, Dj Small Date: August, 30 23.00 “Bionika” club Perm, Gazeta Zvezda Str., 5 tel. +7 (342) 212-17-07

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wo years ago the federal program launched a unique project, a project that proved the impossible: even a tiny settlement in the remotest krai district has a chance to demonstrate and highlight the significance of its cultural heritage at the regional, national or even international level. Beginning with this issue we are starting to publish news reviews of the program Perm Krai is the Territory of Culture – 2008. Previews, coverage of events, comments of organizers, participants and spectators of the strengthening of the Perm region’s cultural and investment status will be spotlighted in these pages.

History of the Project The program Perm Krai is the Territory of Culture – 2008 is gathering pace. As everyone probably remembers, last year Perm proudly bidded for the status of the Volga region cultural capital. That project has definitely given a fresh impetus to the development of the cultural sphere in our region. Perm has experienced a significant growth in project initiatives; a great many innovative ideas were

one of the key factors is the area’s infrastructure: the maximum number of visitors the settlement could receive, sufficient number of cultural sites, adequate road facilities, a hotel chain, telecommunications, etc. finally realized. Some of them were fulfilled in an absolutely new and unusual genre or style unfamiliar to the city folk. We’ve been very active in adopting the experience of our international partners and we have improved our approach to management and social partnership. Thus the idea of continuing the project, although in another format, came quite naturally. It took the shape of the “cultural capital” technologies promotion in the province.


Approaches and criteria which could give both big cities and small equal chances in the realization of projects were carefully and thoroughly worked out. As a result of strenuous debates an open contest among the administrative centers of municipal areas and urban districts in Perm Krai was announced. All the settlements were divided into three cat-

egories: boroughs with a population of less than 10,000 people, inhabited localities with a population of less than 35,000 and finally cities the population of which exceeds 35,000. Finally quite a voluminous and precise set of command and control instruments was developed. In particular this contained the determination of the criteria according to which this or that settlement could be recognized as the best and awarded a government grant. Some of the most crucial crieria are the innovativeness of the project, emphasis on the network-based regional cooperation, urban area development (hard landscaping, landscaping design, etc.) Another important aspect was the borough’s social environment: this comes down to the question ‘Does any citizen who’s full of enthusiasm and creative ideas have a chance to get state backing and put his project into practice?’ No doubt

Advantages for This Year’s Grant-Holders This year’s grants were given to the cities of Krasnokamsk, Osa, and Uinskoe village. They received a sound grant backing. The size of the grant amounted to 675 000 euro; the most significant part of the sum was donated by the oil company, Lukoil. The contest’s conditions included one essential requirement – the territory’s contribution should be no less than 30% of the received funds. Therefore part of the grant funds was distributed among organizers of local contests for social and cultural initiatives. No doubt such contests activated the cultural life of these cities and villages and attracted new investments to the region.

Events Previews Certainly Osa, Krasnokamsk and Uinskoe will host a lot of interesting events. This time we are reporting on cultural and social activities in Osa.

The Program: Osa Is an Open City


sa is the third oldest city of Perm Krai after Cherdyn and Solikamsk; it possesses an inimitable style, as well as deep spiritual, historical and cultural roots. The structure of the program is divided into seven sections: Osa Seasons of The New Opera, Fresh Wind of Jazz, Osa is a Festive City, Vespine Nest of Russia, The Famous Osa-dwellers Assembly, Panoramas of Osa, and The Way to the Temple. The program embraces the most significant innovative projects such as the All-Russian Children’s Jazz Festival, Fresh Wind, activities dedicated to promotion of

Sergey Belov’s photo works in Europe, contests for new elements of urban space design, the All-Russian Youth Rally, Vespine nest, and others. The most successful projects will be continued in the future because they will receive additional stimuli and resources for their development and therefore could be realized both in Osa. The program is hosting several contests and projects at different levels devoted to urban area design development and the promotion of artistic activity in partnership with various groups in Osa community, in municipal entities of Perm Krai and in other regions of Russia. Thus the competitive

nature of the program allows a stimulating manifestation of various creative initiatives. The program is boosting construction and reconstruction activity in Osa. The organizers are planning to reconstruct a fragment of the Osa fortress, the Osa Boulevard, as well as to install a sculptural group dedicated to the founders of Osa, the brothers Kaluzhenins; also to be put in place are a memorial stone on the place of the projected Oil Brotherhood monument; a “Bast-mating Bag” monument in Fountain Square (as a symbol of the leading craft of Osa district) and a memorial to internationalist

soldiers. Restoration works are to include the facades of the city’s architectural monuments, cupolas of the Saint-Trinity temple and the Kazan Holy Mother Church. The city is to publish a photo album, Unknown Osa, as well as booklets and postcard sets of the city, a book – Osa, a Historic City of Russia, a note collection — Songs of Osa — and create an electronic album, Autumn. Results of the public opinion poll as well as a demonstration of the most interesting climactic moments of the festival will take place during the closing ceremony of the program Osa Is an Open City.

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