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Mission: Robot Mega Tram Party!

Mission Brief We want to learn to dance like humans!


Do not panic, humans! We are robots from space. We are here to share our delicious space cupcakes with you!

Intergalactic Hosts: Maya & Kerli twin robots joined at the Central Processing Unit


Sector 55


UNDERTAK E: Sector 2 T u e s d a TIME: y 11 May, 20 8pm 10 DURATION: 1 hour LOCATION: Unknown t ram (to be chosen at rando

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RETURN TO RMIT Remaining robots return to wake up sleepy students by doing lap of the computer labs. Robot components (“costumes”) are left by the Level 11 lifts

RMIT Robots assemble to consume pre-party space snacks and finesse their appearances


2 Elizabeth St

SWANSTON STREET Robots board a packed tram heading towards Flinders St. Music blares! Streamers fly! Cupcakes are scoffed! Robots are GO!

4 Robots enterRussell COOKIESt BAR & RESTAURANT to share space cupcakes with Interior Design tutors who are enjoying an intimate dinner. Bouncers on the front door don’t react at all, and accept propaganda handouts. Bar staff at Cookie are unsure what to do - they are trained for what to do in the event of fire, not robots.

6 1

LaTrobe St



5 Lonsdale St

Bourke St

SWANSTON STREET Heading towards State Library. Robots dance & hand out propaganda to a perplexed public. The party disperses

Collins St


Flinders SSt

Swanston St

3 FLINDERS STREET Robots switch trams to travel back along Swanston St. Robots exit tram at Cookie

Target Location: Swanston St, Melbourne CBD, Earth


Sectional Elevation



connect with us, we were a distraction and an annoyance.

I love that we left the costumes on Level 11 thinking they were just a display, but then saw they were played with for days afterwards. During the party we didn’t create a situation where people felt comfortable to play, but afterwards we did by accident!

When the robots came into Cookie it set up an interesting relationship to do with who was controlling the space. It was an unfamiliar action in that space and crossed over from public (the tram) into semi private (the restaurant). I was amazed that people would take food from strangers!

The group all in costume was like a school of fish or a silver blob.

There was a girl sitting on the tram totally ignoring us. A streamer had fallen a couple of centimetres in front of her face and she was just ignoring it.

I had my young son on Level 11 the other day and he was rather taken with the robot costumes. People were more eager to take cupcakes after they saw others taking them.


Some people on the tram were present but not present - their consciousnesses were connected to their phones. They couldn’t


A few days after the party and saw 2 guys playing with the costumes.

Attendees & Outcomes



I offered the the tram driver a cupcake and he wanted it but then he had to drive so I gave him some propaganda.


Wearing the costumes was like being in uniform.

People might have joined in more if it had been a Saturday night - it’s easier to do something spontaneous when you’re out on a Saturday night and expecting it.

People on the tram

Said nothing! We put our blog address on the fliers but no comments.

It set up an interesting relationship between people inside and outside the tram.


It’s interesting how people can say no to cupcakes at first, but only a few minutes later change their minds. How does that become normative in such a short time? A fat woman took three cupcakes!

Robot Mega Tram Party  
Robot Mega Tram Party  

Robot Mega Tram Party