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‘if you  obey   all  the  rules you  miss  all   the  fun’

Footscray This was  an  activity  done  at  the  start   of  the  semester  where  we  looked   at  the  idea  of  play.We  wanted  to   create  an  action  that  would  occupy   public  space  and  activate  the  pub-­ lic’s  imagination  through  the  idea  of   games.

Footscray (occupation)

play obstacle  







Installation This was  an  installation  for  the  home-­ less   project   that   we   did   with   Ceri   in   our   technology   class.     This   project   consisted  of  us  using  recycled  mate-­ rials  to  create  a  temporary  place  to   stay  for  a  homeless  person.  Although   we   were   comfortable   in   the   box   we   slept   in   other   people   were   not,   they   often  stared  however  no  one  stopped   to   ask   us   what   were   doing.   So   that   made   us   question,   were   people   not   comfortable  with  our  installation  that   is   why   they   stared   but   comfortable   enough  to  keep  on  walking?

choice: alternative  route              


idea of  site      mature  adults          obstacle    comfort


brunswick A: Tram  Stop  (brunswick  town  hall) brunswick  is  a  multicultural  suburb   that  has  the  highest  proportion  of   new  arrivals  from  overseas.  it’s   DUHDLVUHOHWLYHO\ëDWDQGLGHDOIRU cyclicing.

Road bl ock

For this  project,  we  installed  obsta-­ cles  through  a   pathway  and   looked   at   how   the   public   would   react   to   the  change  in  the  environment.  We   were  quite  surprised  to  see  that  no   one  moved  the  objects  to  be  able  to   go  through.  everyone  conformed  to   WKHFRQêQHGVSDFHSHRSOHFKDQJHG their  habits  ny  taking  an  alternative   route   but   did   not   change   the   posi-­ tions   of   the   obstacles.   the   objects   used   in   the   site   were   cutouts   of   people  that  were  stuck  at  different   heights  on  objects  that  we  found  on   site.   we   used   biins,   a   straight   cone   and  even  stuck  a  woman  upright  on   the  bench  

stage  1 )RUWKHêUVWVWDJHZH placed  the  objects  far   DSDUW7KHêUVWELQ is  placed  on  the  far   left  and  the  second   bin  is  placed  halfway   through  the  middle.

stage  2

stage  3

For  the  second  stage,   we  placed  the  objects   a  little  closer  to  each   RWKHU7KHêUVWELQ was  brought  in  the   middle  of  the  road   where  the  cutout   man’s  leg  reduced  the   walking  space  consid-­ erably

)RUWKHWKLUGDQGêQDO stage,  we  placed  the   object  close  together   so  that  the  passer-­ by  would  not  be  able   to  walk  unless  they   chose  an  alternative   root  or  walked  on  the   road

Engaged with  

Engaged with installation installation

Did not  engage  

Did not Engage with installation with installation

do you  see  the  grey  dots  in  the  blocks?

This is  a  graph  showing  the  people  that  moved  through  the  obstacle  and  those   that  did  not.  It  was  interesting  to  see  that  there  was  a  higher  percentage  of  peo-­ ple  going  through  the  space  compared  to  amount  of  people  avoiding  the  space.

Brunswick (road  block)

no escape   forced,  no  choice    activate  public   imagination:play sound   crowd behaviour Pre-­conceived   idea:  crates    


Age:young  adults    

City (crates  in  a  laneway)

crates in a laneway B: Tattersalls  Lane Tattersalls  lane  is  one  of  the  busiest     laneways  in  China  town.  Situated  at   the  start  of  China  town,  it  is  often   used  as  a  shortcut  from  Lonsdale   street  to  Little  Bourke  Street.  

We wanted  to  add  this   idea  of  play  in  the  lane-­ way.  Tattersalls  lane  is   one  of  the  most  busiest   laneways  in  China  Town.   By  installing  crates  in  the   laneway  we  wanted  to   create  an  obstacle  that   would  reduce  the  crowd   ëRZRUIRUFHWKHWKH crowd  to  follow  a  spe-­ FLêFSDWK

We wanted  to  install  the  crates  in  a  tetris  like  manner.  As  we  felt  that  it  would  connote  the   game  and  people  would  be  more  lkely  to  engage  with  the  installation.  We  introduced  the   tetris  music  in  the  site  to  encourage  passer-­bys  to  engage  with  the  installation  in  a  more   playful  manner.

Crates in a laneway This is  the  conversation  had  when  3   teenagers  jumped  the  crates

Conversations had  with  the  indian  restatant  (the   crates  were  in  front  of  their  entrance)

Amount  of  crates   Amount of crates used: used  in  trial  1 Tattersalls lane trial 1

Amount  of  crates   Amount of crates used: used  in  trial  2 Tattersalls lane trial 2

we  wanted  to  set  up  an  obstacle  that  forced  people  to  interact  with  the   LQVWDOODWLRQ7KHUHIRUHIRUWKHêUVWWULDOZHSODFFHGPLONFUDWHVLQWRWKH laneway  in  a  horizantal  line  to  see  wether  people  would  walk  over  or  move   the  crates  in  order  to  go  through.    we  were  surprised  to  see  that  only  one   group  of  5  moved  the  crates  in  order  to  pass.  therefore  we  decided  to  go   RQDELJJHUVFDOHLQVWHDGRIZHXVHGFUDWHVKRZHYHUHYHQWKLVWLPH there  was  only  two  groups  of  people  that  did  move  the  crates.

the amount  of  men  and  women   that  went  through  the  laneway Women (7-7.30)

Men (7-7.30)




play     comfort preconceived  idea:  ma-­

age: kids  and  parents   obstacle terial  

Fun at the park C: playground  Carlton  gardens

Conversation had  with  the   kids  in  the  park 1



2 6 3

Conversation had  with  the  kids   in  the  park

For this  project,  we  put  streamers  in  a  park  and  watched  if  the   kids  would  interact.  The  bright  colours  of  the  streamers  encour-­ aged  the  kids  to  approach  and  play.  We  observed  them  jumping,   going  underand  over,  breaking  through  the  obstacles  created  as   they  navigated  their  way  through  the  playground

Children children

Adults adults

Looking at  the  amount  of  parents  compared  to  the  amount  of  the  kids  present  in  the   SOD\JURXQGSDUHQWVDOVRLQWHUDFWHGZLWKWKHLQVWDOODLRQDQGVRPWLPHVHYHQLQëX-­ enced  the  kids  by  telling  them  not  to  break  the  streamers  while  they  were  walking   through  the  installation

ref l  ections Even  after  doing  all  these  projects  we  still   ask  ourselves,  is  public  space  really  pub-­ lic?  This  semester  not  only  showed  us  the   perks  of  working  and  testing  our  work  on   site  but  it  also  helped  us  develop  a  better   VHOIFRQêGHQFH Through  the  exploration  of  our  different   projects,  we  learnt  that  crowds  are  more   reactive  compared  to  individuals.  We  also   were  greatly  surprised  to  see  how  people   conformed  to  the  spaces  and  obstacles   we  created  and  chose  the  path  of  least  re-­ sistance  while  the  walk  through  the  obsta-­ cles.  The  kids  in  our  last  project  were  the   only  ones  who  really  reacted  and  engaged   with  the  installation.  They  were  least  con-­ forming  of  the  different  age  groups  that   we  tested.


installation This is  among  the   êUVWSURMHFWVWKDW we  did  in  the    tech-­ nology  class.  The   aim  of  this  installa-­ tion  was  to  occupy   a  public  space  by   building  a  place   to  stay  temporar-­ ily  for  a  homeless   person

Sound walk

IRUWKLVSURMHFWZHOZDONHGWKURXJKDGHêQHGSDWKZD\DQGOLVWHQHGWRWKH sounds that  surronded  us.  by  tuning  everything  out  and  cleasing  our  mind,   we  experienced  the  spaces  through  our  sight  and  our  hearing  sense.  This   was  an  eye-­opening  experience  as  we  were  able  to  experience  the  space  in   a  more  intense  manner  and  our  hearing  sense  made  up  for  the  sights  that   were  not  always  visually  visible.  this  project  helped  us  greatly  in  the  under-­ standing  of  the  use  of  sound  for  our  second  project:  using  the  crates  the   laneway

brunswick This is  the  mechanism  that  we   XVHGWRêOPWKHSHRSOHDVWKH passed  through  the  obstacle.  We   could  not  use  a  tripod  as  it  is  so   easily  recognizable,  therefore  this   mechanism  was  created.  It  sat  on   a  table  opposite  the  site.  This  tech-­ nology  was  temporary  and  quite   unstable.  However  by  using  sticky   WDSHWRê[WKHZKROHVWUXFWXUHWR the  table  it  became  more  stable.   This  was  a  tripod  made  with  mini-­ mal  cost  nand  available  materials

crates in a laneway This project  required  minimal  technol-­ ogy.  We  used  milk  crates  that  we  piled   one  on  top  of  the  other.  We  did  not   want  to  secure  the  crates  together   because  we  thought  it  would  be  easier   for  people  to  interact  with  the  crates   if  they  were  able  to  push  it  around   and  pick  them  up  so  that  they  could  go   through  the  pathway.  Piling  the  crates   one  on  top  of  the  other  proved  to  be   very  stable  as  none  of  the  crates  fell   GRZQGXULQJWKHH[SHULPHQW

fun at the park For this  project  we  once   again  used  a  very  ba-­ sic  technology.  We  used   streamers  and  a  band  of   crepe  paper  and  stuck   them  using  sticky  tape.  By   using  this  inexpensive  and   fragile  technology  enabled   the  kids  to  be  able  to  inter-­ act  with  the  installation  in  a   more  active  manner.  They   were  able  to  tear  down  the   streamers  in  order  to  go   through.  


"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun"  

Interior Urban Activism Public Space