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elcome to UIMG Fitness! Urban International Media Group is an International Marketing service with a network that spans across the globe. Specializing in International Marketing, UIMG can take your business to the top with simple and effective services that can enhance your business’s social media platform. The UIMG Fitness series consists of UIMG Professional members that are dedicated not only to healthy business work ethic, but physical health and well being. This issue is sharp shooting professional baller, Marques Houtman, giving his secrets on how to finish strong through a professional basketball season. Enjoy the workout!

Exercise: Get on all fours in Push-up Position, Drive each knee into chest in alternating motion as quick as possible for 45 seconds. Rest 1min, repeat the process. Emphasis: Endurance, Core Strength, Mental Toughness Arm strength

Exercise: Hold dumbbells underneath your chin, keep feet flat, and squat as if sitting in a chair and back up. 1 min rest Emphasis: Vertical Jump, Rebounding, Quadriceps Strength, Defensive & Offensive Balance

Exercise: Squat Position with back straight and grab kettlebell and raise up with legs and bring kettlebell below up to chin. Rest 1 min, repeat process Emphasis: Rebounding, defensive balance, shooting balance

Exercise: Stand 8inches from Box and explode up vertically and land like a cat on the box in defensive position. Step down and repeat process immediately. Raise box accordingly Emphasis: Vertical Jump, Overall Balance, Jump Shot, Endurance

Exercise: with your back on the flat bench, grab the dumbbells with your elbows at 90 degrees and push up under control. Rest 1 min, repeat process Emphasis: Shooting Strength, Arm Strength, Mental Toughness

Exercise: Get on all fours in arms & feet shoulder width apart, keep body flat as a board, lower down and explode up. Rest 1min, repeat the process. Emphasis: Shooting Strength, Endurance, Core Strength, Mental Toughness

Exercise: Rest dumbbells by side w/ hands facing up, curl to shoulders, then explode vertically in the air, allow down to shoulder and back down by side. Rest 1min, repeat the process Emphasis: Shooting Endurance, Arm Strength, Overall Balance

Exercise: Grab dumbbells with elbows bent at 90 degrees in front of nose, push straight forward with triceps and back. Rest 1min repeat process Emphasis: Shooting Endurance, Mental Toughness, Arm Strength

“I had to learn the hard way my first year playing in Europe when and realized what it takes to make shots and play defense consistently throughout a long professional season. I hit the wall and had to get in shape all over again. Mental toughness and dedication is what I attained and it showed in my play. These are the workouts that I have always done when the season starts and I try to do them at least 3 times a week. They keep you strong and limber to play at a high level for an expended period of time. However, nothing replaces desire. Finish Strong!

UIMG Fitness: Sharp Shooter Workout  
UIMG Fitness: Sharp Shooter Workout  

Pro Basketball In-Season Strength Workout