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284D St Stefano

~enice nov ii

address COOKS venice

uear Lester Longman ~

I wrote to you several weeks ago regarding a gift I wanted to make to your university of my big Pollock mural- You doubtless remember it hanging downstairs in the entrance hall- l think my sister hazel once took you to see it- I lent it to Yale University where they hung it for a long time but now they are too crowded for space and l do not ish to leave it there any more-•f you will be able to show it ~ will be delighted to 8&We it to you-· Will you please let me as soon as possible as l must make a decision regarding its future- It was once shown in the Museum of Modern ··rt in an exhibition of big paintings but I do not know if you were in ~e Yor~ at the time • I showed my paintings in ~ enice last summer at the Biennale and now they are going co be shown in various other Italian cities- £ 0 far I am not settled and have no palace for them but hope soon things will clear upAll best wishes to you


11-11-1948 Letter from Peggy Guggenheim to Lester Longman  
11-11-1948 Letter from Peggy Guggenheim to Lester Longman  

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