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3 Octob r 1951

is Josephine S tze Asst tant Curator of erican Art Ial Uni ver i t:r Art G llery New Haven, Conn cticut Dear is



tter or the Pollock ural ju t c e to ~ attention a in. as ay on v cation during th e r hartly after recei vin your letter of July 9, cannot find that I have ever ritten to you re uestin that t a al be sh p d to • P rhaos I did, but, it so, our copy of the letter has been m ol id. I

In any cas , I have been a t iOri z d by the niver ity to r quest the shipment of th ural to us nd th· t the cost billed to us . It m y b insur d ith the • :pr as •


T k u for our attention to thi eatl inconvenience ~au.


hich I

Sincerely yours,

tar D. Lon d of the Depart. ent LDL&jlj


op will

10-03-1951 Letter from Lester D. Longman to Josephine Setze