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March 27, 1962 Mr. Frank Seiberling Head, Department o:f Art State University o:f Iowa Iowa City, Iowa

Dear Frank: A g eat number o:f things have happened since I wrote you last. I regret to sa:y that the Trustees o:f the Guggenheim Foundation, after reviewing all possibilities, decided that the whole collection of old masters should be sold at auction. It was :felt that to remove any of the most important o:f these works might seriously impair the success of the entire auction, so we agreed to turn over all the paintings to Sotheby ' s . Please treat this as confidential . I am personally most unhappy that we could not work out a trade, since I continue to be most interested in your Pollock. There is still the possibility, if you are interested and if we can agree on a price, that we might consider buying this work. If so, we would prefer to do it as quietly as possible and directly with you, unless you are committed in any wa:y to work through Ennnerich. Since Andre is a friend of mine, I certainly do not wish to do him out of any commission. Please let me hear from you. work out the trade .

Again 7.IIY regrets that we could not

Best personal wishes, Sincerely yours,

-~/~ H. H. Amason Vice President for Art Administration HHA/bbb

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03-27-1962 Letter from Harvey H. Arnason to Frank Seiberling