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March 7, 1961 Miss Peggy Guggenheim % B. Reis 252 East 68 Street New York, New York Dear Miss Guggenheim; Your letter of Februar-Y 13th has be~1 sent t o my desk, and I am pl eased to tell you about both the paintings by Jackson Pollock wh i ch you have given to us. The mural i s located in the most prominent place in the Universi ty, the lobby of the Main Libra~, where it is seen by mo re students and faculty than it would be anyt,mere else. While it is out of range of touch by hand from the floor, it is P..ot too high to see TAell. n1e l obby is modern and well light ed. TI1e other Pollock is called "Portra it of H. M. 11 Measu:d ng 352x42f " it dates f rom 1945.. Its smaller size iu.a!\路~s lt easy to hang, and i t i s di splayed at inter vals alon ~ wi th portions of the rest of our co llection, which i s too large f or continuous showing . These ar e fine painti ngs by t he art i st which we greatly appreci at e your giv ing us . The emphasis of our permanent co llection on American art and the unl i kelihood t hat we could enter the French market, systematical ly, r aises t he question of whether a oraque - assuming equal cash value - would be a desirabl e trade f or the Pollocl mural.

On the vmole it would seem better f or us to let matters stand as they are respecting 4 he Pollocks, but I appreciate the courtesy of your thought r especting a French cho i ce; cer tainl y we ould be pleased to see a kodachrome of your painting and to give careful consi deration t o your suggest ion .

Sincerely yours,

:--ranl{ Seiberling Head, Department of Art

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03-07-1961 Letter from Frank Seiberling to Peggy Guggenheim  

03-07-1961 Letter from Frank Seiberling to Peggy Guggenheim

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