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January 5, 1962

Mr. Frank Seiberling Head, Department of Art State University of Iowa Iowa Ci ty, Iowa Dear Frank: I can assure you that Andr~ Emmerich is not talking indis criminately about the Pollock . He and I are good friends and he thought that I might be interested. Please keep me informed of developments and I shall be much interested in seeing some good color slides or photographs of the painting as you obtain them . In confidence, we are dis cussing the possibility of sel ling the entire collection of older paintings at auction although our Trustees are much interested in the kind of trade you and I talked about . The difficulty in a trade is arriving at a fair evaluation of the paintings on both sides . Presumably, this would depend on what each of us could get on the open market at the present time. If our paintings are to be sold, the auction house would be most unhappy if we held out any of the more important examples, since these would help to develop the prices on the others . In the light of this fact, I would like to ask you whether you would be more interested in the possibility of a straight trade of paintings in terms of the example you saw at our Mus eum, or whether you would be interested in the possibility of an outright purchase if we could agree upon a pr~ce . I feel that it is Qmportant for both of us that our talks be kept extremely confidential . Best personal wishes, Sincerely yours ,

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H. H. Arnas on Vice President for Art Adminis tration

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Uepctr tan of Art

01-05-1962 Letter from Harvy H. Arnason to Frank Seiberling  

01-05-1962 Letter from Harvy H. Arnason to Frank Seiberling

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