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University of Illinois Hospital

Your Responsibilities as a Patient 8cabOaeSVOdS`Sa^]\aWPWZWbWSab]g]cg]cVOdS`Sa^]\aWPWZWbWSab]bVS Hospital. Specifically, you are responsible for: 

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Your Care In our efforts to provide high quality care and meet our University mission of teaching and research, there are groups of care providers at your bedside. Medical Staff Your care will be supervised by an attending physician. Your physician will order examinations, tests and medications on your behalf. The attending physician is supported by fellows and residents who are licensed physicians. Nursing Staff The director of patient care services has overall responsibility for patient care activities in the unit. A registered nurse (RN) is responsible for the daily management of your care. Other personnel who will help with your care include licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and nursing technicians working under the RN’s supervision. Others Physical therapists, radiologists and other care providers are here to assist in your recovery. In addition, security, housekeeping, food service workers and other staff members work to make your stay as safe and comfortable as possible.


Patient Handbook  

Our helpful guide to helpful healing

Patient Handbook  

Our helpful guide to helpful healing