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Banding together for Pacific Coast m usic tour t was six in the morning, the buses were Ipreparing to leave. and the weather was cold and damp. As we boarded the chartered buses. there was a feeling of anticipation in the a ir, much more than this early hour would normally dictate. So began what many Marching Band members call ed "Our most interesting trip yet.路路 Overcom ing obstacles and logistical problems that plagued the band on the road. the marchers put on what director Dan Bukvich called "their best two performances this year." The band was to perform at halftime for two West Coast games. supporting t h e football team at Portland State and at the nationally televised Seahawks/Charges game. However. the only problem was getting there. The trip began well with the buses making good


time and the passengers getting into th e "road trip." Chips, sodas. Cheese Nips and tons of other snacks flowed free ly from coolers and backpacks that materialized from nowhere. After several delays and breakdowns. we arrived at Portland Stadium later that afternoon. an hour-and-half prior to game time. in "very hot and sticky conditions." according to tuba player Darry Jaquot. As practice began. though. t h e marchers seemed to forget the delays, the hot buses and the lack of rest. The band concentrated on the common goal it had for the weekend: to give its best performance of the year. The gam e soon developed into a rout of the Vikings by the visiting Vandals. Throughout the contest. the band played, yelled and c heered the Vandals to victory. At halftime. the band

prepared to go out for its p erformance. Under th e far bleachers they stood, awaiting their cue. Nervousness was obvious as Bukvich called to the tuba players, "Take off those sunglasses!'路 And marchers were appreh ensive about playing before a possibly hostile crowd. Halfway through the set, those fears fell away. The Viking fans joined the Vandal boosters a lready on their feet and gave the rival team's band a better show of support than they provided their own players. Unfortunately. the journey to the Emerald City proved too s hort for the performers to get back into top shape. But rest was not all they were missing. Once in Seattle, Bukvich continued


The band brought the sedate Klngdome crowd to Its feet t hrough t he efforts of dr ummers like Matt hew Faulks, Corey McKnight, and Ron Gehardsteln.

Phi Sigma.

Residence HaU Association.

Front Row: Lee Dcobald. Jill Loranger. Janel Slalley. Carrie Cocn. Paula Donnelly. Claudia Beck. Back Row: Jeff Summers. Joseph Taylor. Sieve Garteu. Jerry Wicks. Dr. Duane LeTourneau. Dr. William Ec kblad. Dr. Mark DeSantis.

Front Row: Paige Thlelbahr. Linda Fox. Sandra S hort. Kim Sorenson. Michelle Pare. Second Row: Wendy Reynolds. Mar k Amick. Kim Heltstuman. Rich Nilson. Kelly Wilhite. Bilek Row: Lee Ely. Tom Freund. Aaron Boston. Mark Scott.


1986 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 84 - University of Idaho Yearbook  

1986 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 84 - University of Idaho Yearbook

1986 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 84 - University of Idaho Yearbook  

1986 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 84 - University of Idaho Yearbook