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Delta Chi Highlight~ of a bu~> }Car at Delta Chi ... Homecoming Aoat with the Kappa ... a nnual pledge dance ... Campus Chest exchanges with the Thetas and the Tri Delts ... traditional "Pirate~ Dance" ... initiation dance, "Rabbit Fun" ... fantastic pring Formal ... fir~t in ong Fest with the Gamma Phis ... 100 ~ participation in Blood Dri\'e ... clo ed sea on with Sister-Daughter- weetheart Banquet ... On campm: B. Chipman, l\'eils, Norsen, T. Schornnan tapped for IK's ... Cridle) tapped for ~rED ... Folwell, Bennett, \\'etherell, and H o ac officer 路 in YR'~ and YD\ ... C. Chipman new member of Alpha Zeta ... Riddle, Vice President of Alpha Phi Omega . . . Carlson tapped for Blue Key, named Outstanding Senior, Delta Chi l\'ational Field Secretary ... T. Schorzman, Vanclaleer accompanist, lie I Idiver~ ... H art, treasurer of IK's and named Knight of Knights ... many panicipa ted in UB Committees and other campus activitie .

Jl路. RRY


Preside11t, First Semester

Delta Chi 90S Blake

Delta Chis built a seaworthy H omecoming float with the Kappas.


1964 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 62 - University of Idaho Yearbook