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Basketball Coach Joe Cipritlno, starting his first se"son as Idaho he"d bosketboll coach, "nd his fifteen cagers f"ced a grueling schedule in 1960-1961. The schedule itself presented sever"l h"rdships. The first w"s th"t it contained" tour of the MidWest ,,"d gemes egeinst such te"ms liS Michig,,", cOllched by 11lst se"son's Idllho mentor, D"ve Str"ck and other b"sketball powers as Toledo "nd 8r"dley, woo pI"ced high in the top ten of the nation. The region,,1 g"mes "Iso presented stiff competition. Id"ho, besides pl"ying in the F"r West Classic in Portland. where the hoopsters won the first llgllinst strong Portlond ,,"d lost two others by norrow morgins to Oregon St"te ,,"d AriZOM St"te, met Oregon, Oregon State ,,"d Washington St"te in regul"r seoson play ond in eoch c"se split a four-g"me series. Two ouht"nding players were lost to the teom through gr"duation. co-captains RoBie Willi"ms ,,"d Dale J"mes, but the outlook for the 1961-1962 V"nd,,1 te"m is excellent with the return of tall Ken M"ren ,,"d Reg Carol,,", and with sharpshooters Rich Porter. Chuck White "nd Gary Floan.



1961 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 59 - University of Idaho Yearbook