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Bill Hill, Gu ard, Junior

IDAHO 18 OREGON STATE 66 A wiry Vandal team took it on the chin from Oregon State by losing 66-18. Idaho tried valiantly even after OSC's eighth consecutive touchdown. At the opening of the game the Vandals posted their first score. With just one minute into the game, Idaho's Lee Shelman recovered a fumb led hand-off on the Beaver 31. Two plays later Hal Fisher pulled down the sideline

and into the end zone. Two more fumbles by the Beavers set up Ron Ismael's field goal from the 14, before the tables turned. Oregon State returned with an onslaught that buried the Idaho eleven. Idaho sustained several injuries, which proved to be fatal. The Vandals returned to the campus tired and weary, but not broken in spirit.


1960 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 58 - University of Idaho Yearbook