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PETE THOMAS CENARRUSA HAROl.D EARL CHARTER WILLIAM CHASE B.S. (Agr.); Bellevue H.S.; M.S.; Iowa l~all• H.S.,Iowa; Graduate; Rexburg H.S. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Ellsworth J unior Coli.; Iowa Phi Chi; ~linor "I" Club State Teachers' Coli.; CamJ-4; Boxing 1- 'l-J-4· pus Club; Phi Tau Theta; Associated Foresters.

WILLIAM G. Cttt$HDUI B.S. (Ed.); Sandpoint H.S.; Willis Sweet flail.

~lAX THOM PSO~ CH OU L£S PATRICIA G. CH URCHILL jA>IES CLABB\ ARNOLD H. CHLO UPEK B.S. (Ed.) ; Wahoo H.S., ' e- ll.S. (Bus.) ; Preston H.S.; B.S. ( Ed . ) ; Orofino H .S.; B.S. ( Ed. ) ; ~lalad H.S.; braska; Luther College, ~e­ L. D.S. I nst itute ; Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta; Sigma Lindley llall; Minor "I" Kappa Psi; Lambda Delta Alpha Iota; \'andaleers; Club; P.E.\1. Club; lloxing braska; Idaho Club. Sigma; Class \'ice- Pres. 4President J; Gem 1-'l-J, Ac- 1·2. tivity Editor J; Argonaut 12-J; Orchestra J-2-J.

Bob Davis In spite of the scowl, Bob is a real per$0nable guy. His activities are too numerou~ to mention, and if he wore all his keys he would have difficult) to walk. He comes from the Phi Gamma Delta tribe. At odd moments he sells clothes for one of the downtown merchants.

RoBERT BRANSO~ Cons ELIZABETH R. CL&A\' ER Ct.ARA J•:A~ CL&VPI.ASD FORREST H. CLOSNER RAYMOND H UNTER CLARK CuRTISS ~1. CLARK B.A.; Bonners Ferry H.S.; B.A.; Olean H.S., ew B.A. (Eng.); Wagner H.S., B.S. ( Ed.); Kooskia H.S.; Pi B.S.(For.); Montpelier H. B.S. ( Bus.); Gonnga H.S., Spokane, Washington; Wil University of Wi sconsin; York; Lindley Hall; Blue So. Dakota; Yankton Col- Beta Phi; Hell Divers 3-~; S.; U. of 1., So. Branch; Idaho Club; Bench and Bar. Key; Lindley Hall, Presi- lege, So. Dakota; Delta Del- llome Ec Club 1 2·:J; Pan- L.D.S. In stitute; Idaho For- lis Sweet Hall; Alpha Kappa dent 3; Class President 3; ta Delta; O.E.S.; Curtain, hellenic Council 4; A.W.S. ester; Lambda Delta Sigma. Psi, Treasurer. Publications Board 4; A.S. Asst. Director 4; Three U. Council z-3-4; W.A.A. J-2· of I. Productions. .1; Argonaut 1-2-3; Gem 1, 3; HowARD CoRLESS U. l. Executive Board 4· MARY J SAN CoRNEl~ Blue Bucket 1 ·2-.J. B.S.(Agr.); Heyburn H.S.; B.A.(Jour. }; Lewis and Brigham Young University; Clark H.S., Spokane, 'vV:LshDONALD LuNSTRUM CoHtN EsTHER M. CorrMAN Campus Club; Alpha Zeta; ington; Delta Gamma;; Boise H.S.; Willis B.S.; Lewis and Clark H.S., MARJORIE E. CoLLINS Sweet Hall; Bench and Bar. Spokane, Washington; Del- B.A.; Lewiston H.S.; Delta B.S. (Ed.); Twin Falls H.S.; Phi Mu Alpha; Lambda ta Sigma, President; A.W.S. U. of 1., Southern Branch; Delta ~~g~a; Va~daleers. •.- Council 4; Argonaut 2-3-4, ta Gamma; Panhell e nic Gamma. Gamma Phi Beta; Westmin- 2-J-4; M1kado, 2; Mth- Rewrite Editor 4; Gem 2-3, Council 4; Westminster Women's Editor J· ster Guild J; International tary Band 1-2-3. Guild q University Singers Relations J; Gem 3· 1-2-J.


1940 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 38 - University of Idaho Yearbook  

1940 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 38 - University of Idaho Yearbook

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