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COACH BANK He's short and stalky, but a bull dog when it comes to developing football teams for the University of Idaho. Ted Bank came to the University just four years ago. Each year the Vandal team has bettered its previous record. For the first time in the history of the school. the footba ll team won six scheduled games. Graduation from the University of Michigan in '23, coaching for six years at prep school, and assistant football coach at Tulane University has been the record of this mentor.

Ted Bank talka to the atudenta on the eve of Homecoming

Top: R~tHII, Brannon Therrell, Rathbun, Tauber, Gregory, KMp, Aachen hrener, Ryan, Donovan, Helen, HarriS, Kamelevic; Middle Jacoby, Twoqood, R. Smith, Strang, Piedmont. Atkin110n Kaczmarek, C.ccia, Bell, G<~llohon, Sounders, Johnston, Sondeson, Bonks, Tessier, Price; Lower: Roiae, G Price, Beoll, L. Smith, Wtleon, Musial, Trzuskoski, Howard, Acuff, Durham, Sonner Rettburg, Stoddard.

1939 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 37 - University of Idaho Yearbook