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Coach Ted Bank qreeto Wallace B eery, an ardent Vandal aupporter

Coming to the University of Idaho just three years ago last fall, Head Coach Ted Bank has worked hard toward building up a new regime in football for the Vandals. His efforts have been highly successful, as evidenced by this year's gridiron team. A graduate of the University of Michigan in '23, he never lost a game that he quarterbacked. Before attending Michigan, Bank served in the World War and was made a first lieutenant. Following his graduation, he was coach at a prep school for six years and then went to Tulane University, where he was assistant football and head boxing and baseball coach. From Tulane he came to Idaho.

MANAGERS On the shoulders of Kenneth Anderson and Robert Ratliff rested the responsibility of getting the football team on the field for their games. Although l::oth were junior managers, Anderson was awarded the senior le tter and Ratliff will receive it next year. It is their duty to assist the trainer, handle equipment, oversee the training table, and to do the "dirty" work. R. Mue ller, F. E vans, M . M ike, J. Copela nd, B . Wetzel R . Ratliff, L . H ill, K . Anderson, C. Boyd


1938 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 36 - University of Idaho Yearbook