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Mervin Gordon Neale

"The University and the State" is a fortunate choice as the central idea around which this issue of The Gem of the Mountains is built . Nature has given the State of I daho beautiful scenery and great natural resources. I wish to commend the staff for contributing through this book to a deeper appreciation of the beauty and resources of the state. The millions of dollars in undeveloped mineral resources in Idaho, the vast wealth of her forests, her millions of acres of unreclaimed lands, her vast possibilities for the development of water power, all these and many other resources furnish the basis for one of the great commonwealths of the nation. I n t he crisis through which this state, the nation, and the entire world are now passing, there is an old truth which needs emphasis as perhaps never before. I t is that natural resources and beautiful scenery will not in themselves make a great state. Its greatness will depend in the long run on t he kind of men and women who live within its borders; on their ability to use natural resources so as to make for a richer and better life. Let us not forget that the University of I daho was established for the purpose of developing men and women for leadership and for devotion to the public good; and that the University is, therefore, of vital importance in any consideration that may be given to the future of the State. M. G. NEALE, President.


1933 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 31 - University of Idaho Yearbook