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Ralph H utchin son, as head coach of the minor sports, has developed this year the best teams in the history of minor sports at Idaho. " Hu tch," as he is better known on the campus, was all-American quar terback from Princeton in 1900, and has been closely associated with sports ever since his gradu ation . Princeton remembers him as an athlete that won three letters in track, baseball and football, besides being quite adept at swimming and tumbling. After graduating from Princeton, H utch devoted his time to professional football. The influence of such ability; the able assistance of the captains of the various teams; the fine cooperation of the equipment man, Jim H untbach, have made one of the most successful seasons of all times.

New interest in wrestling this year has resulted in enl arging the grappling squad . At the start of t he year a good turnout of men encouraged vVillard Dursteler, captain, to build a good squad and he fulfilled his hopes by getting a formidable team together. Idaho started out t he season with an early match with the Huskies of Seattle. W ashington won two out of three fall s and three decisions. Dursteler won the Idaho point by pinn ing down the blind wrestler from Washington. The squad is represented by D ursteler and Stanton, 175 pounds; Clayton and L eatham, 165; Wilson, Benson, and Kirkhoven, rss; torch I SO; Carlson, 145; Stiles, 135; Callahan, 128, and \Yoodward, 118 pounds.

Wrestling Squad


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1933 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 31 - University of Idaho Yearbook  

1933 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 31 - University of Idaho Yearbook

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