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Pacific Coast Confe rence EAS0:\1 1928-1929 H ~: PJ.i\ YOH for the conference championship was held in Seattle on March 1 and 2, when the California Golden Bears defeated the W ashington H uskies two straight games by scores of +3 to 31 and 30 to 27 . I n the fi rst fray the G olden Bears piled up an earl y lead, mainly due to t he excellent s hooting of Captai n Vern Corbin, and t he H uskies failed to threaten seriously. The second tilt was more closely contested, with W ashington striving vain ly to overcome the 2l to 6 lead t hat t he California hoopsters pi led up at t he end of the first hal f. The H uskies were aided when Cor bin, Stevens and Coffield were ejected from the game on personal fouls, but even this could not turn victory into defeat for the athletes from the sunny state. t<rank Me 1illin, Idaho Varsity forward, was chosen on all the P acific coast selections. L eading the northwest division of the conference by scoring 1 '1) points in ten games and fouling but six times during the entire season, were factors which pla}'ed an important part in his being named. l\ Ici\ Iillin's dead I y one-handed shots and effective left-handed passing made him feared and respected b}' all opponents . l\ Id \Iillin was also named on several national selections, being selected by :\ lan J. Gould, celebrated sports critic, as one of the best eight forwards in the United 'tates. McMillin was voted a miniature gold basketball by the executive board of the University of Idaho as all P acific coast forward.


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1929 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 27 - University of Idaho Yearbook