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THE MEMORI AL GYMN SlUM n the prin g of nin et een twenty-three a joint com1nittee con i Ling of n1emher of the An1erican Legion of the State and of University alunn1i wa s forn1ed to consider plan for the er ection of a war men1orlal on the campus of the Univer ity of Idaho. During the pring and summer of the an1e year the project was put hefore the Legion convention and the alu1nni association, and th e proposal to build a n1 en1orial in the form of a modern gyn1nasium 'vas accepted by hoth. n association wa forn1ed and later incorporated under the la,vs of the tate. T he hoard of director for the a ociation were: R. D. Leeper of Lewiston, pre ident; J. S. Arner, vice president; Paul Davi , second vice pre ident; George Horton, secretary-trea urer; Harry Einhouse and L. V. Patch. P aul Davis was commander of the Legion at this time and shortly thereafter was n1ade director of th e drive for funds which wa conducted by counties throughout the state. L ater, the corporation secured the ervice of the Ward Systen1 con1pany to complete the drive, which f ell short of the r equired amount. Slightly n1ore than 100,000 was tj

raised, the corporation bonding for the balance and enterin g into a contract with the University concernin g control

1929 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 27 - University of Idaho Yearbook