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fill Sody Owings' shoes at fullback, and Burgher, former half, was shifted to end. Burgher was called upon to do the punting. H ult, Robertson and Paul Hutchinson soon won berths as halfbacks. Kirkpatrick from the 1926 frosh was converted into a center, and despite his inexperience at that post, served admirably through the season. Speck Diehl and Sumpter from the frosh fill ed gaps at tackle and guard, and Price, another rook, won hi s spu rs as running mate for Burgher on the ends. The first games of the season saw Charlie trying out several different combination s and working in a's many players as possibl e. For IIEAO COACt拢 the first time in years the Vandals were well CHAS. F. ERB equipped with capable reserves for all positions. No longer was it necessary for Charlie to worry over what he should do if one or more of his first eleven were injured. With equally good men on t he bench, it was possible for the coach to substitute frequently without weakening the strength of the team on t he field. The constant injection of fresh men in the lineup served to hearten a weary team and keep it at full strength throughout the game. Stark, Hj ort, Harris, C hristians, J ensen and Wendell proved excellent reserves for line posts, and were called into the game regularly during the season . Barrett, Norman and C heyne frequently replaced the regular backs and displayed great ability under fire. \iVith a forward wall averaging close to 200 pounds, and a well-rounded backfield, the Erbmen were able to employ a versatile attack that was unfathomable. The linemen opened up regular highways in the opposing lines, through which Robertson, H utchinson and Kershisnik ploughed for yardage at will. The accu rate passing and wide runs by Per-rins, J acoby and Burgher kept the defense ever on the alert. The defensive strength of that machine was evidenced by the fact that but 48 points were scored against them in eight games, whi le they were rolli ng up a total of 123 counts themselves. The work of Capt. D iehl and his linemen, backed by Kershisnik at full, stopped everything that was directed at them and the much-heralded passing attacks of several opponents were cut short by the Vandal backfield. The power of attack and defense developed marked! y as the season progressed, the Vandals reaching their peak at the 0.:\.C. LINE COACH "STEW'' BEA M game. Page I 63


1928 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 26 - University of Idaho Yearbook  

1928 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 26 - University of Idaho Yearbook

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