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GEl\! OF THE l\IOUXT A I ::-.JS LuCIUS FR.\:-.'KLIN CHILDERS, M. S. Piissouri), Associall' Pro-

fessor of Agrouomy aud Agrouomist of tile E.rpcrimc11t Statio1~.

CARL Cos~10 RrcE, Ph. D. (Harvard), Associate Professor of

Roma11ce La11grtages. FRANK WtLBUT CrrAMliERLAIN, D. V. ).1. (Cornell), Associate

Professor of Veterinary Science aud Auimal Husbandry. JuSTJN SARSFIELD DELURY, B. A. (Toronto), Assisfaut Profes-

sor of Geolog'j' aud Jfi11eralogy. Cr.ARENCJ~ CLYDE TuLL,

1\I. A. (Harvard), Assistc111t Professor of the F.nglislt La11guage.

GusTus Ltlll\\' IG L.\RSO'I, 13. S. (E. E.) (Idaho). /lssistout Professor of ,\! ccllauical E11giuccring. FR.\:'\'CIS D ,\\'11) F .\RRELL, n. S. (.\gr.) ( l'tah .\gricultural College), I rrigatiouist of E.rperimcut Statiou, aud Director of Sub-Statious iu Soutllcm Idaho.

I R .w~roNn



\Voon\Rll BRJ;-\K, (Kansas State College), l11structor

in Jlfathcmatics, Stale Preparator;• School. 1\f.\y AcN r·:s C.\LDWEI.L, (National School of


C hicago),

Instructor i11 Voice Culture a11d Choral IV ork. EDW.\Im ]o rr N C1\HEY, (Queen's M ilitary Academy of 1\Tusic, L iverpool), Leader Military Cadet Ba11d. EDWARD !IELLIER-COLLENS, A . V . C. 1\1. (Victoria College of 1\lusic, London), Iustructor in Violin aud Leader of the

Orchestra. CHARLES WILLIA)l CoLVER, B. S. (Idaho), Assistant Chemist of

tire Experiment Station. CHARLES FIELD, 3rd S. B. Olassachusetts Institute of Technol-

ogy), btstructor i1; Orgauic Chemistry. NINE

1911 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 8 - University of Idaho Yearbook  

1911 Gem of the Mountains, Volume 8 - University of Idaho Yearbook

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