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Freddie said a few terse words. "Are you nuts?" said Robin. "Stealing that giant metal ice cream cone? In broad daylight? With that crowd? Are you nuts?" Robin reiterated. But all the time he was laughing so hard he could barely sit up at the wheel. "Well. that'll land you in the papers. boy. If not in jail!" Freddie got out. The sun was setting. one of those scenes where the rays fanned out cosmically from their cloud cover. He quickly scaled the Frosty Treet building and walked across to the ice cream cone. He glanced down at the open-mouthed onlookers following his trail, some elbowing one another. pointing to him. He heard his sneaks go 'thwap' against the roof as he got closer to his icon. This was it This time, he had it right He wrapped his arms around the ice cream cone and tensed to rip it loose. But then a fading light struck him. At that instant he knew for


certain that he. Freddie Sebastian. looked exactly like Mary and The Wise Men in the Stoner painting. That the light on their faces was the same light on his face now. He let go of the ice cream cone and just stood for a time. letting the light caress him. Then he climbed down. with a growing sensation of warmth in his chest that didn't go away. The crowd stepped aside. almost respectfully. He got back tn the car. "Just go," Freddie said. "What about the tee cream cone?" Robin scratched a beefy forearm. He smiled, real slow. "Don't need it any more." Robin went. leaving enough rubber to form a decent-sized spare tire. Freddie rolled the window open. putting his head out like a contented puppy. He let his eyes drift shut. feeling the warm. warm wind mess his hair around as they sailed through Ohio. 0



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Fugue - Fall/Winter 1990 (Vol. 1, No. 1)  

The Literary Digest of the University of Idaho

Fugue - Fall/Winter 1990 (Vol. 1, No. 1)  

The Literary Digest of the University of Idaho