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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Vandal Makes Movie Magic By Amanda Cairo

Photos: Twentieth Century Fox

Vandals are a tough breed; so tough, in fact, they can to take over the United States. It is a tale of good and evil, create and destroy a world of vampires. It’s no great what Americans have always expected from Lincoln. feat for a particular Vandal who has already taken on Lemley spent much of last summer creating a world of professional assassins and a post-apocalyptic future – in bloodthirsty vampires and reinforcing the facts, conviction the cinema that is. and shaping behind Lincoln’s character. Independent producer Jim Lemley ’88 The movie, which stars Benjamin Walker, is ready to unleash his new film, “Abraham Rufus Sewell and Dominic Cooper, was Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” a 3D thriller set filmed in Louisiana. to hit theaters in June. Creating a visual world from the pages of “Abraham Lincoln kind of represents a book is all in a day’s work for Lemley and the best of what people strive to be. He his team though. With a solid academic literally was that, but he also represents background from the University of Idaho, it in an esoteric way,” Lemley said in an Lemley has worked with Universal Studios, advance interview. Disney and Icon Productions. He is now “In some ways, he was the original focusing his talents as a producer. superhero who was also a human being, As a student, Lemley spent a majority so you’re getting into Batman territory, of his time outside the classroom and with a real person, flesh and blood, not inside movie theaters. As he continues his Independent producer flying around.” career as a movie producer, he has struck a Jim Lemley ’88 Co-produced with Tim Burton, Lemley balance between his creative skills and the is bringing Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel about the 16th business lessons he learned at the university. president’s war – not the Civil War, but the ax battles he “I knew I had the creative talent,” said Lemley. “I raged on vampires – to life. thought I should learn the skills not innately within me and While Lincoln has gone down in the history books gain experience that would help me throughout my career.” for his fight against slavery and for re-uniting a nation, Indeed, those business and marketing skills have helped Grahame-Smith’s story pits one of the most beloved him and his projects succeed past a creative vision. Like a presidents of the United States against vampires that don’t coach or a general, he conceives ideas, puts a plan together, sparkle and don’t fall in love with mortals. Instead, they finds the funding to make and distribute a movie, and last, cull human slaves to feed their thirst, kill humans without but perhaps most importantly, finally gets to make the film. a second thought, including Lincoln’s mother, and plot 29

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