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Cherie Weinewuth August 20, 2018

LinkedIn Campaign Summer 2018 Executive Master of Healthcare Administration Program LinkedIn Performance Benchmarks for Sponsored InMail • Minimum Open Rate: 20% • Minimum CTR: 1.5% HPA Performance (2,300+ sends) • Open Rate: 30% • CTR: 4.32%

HPA Newsletter October Overview October 2017 Listserv reach of over 5,000+ with an average open rate of 30%

A/B Testing Webinar B MailChimp March 2018 Target new market listserv of health department workers prove-your-communication-better-ro is-funding-health-programs

Improved open and attendance rate by 50% ve-your-communication-better-rois-fun ding-health-programs-290033

American Public Health Association’s (APHA) Schools of Public Health Webpage HPA Ad Campaign AY2017-2018 Performance: 59% CTR 1,866.66% higher than the industry average

Chicago Medicine Magazine September 2015 Advertisement Clinician Executive Master of Healthcare Administration Program

Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) Annual Meeting Program Advertisement 2018 Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Programs

Health Policy and Administration Master of Public Health Draft Webpage 2018

HPA Degrees and Programs Website Redesign Summer 2018

Executive Master of Healthcare Administration (EMHA) Brochure Mail Campaign August 2018

HPA Academic Program Flyer