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Pesach Edition April 2011 / 5771


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UNITED ISRAEL APPEAL, THE PRE-EMINENT FUNDRAISING BODY IN AUSTRALIA FOR ISRAEL, IS LOOKING FOR A CAMPAIGN MANAGER TO LEAD OUR VICTORIAN CAMPAIGN TO: 1 Manage the UIA office team 1 Deliver successful campaign results year after year 1 Actively contribute in the development of fundraising plans 1 Provide reliable administration services, financial management

& planning 1 Be able to deliver on marketing & branding strategies 1 Implement reliable and appropriate operational systems & processes 1 Coordinate all campaign activities 1 Deliver against multi-year & annual marketing plans 1 Manage internal & external relationships at varied levels In order to be considered for this role, you must have good experience in leadership roles, proven ability to build & manage internal & external stakeholder relationships, be community minded and regarded, ability to support staff through change and demonstrate a good understanding of accounting & marketing principles. To apply for this position, please send your resume with a cover letter to Ronnie Lewis, Managing Director, MATCH Executive at or call 03 9525 2115 for more information.


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN ESTHER FRENKIEL & THE PRESIDENT SHLOMO WERDIGER Despite some challenges that Israel has faced already this year, UIA Victoria has worked tirelessly to ensure a successful start to the 2011 campaign which launched in early March. We have held a number of well attended events and hosted a range of speakers both international and local. We were fortunate to have the World Chairman of Keren HayesodUIA visit Australia for the first time in a decade and address an audience of UIA supporters at the Gala Dinner. Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg acknowledged the generosity of the Victorian Jewish Community and paid tribute to the solidarity and commitment of our UIA donors. One of the many themes that is part of Pesach is the symbolism of 4 sons. The order of the sons appears incongruous, however, placing the evil son next to the wise son reinforces our obligation to each and every Jew to ensure that no-one gets left behind. This is the theme of the UIA in that we too ensure that no Jew is forgotten in our endeavours to save as many Jewish lives as possible, providing a new beginning and the freedom of choice for these people. On behalf of everyone at UIA Victoria, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Chag Pesach Sameach. We join with Am Israel in hoping for Peace in Israel, and we remind our community that Israel still needs our support.

Esther Frenkiel Chairman UIA Victoria

Shlomo Werdiger President UIA Victoria


Dear Friends, Shalom. It is with particular pleasure that I send you this message, having recently returned to Israel after my visit to Australia where I participated in your 2011 campaign launch. I was truly impressed by the enthusiasm of the Victorian Campaign, and felt very privileged to be a part of your Gala event where I could witness the outstanding work of United Israel Appeal Victoria firsthand. I have returned to my office in Jerusalem feeling inspired by the exceptional commitment, dedication and vision of your community. Reflecting on the connection between Passover and KH-UIA, I cannot help but reference the miracle of triumph not only against the oppression but also in that the telling of the Exodus story accentuates that even the rules of nature were not a barrier to G-d’s fulfilment of his promise of the liberation. Therefore, with motivation and tenacity, nothing stands in the way for us to assure that every Jew can fulfil his potential. This resonates in the true essence of our work. KH–UIA actively builds and sustains infrastructures upon which Israeli society grows and advances. We give thousands of new Olim new homes and the chance to acquire the critical tools they need to integrate productively into Israeli society. Together, with your support, we will continue to build on these initiatives to ensure a strong Israel for a strong Jewish people. Wishing you a Chag Pesach Kasher V’Sameach and may you go from strength to strength. Yashar Koach!

Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg World Chairman of Keren Hayesod



FEATURES Israel received over 19,000 new immigrants in 2010 According to data from JAFI and the Israeli Absorption Ministry, 2010 witnessed a 16% rise in the number of people that made aliyah compared with the previous year. Despite an improvement in the economic state in their countries and a rise in the quality of living, 40% of the new olim that immigrated to Israel in 2010 were from former Soviet republics. The data also showed that small numbers of olim arrived from China, Monaco, Japan, Hong Kong, Honduras, Malta, Singapore, South Korea, Kenya and Rwanda. Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky was pleased with the data and said that “the figures are encouraging, particularly in light

of the war of de-legitimization being waged against Israel all over the world. Many of the olim are young, from free countries who feel that they belong in Israel and choose to build their future and their children’s futures here.” Immigrant Absorption Minister Sofa Landver added that, “successful aliyah and absorption have always been and will remain one of the main focuses of the Zionist enterprise and a guarantee to the ongoing existence and growth of the Jewish state”.

absorption process will be implemented in the best possible way.”

“I am happy that the last two years have reversed the negative trend and that the number of olim is rising. We will continue to do everything in our power to make sure that aliyah figures continue to rise and that the

Source: AJN

Melbourne Bar-Mitzvah Boy is thanked for supporting Youth Futures After celebrating his Bar Mitzvah in May 2010, Ethan Kemelman of Melbourne, Australia, decided to make the selfless act of donating his Bar-Mitzvah gifts to UIA Victoria through student support by establishing a Youth Futures room at a school in Jerusalem. On January 6, 2011 Ethan and his father, Yehuda Kemelman, visited the Youth Futures Program at the school in the Gilo Aleph Neighborhood in Jerusalem. During the visit, in addition to meeting some of the children who participate in the program, Ethan and Yehuda met with a dedicated trustee and learned how she

works to ensure that these children-at-risk and their families receive the knowledge and access to the existing community resources that are available for them. “It was a heartwarming visit – not only to see the wonderful work taking place at the Youth Futures program, but also to witness the generosity and care of a Bar Mitzvah boy from Australia with a desire, at such a young age, to assist his peers in the State of Israel.” Mazel tov and thank you to Ethan and the entire Kemelman family.

Ethan Kemelman, Yehuda Kemelman

Source: KH website

UIA Business Breakfast Engaging financial speaker Victor Khosla, Founder and Senior Managing Director of the US based investment firm Strategic Value Partners (SVP), spoke at an intimate business breakfast at Deutsche Bank on Tuesday A


22 February 2011. As the world financial status has changed so much in the last few years, Victor offered some interesting information on what will come in the next few years in the distressed credit markets C

and touched upon his role of turning debt into equity. Over 25 YUIA and Yachad aged professionals joined us for this enlightening breakfast that was generously hosted by Deutsche Bank. D

L>R A) Victor Khosla, Rafi Lamm B) Adam Kaye, Steven Skala, Ben Cowen C) Toby Krasnostein, David Boyar D) Joe Azoulay, Eli Nossbaum, Audette Exel

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Pre-Campaign Canvassers Evening United Israel Appeal Victoria held a pre-campaign canvassers evening in February across all UIA divisions at Beth

Weizmann. 90 UIA canvassers had the opportunity to meet with the new Victorian Shlichim Amit Tzur-Tal and David Metzler,



who each presented on themselves and the various projects which UIA are supporting.



L>R A) Jenni Krafchek, Jorge Thaler B) Steven Hollander, Sam Blum C) Louis Klein, David Metzler, Malvin Klein, Amit Tzur-Tal, Bentley Klein D) Brian and Ann Turner

Key Workers Family Mission to Israel Our annual Key Workers Mission, an 11 night/12 day Israel program, hosts families, couples, many first time travellers or those who haven’t been in Israel for a long period of time. The Mission introduces people to the State of Israel, the history, the current economic, social and political situations and most importantly the successful work of Keren Hayesod-UIA. Participating children are provided with the foundations of Ahavat Israel (love of Israel) and a stepping stone for their further participation in the Youth Movements with the Jewish State. The Key Workers Mission over the years has become an important element in strengthening the special relationship between UIA Victoria, the Melbourne Jewish Community and the State of Israel. Last year’s participants varied B




in ages which made for an entertaining, energetic and enriching mission experience. Mission Highlights* home hospitality in the Arava – always a highlight and momentous experience * overnight stay at the dead sea, desert trek * visit to an IDF base- meeting the soldiers, and experiencing a truly unique army journey * visiting high tech companies * experiencing the best in Israel - tourist and culinary * touring the Golan Region * visiting and hearing the stories of representatives from Kedma, Net@, Ayalim and other KH-UIA projects * meeting and interacting with high profile guest speakers – journalists, parliamentarians, C

musicians, historians * chocolate factory tour, spectacular night light show at the Tower of David, Atlit detention camp and much more... * New Year’s celebrations Don’t delay in thinking about joining us this year 21 December 2011 until 1 January 2012. Together we can make a difference for you and your family. Please diarise our upcoming Information Session Evening - Tuesday 14 June at 7pm in the UIA Boardroom. For further information please contact Estelle Wytwornik, International Programs Coordinator on 9272 5533. D

L>R A) KWM participants at Masada B) Des and Sheryl Galgut with an IDF solider C) Visiting the Net@ Project D) Michael Bricker at the Palmach Museum E) Aimee Bricker, Jessica Bricker and Mikayla Wasserman eating delicious strawberries in the Arava F) Tina Goldberg, Steven Goldberg

See the amazing work we do for yourself by experiencing a UIA Mission June Mission: Tues 14 – Thurs 23 June 2011

Explore, Experience, Be Inspired!

Federal Women’s Division Mission: Mon 13 – Tues 21 June 2011 Key Workers Mission: 21 December 2011 – 01 January 2012

Please contact Estelle Wytwornik at the UIA office on 9272 5533 for all your Mission enquiries UIA PESACH EDITION


MAIN APPEAL MESSAGE FROM THE AMI CHAIR NATHAN SHAFIR The AMI Group is off to a good start. Faceto-face canvassing is underway and we also have a team of committed telephone canvassers. This year we have been bolstered by the return to our ranks of some volunteer canvassers.

We urge the community who have not yet been approached in 2011 to continue your support to us and welcome us into your homes as you have so kindly done during these past years.

2011 Campaign Opening Gala Dinner The 2011 UIA Campaign was launched on Tuesday 8th March at Crown’s Palladium Room. Special Guest Speaker, The Hon Tony Abbott MHR, Leader of the Federal Opposition, reconfirmed the government’s traditional strong support for the State of Israel. Abbott praised the Australian Jewish Community, expressing that, “as individuals they have been at the very heart of our national life, yet they have maintained a distinct identity

in ways that are perfectly consistent with full participation in the life of our country.”

importance of UIA’s mission of saving Jewish lives and strengthening Israeli society.

For the first time in a decade, the World Chairman of Keren Hayesod – UIA also featured at the Gala Dinner. Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg discussed the importance of the work that UIA does and the uniqueness of UIA as the only fundraising body whose projects reflect the national priorities of the State of Israel as determined by the Prime Minister’s office. Moodi cemented the

Guests were entertained by the Ben Yakir Youth Village Choir, a youth village in Israel which is supported by UIA. Thanking the community for their generous donations, Hila Elhayany, the village’s resource and development coordinator, spoke about the importance of the village and the services provided to assist youth-at-risk.









L>R A) Esther Frenkiel, Einat and Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg B) Helene Kamil, Harvey and Janette Lewis C) Ian Samuel, Anton Block D) Jack Smorgon, Tony Abbott, Mark Leibler E) Shlomo Werdiger, Michael Danby F) Gloria Lew, Nathan and Ruth Shafir, Harry Lew G) Lou and Vikki Caplan H) Kathy Rozner, David Smorgon, Val Smorgon, Solange Rapaport Photos: Peter Haskin

Progressive Trust Through its Progressive Trust, the UIA provides essential help for refugees and migrants. Designated funds go directly to the Progressive community centres of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) for them to welcome and absorb migrants from around the world into egalitarian communities. Funds raised by the Progressive Trust also support the work of the IMPJ’s Legal Aid Center for Olim (LACO). One example of their

work is the story of Svetlana who came to Israel with her Jewish husband from Uzbekistan 15 years ago. Her husband abandoned her and her passport was stolen. Eventually she met an Israeli man and was accepted with status as a couple under law but when she fell pregnant he abandoned her too. Without legal status in the country, she had no health insurance and could not work legally. Recently, Australian-born LACO lawyer,

Nicky Maor secured Svetlana’s residency status so that she can remain and work in Israel with her son. “The Australian community is rightly proud of its record of support for the absorption of Olim” said PT Chairman Ian Samuel “and the Progressive Trust is proud of its work in ensuring that Israel is the democratic and inclusive State that we all dream of.”

If you would like to make a donation to the Main Appeal, please contact the UIA office on 9272 5533 or


WOMEN’S DIVISION Campaign Launch Breakfast The 2011 Women’s Division Campaign Launch Breakfast was held on Wednesday 2nd March with 430 women attending at the International of Brighton. “How do I Support Israel?” was the theme of the event, and the title of a specially created video which featured the thoughts and feelings of Melbourne’s Jewish women and children about Israel.

The first guest speaker was Michelle RojasTal, Israel-based Diapora education manager for advocacy organisation “StandWithUs.” Michelle offered insight and tools to be active against the boycott movement on Israeli products – the BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions). She stressed the importance of taking active steps against this movement by consciously buying Israeli products.

The Women’s Division have again chosen to support the Youth Futures project. The morning’s second speaker was Shlomit Bicha, a Youth Futures Trustee based in Bat Yam. She presented on her work with disadvantaged youth and spoke of how the money raised helps youth-at-risk. The event was a wonderful confirmation of the strength and unity amongst the women of the Melbourne Jewish community.









L>R A) Robyn Baillieu, Michelle Rojas-Tal B) Leanna Cohen, Sally Benge, Amanda Smorgon Michelle Kaye C) Lisa Blode, Tammy Nadelman D) Shlomit Bicha, Esther Frenkiel E) Tanya Smorgon, Lorelle Krulis, Nicole Silberberg F) Barbara Landau, Annette Smorgon, Minnie Smorgon, Marilyn Braun, Elissa Sharp G) Tom Rose, Hayley Southwick H) Ahda Selwyn, Evi Selwyn Photos: Dean Schmideg




See Israel in a way you have never seen it before


Be part of the official opening Outdoor Fitness Centre Ben Yakir Youth Village – our Federal Women’s Division Project For more information or to book contact Ilana Maizels 9272 5533 or

Can you assist the Women’s Division with our phone canvassing? Help us raise much needed funds for the Youth Futures Program which supports youth-at-risk in Israel Follow us on Facebook If you would like to make a donation to the Women’s Division, please contact the UIA office on 9272 5533 or




COMMUNITY 2011 Community Evening “Anything is possible!” was the message from The Hon Ted Baillieu MLA, Premier of Victoria who was the guest speaker at the Community Evening held on Tuesday 15th March at Lincoln of Toorak. In stating that “the Jewish Community is vital to the whole world,” Mr Baillieu particularly noted the solidarity in our community which works so well together as we are a strong, inspiring and innovative unit. He also acknowledged the great contribution that the Jewish Community makes to the State of Victoria. His sentiments highlighted the

importance of the State of Israel in that Israel ‘makes it possible’ for their own but also for others and UIA ‘makes it possible’ as it grows for the future of Israel. Our second speaker was Australian bornIDF officer Captain Benjamin Rutland, Head of the NATO Desk, IDF Strategic Division. Rutland discussed his experience as a spokesperson for the IDF, particularly during the Gaza War and shared personal stories of Olim that he has been fortunate enough to have served with, many of whom would not have been able to serve had it not been

for the assistance provided by the Jewish Agency and UIA. David Southwick MP, MC’d the evening which also acknowledged Erwin Lamm on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Guest were entertained by 4 boys from the Ben Yakir Youth Choir, a youth village supported by UIA. One of the boys, Uri Mengista spoke of his experience of making aliyah at the age of 3. He thanked UIA donors for their support in making his life at Ben Yakir possible. Photos: Peter Haskin







L>R A) Danny Lamm, Ted Baillieu, Erwin Lamm B) Captain Benjamin Rutland, David Southwick C) Joe and Norma Boltin D) Lev Cherkasski, Gleb Shinkarsky, Lauren Spitalnik E) Lucy Zoubkova, Anna Raytsin F) Dian Brand and Rabbi Steven Link

A twelve month scholarship to an oleh student at Machon Lev was awarded in Erwin Lamm’s honour on the occasion of his 90th birthday at the Community Evening.

Wishing the Yom Ha’atzmaut Mission participants a nesia tova ‫נסיעה טובה‬

Join us for a


Remember to include Israel in your will.

With Rabbi Link


A Bequest does not have to be large.

IT’S YOUR CHOICE. ITS YOUR GIFT. ITS YOUR LEGACY Enquiries: Micky Morag 9272 5533 or

YOUNG UIA YUIA Purim Ball Campaign Launch YUIA opened its 2011 campaign with a Purim Masquerade Ball held at The MCG. Around 300 YUIA donors danced the night away to an amazing entertainment line-up including A




a jazz quartet, 10 piece big band and a Megillah reading. Captain Benjamin Rutland – an Australian Oleh and now head of the IDF’s NATO desk spoke about the amazing

work he sees UIA undertaking in Israel for disadvantaged Olim.


Photos: Peter Haskin D

L>R A) Anat Bogaty, Brodie Same, Dana Ochert B) Natalie Glatt, Ben Shafir C) Jake Rotstein, Katie Vinson-Bromberger D) Lee Rosenberg, Joel Nevezie, Joshua Lowe, Nicholas Shulman, Michael Shmerling E) Gideon Rozner, Dora Klein-Gelbak, Carlie Cohen F) Dana Harel, Terri Goldman, Elise Nankin

YUIA London Seminar YUIA Coordinator Stefan Oberman represented UIA Vic at the 2011 Young Leadership KH-UIA Kolenu Conference held in London during January. The conference saw Jewish leaders from over 15 countries come together to discuss the challenges

facing the younger generation. Conference participants heard from a number of prominent speakers including the founder of Strauss Foods – Michael Strauss as well as Lord Janner – a Jewish member of the British House of Lords.

Picture: David Passig Ph.D – ‘Futurist’at Bar-Ilan University (middle) with conference participants

NEXT UIA Next UIA/ AUJS/ Chabad Campus Mad Hatter Purim Party Six hundred 18-25 year olds attended the Mad Hatter Purim Party held at the home of Shlomo and Shyrla Werdiger. Guests on the night enjoyed a Purim feast as they danced the night away in their brilliant costumes. A




L>R A) Shlomit Rubinstein, Maurie Novak B) Shann Zaidenberg, Dan Ercz, Erin Paul C) Gideon Epstein, Josie Belkin, Devorah Heymann, Yosl Cylich D) Candice Rosenberg, Jade Rothschild, Cindy Meyrowitz

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SCHOOL EDUCATION AUJS Executive Conference – NextUIA presentation On February 8th, YUIA Co-ordinator, Stefan Oberman, presented UIA to over 70 AUJS executive members from all over Australia and New Zealand at their annual AUJS ‘Basic Training’ Executive conference. He ran an interactive session on the future of

the Melbourne Jewish community. Students were given the task of coming up with various projects/events/initiatives – that they felt would connect young Jews to their community.

Shlomit Bicha addresses Mount Scopus and Bialik Bat Yam Youth Futures Trustee Shlomit Bicha spoke to high school students at Mount Scopus and Bialik College. She spoke to a number of classes – both in English and Hebrew about the inspiring work she does

in mentoring youth-at-risk in order to help bridge critical educational and social gaps. Students at Mount Scopus, studying VCE and tertiary Hebrew, enjoyed asking Shlomit questions in Hebrew.

JCCV Volunteering Fair On February 14th, YUIA presented at the JCCV community volunteering fair where over 100 Jewish youth heard about the amazing opportunities to be had through getting involved with UIA. Given that it was

Valentine’s day, the presentation focused on why we LOVE Israel. The YUIA desk at the expo stole the show with a bouquet of 24 red roses as its centrepiece.

Ben Yakir Youth Choir visits the Jewish Day Schools The Ben Yakir Youth Village choir received a standing ovation at each of their performances to Melbourne’s Jewish day school students. The choir who were in

Melbourne for the UIA campaign events had the students clapping along to Jewish and Israeli classics such as ‘Adon Olam’ and ‘Halevey’.

THOUGHTS ON AUSTRALIA FROM THE BEN YAKIR YOUTH CHOIR… Meir: “What I take back with me from Australia is LOVE. I learned that there are people on the other side of the world that love Israel, work for Israel and love us. I didn’t know that exists before I came. My most memorable moment was the visit to the UIA offices. I felt like I was coming to visit the family. We received so much love from everyone.” Uri: “My favourite part of this delegation were the conversations. I enjoyed talking to people. The biggest experience was meeting and getting to know new people, and experiencing new things. Performing in so many new venues in front of new people was a true experience.” Uriel: “The people I remember the most are the UIA staff and Shlichim. They were all really nice to us. I loved the visit to Eureka Tower. I feel that in this trip, I connected to myself.... and to everyone.” Or: “The hardest part of the trip was the flight back home. I didn’t want to say goodbye and end this experience.”

Hanan: “We arrived as certain people and came back very different. Each of us has gone through a life-changing process – staff and students.”

YACHAD yachad family workshop On Wednesday 9 February a select group of Yachad members met at the home of Lisa and David Thurin for a wonderful brainstorming evening. More than 25 people came to discuss topics such as Israel, Tzedaka and family involvement in UIA. Yachad chairs and UIA staff left this session with several new ideas and

were blown away by all the fabulous suggestions made. As an outcome, one of the most underlying messages was to involve our children, as they are the future of UIA and as a result Yachad is planning several family oriented events. L>R Andrew Bassat, Natalie Bassat, Russell Casper

yachad cocktails Over 50 people attended an intimate evening of cocktails at the George Lane Bar on Thursday 10 March 2011. Four boys from the Ben Yakir Choir brought the crowd to their feet while they performed several upbeat and emotional songs. A




Funds raised from the Yachad Division of United Israel Appeal support the Ben Yakir Village, located in Hasharon Area. Ben Yakir is a traditionally observant village which acts as a safe haven for disadvantaged youth who have come from

Purim at ben yakir Boys at the Ben Yakir Youth Village recently celebrated Purim.

difficult socio-economic backgrounds and broken homes. While visiting Australia, the Ben Yakir Choir ‘wowed’ Melbourne with their enthusiasm and talent.



L>R A) Ari Pitt, Graham Friedman B) Samantha Hall, Ian Barabash C) Debbie Goldwasser, Zehava Rubinstein D) Alison Brown, Emma Stabey E) Jeremy Samuel, Leah Alperovich F) Uri Menagista, Ben Cowen, Or Nachmany

Mazal tov to Peter and Zehava Rubinstein on the occasion of their wedding. They requested donations to UIA. They are pictured with UIA Victoria Executive Director Amit Tzur-Tal.

To learn more about the Ben Yakir Youth Village, visit

Follow us on Facebook “Yachad United Israel Appeal Victoria”

If you would like to make a donation toYachad, please contact UIA on 9272 5533 or




PARTNERSHIP 2000 Ellen Maybloom – Arava Experience Testimonial Though I knew that I was about to have a wonderful Israel experience, I couldn’t possibly have foreseen the life changing time I was going to have in the Arava. The hospitality shown was truly amazing. The kids in the Arava were unbelievable and took me in as one of their own. As

time went on I found myself falling in love with the lifestyle they shared with me. It was refreshing to be surrounded by people with such strong values, who are appreciative of what they have and where they live. Back in Australia, I find myself missing the breathtaking colours of the desert sunsets

and exploring the fields, desert animals and tracks with my Israeli friends. I am still in close contact with many of the kids I met. I will always be grateful for the incredible opportunity the Arava community so willingly gave me and I’m looking forward to going back and visiting my friends and host families when I finish school.

MEGA DELEGATION FROM BIALIK COLLEGE AND THE KINg DAVID SCHOOL 66 Bialik College students and 10 King David School students spent 6 days in the Arava in December. This was something of a milestone, not only in size but in that it was the first time that the number of tenth

grade visitors was greater than the number of tenth graders in the Arava!

Picture: Gilad Lavni

The Desert Queen Experience- Empowerment in the Desert This tour offer Jewish women from communities in the diaspora an opportunity to join Israeli women in a seven-day jeep expedition in Israel’s Negev and the Arava Region.

The take

next place

Desert Queen will in October 2011.

For more information, contact Ilana Maizels 9272 5533.

Follow us on Facebook MAZAL TOV to the following who celebrated their smachot with israel Rose Foxman Debbie Gordon Therese Kay

Special Birthday Special Birthday Special Birthday

Peter Kay Joseph Jaffe Erwin Lamm


Executive Members

Jeffrey Appel Julian Black (Treasurer) David Boyar (Chairman YUIA) Herbert Epstein Chairman Harry Flicker Esther Frenkiel Edith Herman George Kuran President Sam Tatarka (ex officio) Shlomo Werdiger Rafi Lamm (YUIA Major Donors Chair) Jeff Meyer Hon Life Chairman UIA Australia Robert Richter Mark Leibler AC Ian Samuel Nathan Shafir Hon Life President and Hon Life Governor UIA Australia and UIA Victoria Hayley Southwick (Chair Women’s Division) Vladimir Tsivlin Saul Same AM President UIA Australia Jack Smorgon AO

Honorary Life Governor UIA Australia Max Shnider

90th Birthday 90th Birthday 90th Birthday

Fred Antman Harry Kaplan Erwin & Ilse Lamm

80th Birthday 60th Birthday 65th Wedding Anniversary

UIA Professional Staff Campaign Director Craig Woolf

Bookkeeper Jane Lyubic

Executive Directors / Shlichim David Metzler and Amit Tzur-Tal

Executive Assistant To Executive Directors Estelle Wytwornik

Financial Controller Nonna Aleksenitser Director Planned Giving Micky Morag Marketing Manager Carli Binko Young UIA Coordinator Stefan Oberman Executive Secretary UIA Australia Edith Herman Campaign Secretary Judy Nagler

Yachad Coordinator Heidi Schrage Database Administrator Avi Bronfman Reception Adrienne Perch Event and Appeal Administrator Roy Schloss P2K and Women’s Division Coordinator Ilana Maizels Campaign Assistant Dorit Murray

Israel still needs you Please send your 2011 pledge to the uia office

Please make cheques payable to uia – rrf ltd

Po box 337 Caulfield south Victoria Australia 3162
























Remember Israel at your next simcha and consider a donation in lieu of gifts United Israel Appeal saves Jewish lives, so can you... 1 Acknowledgement Certificates 1 Special Occasion Certificates 1 Festival Certificates

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The Yummiest and Fluffiest Matzo Balls Makes 10-12 3 eggs 3 tbs oil 6 heaped tbs course matzo meal Salt, pepper

- Whisk eggs and oil - Fold in matzo meal, salt, pepper - Roll into balls - Bring large pot of water to boil - Add pinch of salt to water - Drop the matzo balls into the water - Semi cover and simmer for 10 minutes - ENJOY

Our Mission: Keren Hayesod - United Israel Appeal, through a partnership between Israel and diaspora communities, mobilises support for Israel and the rescue of Jews in distress. By encouraging and assisting with aliyah and absorption, Keren Hayesod saves Jewish lives, strengthens Jewish identity, fortifies the fabric of Israeli society and reinforces solidarity within the Jewish people. TO RECEIVE THIS NEWSLETTER ELECTRONICALLY, CONTACT UIA AT UIAVIC@UIAVIC.ORG OR 9272 5533 Patrons

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All the highluights from our recent 2011 campaign events

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