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UNITED ISRAEL APPEAL, THE PRE-EMINENT FUNDRAISING BODY IN AUSTRALIA FOR ISRAEL, IS LOOKING FOR A CAMPAIGN MANAGER TO LEAD OUR VICTORIAN CAMPAIGN TO: • Manage the UIA office team • Deliver successful campaign results year after year • Actively contribute in the development of fundraising plans • Provide reliable administration services, financial management & planning

• Be able to deliver on marketing & branding strategies • Implement reliable and appropriate operational systems & processes • Coordinate all campaign activities • Deliver against multi-year & annual marketing plans • Manage internal & external relationships at varied levels In order to be considered for this role, you must have good experience in leadership roles, proven ability to build & manage internal & external stakeholder relationships, be community minded and regarded, ability to support staff through change and demonstrate a good understanding of accounting & marketing principles. To apply for this position, please send your resume with a cover letter to Ronnie Lewis, Managing Director, MATCH Executive at or call 03 9525 2115 for more information.


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN ESTHER FRENKIEL & THE PRESIDENT SHLOMO WERDIGER As we mark 90 years since the establishment of Keren Hayesod – UIA, we reflect on a busy year of campaign events, canvassing activities, missions to Israel, open forums and boardroom lunches. We have seen the wonderful dedication and commitment to the State of Israel from the Melbourne Jewish Community which has resulted in another successful Victorian Campaign. We would like to pay tribute to the generosity of our donors and volunteers for both their time and their contributions to our cause which reflects a community with Israel in its heart and soul. We have recently farewelled Meir Buber who served as the Executive Director and Shaliach for the past 4 years. We now look forward to welcoming our new Shlichim David Metzler and Amit Tzur-Tal who will soon commence their term in the Victorian office. Leading up to the festival of Chanukah, we would like to take this opportunity to emphasise the importance of our community uniting in support for the State of Israel amidst much anti-Israel vilification in the media to ensure that Israel remains strong and like the flame of Chanukah, stands upright and proud, year after year. Wishing you and your families a Chanukah Sameach and a safe summer and we look forward to seeing you at our 2011 Campaign events.

Esther Frenkiel Chairman UIA Victoria

Shlomo Werdiger President UIA Victoria


Dear UIA Friends, Shalom. It is our sincere pleasure and honour to be writing our very first greeting to you from Israel. We are both about to embark on a mission, with our families, to Melbourne on behalf of one of the most important and central organizations tirelessly working for the strengthening of the State of Israel; Keren Hayesod - UIA. Having visited Melbourne in the past, we are certain that our work with you will be most fruitful. Melbourne offers Jewish life like no other Diaspora community in our opinion. Your community is very strong and you are leading lives with a real sense of responsibility for securing your own Jewish continuity, as well as an outstanding commitment to the State of Israel. Coming from differing backgrounds, we bring very different kinds of experience with us to Australia. We believe that these differences will make us a successful team in accomplishing the tasks ahead. We are looking forward, with excitement and pride, to be working with the fantastic Melbourne Jewish Community, and specifically you as supporters, volunteers, and leaders of UIA Victoria. As we approach Chanukah we are filled with a feeling of light, optimism and hope. We belong to a giving people, and with your support we know that those in Israel in the biggest need for help – the disadvantaged youth, the struggling new Olim, and many more – will live to see a time when light will win the day. We are expecting our work to be challenging and highly fascinating, and we can think of no finer job than to work for the betterment of Israel. Both of us are very much looking forward to seeing you soon in Australia. Happy Chanukah!

David Metzler UIA Victoria Shaliach



Amit Tzur - Tal UIA Victoria Shlicha

FEATURES PM Netanyahu Signs Statement of Cooperation with Keren Hayesod Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently signed a statement of cooperation with Keren Hayesod regarding several projects of national importance. The statement is designed to strengthen and ratify the historic cooperation between Keren Hayesod donors and the State of Israel and express appreciation for their 90 years’ of contributing to the Zionist enterprise. Leading the projects that Keren Hayesod will support is the Prime Minister’s Office project regarding national heritage sites. Keren Hayesod have taken it upon itself

to raise funds in order to supplement the Government budget and expand the scope of the project. Keren Hayesod leaders have also expressed their willingness to consider the possibility of taking part in the project to find alternatives to petroleum.

world and the State of Israel. I am pleased to continue this welcome cooperation and ask that Keren Hayesod continue to enlist world Jewish communities in support of the projects that are important to the State of Israel.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he ascribes great importance to the cooperation. “On behalf of the Government of Israel, I would like to thank you for the assistance that you have rendered to the State of Israel over the decades. Keren Hayesod serves as a living bridge between the millions of Jews around the

Participating in this meeting were; Keren Hayesod World Board of Trustees Chairman Johanna Arbib-Perugia, KH World Chairman Moodi Sandberg, KH Director-General Greg Masel and other senior KH and Prime Minister’s Office officials. Source: KH - Jerusalem

L>R Standing: Zvi Hauser (Cabinet Secretary); Eyal Gabay (Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office); Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg, KH World Chairman; members of KH Executive, Harvey Wolfe, Sami Bollag, Stanley Plotnick, Dani Liwerant, Menno Paktor, Jack Smorgon and Robert Kaplan. Sitting: Julia Koschitzky, KH Honorary President; PM Netanyahu; Johanna ArbibPerugia, Chairman, KH World Board of Trustees; Mark Leibler AC, immediate past Chairman, KH World Board of Trustees; KH Director General Greg Masel.

interview with the Chairman of the World Board of Trustees of Keren hayesod Johanna Arbib-Perugia Johanna Arbib-Perugia has been involved with Keren Hayesod - UIA since she was a teenager and was appointed as head of the Board of Trustees last year. She was recently interviewed by the Jerusalem Post and the following are some excerpts: What is your biggest challenge as Chair of Keren Hayesod?

Johanna Arbib-Perugia

Source: Jerusalem Post For full article visit

People have to realize that giving to an organization like Keren Hayesod means that we are going to be here, that our children are going to have that strong identity that people who were born before Israel’s creation have, while people of my generation and the generations after me think Israel is a given.

Our real strength is that today there is a State of Israel so we have a responsibility toward the State of Israel, and this message should be transmitted in the widest sense of the word. This is our challenge, to try to modernize Keren Hayesod in order to be able to obtain not only the money but also the involvement of important Jews who today are far from the activity, community and Israel.

10 to 15 years has been focused on aliyah, education and helping vulnerable populations. Today we are modernizing the Jewish Agency, we are bringing it into the 21st century and we want to focus on the next generation, on the Jewish identity of the generation that is today in its teens and 20s.

What do you see as Keren Hayesod’s mission today?

We are working on projects like Ayalim, for example, which are student villages in the Negev and Galilee, where Israeli students help settle these areas which are unfortunately less settled. We are trying to instill in the young generation of Israelis the ideas of social activism.

To strengthen the State of Israel mainly. I have to say that we are the strategic partner of the Jewish Agency, therefore most of our effort is concentrated on funding the core budget of the Jewish Agency, which for the last

What are you doing to connect Israel and the Diaspora?

annual general meeting UIA Victoria has had another successful campaign in 2010 which was reflected in the results presented at the AGM held on 25 November, attracting over 150 guests. It was announced at the event that $35.9 million was raised in Australia, with 41% ($14.8M) of these funds raised by the Victorian campaign. Special guest speaker Aluf Benn, editor-atlarge for Ha’aretz Newspaper discussed 4 key issues facing Israel today; the Iraqi threat together with the Iranian nuclear program, peace talk negotiations, Israel’s position with the Obama administration (compared with previous administrations)

and the internal political situation. He especially focused on how all of these issues are intertwined. His concise approach to the current situation in Israel was very well received by the audience. Entertainment was provided by 13 year old student Zachary Rosenbaum. Mazal tov to the following award recipients; Mark Kessel (Federal Askan Award), Jenni Krafchek, Frank Carew, Phillip Bliss (Askan Award), Janice Roth (AMI Volunteer Award), Melanie Smorgon, Doreen Kenmar (Women’s Division Volunteer Award), Rabbi Steven Link (Magid Shiur Volunteer Award), Leonid

Shvartsman, Alex Rozin (Shalom Association Volunteer Award), Joey Borensztajn (Legal Advisor Volunteer Award), David Boyar (Nitzanim Award), Chabad Glen Eira - accepted by Rabbi Mendy Groner (Highest % of Members who Donated for Kol Nidrei), Chabad Ohel Dvora - accepted by Menachem Broner (Highest average donation amount per donor for Kol Nidrei) St Kilda and Caulfield Hebrew Congregations (Most Outstanding Results for Kol Nidrei), Vladimir Tsivlin (accepted 30th anniversary Shalom Association Award), Minna Pacanowski - accepted by her brother Gavriel (Winner KH art competition- 2nd place).











L>R A) Sadie Wayne, Golda Gelbart B) Maryann and Hilton Katz C) Paul Epstein, David Southwick D) Isaac Solinski, Sylvia Solinski E) Aluf Benn F) David Boyar, Janice Roth, Leonid Shvartsman, Alex Rozin, Mark Kessel, Rabbi Steven Link, Jenni Krafchek, Melanie Smorgon G) Menachem Broner, Ben Cowen H) Rabbi Mendy Groner, Ben Cowen I) Vladimir Tsivlin, Ben Cowen J) Ben Cowen, Gavriel Pacanowski

JOIN US FOR OUR 2011 Campaign Events

For more information contact the UIA office on 9272 5533 or

Women’s Division Breakfast Wednesday 2 March Gala Dinner Tuesday 8 March Community Event Tuesday 15 March Young UIA Opening Act Saturday 19 March

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MAIN APPEAL MESSAGE FROM THE AMI CHAIRMAN JEFF MEYER In the last week of October I took part in a fundraising cycling trip from Jerusalem to Eilat through the Negev and in particular the Arava where UIA Australia has entered into Partnership 2000 with the residents of this region. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to doing it again. Riding through Israel seeing the magnificent sites and work that we at UIA contribute to really invigorated me in preparation for the 2011 Campaign. I call upon all AMI supporters to get behind UIA in helping us continue to do the vital work we are doing in Israel. Whether you are able to assist us by being a table captain or attending the Gala Dinner or by phone or face-to face canvassing, we value any support you are able to provide. Wishing you a Chanukah Sameach.

Jeff Meyer AMI Chairman UIA Victoria

UIA PROGRESSIVE TRUST For the UIA Progressive Trust, nothing describes our fundraising efforts more than the spirit of the ‘Festival of Light’Chanukah. We believe that our annual campaign of “re-dedication” to the State of Israel reflects this in a number of ways. We believe that we provide light and sustenance to the refugees and migrants arriving in Israel without education or resources. The Progressive Trust helps fund absorption centres where some of the most needy and neglected people are nourished and integrated. The Trust offers support to the growing Progressive community in its work to reach out to those in need. Most people know that immense Government funding goes

to support and fund religious institutions in Israel. However, many don’t realise that Progressive Judaism is not recognized in Israel and, as a result, no funding whatsoever goes to Progressive or Conservative congregations to establish synagogues or employ rabbis. We are all justly proud of Israel’s democracy but often overlook the fact that many of these human rights are the result of legal battles fought by the Progressive movement via the Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC) on behalf of the entire population. IRAC is part of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and has recently been centrally involved in fighting the proposed changes to the Law of Conversion and Law of Return;

opposing the segregation of the public bus system; defending the ‘Women of the Wall’, securing funding for GLBT facilities, and fighting religious and social discrimination. Therefore, while celebrating this Chanukah please remember that Israel actually needs your financial and moral support now as much as ever before. In order to ensure that the Jewish State is the democratic and pluralistic society dreamed of by its founders, described in its Declaration of Independence and longed for by most Jews, including those living in Israel please support the UIA and consider a special designation to the Progressive Trust. Chag Sameach

30th anniversary of The Shalom Association The Shalom Association celebrated their 30th anniversary in September by holding a concert at St Kilda Town Hall for more than 600 members and guests. Guest Speakers included Michael Danby MLC, Tony Lupton MP and Helen Shardey MP. Entertainment was provided by local talents Tamara Vasiviletsky (pianist), Dasha Maloksher (Violinist), Iliya Linn (Clarinettist) and Rachel Elberg (Singer). Performances

from Israel included well known comedian Yan Levinson and singer Vladi Blayberg (first place winner in “Eilat-2007” competition and second place in “Israeli Idol” competition). L>R Vladimir Tsivlin, Yan Levinson, Vladi Blayberg, Rachel Elberg, Roman Mirkus, Tamara Vasiviletsky ,Iliya Linn

If you would like to make a donation to the Main Appeal, please contact the UIA office on 9272 5533 or


WOMEN’S DIVISION Pinning Ceremony The Women’s Division acknowledged their major donors through a pinning ceremony held at the home of Esther and David Frenkiel.



Guest Speaker Eli Yerushalmi, Deputy Chief of Mission, Israel Embassy Canberra discussed current issues relating to Israel and presented the women with their Lev Chai and Lion of Judah pins.





L>R A) Yvonne Davis, Roxanne Lambert B) Miriam Berman, Paula Hansky, Rae Rothfield C) Esther Frenkiel, Janette Lewis, Hayley Southwick D) Evi Selwyn, Eli Yerushalmi E) Julie Borensztajn, Yvonne Fink F) Jo Hansky, Sally Casper

Volunteers Morning Tea The Women’s Division held a volunteers morning tea in mid November to recruit new volunteers to assist the campaign. The women heard from long serving and

dedicated volunteer for the Women’s Division, Bina Best and newly elected president of ECAJ Danny Lamm. The morning was a great opportunity for new



people to get involved and learn about the work of the Women’s Division, in particular the project that they support in Israel called “Youth Futures.”



L>R A) Bina Best, Edith Herman B) Esther Althaus, Ronit Chrapot C) Lusia Haberfeld, Paula Blusztein, Jutta Rubinstein D) Tova Brazdil, Sara Olcha



See Israel in a way you have never seen it before Be part of the official opening Outdoor Fitness Centre Ben Yakir Youth Village – our Federal Women’s Division Project

For more information or to book contact Ilana Maizels 9272 5533 or

Follow us on Facebook If you would like to make a donation to the Women’s Division, please contact the UIA office on 9272 5533 or




PLANNED GIVING SENIORS OUTING Over 100 people joined the Seniors’ Outing to Daylesford in November. We visited the famous Convent Gallery, indulged in the delicious chocolates

handmade at the Chocolate Mill and relaxed in the beautiful surrounds of the Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm.

It was a lovely day and a nice opportunity for people to catch up with their friends in the beautiful fresh air.







L>R A) David Zyk, Nathan Eichenbaum B) Freda and Nathan Zajdband C) Les Clive, Heinz Wolff D) Magdee Taryan, Ruth Figdor, Magda Steiner, Rose Isman E) Sarah Friedman, Ettie Leiba F) Miriam Strzyg, Ziva Leiblich

Yom Ha’atzmaut Mission Information Evening In preparation for the 2011 Yom Ha’atzmaut Mission to Israel, an information evening was held at Beth Weizmann on Tuesday 26th October.





If you are interested in joining this mission, please contact Micky Morag on 9272 5533 or L>R A) Wolf and Asya Deane B) Shirley Freeman C) Harry Flicker

Book Now

Yom Ha’atzmaut Mission 3 - 15 MAY 2011

Join us for a

Enquiries: Micky Morag 9272 5533 or


Remember to include Israel in your will.


Last Shiur 7th December 2010. Contact the office for recommencement date in 2011.

A Bequest does not have to be large.

IT’S YOUR CHOICE. ITS YOUR GIFT. ITS YOUR LEGACY Enquiries: Micky Morag 9272 5533 or

YOUNG UIA boardroom lunch with David liddy In August, Bank of Queensland’s CEO and MD David Liddy spoke at a YoungUIA Major Donor boardroom lunch hosted A


by Deutsche Bank. Over 60 YUIA Major Donors heard Mr Liddy speak about leadership, the challenges posed by the

2008 GFC and the unique ‘owner manager’ structure of the Bank of Queensland.



L>R A) Rafi Lamm, David Liddy, David Boyar B) David Lamm, Cameron Petricevic, Shane Gild C) Irit Harris, Lior Harel, Ronnie Barel, Dean Rzechta D) Shifra Bendet, Sherrie Gelberg, Jonathan Hirsh, David Rubinek

2010 Social ‘Social’ met ‘Social Justice’ at the YUIA 2010 Social where over 200 YUIA supporters danced the night away in support of Nitzana Educational Youth Village at the Saint Hotel.

Follow us on Facebook If you would like to make a donation toYoung UIA, please contact the UIA office on 9272 5533 or




SCHOOL EDUCATION Jewish day schools acknowledged at Ben Yakir Youth Village A plaque has been erected at the Ben Yakir Youth Village acknowledging the students of The King David School – Southwick Campus, and Mount Scopus Memorial College

Gandel Besen Campus for their fundraising efforts. Every Shabbat, the students placed a coin in the UIA “Sponsor a Child” tins placed in their classrooms

throughout 2009 and ’10 in order to support the youth village that teaches Israeli ‘at-risk’ and disadvantaged youth about responsibility and respect for each other.


To learn more about the Ben Yakir Youth Village, visit 2010 Student Leadership forum How can the Jewish community fight Jewish student apathy? What does it take to become a young leader? What does it mean to be a leader in the 21st century? All these questions and more were asked to over 40 students in year 9 and 10 from Bialik, Yavneh, King David and Mount Scopus at the UIA 2010 Student

Leadership Forum. Over three weeks, students heard from the Mayor of Glen Eira Steven Tang, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel Eli Yerushalmi and Ardoch Youth Foundation President and Liberal Candidate for Caulfield David Southwick. Forum organiser Stefan Oberman said “I’m proud that

UIA is actively engaging with the future leaders of our community. I think it was fantastic that the students were able to gain a unique insight into the different approaches to leadership taken by the keynote speakers.”

beth rivkah graduate minna pacanowski wins 2nd place in kh drawing competition Mazal tov to Beth Rivkah Ladies College graduate Minna Pacanowski on winning 2nd place in the Keren HayesodUIA “Drawing Israel” Art

competition. This was a global competition which was held during the year on the occasion of KHUIA’s 90th anniversary. Minna is currently in

Israel and her 10 year old brother Gavriel accepted an award on her behalf at the 2010 UIA AGM.

To view other entries, visit Minna’s interpretation of Israel

YACHAD message from the new co-chairs Ben Cowen & Peter Rubinstein We have recently taken on the challenging yet exciting position as co-chairs of the United Israel Appeal “Yachad Division”. Having been involved in UIA for many years, we are thrilled to be a part of this ‘new’ group within the UIA family. ‘Yachad’ is the link between Young UIA and the Main Appeal Division, attracting people aged between 35 and 50. This group was formed two years ago by Mark Kessel (who worked heroically in launching this initiative) to fill a void in community coverage and has traditionally focused on networking within the corporate and business world, ‘Yachad Networks’. In addition, we are excited to announce ‘Yachad Family’, which will engage with and expose young families to the work of the UIA. We want to provide this demographic with family-friendly events, such as BBQs, farm events with horse rides, local Israel experiences for kids entering bar-mitzvah age and Purim functions with whole families in fancy dress. The aim is to introduce the practice of ‘pledging as a family’, so parents can show their kids what tzedakah is and what Israel means to them. By involving the children in the process of ‘giving’, we hope to continue strengthening Israeli society. Stay tuned for the launch of this new initiative in early 2011 and please feel free to call the UIA office if you would like to get involved in the Yachad division.

Ben Cowen

Peter Rubinstein

yachad boardroom cocktails Kliger Partners recently hosted a Yachad Boardroom Cocktails function with Israel advocate and skilled trainer in communication, David Olesker.

vocabulary and distinguishing between ‘communication content’ (which Jews focus on) and ‘communications outcomes’ (which the ‘bad guys’ focus on). The latter is what we need to do more of when advocating for Israel. In order to do this, Olesker outlined that first and foremost “don’t lie.” Tell the truth

When discussing how to advocate for Israel, Olesker emphasises the importance of using the correct A



in an accessible and compelling way the choose which truth to tell. Don’t make your answers more complicated than need be. Olesker travels the world meeting with the general public, community activists and students to help people utilise his methods. D

L>R A) Linda Geron, Audrey Melnik B) David Finkelstein, Romy Fradkin C) Robert Ekselman, Debbie Buch D) Shelley Freeman, Anton Block

Follow us on Facebook Search for “Yachad United Israel Appeal Victoria”

If you would like to make a donation toYachad, please contact UIA on 9272 5533 or




PARTNERSHIP 2000 Leadership Academy (“mechina”) An Israeli Mechina (Academy) for social leadership in the Central Arava Region was established and funded 2 years ago by the Partnership in order to instill values of Judaism and Zionism, contribution to the State and the community, working the land, preserving the environment, promoting humanism and equality and respect for all. Targeted at year 12 graduates interested in postponing their

army service for a year, this college prepares and develops young principled leaders in various fields to assist the State of Israel. Rebecca Searle, who recently participated in Hatzeva Mechina navigation, comments that, “It was amazing to see how each of us improved so vastly... each individual was able to grow in some way, and take a further step in the process of development and maturation.”

A Brownlow Contribution by Paul Epstein (AAP Committee Member)

Ilana Maizels

For those who do not know Ilana, we wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful and conscientious effort Ilana Maizels puts in as both the P2K and the Women’s Division Coordinator as part of the UIA Professional staff. Ilana is always focused, attentive and multi-skilled in everything she does. Behind all those smiles of satisfaction and personal accomplishments, Ilana is behind

the scenes quietly ensuring that all operations run flawlessly.

the Arava, Limmud Arava and the Netzer program.

Over and above her daily tasks of administrative, organisational and operational support to the AAP leadership group and its active subcommittee ACE, she facilitates all the reciprocal relations elements of the Partnership’s various activities such as the coordination of teacher and student exchanges to and from

When asked to comment on Ilana, one of her peer’s really summed it up, “Ilana does everything with style, passion, untiring dedication and way beyond the call of duty in terms of hours, attention to detail and the needs of each program and all the participants. Always with a smile too.”

Follow us on Facebook MAZAL TOV Thank you and Mazal Tov to the following who have celebrated their smachot together with Israel. Jason Goldberg Mark Levin Aubrey Miller

40th Birthday 60th Birthday 70th Birthday

Jacques Rose Herman Rothenberg Rachmiel Alter

THE UIA TEAM UIA Executive President UIA Australia Jack Smorgon AO

Executive Members

Jeffrey Appel Julian Black (Treasurer) David Boyar (Chairman Young UIA) Chairman Herbert Epstein Esther Frenkiel Harry Flicker Edith Herman President Mark Kessel Shlomo Werdiger George Kuran Dr Danny Lamm (Ex Officio) Hon Life Chairman UIA Australia Rafi Lamm Mark Leibler AC Jeff Meyer Robert Richter Hon Life President and Hon Life Ian Samuel Governor UIA Australia and UIA Victoria Nathan Shafir Saul Same AM Hayley Southwick (Chair Women’s Division) Vladimir Tsivlin Honorary Life Governor UIA Australia Max Shnider

80th Birthday 90th Birthday 90th Birthday

Woolfe Sacks

90th Birthday

UIA Professional Staff Campaign Director Craig Woolf

Bookkeeper Jane Lyubic

Incoming Shlichim David Metzler and Amit Tzur-Tal

Executive Assistant To Executive Director Estelle Wytwornik

Financial Controller Nonna Aleksenitser Director Planned Giving Micky Morag Marketing Manager Carli Binko Young UIA Coordinator Stefan Oberman Executive Secretary UIA Australia Edith Herman Campaign Secretary Judy Nagler

Yachad Coordinator Charlene Miller Database Administrator Avi Bronfman Reception Adrienne Perch Event and Appeal Administrator Roy Schloss P2K and Women’s Division Coordinator Ilana Maizels Campaign Assistant Dorit Murray

Israel still needs you Please send your 2010 pledge to the uia office

Please make cheques payable to uia – rrf ltd

Po box 337 Caulfield south Victoria Australia 3162
























Remember Israel at your next simcha and consider a donation in lieu of gifts. Acknowledgement Certificates Special Occasion Certificates Festival Certificates Contact Adrienne 9272 5533 or Certificates can be purchased online

BOOK NOW Tuesday 8 March 2011 Please fill in the form below and return to Roy Schloss at the UIA office or NAME/S





Our Mission: Keren Hayesod - United Israel Appeal, through a partnership between Israel and diaspora communities, mobilises support for Israel and the rescue of Jews in distress. By encouraging and assisting with aliyah and absorption, Keren Hayesod saves Jewish lives, strengthens Jewish identity, fortifies the fabric of Israeli society and reinforces solidarity within the Jewish people. TO RECEIVE THIS NEWSLETTER ELECTRONICALLY, CONTACT UIA AT UIAVIC@UIAVIC.ORG OR 9272 5533 Patrons

PO Box 337 Caulfield Victoria Australia 3162 PH 9272 5533 FAX 9272 5530 EMAIL


2010 Chanukah Newsletter  

Wishing you a safe summer....enjoy our last edition for 2010.

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