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Each and every one of those hundreds of players — from Let me wish the best of good Huddersfield and Bradford — fortune to all players in all will feel passionately proud teams and all sports today. be representing their But I am sure you won t mind university.˚ They all want t if I wear my Huddersfield win, but there won t be any colours for a moment and say sore losers — unless they we that I hope results go our way on the wrong end of a heavy today.˚ It is high time that we tackle! won back the Varsity trophy from our Bradford friends and There will be a little bit o poignancy.˚ Today will be th rivals! last time that many of the But however results pan out in participants — soon to the huge variety of events graduate — represent their taking place, today promises universities and I know that to be the biggest and I am they will be taking home sure the best Varsity contest memories of the great times yet.˚ they had as members of their I congratulate the organisers uni sports clubs.˚ Participa and the participants — on and in the annual Varsity competition will be the most off the field — for ensuring that vivid of those memories. we have an event that is a


great celebration for the university communities of Huddersfield and Bradford.

Let the games commence!

Bob Cryan Vice Chancellor, University Today is a sports fan s dream. The University of Huddersfield alone has upwards of 600 students taking part in 14 different sports divided into 23 separate events.˚ There are more sports than ever — with American football and tennis, plus mixed hockey and mixed badminton making their debuts.


Good luck. Enjoy and remember Varsity 2011.

to say it is one of the bigg Now it is over to our sports teams — their captains, presidents and players — to make it the best.

We are also proud that it is just those on the pitches an It is a great honour to have my courts who will represent th message displayed alongside universities. With a student one from our Vice Chancellor. media hub delivering live It is fantastic to see such scores and match reports commitment to the Varsity online and through a special event and support from the Varsity mobile application ( University. ty2011 for details) and a te Varsity is the fulfilment of my of dedicated volunteers rais manifesto promise that if I was money for Oxfam. elected I would make the 2011 Varsity between Huddersfield To me, while Varsity is abou the biggest and best we have participation in sports and ever seen. With over 600 staying active, it is just a students competing from each much about community and institution, I think we are safe coming together. Whether you are part of the student community, or the local communities in either Huddersfield or Bradford, we hope you have a fantastic da Good luck to all involved. Enjoy and remember the part you played in Varsity 2011. Kieran Elsby

Vice President Student Activities University of Huddersfield Studen Union

Ice Hockey Bradford Ice Rink. 10.30pm-12.30am Huddersfield Ice Hawks Dan Hawe James Hawe Adam Beevers Jordan Dyson (Captain) Glen Sykes Daniel Simpson Alex Fisher David Wilson Rachel Cullen Mark Taylor Johnny Milner Sam Hart Tom Gibson Tom Wright Karl Badkin Mark Bird Adam Rea Micheal Skalick? Louise Rouse Oliver Rushworth

Bradford Sabres Ahmet Djevdet Arnet-Zargarian Garen Atkinson˚Gareth Cannon Daniel Chu˚Omar Dawson˚ Thomas Devaney Jason Fukalov Edgar Glenn˚˚ Hannah Grady˚˚ Nicholas Karpaviciute Gintare Koch James Kollaios Theofanis Maclean Iain Marks˚˚ Andrew Marshall Maynard Thomas Mueller Thomas Pike˚˚˚ Bridget Reid˚˚˚ David Ward˚˚˚ Chris Wilson˚ Martyn Striletski Nazar

Netball University of Huddersfield Sports Centre. 1st team 12.30pm-2pm /2nd team 11am-12.30pm Huddersfield 1st & 2nd team Bradford 1st Team Becky Lewis Catherine Orr Amy Fox Sima Pa Rachel Hope Joy Oguzie Sarah Conroy Mel Smith Vicky Anstey Charlotte Mott Jenna Bacon Gloria Lewis Jade Meynell Sid Magnus Mia Stafford Jessica Martin Emma Smith Louise Thrower Liz Smith Emma King Bradford 2nd Team Jessica Allen Jessica Timmins Emma Hart Heidi Harries Sam Carter Sarah Gillam Jo Gregson Emily Trett Becky Roberts Lydia de Carvalho Natalie Aspin Chi-Chi Ngwu Kathryn Marlow Emma Hayward Jill Roper Sin ad Fitzgerald Jen Smith

Staff 11 a side football (Friendly)

Storthes Hall Student Village, 2nd Pitch. 11am-12.45 Huddersfield Bradford John Goodwin (De John) James Taylor (Tayldo) Pierre Gelas (Pierre-Papin) Adam Smith(Adambeyor) Andy Blunt (Frodinho) Matt Short (Di Matteo) Andy Brooks (Bazistuta) Matt Christie (Christiano) Liam Walton (Liamel Messi) Sean Sykes (Sean Sykes Phillips) Liam Bunce (Van Buncey) Simon Heywood (Sima ) Dan White (Zi Dan) Matt Gabrielli (Gabi Alonso) Chris Walters (Waltshire) Kieran Elsby (Els pierro)

American Football Lockwood Park Sports Complex, 2nd Pitch. 11am-5pm Huddersfield Hawks Jack Jones Adam Worrall Micha Cunningham Phil Vigors Andy Blunt Charlie Day Tom Foulds Matthew Quinney Alex Debman Chris Wright Joseph Sloan Simon Greasby Asa Neill Adeyemi Adeleke Jonny Reed Ayo Oladapo Ethan Parker Rob Howe Robbie Cruickshank-Sutton Callum Wright Christopher Ebden Louis Monzat Benjy Smith

Bradford Bears David Gbadamosi Matt Gerry Jeffrey Okoampah Sebastian Hall Mutsa Kamudzandu Yussuf Sane Cole Griffin David Lee Nomsey Para-Mallam William Obubo Ainsley Cawley Faheem Mohyuddin Tom Davies Lolu Ayo-Odugbesan Leo Ricketts Nathan Holland Jeffrey Adjayen Ben Harrignton Will Pender Thibault Janmart James Clayton Matiss Rings Scott Dawson Philip Riley Chris Helme Jaime Walker

Hockey women s Lockwood Park Sports Complex, Astroturf. 12pm-2pm

Huddersfield Romilly Woolner (c) Cath Eade Rachael Hemsley Charlie Harper Charlotte Maxwell Esmee Jorre Rebecca Pinder Grace Caldwell Beth Clegg Grace Parfitt Gwyneth Thomas Dani Takeuchi Danni Taylor Amy Yarwood Annette Tindsley Fiona Marsdedn Stella Dobson Kelly Fillingham Ash Creedon Val Taglilavore



Mixed Hockey

Lockwood Park Sports Complex, Astroturf. 5pm-6pm (Frien


University of Huddersfield Sports Centre. 2pm-5.30pm Huddersfield Men s David Hayman Ian Drake James Biggs Ian Drake Nicholas Shoreman Mark Cooper Jamie Fulton Arthur Lau

Bradford Men s Jeffrey Okoampah, Nikhil Patel Lawrence, Junaid, Timothy Yau, Amiri Mukung

Huddersfield Women s Naomi Downes Jana Nejedlova Hannah settle Marion Pulling Mia Rickenbach yuki kondo scarlett walton Stephanie tomkova

Bradford women s Vicki Robinson Jess Martin Virginia Christina Chen Preethi Rachel Tasker Emma Cooper Delphine

20/20 Cricket Blackley Cricket Club. 12pm-4pm

Huddersfield Kundi Cheer Ruddle Abbas Wood King Gul Lomas Brown Shackley Azam

Bradford Fahid Rehman Waleed Akhtar Yasser Abbas Mucbtada Acthar Zafir Patel Kalimullah Khan Glen Coppack Zarak Khan Kamran Anwar Hamza Khan Ayaz Ahmed Mohammed Atif Usman Saghir Sakander Raja


Huddersfield Lawn & Tennis Club, indoor court. 1pm-3p Huddersfield Baptise Latimer Danny Sykes Patrick Boosey Thomas Whelan Luke Gunn Aftab Iqbal Simon Morton Charles Day

Bradford Mihai Sorin Dobre Stuart Ward Antonio Romero Soriano Andrew Rusdale


There will be FREE?shuttle buses between Queensgate Campu Lockwood Park from 11am until 9pm.

For fixtures at Storthes Hall please catch the Storthes from outside campus - every 20 mins, free with a pass, way


The huddersfield studentnewspaper andRadioHudd are this year teaming up to bring you live coverage from games.

Join huddersfield studentat

Commentary and round up of matches will be broadcast RadioHudd at




Men s Hockey (4) Women s Hockey (4) Mixed Hockey (4)

Interactive venue maps available at

American Football (3) Archery (2) Rugby League (1) Rugby Union (1)


Archery Lockwood Park Sports Complex, Junior Pitch. 1pm-4pm Huddersfield Bethany Woodcock Alex Majer Jordan Barker Liam Grunsell Stephen Wilkinson Katie Foster Vikki Bielby Sarah Dickinson Christine Latimer Zhivko Ray Petrov Kayleigh Harper


Women s Football

Storthes Hall Student Village, 2nd Pitch. 1pm-2.45p Huddersfield Rachel Lockwood Julie Bennington Danielle Sandison Sara Gerhauge Vikki Cooper Rocky Rawlingson Freya Jones Lisa Parry Samantha Shepherd Lindsey Jen Potter Sian Lloyd Helen Bennett Aifric O Shea Sarah Robson Jo Atkinson

Bradford Rosalyn Ward Zaiba Gatrad Sima Patel Farah Damani Uzi Saddique Gill Durham Helen Molloy Manisha Parabhakar Katrina Sodhi Dominique Hall Katie Clarke Lydia Critchley Ravita Bassra Hannah Bateson Grace Cripps Franchesca Hall Victoria Kehinde Situ

Squash University of Huddersfield Sports Centre. 1st team Court 1, 2pm-4pm. 2nd team Court 2, 2pm-4pm Huddersfield 1st Calum Plenderleith Waseeh Chaudhry Nick Armstrong Huddersfield 2nd Adam Thompson Harry Granger Jim Mountney

Bradford Squad Simon Tomlinson Fahad Cheema Matic Vogric Ross Young Andrew Bright Alick Miles

Men s Hockey Lockwood Park Sports Complex, Astroturf. 2pm-4pm Huddersfield Mark Anderson Richard Millington Brett Kuller Ant Dixon Nathan Massey Lewis Walker Johnny Lomas David Pembleton Oliver Mathru Dom Stanway Williams James McPhillimy Andy Kaye James Austerberry Robert Palmer Ash Kundi



Mixed Hockey

Lockwood Park Sports Complex, Astroturf. 5pm-6pm (Frien

Men s Football Storthes Hall Student Village. 1st team 3pm-4.45pm / 2nd team. 2.30pm-4.15pm Huddersfield Matt Wheelton Gary Molyneux Nathan Tayo Tommy Bunn Tristan Batley Kyle Josh Talbot Danny Dunn Carl Caffrey Alex Shepherd Brad Dowling Connor Glavin Gery Gucoise Vahn Burgess Sam Weaver

Bradford George Kanellos Thomas Duffy Samuel Dilliway Christopher Moore Michael Calder Abdulmohsen Bagadir Niall Massey Joshua Inyang Arbaz Kapadi Watheq Charlie Woo George "Ayo" Dada

Calum Stapleton Dave O Donovan Mustapha Cham Antonio Fernandes Danny Chambers Tom Davies Mark Smith Adam Emas Adam Dale Joe Marsden Andy Ludley Sam Byrne Chris Palmer Jordan Nutter Brad Merchant

Joe Johnsey Andy Todd Stefan Bell

Nawaf Figo Joseph Brady Jack Morrissey Tufan Colak Nfor Lawson Fai Jorge Mok Jamie Rodger David Elton Ben Jagger Stefan Jagdhuber Samuel Butterworth Eric Newton Alix Chancel

Gabriel Owolabi Zac Feraz Asghar Joseph Sutton Lucas Cornaro Henry Bennett Ian Thompson Glenn Coppack Jan Lucas Zimmer Mark Rowley Hassan Abrar Joshua Rewaj Clive Spate

Rugby League Lockwood Park Sports Complex, Main Pitch. 4pm-6pm Huddersfield Billy Griffiths Andrew Flynn Dean Wedgner Jack Hare Brad Wroe Mike Clegg Mark Kingsley Josh Sweatman Richard Shorey Daniel Redman Phillip Rooney Antony Dunn Lewis Hardy James Senkiw Michael Brown Jacob Haigh Kieran Elsby Adam King Brian Wright Phil Jackson Jason Mills

Bradford Kamil Hijaz Ste Williams Francis Nwokedi Phil Channon Sasha Wedderburn Danny Spencer Louis McKenna Sam Lester Aaron Lee Daniel Wright Matthew Airey Thomas Davies Jack Rees Maadhav Kothari Ben Pecorini Jordan Fairlie Ben Bell Darren Whitaker Marc Armes Matthew Armitage


University of Huddersfield Sports Centre. 5.30pm-7.30 Huddersfield Kehinde Babalola Tooky Rajaonera Andy Ossai Sammy Li Hassan Haq Alex Blow (c) Benjamin Gastineau Daniel Moore Calvin Sou Jixiang Sun Maxime Gobin Joey Murphy Josh Baterip Max Santaigne Yannick Legros Sanjin Berberkic

Bradford John Ikot Louis Dwyer Ardian Gradica Lionel Choong Arminas Bulvicius Evaldas Simanskas Anand Ganbaatar Tomi Adeoye Abdulla Adekola Thinkwell Jamera Evalda Jotautas Avinash Nankoosing Darius Mazurkevicius Quinn D sa Martin Garcia Magrath

Climbing INDOOR ROKT Climbing Gym. 1pm-4pm Huddersfield Anton Jidkov Alex Thompson Vicky Jennings Nick Allen Tom Stapleton Tom Smith Dan Lane Luke Donaldson



University of Huddersfield Sports Centre. 7.30pm-9pm Huddersfield Julie Carrillo Vivienne Ziaka Evgenia Kapoya Clemence Maroye Gabriela Barrera Monika Wiktorska Anna Dementjeva Marketa Hejlova Maria Makkoula Maythem Ali Kirils Sanzarovees james haigh Joannis Aresti Anton Molodcov Ben Andri Maxime Gobin Artur Kuchniewski Alber azam Ayman Quentin

Bradford Filippo Ferraresso Grzegorz Janicki Maksims Babenko Ross Barnes Razvan Armeanu Borislav Tranchev Robert Magnuszewski Jト]is Kolosovskis

Rugby Union (Varsity Cup)

Lockwood Park Sports Complex, Main Pitch. 6.30pm-8.30p Huddersfield Bob Townsend Johnny Pearson Mike Kontou Matt Brooke Nick Rhodes James Summerscales Dan Western Dan Leith Ryan Tweedale Mike Aitchison Mathew Baxebdale Mathew Wood Luke Leader Mike Hyatt Richi Carter Simon Lau Tom Gooch Laurence Brammer Joe Addy Bob Sykes Danny Bolton Mark Urry James Ostick Frank Saffery Tom Bond Jimmy Waterhouse

Bradford Alex Rigby Alusine K Aplha Antonis Alexiou Chris Donk Elliot Stubbs Gordon Bettany James Bennett James Ravenhill Josh Campbell Josh Janvier Mark Nattriss Matt Crowther Nick Hopkins Richard Clegg Robbie Hunt Ryan Moore Sam Armstrong Sam Beech Sam Neave Sanjay Mistry Sean Snow Tom Clarke Tom Mcbride Tom Trencher Will Wright

Donations will be collected today by Hudde RAG in aid of OXFAM, registered charity n 202198.

Thank Yous

Varsity 2011 would not have been possible without the har and dedication of the following people and organisations: Huddersfield Kieran Elsby Sarah Harris Jenny Haigh Liam Bunce Ben Hall Becki Scott Liam Walton Laurie Nettleton Bob Cryan Andy Wright Huddersfield RUFC MPC?North Ltd

Huddersfield Lawn Tennis & Squash Club ROKT Climbing wall Blackley Cricket Club RAG Huddersfield University Marathon Band Bradford Deborah Moore Josh Esin Katie Moore

Monday 20 June 2011 sees this yea UHSU Awards Night.

Invitations will be going out to our clubs, societies, (including student media), so keep an eye out for yo

Categories will be announced soon, and you can send submissions for who YOU think should be the worthy winn Online voting will be available for some of the categ

www.huddersfieldstudent .com/awards

Saturday 2 April Bradford Ice Rink Ice Hockey


Wednesday 6 April University of Huddersfield Sports Centre Netball 1st 11am-12.30pm Netball 2nd 12.30pm-2pm Men s BadmintonËš 2pm-5.30pm Women s Badminton 2pm-5.30pm Squash 2pm-4pm Basketball 5.30pm-7.30pm Volleyball 7.30pm-9pm ROKT Climbing Wall, Brighouse. Climbing 1pm-4pm Blackley Cricket Club 20/20 Cricket


Huddersfield Lawn Tennis &?Squash Club Tennis 1pm-3pm Storthes Hall Student Village Staff football 11am-12.45pm Women s Football 1pm-2.45pm Men s Football 2nd 2.30pm-4.15pm Men s Football 3pm-4.45pm 1st Lockwood Park Sports Complex American Football 11am-5pm Women s Hockey 12pm-2pm Archery 1pm-4pm Men s Hockey 2pm-4pm Mixed Hockey 5pm-6pm Rugby League 4pm-6pm Rugby Union 6.30pm-8.30pm

Varsity 2011 Programme  
Varsity 2011 Programme  

(there are a couple of changes to times)