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Huddersfield Students’ Union

MEDIA PACK Monday 12 September - Friday 30 September 2011

Interested? If your business is interested in any of the options within this sponsorship pack or would like to discuss ideas with our Marketing department please call Liam Walton today on 01484 473442 or email

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At the heart of the Students’ Union is involvement and having fun. We want you to be creative in the way you market yourselves to the students. We can even put together packages for you to ensure you are visible to the students all year round.

Talk to students the whole year round

18,000 students study on the Queensgate Campus

So get in touch with Liam Walton today who can ensure your business doesn’t miss out on the opportunity of Freshers 2011 and beyond.

email: • telephone: 01484 473442

Ultimate Freshers Package: Cost: £2,000 10% off newspaper advertising ALL YEAR This is a limited opportunity What you get: Standard Stall hire (at Freshers Fayre) Logo in a freshers email Logo on Freshers web-page Insert in Freshers guide Leaflet insert in welcome bag Full page advert in the Freshers edition of HuddersfieldStudent newspaper 1 TV screen ad throughout Freshers Securing an ultimate Freshers package will ensure you get maximum exposure to new and existing students of the University throughout the Freshers period. The discount on newspaper advertising will ensure you can make this communication last over the whole year.

Freshers Market Day Tuesday 20 September Cost £50 Stall What you get: Freshers Market Day is a chance for small, independent retailers to sell your wares to the students of Huddersfield. With a new town to discover and explore, this is a huge opportunity for you to reach out to Huddersfield’s newest arrivals. Please note: food, bars, clubs or national companies are not permitted at this event.

Student Activities Fayre Wednesday 21 September Cost £300 (commercial) £50 (charity) What you get: The Student Activities Fayre will be packed with students interested in joining sports clubs or societies for the next year. We had over 3,000 students through on this day in 2010 and the day is a perfect opportunity for a relevant commercial business to capitalise on their interest and eagerness.

Freshers Fayre Thursday 22 September Cost £500 (premium stall) £400 (standard stall) £50 (charity) What you get: The Freshers Fayre is the biggest event of the week. Open to all first year students from 10:30am and then opened up to all University students in the afternoon, thousands of potential customers will have the chance to speak to your organisation. Loads of freebies and exciting giveaways are suggested. For £500 a premium stall will ensure you are located at the start of the marquee and you’ll be one of the first companies the students see.

Want to sponsor this years fayre? Get in touch about sponsorship opportunities!

Check out the videos from last years Freshers at

Welcome Bags:

Freshers Guide Advert



£500 (leaflet insert) FREE (exciting freebie!)

What you get: Our branded Welcome Bags will be given out to every student who enters the marquee. Over 3,000 of these will be distributed and include goodies and leaflets to get the students started before they make their way around the Fayre!

Back cover £500 Inside back £400 Inside front £400 Full page £400 Half page £200 Loose insert £650

What you get: The Freshers Guide is our way of giving Freshers all the information they need about Huddersfield before they come to the University. This booklet can be used all year round by the students; over 3000 will be printed and sent directly to the students homes before they arrive in Huddersfield!

Get their attention before they get on campus!

ers ld Fresh ie f s r e d Hud some mselves e h t g a b ! goodies

HuddersfieldStudent Newspaper Huddersfield Student is the Students’ Unions free newspaper, published monthly throughout term time. It includes features on sport, politics, fashion, What’s On, film, gaming and more. It is a perfect way of capturing students’ attention to your special offers or promotions.


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For advertising contact Liam Walton Tel 01484 473442 or email For competitions contact Communications Officer Tel 01484 473441 or email


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Huddersfield Student is distributed throughout campus, bars and shops in Huddersfield and at the halls of residence; with 7 editions per academic year.

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Printed in full colour throughout and on 100% recycled paper

Advertising opportunities & dimensions: Full Page £400 250mm deep x 180mm wide Half Page £250 125mm deep x 180mm wide Quarter Page £150 125mm deep x 90mm wide Back Page £500 250mm deep x 180mm wide Discount available for multi-edition bookings

Website & Email

TV Screens

From 0.01p per registered website member.


1 slide £100 2 slides £150

What you get: Our website averages 10,000 visitors per month and is the first port of call for students wanting information about their Students’ Union. Home page banner advert 0.02p per registered member Our e-newsletter is sent out to students to keep them up to date with Union and University latest happenings and offers. Email adverts from 0.01p per registered website member, standalone email 0.10p Our web & email based bookings are dealt with by BAM (our website providers). For more information please contact: Leanne Buffery email Tel 08451300667

What you get: Exposure to the footfall throughout the Students’ Union building over the whole Freshers period. You provide the artwork and we have up to 8 plasma screens strategically located within the Union. This is a popular form of advertising for Students’ Union services and external businesses.

Posters Cost

A4 £3 per poster A3: £5 per poster A1 £12 per poster for 3 weeks over Freshers. What you get: A traditional and effective way of communicating short snappy messages to students. We have poster points located throughout the Students’ Union building and selected locations around the University.


Table Top Advertising

Cost NEGOTIABLE What you get: We are looking for sponsors for a variety of events throughout the academic year starting with Freshers. We hold events each evening in the bar throughout Frehsers and as a sponsor of one of these nights you will have opportunity to come along and mingle with the students whilst they have fun and talk to them about your business.

Cost: 10 table top stickers on tables in the SU bar – £200. What you get: Students use the bar at the Students’ Union all day, every day during Freshers. In the past, we have had a number of company’s using the tables to display vinyl stickers with information about their organisation.

Table Top advertising a subtle but effective way to engage with potential customers!

Terms & Conditions 1. General As a Students’ Union we have policies that do not allow the promotion of certain products, services and companies. Please note that your proposal/booking may need to be passed and approved by the Students’ Union Executive Committee before a go ahead is given. HSU policies can be viewed on the HSU website at We reserve the right to refuse distribution of any material we deem unsuitable. Our decision is final. A media booking does not constitute an endorsement by the Students’ Union and any promotional material should not suggest such support. If you are unsure about your promotion please send any copy, designs and/or an outline of your promotion to Liam Walton at HSU refers to the Huddersfield Students’ Union. 2. Payment All Freshers bookings MUST be paid in full by Friday 9 September 2011 - NO Payment, no entry! Payments should be made payable to UHSU General Account. 3. Cancellation All cancellations must be in writing to Liam Walton, Huddersfield Students’ Union, Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 3DH. Cancellations made more than 14days prior to the publication or event date, 50% of the agreed fee is chargeable. Cancellations made 14 days or less prior to the publication or event date, 100% of the agreed fee is chargeable.

4. Liability In the event that for any reason HSU shall cancel all or any part of a publication or event or be unable to perform their obligation under this agreement the liability of the Huddersfield Students’ Union shall be limited to the refund of any payments made by the exhibitor to the Students’ Union under this agreement. 5. Freshers’ Fayre Only tables provided by the venue can be used unless prior approval has been given. This will need to be in writing with approximate dimensions agreed. Each booking is expected to represent one trading name operating from one location. Joint stalls are not permitted. Exhibitors may only use their stall to exhibit their own products / services and promotions and not those of any third party e.g. third party produced discount vouchers, or flyers. HSU reserves the right to remove any material / organisations not adhering to these terms and conditions. A maximum of 3 persons are permitted to occupy a stall – any more will be asked to leave the event. Exhibitors are to remain within their own allocated area. We ask that all exhibitors respect the space of other exhibitors at all times. Exhibitors are not permitted to flyer around the Freshers’ Fayre and must remain behind their stall whilst promoting their services. For safety reasons please ensure that the area directly around your area is clear of rubbish at all times. All rubbish should be placed in the appropriate bins provided. No exhibitor may take or receive monies by cheque, cash or credit card payment or otherwise from any visitor on the day.

Any information collected by exhibitors may only be used for that exhibitor and may not be passed on to or sold to any third party. Exhibitors are required to comply with the Data Protection Act in relation to any data collected or obtained at the Freshers’ Fayre. For more information visit Exhibitors are responsible at all times for the safety and security of their property. HSU cannot be held responsible for any matters outside of our control. Large sound systems are NOT permitted, to ensure a reasonable noise level is maintained. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested and have a certificate to prove compliance. A copy of the certificate must be presented on request on the day. Exhibitors are not permitted to use any form of naked flame within the venue. A no smoking policy will be in operation at all times. In the event that for any reason HSU have to cancel all, or any part of the Freshers’ Fayre, or are unable to perform their obligations under this agreement HSU are limited to the refund of any payments made by the exhibitor to the Students’ Union under this agreement. Any exhibitor planning on giving away food or drink must inform the Students’ Union prior to the event. Alcohol cannot be given out by any exhibitor under any circumstances. Credit cards cannot be promoted under any circumstances. Exhibitors must set up by 10am. Once the fayre is opened exhibitors are NOT permitted to bring in or unload any goods or promotional materials unless consent has been given in advance. There is absolutely NO PARKING on

campus during Freshers week. Our decision is final. Failure to comply with these terms will result in your eviction from the Fayre premises. 6. Inserts, leaflets and posters HSU take no responsibility for the printing of any inserts, leaflets and /or posters. Maximum size of Freshers Mailing leaflet when folded: A5, Maximum weight: 10 grams (each additional gram £5.00 per 1,000 leaflets) Inserts should be sent direct to the printers address, provided by HSU upon booking confirmation. 7. Welcome bag You accept full responsibility for the quality and safety of any product we insert into our Welcome Bags as a result of this agreement. Welcome Bags maximum sizes and weights; • The maximum size for paper inserts (leaflets) is A4 and the maximum weight is 60grams. • The maximum size for multiple inserts (in a single pack) is A4 and the maximum weight is 150grams • The maximum size for a product insert is 10cm square and the maximum weight is 200grams. We can accept delivery from Friday 26 August 2011 and in exceptional circumstances before this date but only by PRIOR ARRANGEMENT. The delivery address is: Liam Walton, Welcome Bag Inserts, Huddersfield Students’ Union, Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 3DH. Please address all boxes and state the name of your organisation on all of them as well. We require delivery of freebies for the Welcome Bag by Friday 9 September 2011.

HSU take no responsibility for the content of any advertisements and will not be held liable for any transactions that may result in your leaflets insertion into our Welcome Packs. 8. Artwork and technical specifications HSU does not provide a printing or design service; all posters, flyers and inserts need to be supplied ready for display/distribution. Website & Email: Still banner or animated gif images only (i.e. no flash), Dimensions width 468px height 60px, Max file size of 100k. Unless specifically designed to blend with the site image should have a black border to define its edges Plasma Screens. Landscape, 768 x 578 pixels, 72 dpi, RGB, jpg. Any artwork supplied to the Studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Union for use in printed publications (such as logoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s) should be supplied as Illustrator EPS (with fonts outlined), PDF or high quality JPG (minimum 300dpi), as CMYK 9. Indemnity You shall indemnify us against loss, actions, costs, claims, demands, expenses and liabilities whatsoever (if any) which may incur either at common law or by statute in respect of personal injury to or death of any person or in respect of any loss or destruction of or damage to property (other than as a result of any default or neglect of

ourselves or of any person for whom we are responsible) which shall have occurred in connection with any work executed by you under this contract. 10. Signatory Where a signatory does not have the necessary authority to make purchase orders and has signed this order HSU reserves the right to pursue any claim for outstanding monies from the signatory themselves. 11. Adverts and Advertising HSU reserves the right to refuse unsuitable copy. HSU does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from error, late publication, non-publication or failure of any cause whatsoever. Advertisers must warrant that the information in their entry(ies) is accurate and not a breach of the Trade Descriptions Act (1968) or any subsequent Act. HSU does not accept any responsibility for inaccurate or misleading information. Corrections and changes etc. must always be confirmed in writing. HSU takes no responsibility for the content of any advertisements that may result from its publication in any of our guides, handbook, newspaper or other publications. 12. Law This contract shall be subject to English law and the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Interested? If your business is interested in any of the options within in this sponsorship pack or would like to discuss ideas with our Marketing department please call Liam Walton today on 01484 473442 or email

Freshers 2011 Media Pack  

Advertsing opportunities aty Huddersfield Students' Union for Freshers 2011

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