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WELCOME TO HUDDERSFIELD, a great place to live and study, with the best places to eat and drink, enjoyable theatre and exciting sports plus the bracing Yorkshire outdoors all on your doorstep. You will have an amazing time, but with so much going on we have put together this quick guide to help you make the most of your time at Uni. The Students’ Union is based in the centre of the Huddersfield campus and is run by students for students; you can get involved in every decision we make by completing a comment card, attending AGM and casting your vote, being a course rep or running for President – the options are endless. We are here to make your experience as a student the best we can!


Have a fun year,


Junaid Ejaz – SU President printed using vegetable inks


So, whether you are interested in joining one of the many clubs or societies, writing for the student newspaper, presenting on the radio or you have an idea on how we can make your life better, then get in touch.



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The Students' Union

more than just a bar...

Although part of the University, the Students’ Union is independent, student led and student focused and passionate to ensure that your time at university is as awesome as possible. We are here to represent you, offer you support and advice and provide you with unique opportunities.

How the union is run The Union is headed by 5 full time Sabbatical Officers, known collectively as the Executive Committee, who have been elected to run the Students’ Union on behalf of you, the students. There are also 10 elected part time officers whose role it is to represent the many diverse groups within the student community alongside full and part time permanent staff and around 50 student staff.

The full and part-time officers are representative of all areas of student life and can be contacted via email, details of which you will later in this guide.

The Union receives funding from the University to support its student membership and supplements this with income from the commercial service areas – The Graduate, Coffee Bean and the Shop. Any profits go back into the SU to give better services and facilities for its members. When you enrol you are automatically a member of your Students' Union. When you enrol you are automatically a member of your Students’ Union (unless you choose to opt out) which means you get access to all our facilities and services and have the opportunity to join one of our many diverse sports club or societies; or even start a new one.

It’s your students’ union

All members of the Students’ Union are also entitled to run for and vote in the annual Elections. We host amazing events throughout the year starting with the brilliant Freshers’ Fortnight followed by a variety of fun activities, including regular events such as a pub quiz and live comedy. We run campaigns on national issues as well as local concerns, and fight on a range of issues alongside a diverse group of students for the benefit of all students.

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Sabbatical Team the sabbatical officers represent you in your union.



Sohail Haydn

SU-inta ff@hud

Junaid Ejaz

SU President This is Junaid’s second year as an Executive Officer; he was VP Internal Affairs officer in 2008/2009. He is responsible for giving you an active voice within the University and nationally; defending student rights; promoting equal opportunities; fighting for a greener Students’ Union; running fair and transparent elections and ensuring the Students’ Union is student led.

Sohail Afsar

VP Internal Affairs Sohail is the President’s number 2 and responsible for coordinating

.uk SU-comm

Haneef SU-president@

SU-aawelfa k

and supporting all Students’ Union and student led campaigns. Sohail will also work closely with satellite campuses’ at University Campuses in Barnsley & Oldham, helping to increase student involvement, ensuring that our services are accessible to distance learners, promoting elections and giving you an active voice throughout the three campuses.

Haneef Rashid

VP Education and Welfare This is Haneef’s second year as VP-Education and Welfare Officer and he is responsible for representing your educational


and welfare-based huddersfieldstudent. needs - promoting com is up to date and educational and relevant, giving you an welfare campaigns; active student voice defending and within the University, extending students’ all over campus and rights; working closely beyond! with the University to support the Haydn ‘Tank’ Stea d Student Course VP Sports and Reps programme Societies and being generally on hand to help out with any education Haydn is responsible and welfare related for fighting for issues. better sports facilities; widening Zeshan Iqbal participation in ns tio VP Communica sports and societies; representing you Zeshan is responsible within British for producing the University College ‘Huddersfield Sport (BUCS); Student’ newspaper granting budgets and & the student radio ensuring you have station, Radio:HUDD. all the support you He also works need for playing/ closely with staff and competing/meeting. students to ensure that the Students’ Union website www.

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By now we hope you know a little of what the SU is all about;

Students should always have the opportunity to make themselves heard. During your University experience there will be many opportunities to speak out, influence change and involve yourself in democratic institutional structures.

we represent YOU. we listen to YOU. we support YOU. we provide loads of fun activities for YOU. Hopefully you have also learnt that you can get involved with YOUR STUDENTS’ UNION and HAVE YOUR SAY and LEAVE YOUR MARK for future students.

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The Student Representative Programme is one such opportunity. A Student Rep is as it say’s on the tin; a student enrolled on a University of Huddersfield course who is elected by

his/her peers as a representative of their interests. A student representatives’ role is to make sure student concerns are raised and issues resolved at course level. So, if you want some experience in dealing with real issues and you want to make a difference then why not become a student representative? As well as having the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to your department, you can really change things that affect you and your fellow

students. If there are aspects of the course which students’ are not happy with, you are there to represent their concerns and voice ideas for change – speak up, stand up and be heard. YOU could get yourself elected to become: a full time sabbatical officer a part-time officer a Student Rep ...or have your say on Union Council.

The governing body of the SU is the Union Council which meets monthly in the SU Meeting Room. Union Council is responsible for the policies adopted by the Students’ Union on any issues which may affect the students. It has the power to debate policy, scrutinise budgets and hold your elected officers to account. If you don’t agree with any of the Students’ Union’s decisions then come along to make your voice heard.

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Building Index

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1 University Reception

9 Firth Street Building (FS)

18 Estates Building (EB)

24 West Building (W)

2 Harold Wilson Building (HW)

11 Riverside House (RH)

18 Human & Health Research Building (HHR)

25 Science Building (X)

3 Students’ Union (SU)

12 Larchfield Workshop

19 Queen St. South Annexe (QSA)

26 St. Pauls Hall

4 Shorehead Building (S)

13 Printing Services

20 Queen St. South Building (QS)

29 Journalism & Media Building (JM)

5 Brunswick Building (B)

14 Canalside East (CE)

21 Lockside Building (LS)

30 Milton Annexe (MA)

6 Sports Hall (SH)

15 Larchfield Building (LA)

21 Milton Building (MB)

31 Creative Arts Building

7 Central Services Building (CS)

16 Canalside West (CW)

22 Ramsden Building (R)

8 Technology Building (T)

18 Commercial St. Lecture Theatre (CSL)

23 Ramsden Workshops (RW)

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Huddersfield is a true Yorkshire town, full of surprising qualities, strong traditions, impressive architecture, quality shopping, top class sport, exciting festivals and artistic reputation all set on the edge of the wonderful scenery of the Peak District National Park and South Pennines.

If you’re a shopaholic then you’ll enjoy a visit to the town centre as Huddersfield has an array of shops and stores including high street names, independent shops, and market stalls.


Huddersfield Art Gallery has an excellent permanent collection of British Art, including works by Francis Bacon and Henry Moore. 4. If you get the chance to head out of Huddersfield for the day then make sure you visit Holmfirth, which is where the hugely popular TV series Last of the Summer Wine was filmed. 8.

10 Huddersfield Freshers Guide.indd 10-11

You can see all the latest film releases at the 9 screen Odeon Cinema or enjoy a meal or drink at Pizza Hut or the Ropewalk Pub, next door to the Galpharm Stadium.


The town also has plenty of cafés, restaurants, bars, pubs, live music venues and nightclubs to keep you entertained. 2. Jump on a train and just with a short ride visit Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, for more live music, theatre and shopping choices.

Real ale fans can get their fill with many pubs in Huddersfield offering award-winning brews.



Come to your Students’ Union! There’s so much that Huddersfield can offer and your Union is right in the middle of it! Read on to see what’s inside UHSU!


The Lawrence Batley Theatre offers a varied programme of dance, drama and comedy


As you might expect in the place where Rugby League was born, sport plays a vital role in the life of the town. There are a multitude of activities to get the adrenaline flowing for both spectators and participants. Visit the Galpharm Stadium to cheer on Huddersfield Rugby League club, The Giants, or Huddersfield Town FC; both play here so you’re guaranteed a regular dose of live sport.


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the first 2 weeks of the

new academic year at the University of Huddersfield is FRESHERS’!

See wha t we’re all about at Hudde rsfield Freshers ’ Fayre! Thu

rsday 24 the marq th September in uee outsid e building. the SU

FRESHERS’ ENTS WRISTBAND Now here’s a genius way to beat the queues and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun! Buy your two week Freshers’ wristband for just £15…there are only 400 of these babies so don’t miss out! Your wristband gets you access to every Freshers’ event in The Graduate - saving you a massive £15! Buy yours on-line today and collect it from the SU reception

FRESHERS’ ENTS The official Freshers’ parties are right here in your all new SU…. we have brought you a brand spanking (and sparkling) new bar with great food and even better entertainment! Nights include: will be on hand to ease you into your new life in Huddersfield, offering fun incentives and the odd freebie, this is a great event for all new students; stick it in your calendar now!

FRESHERS’ FAYRE Thursday 24th September Marquee outside the SU building. Every sports team and society will be there for you to sign up to, help with finding volunteering opportunities and there will also be the chance to speak to someone about how you can contribute to ‘Huddersfield Student’, the student only newspaper or DJ live on Radio:Hudd. Many local bars and clubs, charities and national companies

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Don’t forget to get your wristband for entry to the fayre, pick it up, after you’ve registered with the Uni, from either the pagodas in front of the marquee or SU reception from Tuesday 22nd September onwards. Other highlights in the marquee during Freshers’’ week include sports demonstrations by

the University Sports Hall and members of the Students’ Union Sports Club’s on Wednesday, poster sales on Tuesday and Friday plus the Freshers’ Market Day, also on the Friday, where you can grab a bargain from local independent retailers and business savvy students. UCB Freshers’ Fayre will be held in the TV Studio on Monday 21st September and the UCO Fayre will be held in the entrance foyer on Tuesday 22nd September, where the SU will be on hand with local companies to add to your learning experience.

Freshers’ party parts 1&2 Hypnodog Hugh Lennon The massive School Disco The official S&S Trash! Live music gig LOL And the all new party night - IWHUD With celebrities DJs and guest appearances to make your Freshers one to remember…..

new also a There is e up to bar lin weekly events

For more info visit:

For up to date entertainment information visit our website:

13 12/8/09 15:36:43



Whether you’re interested in playing competitively, meeting new people, or just keeping fit, there are plenty of Uni sports clubs for you to join. Most are based at Huddersfield, but more and more are being set up at Oldham and Barnsley too. There’s no need to give up your favourite pastime once you come to Uni.

Students have long gathered together to form societies. They are a great way of adding that bit extra to University life, with loads of extra-curricular activities to choose from.



American Football

(Huddersfield Hawks) Hockey (M/W)



Tennis Volleyball

Wing Chun




(Men’s and Women’s)

Board riding (HUBA)


Basketball Ice Hockey (Huddersfield Heat)

Caving Jiu Jitsu (Ice Hawks)

Climbing and Rugby League Mountaineering



Snow Sports

Gaelic Football


(Men’s and Women’s)

16 Huddersfield Freshers Guide.indd 16-17

Rugby Union

(Men’s and Women’s)


Getting involved in Uni sports is a great way of making new friends and learning new skills. If we don’t have your favourite sport on the list, come up to the iZone on the first floor for more information on how to set up a team.

You can meet new people, take part in some activities you love, try new things, and even helping to boost your CV.

Afro-Caribbean Society

Chinese Christian Union

Friends of

Marketing Society

Medieval Re-enactment

Falun Gong

Motorcycle Club


Motorsport Society

Friends of

Photographic Gaming Society (HUGS)


Post Graduate Society

International Friendship society


Poker Society

Sameem Socialist Students


Transport and


Society (TLS)

LGBT Logistics

Although the majority of the societies are based on the Huddersfield Campus, if you are studying at either the Barnsley or Oldham centre, you will find more will spring up this year; and we always want to hear from you if you want to start your own!

For more information about societies, including how to set up your own new group or train society leaders, visit the iZone on the first floor of the Students’ Union

Sign Up! To join any of the sports clubs or societies

make sure you don’t miss Freshers’ Fayre on Thursday 24th September, when all the teams will have members there to sign you up and provide more information.

17 12/8/09 15:37:02

The Graduate (SU bar) has undergone a massive refurbishment this summer and you will be the first year of students to see it and use it, so make it your own! The Graduate has a full food menu at great value prices; start your day relaxing with breakfast or a fantastic freshly ground coffee. If it’s ‘takeaway and fast’ you want, we have menu options to

ensure you get you to your lecture on time. You can come in for a leisurely lunch and enjoy a sharing platter with friends or for a burger and a pint before you go out – check out the new menu and special offers, you can’t fail to find something to suit. We have put together our ‘What’s On’ guide to help you navigate your way throughout the week at The Graduate; whether you want to chill and play games, listen to live music or laugh

out loud we hope to have something you fancy. We have new nights with great offers so get involved, and there are loads of different ways you can; if you’re in a band send us your ‘MySpace’ link and get on the list to play live in the SU, if mash ups are your thing then take part in our Saturday night survivors club DJ competition, where you could win the chance to be our resident DJ for the second term.

If you’re a member of a sports club or society see us about your match teas or society meeting food - we can do you a great deal. This year sees the launch of the new sports and societies night, ‘The Official S&S’, with great drinks offers and DJ - don’t forget your membership card to receive the weekly discounted drink offer especially for you!

Sports fan? Buy a season ticket from us for only £1 and receive discounted drinks when any live footy match is showing.

Sundays are made for chilling out. Use your ‘season ticket’ during the day for offers, have your Sunday lunch or take part in our pub quiz on the 1st Sunday of each month where you could win £100!

20 Huddersfield Freshers Guide.indd 20-21

After lots of hard work over the summer UHSU is proud to introduce ‘Coffee Bean’, a space that offers a quiet place to meet and relax, do group work or hold a meeting. With a fabulous barista coffee menu we will perk you up and get you through the day. If you like to take care of yourself and have your 5-a-day why not try one of our fabulous smoothies we offer a great range

The shop is located on the ground floor of the Students’ Union, in the heart of the University campus and is easily accessible, making it perfect for a quick visit between lectures. The Students’ Union Shop sells everything a student could need: stationery, stamps, food, mobile phone top-ups, toiletries, gifts and cards, newspapers and exclusive University

to suit all tastes! If you need a bite to eat we offer a range of food and snacks from sandwiches to paninis and salad to jacket potatoes to eat in or take-away. Come inside, get your loyalty card and start collecting for your first free drink…. If you want to have a society meeting and would prefer us to do your catering please enquire at the Coffee Bean and we will do you a great deal!

memorabilia. They stock a wide variety of the ever popular hoodies too; with a large selection of colours and sizes.

every need right here on campus and what we don’t stock we will try our very best to get for you, just ask our friendly staff.

The Shop is a great place to pick up a quick sandwich, meal deal or snack, including vegetarian and halal, plus the shop has fair-trade status offering a great selection of products from food to clothing.

Look out for offers every month, saving you even more.

The Students’ Union Shop caters for your

Opening Times: Monday to Friday - 8am to 8pm/ Weekends - 10am to 6pm

10% OFF The voucher entitles you to 10% off your first purchase in Coffee Bean. Valid until 16th October 2009.

21 12/8/09 15:37:09

Safety Bus Huddersfield is a great place to live but you’re advised to always be aware of your personal safety. The Safety Bus is available to transport you from campus to your accommodation (within the Huddersfield area).

The Safety Bus service, operated by student crew, runs 7 days a week during term time from outside the Union; 6pm until Midnight Monday to Friday 7pm until Midnight at the weekends For a small charge you can reassure your housemates that you’ll get home safely. On the nights when there are special events in the Graduate, the Safety Bus hours will be extended. Timetables will be available at the start of term from the Students’ Union reception and on the website

Local and national travel Useful links:

Local bus information: Metro bus and train times: National Rail Enquiries: University Parking:

Limited parking is available on campus for students with disabilities only. Please contact Disability Services on 01484 473724 or email for further information. Town Parking:

For information on parking in town visit:

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Student Advice and Information Centre, offering advice, information and more. Congratulations You’ve made it to Uni!

You now have the freedom to do what you like. Except, what if problems arise with your course, your landlord or your student loan hasn’t arrived? It could happen but there’s no need to worry. The Student Advice and Information Centre is a service provided by the Students’ Union and offers you free, impartial and confidential advice which is independent of the University. If you’ve got a quick query for some basic information or a major problem, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help or point you in the right direction. We can offer advice on a wide range of issues and if we are unable to help, we can make referrals

to other services. For example help is available on the following areas: Housing Finance Personal matters and security Academic issues


Open during term time: Monday to Thursday 10am - 4:00pm Friday 10am – 1pm For further information or to arrange an appointment to speak with an adviser you can contact us in the following ways: Email: advice-centre Telephone: 01484 473446

Visit us in person: Huddersfield Campus – The ground floor of the Students’ Union Building. University Campus Barnsley Book an appointment through the Students’ Union Administrator Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 10am – 2pm during term time on Level 3, Room 24. University Campus Oldham Book an appointment through the Students’ Union Administrator, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 10am – 2pm during term time in the Learning Resource Centre. Website: www. huddersfieldstudent. com/advice

23 12/8/09 15:37:13

6. Go to your department induction Get to know the people on your course as well as your Student Rep and the academic and administrative staff who are all there to help you.

7. International students register with the Police. You’re about to have the most fun you’ve ever had. Meeting lots of interesting people from across the globe as well as being spoiled with a fantastic fortnight filled with an exciting and varied entertainments programme. Here are some top tips for those first few weeks in University.


a little u’re feeling just in case yo be a ay m or ve si bit apprehen get t rs fi u n yo little lost whe else ne yo er ev r be here remem u! e boat as yo is in the sam


Don’t be shy – introduce yourself. Everyone is in the same position as you and will probably be just as scared too. If you’re in halls your flatmates will probably be the people who you spend the rest of your uni life with, so make sure you hit it off right. Ask if they need help unpacking, ask where they’re from, what course they’re doing – anything! Don’t hide away in halls or at home either. There are loads of places to chill on campus….. like the Students’ Union!

2. Cash

Bring some cash with you in case of any delays with your funding. Take some emergency funds with you for the first few days as your first installment of student loan will not be paid until you have successfully enrolled with the University. You should make sure that you’ve got a suitable bank account where your loan can be paid into. Many banks do special accounts for students, with all sorts of incentives. Make sure you shop around and get the best deal for yourself.

24 Huddersfield Freshers Guide.indd 24-25



Kind of important this one - check when your course is due to register and make sure you are there at the appropriate time with your ID. Once you’ve enrolled you become a member of the SU (the good bit!).


Register with a doctor.

The University Health Centre can be found at the bottom of campus and is available to students at Storthes Hall and students who live within a 3 mile radius of campus.


Get lost!

Wander round campus and find out where things are (check out the map on page 9)

Many, but not all, international students need to register with the police when they arrive. For more information visit the Welfare and Immigration Team in the Student Centre on Level 4, Central Service Building or call: 01484 472675.


Safe and secure

If you are bringing valuables, it might be worth getting your stuff insured. Call the Uni and get them to send through some info, or take a look on the web and see if you can get yourself a good deal, or have a look at the Endsleigh leaflet with this guide.

9. Go to the Freshers’ Fayre.

An absolute must for all new students. Huddersfield Campus Thursday 24th September 10am – 4pm, Barnsley Campus Monday 21st September 11am – 2pm, Oldham Campus Tuesday 22nd September 11am – 2pm.

10. Join a club and society (or both!).

This can be a great way of meeting people and trying out something new. Check out all on offer at the Huddersfield Freshers’ Fayre.

freshers’ fayre


Music is the answer


Licensed to view


Ear Plugs

Pack as lightly as you can; the chances are that you’ll want to give yourself a total makeover once you get to Uni so leave behind clothes that you don’t wear that often. If you can’t live without your music, get yourself a small stereo to take with you rather than lugging your huge system to your halls. Or better still put all your music on an MP3 player.

If you’re taking a TV to your halls, you’ll need a TV licence. Licensing inspectors check student halls regularly, so make sure you don’t get caught out. It can be pricey for a license, so you might want to consider having a year off from the TV, have a read through the leaflet with this guide.

Student accommodation can often be loud, crazy places to live in. When the rockers next door are moshing late into the night, or your Britney loving house mate is dancing the night away… reach for the plugs!

14. Temptations

Student life can be a hot bed for experimenting. You’re free and independent and there is plenty to tempt you! However, don’t be naïve about recreational drug taking and sexual health, the SAIC (Student Advice and Information Centre) is on hand for help and advice.

15. Have fun!

25 12/8/09 15:37:21


Keep In touch Student life isn’t just about living life to the full on campus, it’s all happening online too. There’s the main Students’ Union website, plus we’re on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube too (try saying that with a mouthful!!) The above website is our online HQ, and is your first port of call for anything about the SU. Along with all the latest news and info about freshers, sports, elections etc you’ll find ticket sales and online games - free to enter with fab prizes to be won! Register online and we’ll keep you up to date with a weekly email. There’s also good advice on how to keep safe and happy while at Uni, and info on all the great opportunities you can get involved with.

tweet tweet

follow us on Twitter: @UHSU

There’s only one official Students’ Union group on Facebook and that’s here: officialuhsu The only page with the insider gossip on ‘what’s occurring’ at the SU including the low-down on the 2009 Freshers’ Fayre.

If you’re the tweeting type then follow us @UHSU. uhsu

We know you’re not going to be shy when at university so look out for Students’ Union photographers when enjoying yourself in The Graduate. We’ll get the photos online on the website, on Flickr at com/photos/uhsu and on Facebook for you to tag, comment on or download for free and print to stick on your wall! There’ll also be photos of our sports teams in action.

Videos are posted on our YouTube page: and are used for fun stuff during Elections etc. University of Huddersfield Students’ Union Queensgate, Huddersfield HD1 3DH

Tel: 01484 538156 | Fax: 01484 432333 Email:

So to keep up with all the goss and be the first to find out about all the SU news and events. Become a friend, follow us and register today!

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4/8/09 12:05:52

12/8/09 15:37:25

Satellite Campuses

UCO Oldham (UCO) -

Welcome to all you newbies studying in Barnsley and Oldham! As you may, or may not, already know the University of Huddersfield Students’ Union also have representative’s at UCB and UCO and are here to help YOU get the most out of your University life!! Even though you are studying at Barnsley or Oldham you are already full members of the Students’ Union. This membership is free and automatic when you register for your course.

UCB Barnsley (UCB) -

Welcome to Oldham! The Students’ Union office is based

on the 2nd floor in the Learning Resource Centre. Here you will find members of staff 4 days a week in our ‘pod’ (you will have to come and find us to understand the pod facility). This is your main point of call if you need advice or information, would like to get involved with the Centre Site Association, start or join a club/society. Here in Oldham we have 2 football teams up and running and plenty of scope for more! Or if football’s not your thing we would love to get you involved or start other sports clubs and societies!

So what next…?

Come and meet us all at Freshers’ Fayre on enrolment day between 11:00-14:00 on Tuesday 22nd September in the Main Foyer.

Make the most of YOUR Students’ Union!

Welcome to Barnsley! The Students’ Union here has an office

on Level 3 where you will find members of staff 4 days a week. This is your main point of call if you need advice or information, would like to get involved with the Centre Site Association, start or join a club/society. Here in Barnsley we have a student common room on the lower ground floor for you to use throughout the day! There are comfy chairs, a plasma screen, pool table, Apple Mac’s and drinks machine – a great place to chill out when you’re not in lectures.

So what next…?

Come and meet us all at Freshers’ Fayre on enrolment day between 11:00-14:00 on Monday 21st September in the TV Studio.

28 Huddersfield Freshers Guide.indd 28-29

So what can the Students’ Union do for you at UCB or UCO? We have a specialist Advice Centre that comes out to the campus on a regular basis offering free confidential, impartial advice on any problem or query, no matter how big or small.

We have a dedicated iZone team, who are set up to find opportunities and activities that suit you! We can give you guidance and financial support to help you set up sports clubs, societies, volunteering opportunities, fund raising and much

more! Just get involved! We can also give you the opportunity to get involved in the Union itself by making changes, standing in elections, running campaigns and being involved in the process of democracy.

29 12/8/09 15:37:31

Easy Recipes James Martin visited the SU at the end of the 2008/2009 term and left us with a few quick, tasty and student friendly recipes‌


3 Free Range Egg Yolks 6 oz Parmesan

6 oz Diced Pancetta 80g Flat Parsley

100 ml Double Cream Virgin Olive oil Maldon Salt

Freshly Ground Black Pepper

METHOD Place the pancetta in a frying pan in a little olive oil and fry until nice and crisp. In a large pan of boiling salted water place the pasta and bring to the boil. Simmer for 10-12 minutes until soft. While the pasta is cooking mix the egg yolks and cream in a bowl with the freshly grated parmesan. Season the mixture

well and chop the watercress in to pieces and add to the egg mix then add the bacon. Drain the pasta and quickly while still very hot add to the bowl mixture. Mix the pasta through and serve in a bowl with some parmesan shavings and ground black pepper on the top.


gingerbread sliced

450g cream cheese 250g caster sugar

250g crème fraiche

475ml double cream

2 vanilla pods scraped 200g strawberries 2tsp caster sugar

METHOD Place the sliced ginger bread on a tray and leave out to dry overnight. When dry put in a food processor and pulse until fine crumbs are formed then set aside. Place all the other ingredients into a bowl and whisk to a smooth cream. Place the cream mix into 2 inch rings smooth over the top with a palate knife and set in fridge for 2 hours then remove sprinkle the crumbs over the top and bottom then remove the ring place on the plate. Mix the strawberries, sugar and balsamic vinegar to make the sauce and place on the top of the cheesecake.

2 tsp balsamic vinegar

30 Huddersfield Freshers Guide.indd 30-31

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2009 Freshers Guide  
2009 Freshers Guide  

2009 Frehsers guide for new students at the University of Huddersifled, from your friendly Students' Union.