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Mr. Anan Janwowwam, a 47 year-old man, is the owner of Meekhunanan, a television production company in Kantana Group Co.,Ltd.

After 10 years of experience, Kantana oered him an opportunity to start his own business within Kantana Group Co.,Ltd.

“Working with Kantana was like living in a big family where there were many people helping me out my part. But when I start my own company, I have to be more responsible to manage and control ever.�

“A manager of TV Production business is the man who can deal with art, commercial and make it unique at the same time. That means it has to be the variety of entertainment and also earn money too.”

“I think it's hard to know what people think about me but what I heard from my staff is that I am a boss who let the employees show their capability, skill and talent to the fullest then I will give them suggestion with care. So we improve together.”

“I graduated Bachelor of Arts Programme in Journalism and Mass communication from Thammasat University and master’s degree from Chulalongkorn University in Faculty of Communication Arts.”

“The inspiration of doing this field work came from the book I read when I was young. It was the story of a journalist who fought for his career and life. Moreover in this book, this journalist showed how he used his career to support people to have a good life.”

“Meekhunanan is one of the company that deals with SEA region TV company. Our goals are to support and consult good content and management. I started this company only for the last three years. So basically, everything is new to learn. In Fact, I think it must be learning for all our business time.” he said. “Now its coming up to almost peak of my age for the word New wave old wave dash Tab. What I can see it is tough to deal with digital age. So I'm going to be student again and look how I can do with that. Finally accept it”

“Our perspective goal this year is to be in the business of service consulting and efficiently produce television broadcast. Since this is the new business for the market, it needs a great composing of trust to be a broadcast professional. This is the most significant factor.”

“Before setting other goals to approach the success, the most difficult task is to have knowledge in the way of culture, language, politics (inappropriate topic), and general conception of each country that we are consulting for business. How can we blend in particular societies’ context? Meanwhile, we have to build new perspective thought of television media for our customer in other countries.”

“When there is a trouble, it means not only that obstacles is only in our way, it is in the way of others too. If we ‘see it first,’ it becomes an opportunity for us to overcome the problem. It’s like a mountain that we have to climb up before competitors. The faster we get there, the more advancement we take in the business. Therefore, the faster we identify and analyze the obstacle, the better chance for our company.”

“Thai Real TV or Rueng Jing Pan Jor is one of my favorite work pieces that I produced and broadcasted it by my own in 1999s to follow the order of my boss. I got an inspiration from watching a daily news from a normal news channel that was reported news inside our country. For example, news about a mother whose her child died from hit-and-run accident. I got an idea of present the news to audiences in more deeply details of the news. The feeling of the mother from a tragic accident and also giving an advice or warning the audiences. Then now it’s turn to be an reality documentary TV program that based on stories all around Thailand.�

Mr.Anan Janwowwam  

Mr. Anan Janwowwam, a 47 year-old man, is the owner of Meekhunanan, a television production company in Kantana Group Co.,Ltd.

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